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  • Kimchi refrigerator and retirement ceremony that was handed down by grandmother...


    Before I moved into my house, my biological grandmother and two helpers lived here. Grandmother keeps all kinds of food in refrigerator and kimchi refrigerator because refrigerator is not enough. When the children and grandchildren come to visit, they take out delicious food like potted plants and eat delicious food with their daughters and daughters and daughters-in-law He gave it to the whole family and made them eat it full. Six years after Grandma left, that empty spot is where we've been living, organizing a lot of things, putting together a lot of things. A big old lady who gave up and loved her? I finally got rid of the kimchi refrigerator. News of two children? I saw a refrigerator at home, and I didn't put kimchi in my diet. The old kimchi refrigerator, which is big and takes up a lot of seats, does all the basic functions, but it's becoming less and out of use.;;;; After two or three years of agonizing, we decided to dispose of the waste at home, and we collected it from a free home appliance waste collection company, and we took it out of the door. I take a few pictures. When I open a small box, I think Sikhye, Sujeonggwa, various fresh fruits, soybean paste, and sesame oil are potable. In the big compartment, Kimchi stayed strong until the fall of the following year and said, 'Grandmother Kimchi is also the best!!! 'There was a time when I was... ... Now, where are we going this morning? We're leaving the kimchi refrigerator in the doorway to dispose of the OR. If it's long and short, let's make a final impression on the memories and prepare for the farewell. I feel like I'm letting the Holy Grail go. Wherever you go, you live well.

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  • It's a pot lid without a stadium.


    In May of the Family Month, Adlamey, who was loitering around at home on a holiday, suddenly asked a serious question! Dad, I have a few Bay Blades and I'm not happy that I can't have fun without a stadium! ' Son, do you really need a stadium? My dad's gonna help me play a game! ' You're saying that you can build something like that? Trust me, Dad! ... ... You know, parents with little kids at this time of year, if they're gonna take a left turn at the stadium, a right turn, and then they're gonna take a shot. It's not just bent, it's folded. Plus, it's like having some fun for a few days, and then when it cools down, it's like you're just taking a spot. It's a hassle! (So I won't buy you.) -_-! - Definitely. Son: 'Dad, it's only when the stadium is in the middle that the blades can fight and fight, so I have to buy a stadium!!!' Dad: 'I'll set you up on the pitch somehow, so play as much as you like!' "Kitchen Art Frying Pan Lids!" came to the end of the day. Because of the legs, the unstable balance is to keep things in a horizontal position. "쓰리 ->▁투 ->▁원 ->▁고~~~▁슛~!!!!' ...it would be nice if something was lacking and looked sloppy. Let's call it a stadium for the poor. P.S.: I'm not proud to have developed and killed a son-in-law by shooting a son-of-a-son top with full power.^^:

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  • The thick branches of trees that had crossed the fence were cleared up.


    It was less concerned, let alone that the trees in the district green area were massively grown and fell over on the basis of the building fence. But the tenant car, which uses the space over which the branches have crossed into the designated parking lot, has all kinds of wooden gin falling into the car, and it can't be washed away when it. claim that the thick branches of trees make the shadow worse and make the entrance feel dark and dreary; I called the district office green department and asked them to clean up the branches that had crossed the wall. He left the car in a few days, so it was cool enough to 'cut it off' on my own terms; ... Actually, I didn't want you to do this much, but in the long run, I'm thinking of the branches that will grow tremendously in the next few years. You pre-empted me to come back every two or three years... There is nothing you can do but think about it; I thought I could just clean up the branches that were stretched over the fence, but if you're working on a long-term basis, I'd like you to cut down the base. He was completely healed... of his shabby beard, and there was a deep cut of freshness, but somehow one of them was cut through the barrel. I felt a little sad and sorry because I used the extra land as a park, but I was worried about the landscape... Tree branches, I hope you grow more slowly and have more time to cut down to a tight range every few years.;;;;

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  • tadpoles, spring flowers + α


    One. My son, who entered elementary school, learned to observe nature one day? that I've got tadpoles. Take good care of her until she's a frog. The kid helps me when I'm giving him a change and a meal, but I feel like I've got more work I wrote "Letters of support" and put it on. I thought this was a memory too. (Laughs, write a letter to your dad, too.) Two Is it spring? Is it spring? When I realized it was summer. When I saw the pictures of cherry blossoms and canine, I said, "I think it's just the neighborhood." It's refreshing, but it's really blooming around me and spring is here! Even the magnolia's already blooming and falling. It's not like the flowers are blooming in a day, but I've been so indifferent to you... Three Did you happen to see a diagram while walking around Ios-related sites? Model Oh, where did I see that? I've certainly seen a similar shape;' Every time I see it, I think for a moment, and then I forget it, and I think it's all up and down. I finally remembered, and I looked it up, and I found out that I made it for fun a few years ago. It was one of the wooden puzzle shapes. I forgot about it because I put it in the corner of my house as a prop. Something curious? Curiosity? It's refreshing to get rid of it, but what should I do with his forgetfulness? ^^;

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  • I've got all these places around me.


    Not long ago, I was walking by and saw this place. I searched it out of curiosity, and I didn't even know when it appeared. I took all the pictures I was passing by, so I supported some kind of coin. I don't know how it's paid, but it's amazing. ^^;; I'm just gonna go in there and look around and see what I'm paying for. I wanted to ask you, but I don't think the products you sell look so close to you...... I think I should go get a pair of socks! ) Have you ever seen a store like this where people get encrypted currency/coins?

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  • The replacement phase of the old sensor lamp.

    Home Decorating

    We've replaced the sensor light that's been out of order for a couple of months. Fortunately, it's a corner position that people often know, so it wasn't that uncomfortable. It was an excuse, but I did it like I was fickle on a day when I didn't do; It was an old sensor lamp, so I used an incandescent bulb. We'll get it if we're forced to, but now it's the age of LEDs, let's replace it with a barrel! Come on. Let's work.Oh, I'll take the tools, I'll take the ladder, I'll put down the blocker. You climb up the ladder, you look at the ceiling, your hands stand. Listen up, whizzing around until the job is complete, and the replacement is done. I'm not happy about it. I'm ... It's still working, but there are about 10 sensors left for incandescent light bulbs, which are the life of the deadlines! That means that one day we will eventually have this much work to replace for LEDs?! ......amolang~ ...if it breaks down, we'll have to replace it or something. How do we get rid of the ones that are still in good shape and replace them? P.S: Use goggle-shaped goggles to protect your eyes when you're looking up below; The dust and cement powder from the old stuff get in your eyes and it's a big mess!

    $kikirang . 2019.02.03 03:03

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  • Moving Wood Truncated Toy Series 1


    A short video that I got while organizing my cell phone photos. A moving toy that was made by deep-rooted peanuts with a rolling platter of plowing around when wooding. I don't mean to make you pretty, but I've never made you this before. The children had been quite funny for a while. (Sometimes bruised and I turned around and played;; Now my feet have fallen off, and I've buried them in the paint until I've touched them, and it's not as clean as it is. I thought I'd throw it away, but I was hibernating in a corner of the house. I'll remember when the kids get older.

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  • Dad, what is this?!


    A few days ago, I went to the warehouse to find some stuff and found a suspicious pram model box. I don't really have a hobby of collecting boxes, so when I opened up, I said, "Why didn't you throw this away?" I bought something that I can't remember when, made some, and left some running things behind. I can't help but remember that it's been more than 10 years, and you've survived a few moves... (In those days, did you have a will to make and complete the rest of them?) I came down with a bunch of stuff to clean up the warehouse. While we're working on the discharge classification, I'm gonna come and see my son.It's just jammed! Dad, what is this? It's like Lego?' 'This--this? I'm not going to use it, I'm going to throw it away, I'm going to throw it away!! ......in his right mind, his son was watching from the side and I was making... Unlike ten years ago, Noan came, and the hands that removed, trimmed and pasted small parts became dull. My back hurts and I'm sweating all over the winter. After two or three days of hard work, I felt as if I had kept my promise 10 years ago. It will break and forget as soon as it is touched like a toy, but it will be remembered.

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  • a toy made of acorn wood.


    Once, my hobby was to do something with wood. Because you're having a hard time these days? Being lazy? I'm taking a break, but it was a very pleasant past! After the days of Seonmudang, when I tried to try something big and difficult, When you see something cute and cute, you see it somewhere on the Internet and you copy it. There must be a lot of acorn trees. I thought I'd just snap, but if I didn't get the right angle, It's a beautiful cube that won't come out, so I'll play with her and make her a little rough. I remember putting on a straight face and making it right. I finished it, I finished it, and I took it to the kid. For a week or so, she likes to play with her, changing poses. Well, kids get bored very quickly.~~ ^^; These days, the interior has become a prop in the corner of the house, Sometimes I play with different poses these days. Even the man who made it, he's got to pay attention sometimes.; ... A few days ago, a little boy played with me for the first time in a long time, so I was happy to play with him. I'm going to leave a message.

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  • Renew old water supply D.I.Y.

    Home Decorating

    For 15 years, the mukmuk has been separating and mixing hot water with cold water. The washbasin has become ill. (= Nitrogen is leaking from the side of Susan's side.) Normally, water leaks are easily reduced by water pressure and high temperature on the packing on the hot water side. It tends to split. The reason and how to deal with it can't be easily fixed is that most manufacturers of handcrafts can't be easily fixed. Do not sell internal packing (or ring ) separately; To sell separately and get affordable replacement compatible packing I've found information that can be obtained by searching through Cheonggyecheon Stream or Gyeongeo parts stores. Right now, the new water seal is replaced, so exploring the parts dealer is the next opportunity; Remove the existing water supply lumps, remove the cold and hot water pipes, and place the new water supply in position. The work is done by connecting the cold hot water tube to its place without any confusion. Of course, for this process, each coming space needs to have its head inserted and its arms folded. I'll wind up the Teflon tape on the connecting rod, and I'll let you take care of the leak, and I'll do everything before you tighten it up too hard. Turn the water on for testing and check if each connection is leaking and tighten and finish if there is no problem. I've had a hard time doing nothing because I didn't work out The new Susan won't spill a drop of water. She'll cover up the hot water and mix it up. I'm so happy! We're going to do DIY on this flavor.ᅮ

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  • Built-in gas stove recycling D.I.Y.

    Home Decorating

    Last year or the year before the electric range craze... One weekend, I went to the main street and I replaced the landfill gas stove with an electric range. There's a good old gas stove egg left. My parents asked me to put this out for what, so it's clean at first glance. 'Well... it looks a lot better than my honeymoon gas stove... well... it's a little bit of a waste. ' When I woke up, "Water" was already in the trunk of the car and started to worry. But the problem is that from now on... I've just picked it up and looked at it, and it looks like it's a perfect fit, but it's a landfill, so I've got a lot of room for it's I need a case or a housing for you. When I found out later, I sold them as well. We're going to recycle the demolition range, and we're going to buy some house for the house! With the Hungry spirit, we made a house of similar colors and somehow succeeded in recycling it! I'm glad I looked better than I thought, if I had failed, I would have paid it with an electric range.

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  • Ball mouse and memory.


    PC, laptop, IT, etc. I liked to use it. There was a time when I tried to get something interesting, touch it, open it, and fix it. My hobby is to get to know the specialty repair and store such as palmtop / PDA / desktop / laptop. There is a store where I went for a long time, put in charge of repairs, bought parts, and got advice. It's been almost 20 years since I made my first visit, and I guess I've been there for about 10 years. I changed my hobby, got married, moved, ate, and forgot. I happened to have something to see around me, and somehow I thought about the past. "Don't tell me you're still going to do it right now? Remember when you meet me?I've been there. ...hut... The store and the boss are almost the same! We had eye contact, but we were surprised and happy! ^^ I had a job to see, and I couldn't just sit there for fear of getting in the way of your work. It was a short and bold meeting!~ "You brought a lot of strange things back home and you asked me questions? How's it going with you, Harder? " " I've cleaned up the giant, and the PC's a complete mess I haven't heard since Pentium 4. "Khhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "You're so young, but you're already." " Mr. President, I'm Nell's day after tomorrow **Yo; Noan's here too! " "Hello! Is that so? ... We've seen each other for a long time. ᄒᄒ;" And so on. I'm just gonna say hello to the next guy, and he's gonna say something. It's not much of a deal, is it? A souvenir? Give me a new box of mice to steal. I don't know if it's worth it, but if you take out your cheeks and show them to the kids, it might be amazing. It's been over 10 years since I didn't use a ball mouse. It's been a while since I saw it. When I came home, I showed them to them, and they said, "Why do you have beads in your mouse?" ... In spring, it was 386 or 486 hibernating in the rooftop sheds box. If you're confused, I'll put some power in the bubble mini-decapitation.

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  • (or not) Youngji mushrooms that I found under a garden tree one day


    I've seen him, and I've been cleaning up shit for the street dudes that come and go in and out of the yard one day.It was. I'm sure it's a good land. I've convinced the whole family to try it, but it just vanished a few weeks later... ...lack of sincerity! (Cats ate......) Yeongbichon should have been given a bottle and taken care of with great care, but he is suffering with a sense of self-destruction; # Young-ji? # No, no, no. # Poop.

    $kikirang . 2018.12.27 20:07

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