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  • Luxury in the high-performance laptop world, Dell XPS series!


    DELL XPS 4K latest model, traditionally known as a luxury laptop. It has a perfect display for graphics professionals. It's not an SRGB, but an adobe RGB. It's a wide range of color representation that meets 100% of the standard. Haha And you can touch it! Of course, it's the best for development. ^^ Ah, the price is a bit bad, but I guarantee high satisfaction! #dellxps #notbook

    $keyboard . 2019.05.23 13:51

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  • On weekends, tablets, video streaming tickets, and Wi-Fi are over!


    We've been in full swing since season 6 ahead of the end of <Game of Thrones> A relaxing weekend, lying in bed and watching it on a tablet. It tastes like honey! If you add a beer to this, it's icing on the cake!

    $keyboard . 2019.05.18 10:33

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  • What about boyfriends, husbands, and father' gifts? How about this?


    It's been a long time since I posted a storm. I've had type B flu and haven't been to work for three days and have been quarantined. Black... Not only men but also women will have a lot of worries when choosing boyfriends, husbands and father's gifts. I think the most comfortable product is the electric razor. If you're not a person with a thick beard and slimmer skin, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with 10 to 9. Last month, I used the new 600 Series from Philips, and it included a variety of features that were included in the 900 high-end lineup. So I recommend it. I wash it automatically, and I also do alcohol and so on. It's an all-in-one electric razor. I used to use brown products, but Phillips fits me better! I think it cost about 200,000 won for the lowest price! # Man's gift # workplace gift # husband's gift #Philips electric razor

    $keyboard . 2019.05.15 12:15

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  • Are you curious about the performance of the fine dust meter?


    We've used a fine dust meter from Winix. PM 1.0/2.5/10 and this device measures temperature and humidity. There is an auto mode that automatically measures every 10 minutes, and a manual mode where the user presses a button to make a measurement. Compact, portable and capable of 2 days of continuous use, 900mAh battery. After two weeks of using it, it's pretty accurate. It's reliable. As part of the test, I baked pork belly while it was closed, and the PM2.5 value went up to 500. ^^ (eat as much as possible out-of-the-way or air-fry, archaeological) These devices are needed because smartphones cannot measure the cabin air quality. If you care about the elderly and the weak, we recommend you buy one. Measure the air quality per path or daycare center! #fine dust meter

    $keyboard . 2019.05.15 12:11

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  • Replace keyboard keycaps on free weekends


    I have a unique hobby. Decorate the keyboard keycaps! It's fun to collect a variety of keycaps made of different heights, colors and materials. ^^; Depending on the season, or my mind right now, changing the key cap without thinking about it makes me feel calm. :)

    $keyboard . 2019.04.21 21:42

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  • 5G age! You made a good 5G Galaxy S10!


    Except for the perverse screen ratio (19:9), it's a great. As expected, I think Samsung Electronics. However, I still don't know the difference between 5G and LTE... Only the rate system gets expensive.Kkk #galaxys105g #samsung #samsungalaxys105g

    $keyboard . 2019.04.11 14:07

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  • Would a 3.5 million won gaming laptop be okay?


    When I think of a gaming laptop, I think of a brick wall. Instead of having strong performance, they had thick limitations. But today's new product is as thin as a regular laptop. ASUS's new GX531 series is a typical example. I also went on a good diet, weighing about 2 kilograms. But if you get something, you lose something. It's very noisy. This is because the cooling fan turns at a tremendous speed to remove heat from the thinness. Without earphones or headset, it's enough to interfere with Haha If you're planning to buy a gaming laptop, we recommend you wait a little while and choose a model with CPU for the Intel ninth generation laptop. ^^ #asus #asusnotobook #rog #gamingnotbook #notobookgaming #gx531gx

    $keyboard . 2019.04.01 12:19

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  • To protect your wallet... J.W. RUN XT


    This is the RUN XT wireless earphone released by J.Bird, which is gaining huge popularity in Korea for its sports sound devices. It is a product that has improved water resistance in RUN products, but it still has problems. Unstable reliability, audio sync problem when playing video on Android smartphone, etc. It's about 2 percent, 22 percent less. Fortunately, a new product will be released this year that has been improved in every way, so if you like sports and music, please keep your eyes on J.Bird! #jaybird #jaybirdrunxt #sportearphone #earphone🎧

    $keyboard . 2019.03.30 20:39

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  • Have a nice weekend and a nice afternoon at the cafe!


    It's been a long time since the weekend was fine. The wind is a little cold, but the air is clean and the sky is so clear. :) I hope you have a happy time on this sunny weekend afternoon.

    $keyboard . 2019.03.24 13:13

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  • Memories, Premium Lineup MTG-B1000 Series


    It was a national watch among men I was in middle and high school. Fifteen years later, we've met the premium line-up, MTG-B1000 series. I was surprised to see the price. I thought it was a cheap brand for a watch that costs between 100,000 won and 200,000 won, but this series cost almost 1 million won. (Didn't I know ᄒᄒ) The new material metal material is used and Bluetooth is also available for remote control with the smartphone app. Also, unlike the previous models, downsize is used to allow men to wear wrist strain. #watch #gshockmtg #gshockwatch

    $keyboard . 2019.03.17 22:35

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  • a cafe on Jeju Island


    Thanks to the number of cafes more than a few years ago, there is now a cafe tour in Jeju Island. Haha It's a shame that most cafes focus more on the interior than on the coffee flavor. ᅲ-ᅲ I want to go to Jeju Island after a long time. Let's go! ^-^ #jeju #jejucafe

    $keyboard . 2019.03.08 09:58

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  • The office mouse is Rositech!


    Model M590 It's a model that offers a lot of discounts these days, but you can buy it for 20,000 won. Supports uniplying connections and multi-pairing. Above all, there is no click noise, so it can be used in quiet library reading rooms. Batteries are two years... It's amazing. However, a person with a large hand may feel uncomfortable due to their small size. #wirelessmouse #logitech #m590 #notebooMouse #logitechm590

    $keyboard . 2019.03.06 09:38

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  • A monitor that expands the space of your desk!


    This is a space monitor released by Samsung Electronics. The point is a stand with clamping method, which is usually used for the monitor arm. It can be used as a wall-mounted monitor and is free to move forward and backward through the hinge system. However, like Samsung Electronics, the price is a disadvantage. #gamingmonitor #qhd #spacesmonitor #samsungmonitor #144hzmonitor

    $keyboard . 2019.02.27 17:17

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  • Pretty Cordless Earphone Sudio


    The Swedish sensibility is the Sudio Cordless earphone. I follow both design and sound, but it's a bummer because it has four hours to play. ᅲ-ᅲ It's perfect for women to use! #sudioniva #bluetoothheadphones

    $keyboard . 2019.02.15 17:18

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  • Electronox Robot Cleaner PURE i9


    I thought the robot vacuum cleaner wouldn't work properly because it's a narrow plain water, but it's very meticulous. But the battery life is short and it takes more than 20 minutes to clean 20 pyeong. I'd like to use only the reservation function to clean myself when there's no one at home. #purei9 #electrolux

    $keyboard . 2019.02.10 21:14

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  • The end of the Lunar New Year holiday is with the game!


    What I'm going to introduce today is a gaming keyboard that makes the game more enjoyable! K70 MK2 is a new product made by Kercher, which is famous for its "Hercer." I'd like to introduce it to you that there's no reason to use it unless it's an RGB mulberry. Haha #corssair #gamingkeyboard #cherrymxspeed #corssairk70

    $keyboard . 2019.02.06 18:43

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  • One of the last kings of the wireless mouse!


    Logitech GPRO wireless. ^^ It has the same reporting rate as wire. It's hard to use a wired mouse again once you're hooked on wireless convenience, right? Haha #logitech #growless #gamingmouse

    $keyboard . 2019.01.30 20:14

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  • On weekends full of fine dust, game trammaegyeong!


    I'd like to play the badminton with you guys sometime. +_+ #gamingmonitor #samsungmonitor #curvedmonitor

    $keyboard . 2019.01.19 15:34

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  • If you want to take a life shot, you can go to Jeju Island's Ajuleju Cafe!


    Out of countless cafes that have been to Jeju Island, this is the top 5 spot! #Not only the ladies who take the hot picture #Instacape #Azuleju #Jeju Cafe #Jeju Cafe #Jeju Cafe #Chaeju Cafe #Chaeju Cafe #Chaeju Cafe #ChaeJuCheon

    $keyboard . 2019.01.17 19:13

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  • Is it an interior product? Is it a Bluetooth speaker?


    The Bluetooth speaker JBL PULSE3 is familiar to Judeok (after bicycle). Natural RGB Lightning is the biggest attraction for this product. I like the powerful sound even outdoors, but I can't even feel it because of the limitations of the rainbow. It's really good for interior props. If you're thinking about a gift from a newlywed's home, we recommend this product as a lot. ^^ #Blutus speaker #jblpulse3 #jbl #pulse3

    $keyboard . 2019.01.16 17:21

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  • With a travel camera, thumbs up! rx100 series!


    This is Sony RX100 Mark6 with Super Zoom Lens. ^^ It's darker than Mark 5 (f2.8-f4.5), but when you pull a zoom (24-200mm) from your destination, it's a camera that makes the sound of "Wow" come out of the temple! The downside is... Bissam ᅲᅲ #sonrx100m6

    $keyboard . 2019.01.15 10:13

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  • Action cam has become a must for travel!


    I have tried various action cams such as Gopro, Kampro, and Kampro. The most satisfactory of all is Sony fdr-x3000. It's not perfect, but it's high quality! The short filming time for 4K videos and the severe fever are some of the disadvantages, but the quality of the pictures and the hands are the best in the industry! Recommended: :) #travel #actioncam #sonifdrx3000

    $keyboard . 2019.01.10 09:44

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  • What kind of laptop do you? LGgram Good!


    This is LGgram that conquered the Korean notebook market, which was occupied by foreign laptops. +_+ The early models had a lot of buzz because of a variety of issues, but now they have the highest sales! These days, you can see as many LG logos as the apple logos in the cafe. Haha What kind of products are you using? Post it on Publicto Tech! It's a little ink, but... I'll spill it! #lggram #notbook

    $keyboard . 2019.01.08 09:54

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  • Gaming SmartPhone, Game Only Smartphone Laser Phone2 Short Review!


    Last year, I had the opportunity to use laser-phone 2, a smartphone specialized for gaming. To begin with, it's good for mobile game heavy users. Although the performance is generally similar to that of the Galaxy Note 8, it is not hot to play for long periods of time due to the cooling system to effectively relieve heat. The rear RGB logo is also pretty cool with laser sensitivity. Of course, I'd love to stay.Haha #gaminggear #razer #smartphone #razerphone2 #gamingphone

    $keyboard . 2019.01.05 18:48

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  • Secretary on the wrist, Galaxy Watch! Pretty!


    This is the Galaxy Watch that is optimized for sports and work. I haven't missed an important business call since I used Watch. ^^ TODO: Ease of managing lists and feel business efficiency upgrades! Pretty design is good:) #galaxywatch42mm #galaxywatch

    $keyboard . 2019.01.04 12:01

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  • □ One star, one of the best, the Bang & Oloopson Bluetooth speaker P2


    This is a Bluetooth speaker made for portable use by Bang & Oloopson, which has a history of over 90 years. The beautiful color of pastelton and the compact size of one hand are attractive. From some day on, it feels like the Bang & Oloopson product cares more about its appearance than the sound. Haha On the other hand, it is disappointing to see the over-boosted sound and its intractable usability, which is optimized only for outdoor. The high price compared to quality is also a disadvantage. Personally, I think the same price of Sony or JBL Bluetooth speakers is better. ^^; #Blutus speaker #Bang & Olubson #Sensitivity speaker #Bang & Oloopsonp2 #BioPlay

    $keyboard . 2019.01.03 08:21

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  • Winter with Wood Housing earphones!


    Introductory Wood Housing earphones made by jvc, which are relatively lesser known than other foreign sound brands. It's an earphone that makes you feel warm just by looking at A clear, high-pitched sound is attractive. ^^ He's two percent short, which is relatively low-pit. How about a piece of music with a Wood Housing earphone that gives you a cold winter warmth? #jvc #hafw7 #woodearphones

    $keyboard . 2018.12.31 00:14

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  • What's the performance of Sony's mini-projector?


    Its name is Sony MP-CL1A. To begin with, the price/satisfaction is low. It uses laser beam scanning to provide clear picture quality in every nook and cranny and powerful portability in the pocket of However, the brightness is 32 Ansirumen, which is a lot to be used outdoors. Of course, considering the size of the product, it's not very bright. Haha During practical use, the battery is maintained for approximately two hours. Heat is as warm as when you play the latest 3D mobile games with your smartphone. The reason for the low satisfaction is the product price of about 400,000 won. It's an item that can be enclosed outdoors, but I don't want to recommend it personally! #Mini Projector #Sony #Beam Projector

    $keyboard . 2018.12.28 15:59

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  • Winsing winter, an item to make exercise fun!


    It's winter, the season that I want to do only booling. Especially today, I wanted to get back into the blanket as soon as I left the house because of the sweltering winter wind. I get 'winter obesity' every year. I'm using a thick coat as a shield to grow my bellybutton. By the way, do you know this? Winter is an easy season to lose weight. This is because when the temperature drops, the basic metabolic rate increases by about 10 percent compared to other seasons in order to overcome the cold. Even with the same amount of exercise, it is easier to lose weight than in spring, summer, and fall. I will introduce Bluetooth earphones, a tool that will kick out of the blanket in winter and make a fun exercise time. It's not too much to say that it's the X3 made by J.Bird. It's about 130,000 won, a slightly burdensome price for entry. However, its satisfaction is much higher than that of other products. It has many advantages, including stable wearing, sound-quality and dedicated mobile app support that won't waver in running. Advantage: 8 hours battery, high connection stability, sound quality, customizable EQ, stable wear. Diffusion: Leaf, which is burdensome for small-eared users. I will introduce the product that I have used for myself in a short period of time! #Sports earphone #Jebirdx3 #Blutus earphone #Blutus earphone recommended

    $keyboard . 2018.12.27 10:57

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  • a daily healing tea


    Hello, I'm a beginner in 2 years with Voyage tea. I didn't know that drinking Boycah, which I started for two years, would last for even 30 minutes to sit down with my family and drink tea. Haha I learned how to relax through tea ceremony, and I'm still learning. It's also fun to know different types of cars. :) #Dadoset #Dado #Boy tea #Find the margins of life

    $keyboard . 2018.12.26 17:30

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