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  • Maratang


    I ate maratang at a back alley in Shenzhen, China. In Korea, it felt expensive and luxurious, but it turned out to be a street food for ordinary Chinese people. In the past, it was said that people who were burdened with eating jjamboree collected various ingredients and boiled them in the jjamboree soup, and then ate them in a bowl. For your information, 'mara' means 'weather, very hot.' I picked up vegetables, meat, etc. and delivered them in a full pan, and a little later the boiling maratang came out. It tasted just like what I used to eat in Korea. It was perfect for Qingtao Anju. The price was about 3,500 won. The price in this neighborhood is very different depending on where you eat the same food.

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  • a gift from one's daughter


    When I got home from work, I found an eight-year-old daughter present on my desk. I tried hard to celebrate my dad's birthday. By the way, 'Daddy's answer?' I've learned something strange. It's my birthday, but homework. crying I'll have to write back hard.

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  • Waujeongsa Temple in Yongin


    Waujeongsa Temple is a good place to take a walk with a child, so I can hear it from time to It's not a quiet place. I can't go to that place because my daughter doesn't like it. Waujeongsa Temple is a temple with many things to see and many tourists. There are many unique sculptures such as the golden bulldoze at the entrance of the temple, as well as the wabul, stone pagoda, stone statue, and the five hundred-nahan statue. The temple built in the 1970s has no long history and is famous for its national treasure, but I had more pleasure in sightseeing than when I was standing near the pillar of the ship. I make new things to see every year, just like a temple tourist, and there is a lot of food at the entrance. There are also opportunities for children to enjoy, such as burning incense, writing on roof tiles, building stone towers, and hanging plaque. For your information, WOWoojeongsa - It's great to spend a weekend in a bundle of Yong-in Rural theme parks.

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  • Everland Tulip Festival


    I went to the Everland Tulip Festival on a clear spring day. It was fun to see a variety of tulips, but the Mondrian theme painted throughout Everland was even more amazingly enjoyable. I am a member of the Everland Annual Membership for five years. The Everland festival usually was just about a fairytale and an animal character, so this Mondrian theme is not common here. Mondrian in the Netherlands to tulips in the spring is an associative search term ideas. I would like to have these festivals more often so that parents going to Everland do not get tired of going to it.

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  • Spring flowers?


    I visited Busan to celebrate New Year's Day and saw the spring flowers bloom on the side of the road. It was cold winter the night before yesterday, but spring came soon. There is nothing to be desired because of the short winter, but we can't wait to pass in a short time. in addition to My mother-in-law told me that it's a plum flower. It's still winter. ^^

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  • a chestnut knife


    There was also innovation in the culture of mourning that refused to advance. Chestnut knife! When my wife said she bought it from Dyson, she said she had one more useless item. It's an item. You can put on a chestnut shell like an apple peeling. Thanks to you, I was able to clean the night shift again. If you're still playing the night with a doruko knife, make sure you get it. I never regret it.

    $jungyublee . 2019.02.05 15:22

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  • Ios Knights


    I've been obsessed with Iosnitz for nearly two weeks. I even went to the bathroom on time while I was at work to press the Resurrection button. But I'm embarrassed by the recent sharp drop in market prices in the game. Item made with 0.3 ounce a week ago is now 0.1 ounce. I bought the material to complete the Miseryl set, but I quit. If I make an item next week instead of now, I think it will be half price. In this situation, I might not make it forever. Looking at the Dapp radar, Iosnitz users are increasing steadily, but the Ios volume is plummeting. It seems that many users only sold materials that were not needed after completing the target item. I don't think there's anything I can do after I collect ingredients and make items. The reason why I fell in love with Eosnitz easily is because I felt a sense of reality for items traded in Ios. Like the existing game, the item was not considered a virtual world item. Although Iosnitz is based on a good environment called Ios, it is easy to draw attention to users, but the level of completion of the game is not enough. I don't want people to do it to make it, but I want to need it to do it. Let's hope Iosnitz will develop and become the killer of Ios ecosystems. So I'm less sorry for my acquaintance who's been involved in Iosnitz because of me. crying

    $jungyublee . 2019.01.23 22:58

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  • Dangsan Rural Rice House


    My wife likes Cheonggukjang. I think she has a very bad smell of soybean paste, and she's feeling a special taste. In the past, I used to visit a nice Cheonggukjang house nearby, but one day it disappeared. Since then, my family has been searching for Cheonggukjang restaurants for some time. I've been looking for several houses on the Internet that have been introduced as tasty, but I've never really liked them. According to my wife, it tastes like Cheonggukjang, which you can buy at the local side dish. I came across a restaurant called Dangsan Rural Rice House by accident. I visited Waujeongsa Temple in Yongin and found a place to eat on my way back, and I fell in love with the delicious taste. Cheonggukjang and soybean paste stew are the main menus and you can choose to roast beef or mackerel. The menu is plain, but the side dish is special without irritating. It's like having a delicious home meal in the country. It's 20 kilometers away from home, but I think I've been there four times since I first found out late last year. My wife insists on it, so I pretend to be reluctant, but I think I'm welcome here. Dangsan Rural Rice House 031-332-7206

    $jungyublee . 2019.01.20 20:13

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  • Ios initiation


    There are about ten people who have snored around me. I am in my mid-thirties to early 40s and I am mostly an office worker.And to them, 'Coin' means they're looking for asset growth by trading coins. At the end of 2017, it started in Upbeat (which I introduced), and most once tasted the jubilation, and now most of it has fallen into the abyss. Half of the time (with a 95 percent discount turned away) and the rest seems to be trading strangers to me on a strange exchange. I don't know if I make money. Recently, when I started playing the game Ios Knights, I spilled it on a chat room. You can make an Iose while you're playing games. One showed interest, and the other said I was the devil, and the other was indifferent. I introduced my friend to her purse. I chose Nova's wallet because it has a pretty design, but I was able to make an Ios account within my wallet. From the generation of ID and key pair to registration, the friend went well alone, but was blocked at the stage where I had to pay the Ios. I had to convince him of the right-of-payment satellite and let him know how to remit it from the exchange account. I thought that the biggest Bartleneck for new users to enter the Ios ecosystem was account creation. If I have an Ios account, then it's easy. With one ID, you can use it safely in every app, so it's more convenient than the existing Internet. The problem seems to be that the beginning is unfamiliar and difficult for people who don't know Ios. In the case of my acquaintance, I explained hard to understand why it cost me to create an account, and because I had a won deposit account on the exchange, I was able to go beyond the final stage. But I'm worried about what other people will be like. In Ios, the concept of account creation was different from that of traditional Internet sites, so we thought we needed a new expression that would be different and intuitive to understand the need to pay. When I checked my friend Ios Knight's account today, the profit and loss were -30 eos. I think the devil is right...

    $jungyublee . 2019.01.19 20:26

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  • After a year of coin investment...

    Crypto Currency

    It was one day when I was a middle school student. My father, who went to my uncle's house, said I should buy stocks right away. My mother objected, but my father had almost all of his assets in stock picked up by his father's acquaintance. It was over 100 million won, and at that time, I was able to buy three houses in Daegu. It's about 1990 or so far.  My father used to be a Johnber. You probably didn't know how to invest in anything other than Johnver, because you've never invested in anything other than savings before. Years of decline continued, and on the day that one of my stocks was delisted, my mother cried.  I didn't quite understand at the time that my father, who was too careful about everything, made an easy decision on his entire estate. But when I went through Bitcoin, I found out. Looking at the KOSPI chart in the 80s, it looks similar to last year's bitcoin. If you buy stocks at that time, you'll only go up, and if you lose money, you'll have to decide that you'll end up going up in the end   It was at the end of 17 years when I invested quite a lot of money in Bitcoin. Altcoin didn't know much, so he invested in Johnber based on bitcoin, but he followed the principle of "drawing the proceeds" that he and his wife agreed to before the investment began, or he had to keep it every day. At that time, I was very sorry that I could not make a profit, but I was able to save the principal in the fall. Johnber thought it was the most comfortable way to invest, and he found it difficult to make a profit without principles.  These days, only Ios is investing in the level of pocket money. I bought it on the exchange, put it in my wallet, and enjoy various Ios ecosystem experiences. Ios has fallen a lot lately and feels cheap, but I don't think I'd like to put the big money. I think the cryptocurrency market is still less mature for the Johnver investment that I can make. It's still seen as a market led by exchanges like gambling arcades and people like Wuhan. A while ago, I read an article about cryptocurrency developers suffering from a lack of funds. It's like 20 years ago, when the venture boom hit, they're just forgetting their investment. We're looking forward to how developers of cryptocurrency can address the current shortage of funds. We hope the blockchain service succeeds, enabling us to raise money and increase coin value based on our own revenue. Otherwise, Bitcoin and Iderium invested in io will sell and end.  Personally, I expect Ios and Publicito to succeed. We have seen our greatest hope, and if we fail even this, there will be no future for cryptocurrency.

    $jungyublee . 2018.12.31 17:49

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  • Board game-Splender


    When the weather gets cold, it is hard for a 7-year-old father to stay home. "I'm bored. Play daddy." Even when we take a break after a long time together, the child can't stand five minutes. If the weather is nice, I'll go outside to kick some balls, but this is hard in winter.It's really hard to play with the prince and the princess all day long inside the house. I'll know when you do it. crying I was thinking about what to do indoors with my child, and I thought about board game. I picked a splender when I was looking for a board game that I could play with seven years old (my mom sometimes...). First of all, the rules are simple, so you don't have to learn at 7 years of age. He's like a mart game. It's still hard to see a few steps ahead, but it's simple enough to play. And if my dad loses by a stroke, we'll go on. It's fun for adults. But since I've been cutting cards with Manul a few times, he won't do it with me again.Yes.

    $jungyublee . 2018.12.29 22:17

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  • a hillside house


    This is the house of Jamsundubu, the hillside floor, on the way to the morning and evening arboret I was curious to know what Sassoonbu is, but I sprinkled pine nuts on it. I don't know the taste of pine nuts. ^^; On a cold day, I ate it with a warm, plain taste. You don't have to find it, but it's enough to fill up a meal while visiting the arboretum in the morning.

    $jungyublee . 2018.12.29 19:43

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  • Petit France


    I stopped by during my trip to Gapyeong on the coldest day of this winter. I thought the cold outside was unavoidable because of the weather, but I'm embarrassed that it's also. There's no place to warm up. The entrance fee here is very high, but I need you to heat it up. I stayed for a short time. We're looking at scary-looking dolls. By the way, do French children like dolls that look like that?

    $jungyublee . 2018.12.29 14:06

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  • Morning Arboretum


    It's now a common starlight festival, but it's special in terms of scale and completeness. Since Gapyeong is the No. 1 search site on Naver, I thought about going there. But it's more than expected. I took a picture of the scenery that would suit my winter night. It's a sailboat in the calm sea, but it feels warm.

    $jungyublee . 2018.12.29 13:56

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