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  • [Founders] Why are the curators' rewards different?

    Crypto Currency

    When we were curators with the same amount of ink, we found that there was a huge difference in the quantity of compensation we received each time. So I thought about why. The day I was so grateful for a lot of ink on a posting, there was less curator compensation. A good day for sharing the right amount of ink for a large number of posts was a lot of curator compensation. So I'm going to thank a lot of posts from now on. Haha If you know more about this compensation structure, please explain it in the comments.

    $hooney . 2019.04.13 11:40

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  • [Shares


    In previous JYP writings, I was looking forward to passing the previous high point and the previous high point. I think we are currently undergoing adjustment. If the 10th day of the week is over 20 days, and if you touch the 5th day line, you can expect to rise again. Again 2017 JYP Gazoo~

    $hooney . 2019.04.11 12:51

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  • Who farted eggs on the train?

    Health Care

    Give me ten minutes or so and someone on the train took my rotten eggs and I farted... I think it's going to go crazy. Here's a question. I feel good when I smell my rotten egg fart. Is it a pervert or a love affair? I also smell his/her fart. Ha...

    $hooney . 2019.04.10 12:25

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  • [Shares] JYP


    I've also broken through the box office. With the agency's supply and demand, JYP will be back in 2017. That's Julin's point of view. Haha NOTE First quarter consolidated revenue of KRW 30.5 billion (YoY 32.7%, QoQ -16.0%), operating profit of KRW 7.2 billion (YoY 427.1%, QoQ -26.8%, OPM 23.6%) and net profit of KRW 6.2 billion (YoY 233.6%, -25.9%) #jyp #Top angle

    $hooney . 2019.04.02 10:22

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  • Second first-come-first-served skt data coupon


    Someone wrote it last time. I'm uploading it again~ How to use Mobile T Membership->All Benefits->T Data Coupon Registration Oh! And please write that you used it as a comment.I don't want anyone else to go through a lot of trouble. Haha #skt coupon #first come #Publito

    $hooney . 2019.03.23 13:16

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  • ??


    집을뻔 했다.. #스카이캐슬

    $hooney . 2019.03.16 12:53

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  • Quantum Samsung Pay Payment?


    Is that why you're a rice cake vendor? I don't know if that's true. ---Add--- Coinis: [QTUM "Enable QTUM payment for terminals supporting Samsung Pay and Apple Pay in Europe" prospect) Quantum (QTUM, 28th in market capitalization) just announced through its official Twitter account that it has signed a partnership with Zeux, an cryptocurrency payment service provider. With this partnership, Zeux application of cryptocurrency payment app has added QTUM as supporting cryptocurrency and QTUM payment can be made through Zeux app from terminals that support Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in UK and EU countries. In a related development, Zeux founder Frank Zhou said that the company will provide QTUM payment services on Apple Pay and Samsung Pay-enabled POS terminals to provide additional functionality. Meanwhile, Zeux is scheduled to launch a multi-functional application available in the European region in April. The QTUM, based on coin market caps, is currently trading at $2.65, up 22.88 percent. - Please reveal the source of your content when sharing it. "Download Coinice Apps" Android(https://bit.ly/2rj3cKD) iOS(https://apple.co/2HSNXPC) It's not a Samsung Pay app. It's a support device. #Quantum

    $hooney . 2019.03.14 23:21

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  • The Avengers 4 trailer is out again.


    Iron Man to Earth? Let's go to YouTube. #Avengers4 #Preview #End Games

    $hooney . 2019.03.14 22:12

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  • This is SKT's free data coupon on a first-come-first-served basis.


    I get a discount on the car and give you free data. But I don't have anything to write about because I'm rich in data. If you're in a hurry, register first and use it.~~ How to use Mobile T Membership->All Benefits->T Data Coupon Registration Go for it! #t Data #Data

    $hooney . 2019.03.11 17:15

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  • Fall down the Nakdong River wire.


    Even Busan and Ulsan were destroyed by the fine dust raid... My hair is so throbbing. Where should I go? #fine dust #publyto #publito

    $hooney . 2019.03.05 13:47

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  • Is it the N and S?

    Crypto Currency

    These days, the price of Ios has gone up, and a lot of people are sighing of relief. If you've invested a lot in Ios Dapcoin, you'll find it hard to see the asset status. Because when the Ios price rises steeply, the Dapskines price goes down steeply, and the total increase in assets is not so big. It is very hard for me, too. Will the price of Ios and Iosdapcoins be N and S forever? Or will the day come when Dapp's mass speech rises together? I wonder what you think. Please leave a comment freely.~ #Iosad #dapp #Ios #eos

    $hooney . 2019.02.19 23:29

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  • I believe in Choi In-soo.

    Crypto Currency

    You've shown me many times the rice cake by BitSonic's bi-Baek policy, haven't you? So people say that the chain is not working. Honestly, I'm looking at Bit Sonic, and one side of my chest is falling apart. We have to trust and wait for Choi In-soo. So I've been looking at the chain's bi-back quantity. It's been showing a marked rise since December. December quantity: 2,006,773 January quantity: 2,539,310 February quantity: 3,331,034 Assuming a steady increase in this way, the amount of recent bitsonics has been bi-backed. I think that day could come when we get 10 million hearts! Let's not throw away Choi In-soo, hoping the number of bai-back will exceed 5 million by May. p.s let me use a trackingview indicator like the mobile charting web ㅜㅜ #Chainsbyback #chaince #Chains #Choice #Choice #Choice

    $hooney . 2019.02.12 16:37

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  • Grand Hyatt Seoul Morning Call?


    I've never asked for a wake-up call service, but the Grand Hyatt Seoul has been drilled in since 9 p.m. Next time I'm going to Hawkes, I'm going to check if there's a drill call. ^^ P.S. Why do you hear the sound of another room guest? # Hyatt #Hayat Sound #Best Sound #Grand Hyatt Seoul #Hotel Sound #Broadcasting #Hotel's Sound #Hayat Morning Call

    $hooney . 2019.02.08 09:54

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  • [Question] Can I use Google Photos?


    Can I use Google's above-scanned image in a publico? You can use it if you don't make a profit on the usage without Google copyright infringement. They make a profit in Publicito, don't they? If you know, give me the answer.~ # Copyright

    $hooney . 2019.01.14 21:33

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  • Who's that? I'm scared.


    I got a call from the post office worker last Friday. Is it Mr. Funny? I got a letter. What? To whom? Mr. Chang Geon-sang. What? Who is it? I don't know her. Well, it says Choi In-su. Choi In-soo? I don't know him either. It'll be delivered on Monday. Take it.~ And Monday after work, I open the mailbox with fear... Zhang Geon-sang Oh, my God. He read the chain as the best. The chain calendars... I've got two... But what is the envelope? I expected a gift certificate. Empty envelope jam... ᅮᅮ #Max. #Chains

    $hooney . 2019.01.14 18:46

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  • [Hope Circuit] Ios Ilbong Chart (01/10)


    We've hit the center line of the envelope before, but we've hit the support line again. Let's hit the support line one more time tomorrow and turn around the steep climb. #eos #Hopefully #Ios #Tradeing

    $hooney . 2019.01.10 17:21

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  • Can you recommend a good restaurant in Fukuoka?


    Please write a comment. You don't have to thank me.~ I'll do it for you~

    $hooney . 2019.01.08 23:22

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  • [Optional Disorder] McDonald's vs. Subway


    Please vote in the comments. What are we having for dinner tonight? #McDonald #Vote #Subway #What do you eat today #Choice disability

    $hooney . 2019.01.08 19:22

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