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  • Line Friends Brown


    King Brown, you're

    $hochang . 2019.05.20 21:34

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  • [Kimpo Taste House] Aramson Kalguksu - Red Bean Noodles


    I went to Aramson Kalguksu, a famous restaurant in Gimpo. Red bean noodles are here. It's sweet and savory.

    $hochang . 2019.05.18 17:11

    11 thanks . 311.5081 PUB

  • a beautiful flower


    I went out for a walk with my daughter, and the flowers are pretty. I'm sorry that spring is getting far away.

    $hochang . 2019.05.18 14:51

    7 thanks . 632.9171 PUB

  • a beautiful spring flower


    It is a beautiful spring flower. Spring flowers are always beautiful. I wish spring was longer, but I think summer is already near.

    $hochang . 2019.05.05 16:22

    9 thanks . 457.6140 PUB

  • Ganghwa Island Zoyang Textile Coffee Shop


    Ganghwado Island. This is a coffee shop. It is very famous. There are no seats on weekends, but it's too quiet to go on a weekday evening. Thanks to you, I did a good job in the photo shoot. There's a lot of things to show and see. If you're going to Ganghwado Island, make sure to go there. #Rigidity #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced #Advanced & foster #

    $hochang . 2019.05.03 08:29

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  • Gimpo Art Village & Hanok Village


    Gimpo Art Village & Hanok Village The flowers are pretty and the Hanok village is pretty. #Kimpo #Kimpo Art Village # Kimpo Hanok Village

    $hochang . 2019.04.28 13:33

    8 thanks . 414.3635 PUB

  • Mars Dinosaur Eggs Fossil Site


    It's a fossil site for the Martian dinosaur eggs. I went there because my baby wanted to see a dinosaur... but it's not as good as I thought. I thought there would be many dinosaur models, but there are very few dinosaur models, and there are really few fossils. But the reeds in the reclaimed land are worth seeing. It's a light for me to go see the dinosaurs. #Hwasong #Hwasong Dragon Alphabet # Dinosaur #Fossil #

    $hochang . 2019.04.21 13:25

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  • List of books read in Q1 of this year


    I decided to read a book from this year and bought it so far. I'm currently reading the future scenario book of Korea for the next five years. It makes me think a lot. It means that the financial crisis will start in Korea from the end of 2019. They say it's likely to be a prolonged slump. But there's an opportunity in a crisis, so if you prepare for it, it could be a good opportunity. I don't know if there's going to be a financial crisis, but I think it's a big opportunity for people who know the signs and think about how to respond. I hope that the economic situation of Korea will be checked and that the number of people who suffer will be minimized. # Five years from now # Future of Korea #Future of Korea # Financial crisis # Choi Yoon-sik

    $hochang . 2019.04.20 10:28

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  • [Spring Flower Event] Spring is near...


    Spring is just around the corner. Put aside your hard life for a while and go to the spring flowers with your family/lover. I think this week is at its peak. Don't miss a good opportunity and have a good time.

    $hochang . 2019.04.08 16:37

    17 thanks . 955.6157 PUB

  • Korea's Future Scenario for the Next Five Years - Choi Yoon-sik/Choi Hyun-sik


    I came across this book by chance. But it's very well organized. If you are curious about the future of Korea, I recommend it. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll post a summary while I'm reading it.

    $hochang . 2019.04.01 17:33

    8 thanks . 325.3684 PUB

  • Jeju Island sunset...


    It's a sunset on the last day of my trip to Jeju Island. I was a little disappointed because it was cold, but

    $hochang . 2019.03.24 19:39

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  • Beautiful Starbucks - Riverside Falcon Shop


    Beautiful Starbucks - Riverside Falcon Shop The view of Han River is pretty but there are so many people... I'm a little sad that the seats are too small for the number of people. But they're pretty.^^

    $hochang . 2019.03.24 19:31

    3 thanks . 65.6770 PUB

  • Jeju Island Cafe Delmundo


    Jeju Cafe Delmundo (Hamdeok Beach) I'm sorry I can't get it all on the camera.

    $hochang . 2019.03.22 08:30

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  • 제주도 카페델문도


    제주 데문도카페 뷰가 상당히 좋네요^^ 날씨가 추워 조금 아쉬웠지만... 제주 여행시 꼭 한번 가보세요^^

    $hochang . 2019.03.22 08:27

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  • Donate 10,000 LG air purifiers


    Donate 10,000 LG air purifiers I hope the company that does a lot of good things will do well...

    $hochang . 2019.03.16 20:58

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  • 성북동 빵공장


    커피도 맛있고 빵도 맛있네요 분위기도 좋아요 다만 사람이 좀 많네요

    $hochang . 2019.03.16 20:57

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  • How to deal with rude people with a smile - Chung Moon-jung


    It's a good book that helps us live a hard life, which is so rampant that we're vulnerable to injury. It would be nice to finish reading, but if you can't read, I recommend you to take the following Sevash lecture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts7XBectXZE I also bought a book after reading the Sevash River. "If you don't get on well, there comes a good world." It's a story in a book. It's going to be hard to change, but wouldn't it be a good world without the quality if we all tried? I'm going to start practicing from today.

    $hochang . 2019.03.08 12:01

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  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution of Klaus Schwab - THE NEXT


    THE NEXT, the second choice after reading Choi Jin-ki's fourth industrial revolution book. It was the first book to start with the word "fourth industrial revolution." There's also a chapter about blockchain... Even though the bowel is not very good now, I believe there will be a day to see the light.

    $hochang . 2019.02.27 09:45

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  • Donkatsu Gojip, a famous restaurant


    Donkatsu Gojip, a famous restaurant The meat is alive.I know why it's a good restaurant when you eat it.

    $hochang . 2019.02.15 17:42

    7 thanks . 252.0270 PUB

  • Ganghwado Oktoogi Space Center Dinosaur


    Ganghwado Oktoogi Space Center Dinosaur I took her because she wanted to see the dinosaur on the weekend, but she looked so real (and also moved) and she was scared. lol The Tyrannosaurus is really big, so I was surprised. You should go there.^^

    $hochang . 2019.02.12 12:13

    7 thanks . 174.6821 PUB

  • Ganghwado Octoki Space Center


    Ganghwa Octoki Space Center Space Center + Sculpture Park + Dinosaurs + Snow Waters + Skates a place where you can enjoy something at once I recommend a house with babies and children.

    $hochang . 2019.02.12 12:09

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  • Galaxy S10 / Built-in Crypto Locker (?)


    I think the Galaxy S10 is about to be released. The design is excellent, and HW Spec is actually the best in the world. More importantly, the Galaxy S10 will have an encrypted wallet. I hope it's not a rumor. I hope the Galaxy S10 will be a boost to the cryptocurrency market, which is having a dismal time. Let's all cheer... May Samsung work for you... http://www.fnnews.com/news/201901251443054721

    $hochang . 2019.01.30 15:11

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  • VIVO APEX 2019


    비보(vivo)가 모든 단자와 버튼을 없앤 5세대(5G) 스마트폰을 공개했습니다. 이름은 APEX 2019 이고 Spec이 화려합니다. 디스플레이 지문인식 / 스냅드래곤855 / 5G / 12GB RAM / 256 UFS / 포트리스(portless) 포트리스(portless) : 이어폰이나 충전 단자, 홈버튼, 음향조절버튼 등을 모두 기기 내부로 감춤. 국내 기업들도 좋은 스마트폰을 만들고 있지만 중국 업체도 더 이상 무시할수 없는 수준입니다. 어떤 면에서는 국내 기업을 앞서 나가는듯 합니다. 자세한 것은 하기의 블로그 참고 바랍니다. https://blog.naver.com/tech-plus/221452683631

    $hochang . 2019.01.30 15:05

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  • Fourth Industrial Revolution - Part6. Fourth Industrial Revolution Era and Creativity


    Part6. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Creativity 1. Artificial intelligence and creativity 1) Davos Forum: Education Target Ranking in 2020 Ability to solve complex problems > Critical Thinking -> Creativity -> People Management -> Collaborative skills 2) What is creativity? - Ability to flexibly adapt to changed situations 3) What is our lack of creativity? (1) PISA Mathematical Test: East Asian Countries Top-Level (2) Global Creativity Index: Australian, U.S., New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Sweden > the opposite result. (3) Criteria for Global Creativity Index (3T): Technology, Talent, and Tolerance (4) Korea ranked 31st overall - Technical capability (Korea's No. 1) -> R&D investment (weight of R&D investment to GDP) -> Innovative (patent application count) - Talent sector (Korea ranked 50th) -> Talent with a high level of education (the percentage of college enrollment) - Korea's No. 1 -> Creativity group (the proportion of workers in jobs that require creativity) - 78th place in Korea (Scientists, technology, engineering, arts, culture, enterprise, business, management, education, healthcare, law > Only 12% of Korea's workforce, 40% of the top 18 countries) - In the field of inertia (Korea ranked 70th) -> Embracement to racial and ethnic recipients (Korea ranked 58th) -> Encouragement of sexual minorities (Korea ranked 82nd) (5) Inertia sector (medium use) - Use your imagination to bring up all the alternatives you can put forward to address the specific situation in front of you, without prejudice and prejudice. It's really important to find the right alternative there. And those who can practice such moderation are said to be creative people. - One who is tolerant of homosexuality, and not prejudiced against race and race! He is a creative person. 2. How will you develop your creativity? 1) Give freedom: Freedom based on individualism is the source of creativity. 2) Let's give positive cause 3) Let's be strange: travel, reading

    $hochang . 2019.01.28 08:46

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  • Let's vote for EOS REX.


    EOS REX Eosio.ramista/eosio.names Total Voting Rate is low Mr. Ios Holder, please check the contents and vote. For the development of Ios... question Should future eosio.ramfee and eosio.names system account revenues be distributed to REX participants? Way The BP must set the "CHANNEL_RAM_AND_NAMEBID_FEES_TO_REEX" setting to 1 for this proposal to take effect. (https://github.com/EOSIO/eosio.contracts/blob/44d53447e04cb9fc32e1a73aacb7119511363a29/contracts/eosio.system/include/eosio.system/eosio.system.hpp#L23) Background The EOS Resource Exchange (REX) is a system that enables EOS token holders to lease/lease CPU and NET resources. Another feature of REX is that it can allocate not only the fees of the person who borrows resources, but also the proceeds from the RAM transactions and accounts auction that have been accumulated in eosio.ramfee and eosio.names to the participants. eosio.ramfee System Account: We keep a 0.5% commission revenue from users' RAM transactions. eosio.names account: The system holds the first-rate revenue from a short account name (eos, for example) auction. Dan Larimer's notice of REX can be found here: https://medium.com/@bytemaster/ further discussion This proposal, which deals with adding RAM revenue and account name auction proceeds to the REEX, has no effect on the 4% inflation being accumulated in the eosio.saving system account. This proposal covers only the proceeds from future RAM transaction fees and proceeds from the account name auction, and does not apply retrospectively to any amounts collected until now.

    $hochang . 2019.01.26 10:24

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  • Fourth Industrial Revolution - Part5. Virtual currencies, blockchain and bubbles


    Part5. Virtual currency, blockchain and bubble? 1. Virtualized money and tulip bubble 1) Can you say that you don't know tulips and you don't know tulips? - If you are not familiar with blockchain technology, you cannot understand the principles of virtual currency, but you don't need to know blockchain technology to know the bubble. - Those who don't know the structure of the human brain, don't discuss human psychology... Is it acceptable? 2) Virtualized money learned from tulip bubble (1) The historical lessons that the tulip bubble brings us are important. (2) Definition of bubbles - The difference between value and price is too great. - a condition in which the difference between value and price has grown and can no longer be maintained. (3) Causes of tulipbubble occurrence - The Netherlands (1636) in its heyday, rich in money. - At that time, the plant industry, the state-of-the-art industry. - A rare mutant flower that feels unimaginably beautiful. - Exchange (trade in the stock market, futures trading) 3) What should the government do? (1) After Bubble, Netherlands - Resurrection of Puritanism: Apostolicism -> Avoiding Normal Economic Activities - Labor tube collapse: excessive unearned income -> loss of a healthy desire to work (2) Government's job - Leaving the Virtual Currency Exchange unattended is no different from leaving the cat with fish. This result is the bankruptcy of the people and especially of the young. We hope that at least the government-regulated listing system, disclosure system, circuit breaker and price limit system and fair taxation system will grow on the virtual currency exchange as soon as possible. 2. John Law, is he a clown con artist or a financial visionary? 1) Mississippi Bubble and John Law - Growth Background A Goldsmith's Son: A banker's family from today's point of view. Casinojeon: Why do you have to rely on valuables when casinos print so many chips without gold or silver? Only the amount of gold, gold or silver reserves can be issued at this time. - John Law's book, "The Theory of Money and Trade" Let's move away from the issue of precious metal-based money and issue money as collateral for land. Then, they can issue money almost without restriction, and as the amount of money increases, trade becomes active and land values rise. 2) Mississippi Bubble Details - See links below - https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_ko/%EB%AF%B8%EC%8B%9C%EC%8B%9C%ED%94%BC_%EA%B3%84%ED%9A%8D/ 3) What really makes bubbles? - Greed, rumour, finance > There is always but Bubble's BASE - The gap between rich and poor due to rapid development and unregulated financing can create bubbles. 3. Bubble theorist - Minsky - Highman Minsky Model = Bitcoin Chart - If operating profit increases by 5% (real economy), stock price increases by 5% or more (financial economy). After all, finance makes bubbles. To see the bubble, we have to see how investment is being made. Minsky's asking you to see who's investing in virtual currency. We can see who's investing in virtual currency to determine if the current bubble is or not.

    $hochang . 2019.01.25 08:48

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    작년에 신라호텔에서 진행한 EOS Dapp festa에서 받은 선물 이오스 나이츠 컵... 요즘 이오스 나이츠 열심히 하고 있는데 처음에는 너무 단순해서 재미없을줄 알았는데 은근 재미있네요... 1월말에 예정되어 있는 이오스 나이츠 업데이트 기대되네요^^

    $hochang . 2019.01.21 20:28

    8 thanks . 224.0636 PUB

  • Ho Tteok-en-Mozarella


    in the Traders in a row Taste ★★★☆☆ Fresh ★★★★☆ : Fresh One more thing. Delicious when hot

    $hochang . 2019.01.20 12:52

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  • Fourth Industrial Revolution - Part4. Which individual will succeed?


    Part.4 Which individual will succeed? 1) How did mankind solve the unemployment problem? (So far) (1) Job sharing (2) Service sector appearance (3) unemployment insurance 2) New unemployment - How will you solve it? (After the Fourth Industrial Revolution) (1) Basic income system (2) Robot tax We solved the unemployment problem brought by the Industrial Revolution with child labor bans, shorter working hours, increased service industry and unemployment insurance. I believe that the unemployment problem of the fourth industrial revolution will also be solved with the basic income system, the robot tax and more brilliant ideas. 3) Youth - What's your future? In an age that doesn't change, you can survive without paying attention to world changes. But in times of change, those who don't pay attention to the change are deprived of their right to survive. Political revolutions, as well as economic revolutions, are no exception.

    $hochang . 2019.01.18 09:38

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  • Fourth Industrial Revolution - Part 3. Which company wins?


    Part 3. Which company wins? 1) Big data that has become the keyword for corporate victory (1) What is the information age? - A world in which everyone simultaneously becomes a producer and consumer of information. (2) Sociological Definition of Big Data - Skills to read people's minds. - Big data is not just a large amount of data, but a technology that predicts the consequences of human behavior by reading people's minds and transforms human behavior based on it. 2) Fourth Industrial Revolution learning from the Second Industrial Revolution (1) Second Industrial Revolution and Oil - Oil -> Material affluence. (2) Fourth Industrial Revolution - Big Data -> Mental affluence (Big Data, Robot, AR/VR) 3) Mass production of small products to flexible production of many types. (1) Two conditions under which an enterprise wins: - Create a company based on On the demand. - Create a company with various members. 4) The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Korean Enterprise - South Korean companies with strong manufacturing, an advanced information and communication environment and a relatively robust high-tech parts material industry! We must seize another opportunity in the waves of the coming fourth industrial revolution.

    $hochang . 2019.01.17 09:06

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