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  • I wish you were happy.


    I want you to be happy. No matter where or what you're doing, I wish I could smile every day in any life. even if you're busy without losing one's pleasure even if it's hard I hope you're with joy. Even if you're tired of life, Don't lose hope. in the life of trials I hope you don't give up your wish. Your life is I wish I could be as happy as I am. - Yujina. - Oh, my God.

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  • The truth is always in place.


    The truth is always in place. be irreplaceable by false pretenses Don't come forward on your own. The scent is carried by the wind. How can the flowers in the vase be Like flowers in the mountains. If you want to improve, you change. If you want to change, get away with it. the chief of one's joy by listening to the law Giving is a joy. by the palm of one's hand I can cover the sky. You can't wrap your cheeks with paper. Traveling to a strange province It makes the soul pure. I'm precious to you. I am dear to others. A round hole is a round one. Cover the hole with a square one. Love is love, I hate it. lose one's mind a positive idea It also breaks down the mountains of Taesan through rocks. Even if I don't agree with you, Don't make it an enemy. - Beop-gyeong. - Oh, my gosh.

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  • I feel alone in my family.


    She's in her 40s. I have a son and a daughter. You are already a middle school student. Maybe after I knew I'd lost hundreds of millions of dollars with You've been ignoring me since my motherly I've been living in a company house without spending any money.ᅲ Even though the coin is costing us hundreds of millions of dollars. In the middle of the show, the loser is the one who loves. Fortunately, I'm glad I kept the quantity at 30%. I feel like I have something to do with my family these days. I've learned that family helps me when I'm having a hard time. I don't think so. But I live in atonement, thinking it was my fault. When my children graduate from college after 15 years, I want to go to the mountain alone after graduation from my father and husband. I don't think I'm normal, do I? Where did it go wrong?

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  • Ignorance and greed


    a life in which everyone comes and goes It's the greed that comes with the world comes. That greed that's hard to give up! a constant stream of greed a life blinded by greed I guess that's why it's so hard to give up your greed. We're all full of greed. You'll be indifferent if you're done with all your greed. Well, if you're careless, that's life. with nothing If you don't think about anything, It's casual, it's non-life. I wonder if this is what it's like to be indifferent. Don't be too greedy. with an empty mind Isn't that what it means to be insensitive? Life like a flowing river. Don't be greedy by living your own way. when you're away from the scenes, It's our life in the world. What a heartless life. - 상 Park Sang-hyun -

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  • an irreparable relationship


    when people get out of touch The two of them. It's not going back to the old days. It's not just because we're on the wrong side. It's a very small thing between the two. Because it was lost forever. So even if they want to, With the remaining pieces, it's like it used to be. The ears don't fit. The absolute shape has already changed. - John Green, David Levi-Sun, Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

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  • an article that can be read again and again.


    The lazy man doesn't have the money. It's not going to make progress for those who make excuses. There's no hope for someone who's A friend does not follow a crafty man. Love doesn't follow anyone who thinks only of himself. There is no satisfaction with the comparator. People who starve because they don't have anything to eat, I can't eat because I don't have teeth in front of me. A man is more pitiful. It's a pity that you live alone without a partner. He who lives without a mate is even more pitiful. Land never lies. If you sprinkle Chae Song Hwa, you'll burn the chaesonghwa. When you sow the seeds of the bugle, you will blossom. Honesty never lies. If you put your heart into a bad thing, the bad results will come out. If you put your heart into a good thing, you get good results. Because trees that don't grow well have weak roots. This is because birds that cannot fly well have weak wings. Because the person who's been acting rough is upset. Because people who complain a lot are narrow-minded, If you add one to the plus and minus, People all over the world know they're gonna be two. If you think about good things, if you think about good things, How many people know it's a blessing? If you take one out of two, you're one. The world knows that. If you take hope out of love, if you win, How many people do you know? As the years go by, you keep losing your life. The more greed, the less happiness. Smart people don't just do better. He is a good subtractor. A good man doesn't just earn well. They share it with others. #Good words # Short and good words #In life words #Success words #Good words #Good letters gathering #Lord of law # Jihye # Read the book

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  • mountain


    If you look at the mountain with a dry eye, The mountain is just a mountain. But you open your heart wide. If you really look at the mountain, We ourselves suddenly become mountains. When I'm in a hurry, The mountain is looking at me. When my heart is tender and free, I look at the mountain. - Be in court, Liu Shih-hua, 'Be happy to be alive' -

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  • I was alone like a raindrop.


    I miss you You can't see it all. Even though my love is deep There can be a break-up without a reason. Even if you can't accept it, There is something to be accepted. It's the heart of a man. I can move without any effort. no matter how hard I try that it may not move, in one's memory There are people who are more beautiful. Like winter comes when autumn comes. No man, no memory. It's like this. - Gong Ji Young -

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  • Put your worries down.


    When I'm anxious. Perhaps you should ask yourself. I'm so worried about the future. Do you have any changes? I'm worried, but I'm not going to spend my time right now. I wonder if we're if nothing changes with one's mind in the present. Feel the importance of this time. - Monk Hyemin, during 'warm cheering' - Thinking about Happy It makes me think that we are sacrificing the present for the sake of the future. It's only the present that we live in. Have a good day today.

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  • There's no one like me.


    There is no one like what I think When you live in the world, you see and feel a lot. I experience it, but no one is like what I think. I mean, they're different, they're different. They're all different. There's a different way of thinking. The vision is different. The personality is different, too. It's not like we're living together. In spite of the wisdom of life, Just stick to my thoughts and see what's wrong with others. There are an unexpected number of people who like to look at. It's commonly said. Who doesn't get dusty? It's hard to give, but it's hard to hurt. It doesn't help. And the moderation of emotions. It's the basis of a trained person. Before you blame others, If I look back on myself, You know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you're a guy. beyond words of action that you hurt her. You can realize that. The good thing you're not talking about, the good things you're giving. He built his own tower to the ground with a little humility It allows us to live. ♪ Happy thoughts ♪ It's not like you're wrong. I think it's true that you and I have different opinions. Have a nice day.

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  • We need to look inside.


    We all have our own way. Make the best choice in a moment. But we're not going to be able to do anything wrong. I always blame others. Husband, wife, parents, children. You said it was the wrong meeting. I'm trying to fix a person. If it doesn't work out, I cling to Buddha, God, and Dragon King. If this doesn't work, I blame the fortune teller. But if you count them one by one, All of this, in the end, It's all happening inside me. in spite of the same rain. Depending on what seed you planted, like each other's sprout You know, you can't have that seed inside you. It's because I had it. So don't turn your eyes out. Turn inside and observe the inside deeply. - Venerable Beopryun - Happy thoughts: I think I should find my inner self all the wrongs and gratitude.

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  • I'm going to have a little bit of a little bit.


    I usually post something that I like, but I'm going to write it myself today. How do I live now? It's 700 million won in debt alone. Ios is 300 million. I feel a lot these days. I think I paid too much money. The memory that I was able to sell Ios for a billion dollar price difference is giving me a lesson. Everything's fine. Let's reduce our greed and look for happiness in small details. live happilyI'm sure you'll be really happy when you see it. The past is just the past. Let's reflect on ourselves, but let's not regret. Everyone, it's a cheerleading day.^^♡

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  • There's a moment that needs to be consoled.


    Everybody comforts me. There is a necessary moment. Everybody's got everything. There's a moment I want to say. This is the moment. I don't know what to do There's no sadness. The world has to live alone. I don't have any luggage, It's him. He's got him. It's his place. No matter how strong and strong you are, I mean, they're all telling stories inside their hearts. I'll tell you. Because you and I are both human. He wants to be comforted. - Kim Yi-yul, lying about how you're doing. - Oh.

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  • What's alive is shaking.


    What's alive is shaking. with a strong stem The leaves shake themselves. Prove that it is a living The wind blows again today. Each leaf has its own leaf. I'm going to spend the day weaving the mall. the sorrows of a field and the solitude of a field. Not a single pain in the field. in the wind somewhere else. He's on his own. Don't avoid it. That's what you go to the empty fields and you realize. We're always shaking. - Oh Kyu Won -

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  • What a shame!


    I am not ashamed of my bad looks. I'm ashamed of my ugliness. I'm not ashamed of the dirty clothes. I'm ashamed of my filth. I am not ashamed that my clothes have fallen off. I'm ashamed that I've broken up. I am not ashamed of my short stature. I am ashamed of my small heart. I am not ashamed that I have no money. I am ashamed that I am not aware of my lack of heart. have no shame in one's knowledge I am ashamed that I do not know what I have in mind. I am not ashamed of my low position. I am ashamed of my lack of heart. I am not ashamed to be in my body. I feel ashamed to be in my heart. You know, I've been doing this once a day. Take a look at your mind for a moment. - monk Seok Sung-woo, during 'Scent of Heart' -

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  • Taming


    My brother said to my brother, who had just bought the Zhang Do-ri. "Use it first to remove a nail rather than to nail it." Au answered. "I bought it to hit the nail. We don't have to take out the nails." My brother is here. "Even so, extension is the first thing I'm going to use to do good. It has to be done, not to make it hurt, but to relieve it." said Au, fiddling with his long-drawn coat. "Isn't that how it works for its natural purpose?" "It also depends on how you use it. The knife is in someone's hand. Depending on whether you hear it or not, it's divided up for selfishness and murder." My brother put his hand on my brother's shoulders, who kept his mouth shut. "It is important where it is used. The brain is also used for the development of humankind. There are people and people who dedicate themselves to criminal justice.” But this tame man endures himself. I think first use is very important. even a trifling ballpoint pen To write one's first use in a letter that begins with a 'grateful mother' rather than a scribble "The first record on the newly purchased audio is in praise of..." He was looking around the house, pulling out a nail from a live tree. He gave the first excuse to the guillotine. Then he muttered quietly. "The first step is important." - Jung Chae Bong -

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  • How to be the master of my life


    We have 10 percent of our lives. What happened to us? Ninety percent of the time, that's what I'm talking about. It is done by our approach. the important thing is 90% of our lives are governed by the alternative. It means that you have to choose as "main enemy." "Nature," "emotional," "feeling," "painty," "social practice," "spirit." Don't be swayed by "face," " ambient conditions and circumstances." If there is a car that comes in suddenly while driving, You can honk your horn, you can yell, Instead of following it all the way up and trying to get ahead, Just make a comfortable concession. In case of a mess in the house, I'm walking around alone, cleaning it up, complaining, rather than give a warning to one's Leave it alone, regardless. If someone else does the cutting, Don't just sit there and feel bad inside. Tell the party politely to observe its turn. When you don't want to send a greeting card, Don't be annoyed by the way you send them. It's better not to send it at all. If your friend invited you and you don't want to go, Don't be reluctant to give me an excuse. I politely express my intention, "Thank you, but I will not." I want to go home, but if you want another drink, Don't go on drinking more and don't regret it. You said you drank too much. Take him to the taxi stand. - Lee Soo-won, one of the 'seven wisdoms for a great life' -

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  • a current coin


    The love you're in now is out of order. Please check again and call me. I'm terribly sorry. I can't wait to be alone. Only the country's number has been changed. How are you? I'm on the phone with another memory. Please wait a moment. as soon as one's memory is over I'll connect you right away. my youth I'm not here right now. If you leave a message, I'll call you as soon as I get back from my wanderings. Until then, please. I hope you don't forget the phone number of my soul. - Lee Bok-hee. - Oh, my God.

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  • the way of life


    Life is a path from birth to death. The road from my mother's bellybutton to my way around. Don't be disappointed in life. The black clouds are more beautiful in the sunset. Life's always been a walk. No matter how much you look, there is no other way. The old man found this way. Hussein will follow this path, too. My life's way, it's not my way. Don't be angry or sad. from time immemorial No one has ever lived my way. The way of life has been since ancient times moderately poor I have to grapple properly." If the path of life is smooth and luxurious, My mind is always in disrepair, and I only have weeds. - Hanjaeseo. - Oh, my God.

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  • Gil-Ran


    It is more common to be blind. from early in the morning. A day to start on the street and finish on the street. The road is everywhere. Every last step on the line opens up a new road. I've heard from someone. a matter of hesitation whenever one tightens one's shoelaces. I don't get used to it at all. We grow up together, we grow old The drinking party with the brothers is over. I'm afraid of the sheer rain of the oxen. The wind, full of salt, is blowing and stopping. Maybe come to an end in these words There's a seed hidden in the path. Every time he spits out of his mouth, There may be a way out. - Kim Deog-gon. - Oh, my God.

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  • Flowerpot


    I'm afraid so. I don't want you to come. I've forgotten the day, or I'm stuck in traffic with snow. I wish I were out of touch. This is what spring is like this. I feel dizzy. I'm so freaked out. Spring days are as light as butterflies. But you're the one who gave me your hand first. I'll wash it in the door. If you come back from sitting like a stone for an hour, a day like that I will lay like a sacrifice and then I will sink like a ashes. I give my life to the sun. I hope you don't have to meet him. Don't come. Stay there. - Lee Byung-ryul. -

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  • Don't cry, come to love.


    Leave your head behind and come to your heart. Don't cry, come to love. We're going to give us a lot of money. I'm gonna leave you with a little bit. Come to heart. Throw it away when you can. Leave it when you can. When it's blooming, when it's raining, when it's snowing, Every season of the season of the season, every single word of the year. I'll leave you a beautiful world. I love what I love. Come to me like tears. Come as still as you can beat your chest. in one's own way with all one's heart and as one pleases. Forget all the joys and sorrows. To live and to live and to die Come to love like water of longing We're going to give us a lot of money. to each other Feel it, cover it, hug it. Be careful not to get hurt. with a breath Come with longing, like a swaying wind. Come on up with enough tremors not to get angry. as if to love and smile hotly and partying a painful heart to turn around which one has to turn. before the red oars are dyed Come to me without saying anything. Throw it away when you don't leave anything behind you. I can forget it when I have to. Until you can't burn your passion. You told me that I was going to tell you Leave the tears in your heart. - Kim Jung-sik. - Kim Jung-sik.

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  • A really good person has a different breath.


    A really good person breathe differently in a few words My heart's beating. in spite of a brief silence have a stuffy A really good person be of different flesh Even with the gesture of being touched, with a scent at a distance be deep-smelling A really good person can't beyond hatred You're a good man. I'm with you. Good guy. I'm happy to be next to you. I'm right next to you. A strong man. a comfortable person by one's side I'm standing next to you. I'm excited. You are the kind of person I am. Even if we're in the same room, Just breathe in the same room. Even if we're facing each other in the same space, a heart-wrenching person You are the kind of person I am. I love you. I love you. - What a nice man he is.

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  • petal connection


    The one who brushed the ends of his body, What was it? The man who shook his heart What was it? I met the evening sky. I wonder if it was as big as a goose. swaying on the front river I wonder if it was as many as a full moon. at the end of a branch And that thousands of petals today. It's raining and windy in time. without compunction as long as one's life It's the wind. It's always lonely. People meet and break up. It's like meeting rainbows and flowers and breaking up. - Do Jong-hwan. -

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  • some love


    Can you do that? I didn't tell you that I didn' Why did you come in here? I don't know if there's been a long time without permission. I've never invited anyone because it's an empty seat. I'm at it. Why did you come? Spring, summer, fall and winter. Only silence without a single answer. That's what you're talking about. It's so precious inside. I'm gonna keep it hidden. It was perfect today because it snowed for the first time. You and I, once, on the autumn maple forest road, I've never walked shoulder-to-shoulder. I didn't have a cup of hot tea today when it snowed for the first time. I already know the limits of my love. I'm not very sick. I'm going to die young. Your age is still young on that day. I'd like to stop sending you. I think it's only up to you to go. - Lee Soo-in. - I'm sorry.

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  • a happy-gives happiness


    by the look of one's eyes Are you happy or sad? a mind reader Just by listening to your voice, How are you feeling? What's wrong with you? a solace to the mind in a flash a heart shadowed by loneliness with a warm look on one's face giving a warm heart-feeding a good-hearted person Let's laugh together when we're happy. with sour heartwarming love the sort of person who gives one shoulder. Always. Oroth stays with me. A man who gives happiness with a gentle smile. It's you. That's you... - Lim Sook Hee -

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  • Spring has come.


    Spring has come here and there, too. Sansuyu canines spring flowers I want to see you, too. Spring has come. That step of opening the morning is like spring. In the evening, if you're excited by the brilliance, When it's spring, we' When the wound blooms, it's a spring feast. Let's smile on the same side. Keep the enclosed square away. They're free to play. Let's make the life that you told us to get out of it spring. Spring has come. Here is our spring. happily and lovingly - Song Jung-sook. - Oh, my God.

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  • That's who you are.


    When you meet a humble person, I'm gonna look at him one more time. I want to be close. When you meet someone who's innocent, with a clear mind I want to be close. When you meet a bright person, It's just... it's Hope is in the air of hope. with all one's enthusiasm When you meet someone who's doing your best, Endorphins grow. I'm getting tired in a lot. "That's you, that's you." And I'd like it to be me. - After Lee Keun-hoo, 'I want to live a fun life to the end of my life' -

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  • I told you


    Because we're alive. the most important It's a warm-hearted meeting. in a true sense It's not like our lives. when lonely to be supportive and courageous. able to give I need your help. To do that I'll approach you first. I made a connection... We're each other's friends. by meeting Wait a long time ago. I don't know if I'm here. So... To make unforgettable memories. rather than want I told you You told me precious to each other I want to be a person. Come. smelly of a man One of my connections... - Jung Ho-seung, 'I'm not here without you.'

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  • one person


    You don't have to be fond of it. I don't want to see you all the time. You don't have to miss it every day. when I thought of it suddenly He's fresh and pleasant. I wish I could feel it. a gloomy day You're the one who gives a bright smile to your heart. I'd like to think about it. one day that is ever smaller and shabby. comforting just by being around. I wish I could think of you as a person. Something's not working out. When you're thinking about something complicated, I think I'll give you a clear answer. I wish I were the one who wanted to meet. - Hamil Jo Mi-ha. - I'm sorry.

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