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  • It's a genuine item.


    It's a genuine item. an expensive tropical fruit Six to three meals and three birds are two peas in a pod. My husband doesn't eat Junukan in the morning. The reason is not color. It's weird. I don't eat it. The color is dead. Brown rice pumpkin porridge buckwheat pancake When I finished eating, I took out the mango.^^ Why? He's dead. Why don't you give it to me when I'm pretty? We're going to the living room. I hate it. If I eat it, it's a pig. I don't know why I forgot to do this. Haha

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  • Today, I invited two friends from 50 years of elementary school.


    ∘ Gunpo City – Steel porridge festival event Today, I invited my friend for 50 years of school. Steel porridge festival Hey, you want to make fun of my town? There is a flower festival. When I come, lunch, coffee, and all, I will be at the show. So, my friend is coming. By the way. I can't sleep as if I were going on a picnic. Do you happen to be? I was afraid it would rain on the day I went on a picnic when I was young. Haha Isn't it pretty? I'll show you this as well. The joy and joy of climbing Mt. Cheoljuk be indescribable I'm sure. It's great to go on a picnic when I'm young.

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  • Making pumpkin porridge is all done by Hae-dok Juice.^🍜


    He'll take care of all that pumpkin porridge. ✔ Cooking ~ 해 기 서 ✔ 쥬 Material~^ Glutinous rice paper cup1 Pumpkin Page 3 Push in and start and end pumpkin porridge. Haha I'm eating and I'm done eating. First, eat pumpkin porridge and then eat. Pumpkin porridge is a snack. My husband's gonna do it, too. It's easy. Put the ingredients in. end of cooking My husband always does pumpkin grooming.

    $hana . 2019.04.25 22:08

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  • [Theodore Book Review Event] Who moved my cheese?


    Who moved my cheese? "Spence Johnson, Writer" It is an old work. Two mice and two children in the maze. It is a fairy tale about a journey to find cheese. The mice find the missing cheese right away, Children do not accept the fact that they are missing. A fairytale containing a lesson(?) on the missing cheese(?) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a factual review I wasn't confident, so I couldn't even face the challenge. Today, I met a friend of Pubble. Why don't you read a book? Yeah, I'm not confident. Everyone else is watching. Sasang Then, my aunt said that you should be comfortable with her. That's why I've never had the courage to use it before. If you don't have enough writing, understand. I can't help it. I'm getting older.

    $hana . 2019.04.25 21:17

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  • ID Ha3imbsgyge, meet your friend.


    I'll meet my friend today. a rainy lunch hour Jajangmyeon ₩2000×2=₩4000 1 serving sweet and sour pork ₩5000 £9000 total I certify the evidence photo. I ate lunch for $ha3 thimbsgyge. I bought the second cup of coffee. Haha

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  • ($hana event) ~ Practice the 21st day of mountain trip~ The weather is cloudy.


    It will rain in the afternoon today.🍃 The weather is cloudy. This is how the sprouts grew. Have a good time. I'm going to stay in Jajangmyeon. Jajangmyeon ₩2000 One serving of sweet and sour pork 50005000 9000 won in total I'm going to meet my Public friend now.

    $hana . 2019.04.25 12:40

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  • Plain tree bracelet~ It's nice.


    Plain tree bracelet~ It's nice. I'm I don't like accessories. But why is this? Plain trees are good. It smells good when it's soaked in water. Mosquitoes don't come in the summer. Haha I'm trying to get around. I'm going to do a mackerel~

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  • There was a maple blossom on the wall of the hula.


    There are maple flowers in my house. You've been interested in a lot of flowers while you've been public. If you take pictures of flowers that you've inadvertently passed, She's turning into this pretty flower. Flowers always give me joy and happiness. I love and like flowers a lot. I went to Gangnam Terminal to buy a basket of flowers. I'll see that, too. The basket of flowers is the cheapest in the whole country. Ordinary housewives choose money over flowers. I choose flowers. Flower baskets are expensive to buy and make. If I buy it myself and order it from them, It's not that pretty. It's a pretty place to make and sell flower baskets. It's a real tug of war because it's as much as you want. Especially. My favorite flower basket is Doraji flower basket and mini sunflower basket She's so pretty. Haha Have a nice day. I wish you a happy and happy day. lol

    $hana . 2019.04.25 07:03

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  • Baby little thing is very pretty.


    Hah! Baby little thing is very pretty. This is either a polyglyte or a mini-ship. Which is it? Haha I don't even know. My cactus was fired. It's really beneficial.

    $hana . 2019.04.25 00:22

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  • It's dinner time.


    It's snack time. It's time for the pubs to have a snack. This is a dinner for me. It's 23 o'clock now. Jangji 2 mugwort rice cake 1 American coffee 1 I accidentally missed my meal. Haha I'll enjoy it.

    $hana . 2019.04.24 23:21

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  • Power 3rd round of subscription savings – Sungkonghoere

    Personal Finance

    Subscriptions account power3~Revenue💸💸💸 Today... It's been three days since yesterday. Hold 2 right of sale~ It's time to lift restrictions from the ceiling on sales prices. So~ 40 million won increase in the same equilibrium All of this happened the regime of Park Geun-hye. All restrictions on real estate have been lifted. Unsold situation in all of the cities of Wiresin in Magok District Finally, I have a bank account with my husband. I subscribed for a price increase of KRW 440 million over the 33 pyeong next door. We won again. This lake is the best. By the way~ on the grounds that the sale price is high. There's been another non-contract situation. It's a good lake. I don't care about the contract. There will be three rights to buy a house. 28 33-33 time goes by like that Report on TV Land Experts' Classes Reservations for the Yeouido seminar are on the way again. Real estate is good news. If you own land, you'll get rich again. Haha Ask for counseling and get in touch. I'm going there, but I only have 3,000 development sites. Just like then, I had a summer vacation with my husband. I'm going to take a vacation with my hands tied to the ground. We're leaving for the development site. It's too much of a burden to have an employee with us in Seoul. a two-way start The land is worth 30 million won there. Show me something else. I didn't get paid for it. No, I'll take care of it. I'm gonna show you something else, something that's flat. I saw a new road next to the development site. It's He's been nice to me, and after the briefing, What you're saying at the end~ You're not going to take your land, are you? , Maybe I admitted I wouldn't buy it by phone from Seoul. I wouldn't have made such a call. She's a really nice, friendly employee. I bought the land. At first, I was going to live on 200 pyeong. If you think about it, if the price of land goes up, I signed a 400 pyeong contract with the idea of taking out the principal. I'm coming home from a tour of Mokpo. Do you sell your wife's apartment? sell 34 million won by adjusting the price to one another. Honey, you're helping me live on land again. If you laugh, you'll buy the right to buy a new apartment. Maybe my husband's never had any land. All you see on the ground is a wild ride. I wish my land was mine. I can't get past you. Your husband's wish has been fulfilled because of the Tang Ta-ryung. Instead, this land is an old-age policy. I talked to my husband with a grain of salt. The land is famous. Actually, I bought her. Han Dae~ I'm sending you honey pork so far. ✔Haenam Enterprise City 도시 ✔ 나 옵니다 치 시도 면 솔 남 해 기업 Hyunjae~ Hold two right of sale Since then, I've been renting my husband's side for 2 years. Sales team also sold P7000 units from P420 After that, I caught two 36 pyeong of apartment building and went to P4000. Since last year's announcement of measures, we've stopped all loans. the condition that the sale price is falling again. We started moving in at the end of last year. I'm going to rent one and move in one. Three new houses in Dongtan 2 New Town in the present day I'm going to rent two and move in this time. By the way. Land price is purchased at APT distribution right p Real estate regulations~ Sixty percent of the multiple homeowners' transfer tax was so surprised that they were going to roll that money. We've lost billions of dollars, and we've gone all the way to the boom-bust statistics. If I had left that money intact, I'm afraid I've made two to three times as much profit as I've lost. I think it's a good idea. Real estate is going up like a stock chart anyway. That cycle used to be a long one, but it's gone bad these days. I'd like it to be more specific. The financial event is due today. a cursory The bottom line is, I am a housewife. He's fearless. He's quick to judge. I'm not worried, so people say, He's got more guts than men. Just listen to whatever's going on and decide right away. I don't think much. There's something puberty said. You may not be afraid, but you are not. That's a good boy. I watched economic TV. Buy land and make profits. Accident of Villa~ Profitable How do you believe that? Then I believe in myself. They'll explain the product. I'm the judge, and I'm the one who's Haha a rental operator Husband to 4 years to dispose of when needed Owner~8 years~10 new axis to subject to transfer tax exemption Of course there's a loss in real estate, too. But like stocks and coins, there's nothing going down. It'll just take more time. I don't invest because I have a lot of money. I'm Gap Investment He uses a lot of loans. Don't be so scared of bank loans. It's more profitable than he is. She's a housewife. It's just that the water I play is different. The average housewife's living in the neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors, your husband and your children, and your neighbor's sister. when you do I drink coffee in real estate. I went to the mall and drank coffee and listened to the information. I also talk to the sales team a lot. I exchange information with the people there. So~ I'll be with the sales teams in the Seoul metropolitan area. My face is sold. That's how much you're going around. Just be careful. I'll never go to real estate in town. Say hello~ I've had a hard time investing in the neighborhood. The women's gossip is no joke. Since then, I've been near my house and I don't want any investment rules. It's been a long story. A little bit of real estate is possible. Just the basics. Real estate is profitable in the opposite way of government policy. It's a good investment right now. You can choose what you want. Anyway~ If the government changes, the regulations will be lifted. Every government has a real estate policy. That will be all. Dan~ Where I'm talking, Seoul and the metropolitan area. You can choose well. Haha I'm a housewife. My income is Better than my husband. It's better than working women. There's no annual salary. Only when it's sold. It's a profit. I was able to make small investments. It's bigger now. Home prices rose last year. Some of you don' Some of you don't understand. Haha

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  • ($hana event) ~ Practice the 20th day to the mountain~ The iron porridge is a long way off on the mountain trail.🍃🌺


    Today, on the way to the mountain, The iron porridge is in full bloom.~🍃 It's raining at dawn, so the air is good today. Haha Nice air. Drink and feel good.

    $hana . 2019.04.24 14:16

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  • I want to fly like a butterfly.


    I want to fly like a butterfly. Do you know what this is about? Fly like a loose angel into a world where there is no time.^

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  • I'm crying because of this couple.


    I am crying because of this couple. I have a pain in the chest. 👫 Gangnam Scandal~ I watch this drama every morning. Love story of lovers Even though it is a drama, it is a person's life. I think it's all the same.

    $hana . 2019.04.24 09:07

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  • Ginseng is a powerful saponic 💪bo^^💪💪💪


    Ginseng is strength, saponic and preservative. Healthy ginseng in our body

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  • The flower medley is coming out.


    🎋🍃(Flower medley)🌺 These are the flowers that have appeared so far.

    $hana . 2019.04.24 00:37

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  • Yosemite Falls Lloda


    요Yo Semiti Falls~Roda~

    $hana . 2019.04.24 00:21

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  • ($hana event)~Execute the 19th day to mountain~Put the miracle to the camera.


    I also put a miracle on the camera. This morning, a magpie could be placed on the camera. I'd like to get closer. The sound makes the magpie move quickly. That's why I put it in there as much as I did. It's a minute. It's on camera two. That's why I'm connecting. Haha Today's hiking was a good harvest. Haha Hooray~

    $hana . 2019.04.23 14:51

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  • 2019/24~4/28 Gunpo Iron Porridge Festival ~^🌺🌹🌴🌸


    ∘ Gunpo-si, Gunjuk Festival, 2018 The video taken is noisy with a sore throat. Please understand. Tomorrow, 24th, Sunday, 28th. The traffic is very good. ✔Subway Line 4 ~ Surisan Station Exit Five minutes to seven. Have a good time. Please note, I will be on Friday from 11 am to 2:50 pm. by any chance If you paged me, I'll buy you a cup of cold coffee. Text me kumohana61@gmail.com.

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  • Power 2nd round of subscription savings – Sungkonghoere

    Personal Finance

    Power 2nd round of subscription savings – Sungkonghoere Second Earnings from my son's account in Cheongyang Yesterday~ 1st, post-APT sale. Second ~Positive rights held Then~ again this time Mom's bankbook 28 Pyung-shin APT-attached Ryoyal layer under contract At this time, some low and low-lying areas were unsold. So ~ I went to pick up some unsold ones again. I don't like the rest of the generation. So again. I'll call the president on the first sale of the right. I don't like the unsold. I'd like to have a P500 or less. I've been looking for him. I'll connect you to the sales office if you don't want to Five hundred thousand dollars for the president of the sales team. Then I'll give you a nice one. The sales team's expensive, so make sure you don't. I came down to 400 with a little. But it's expensive. I don't buy it. Sir, I'm telling you, there's nothing to eat because the people on the sales team aren't there. I guess they share that too. Then we won't be able to touch the sales team. I'm buying my fee for a phone call of 200,000 won That's why I've been selling off my son's The contract for the sale of 33 pyeong was issued right away. ^^ The right to buy a house cannot be changed directly to its name. There is a difference between the three-year and one-year sales rights in June, After that, I'll bring my name. I'm gonna pay you a P420 and I'm gonna come back with your name. By the way, the lake is the highest paid purchase. the 15th/11th floor of the whole mountain view of the house Please note that resale of gift certificates is expensive for illegal. a risk-taking I trust people too well. You've never lived in doubt. It's pure. They say that it's a good thing people don't get together. And the decision is fast and accurate. Personality and behavior are more important than men. I have a big stomach.^ And ~ I'm getting a phone call again soon. Ma'am, you have an APT. Give it a good name. I'm thinking about it again. Don't sell it. My husband won't be able to sell this time. If you marry your son, you'll have kids on the third floor. Don't sell me. This is because of the noise between floors and the TV murders. Now I have to worry about it again. Is he the owner of the troubleshooter? Note ^ My son is a puppy to me. Puppy Shinan 25 pyeong 3 pyeong. Geumgang 33 pyeong 11 pyeong Where do you want to live? What my son says, I'm on the third floor. I'm going to the Geumgang River. And when I get married, I'm lonely because I'm alone. I have at least two more, and if you allow me to do so, one more. I want a total of three. I need four rooms. I'm going to go to 33 pyeong of Geumgang. 25 pyeong of Seoul is big. I know 33 pyeong. You're 33 square feet. I'm on my son's side again. No, it's easy to move out of a marriage. And when kids grow up, they have to move, but they make money and move. Let's just give him 33 pyeong, and he'll take care of it. 90% of our lives are money. Every family fights for money. So don't move. The kids live there till the end, and they're going to have to deal with their old age. Let's get married first. You don't need to save money if you don't move. That's how you convince him. 2nd Statement of Sale Decision P4000 Receives & Sells What's left now is... The same complex~Mom 28 pyeong. Son 33 pyeong. We have the right to buy a new apartment. The period of sale of new apartments varies from region to region. After registration of 61236 at that time, It's been eight years since the Seoul Tangchum. We pay the transfer tax in full. My right to buy new apartments continues. See you tomorrow. Taxes are accurate and clear.

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  • It's the iron porridge flower of my town subway station. Also, the Iron porridge Festival starts tomorrow.Event record


    In my town subway station, there are iron porridge flowers. 🌺 Iron Porridge Festival ✔ From 24th to 28th ♪♪ I hope you all the time. Subway Line 4~Surisan Station Exit It takes about 5 to 7 minutes to walk. 🕶👠👟👓👖👕👣

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  • This is lettuce that I grow.


    I can eat lettuce when I grow up a little bit longer. By the way, Buchu has a lot of body weight. It's cold, so it's freezing. How come you're so sick that you' I can't wait to get back to work, but I'm I love you.

    $hana . 2019.04.23 02:24

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  • Mugwort rice cake and spicy rice cake~ Let's eat it deliciously.


    I saw mugwort as I climbed the mountain. I want to eat mugwort soup. Come home, pick up the tools, and start working. There was a lot of mud. The mugwort disappeared. Was I wrong or was I mistaken? I don't know where I'm going. Come home, let's just eat some mugwort. Soybean Paste Soup~ Leave a little bit of it. Materials~Machine sycamore (Dotorigaru+ Fried Powder) I ate spicy rice cake and spicy rice cake. Haha I go to the mountain every day because of the hiking vents. Because you did the event.

    $hana . 2019.04.22 20:11

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  • Power 1st round of subscription savings ~ Sungkonghoere

    Personal Finance

    Power 1st round of subscription savings ~ Sungkonghoere Up to three times the strength of the blue savings continues. It's been five years since now. When I was a son. Where do you live when you get married? 1 Pangye Station This is where Public friend lives. 3 Dongtan 2 You've got eyes on the old man. Dongtan 2 That's when it starts. I keep writing my subscription. After the first and second round of Dongtan sales, Three-way time distribution Construction~ Daewoo's Shinan Hoban EG Team's Five Simultaneous Distribution Select 25 pyeong~Select Daewoo Hoban's application for a contract is going to win two. The whole lake is good. Modern. Daewoo is a large construction company and the layout of a design structure complex I don't like it. Hoban~ I like all the layout of the structural design complex. an application by way of lake Right away~ Another 2 million won to subscribe to the subscription account. Time goes by and by. This time it's better than the last seat. You're going to win again. I'm thinking about it now. It's on the third floor. There are so many but I have a contract on the third floor. Mal language I'm sorry to have written an account, but I don't want to sign another one. Let's go to the pub and see the atmosphere. Boss~3dong 302 How much will it cost to throw this right now? We'll give you 400 to 500 now. To my husband. Honey, I need to sign a p400-500 contract right now. Always~10% of the value of the instrument. So, 25 pyeong. That's enough. Then one day, call the real estate and sell your wife's right to buy a new apartment. Haha Feeling good Son Han-tae. Sell it as Premium. I don't sell it. Why sell it? lol What your husband says, sell it. Who's going to buy it for you? Then I'll sell it at 5000. Husband, if you were me, I would buy a p5000. No~ Then I'll sell 3,000, so... No, I'll sell it when I give it to you. If you were me, would you give me 3,000? I will always pay the money if I ask. I don't judge my son. I'll pick you up. My mom won't take even 10 won. I do. I sell it then. Haha So I saw the first profit from my son's subscription. P2500 is the first success story. It's my ability to make a subscription account. There are always people who save. I don't need an apartment. Some people don't. And every time I say, I'm not asking you to sell it. Save it. Interest is high. This is my recommendation. Tomorrow, we're going to go on a two-day trip. Haha

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  • ($hana event) ~Execute the 18th day of mountain trip.^🌴


    in the mountains The flowers and shoots are blue. You're growing very pretty. There's a mugwort at the entrance to the mountain. I just need to take it with me. Haha I'm thinking of doing something with the sprouts.

    $hana . 2019.04.22 12:03

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  • Yes, my name is flowers. Look at me.


    I... It's not even an egg. The chick is very clever. My name is pretty flower. Take a good look.

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  • After 2 days, the Iron Porridge Festival in Gunpo will be held from 24th to 28th.


    철죽축제행사✔ 24일~28일까지~🌺🌹 I like public transportation. Subway Line 4 - Surisan Station Exit Walk 5 to 7 minutes It would be great if you could bring me a lunch box. Of course, if you order, you can deliver it. Gunpo-gunpo Irony Festival There's something different from other local festivals. There's no drinking, no eating. As if the focus of the festival is on 'Children's Undisgusting Festival', there are only art markets and experience-oriented booths. It is a very clean festival. But you'll be disappointed if you miss food at the festival, right? It's good to see the food at the festival. Clean food trucks. People are lining up in an orderly fashion to buy what they want, and that's the kind of garbage they've created, that's a mature civic consciousness that brings them together in an orderly fashion in a certain places. I've never seen a frown in years of participation. Gunpo-si~ Are you teasing me a lot? If you need anything, just leave a message. You can have a cup of cold coffee.

    $hana . 2019.04.22 08:02

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  • My friend is a cat 3.


    3 cats, live in one house. My friend, I'm raising a cat. You're the only one who's gonna give me a damn about being pretty. Haha At first, you said it was a doll. You even sent me a picture. A photo of evidence. Together.

    $hana . 2019.04.22 01:14

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  • In my town subway station, there are two iron porridge flowers.


    There are iron porridge flowers in my town subway station.

    $hana . 2019.04.22 00:01

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  • Our Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs for Deterioration Measures


    Our Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs for Deterioration Measures Haenam honey meat sends me a box every year. 4th year~ In fall, the best sweet potato. The truth is, it's a little bit thin. It's not money for old age. I will forget about it~ Haenam Enterprise City Solar City Right next to the Land □ Aging Countermeasures Army Goma After 2 hours, It's time for a quick snack. Haha I eat a lot.

    $hana . 2019.04.21 21:55

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