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  • To escape dirt spoon 3


    The first theft I learned made driving my business. In those days, the employees who sat in the office and worked with their computers in front of them became the object of my admiration. I wanted to work that way in the company. But my reality was just a carrier. I was about 33 years old. I went to work at dawn and left work at midnight, but I had to do it silently without an escape. And in the middle of time when there was no transportation, we went to the scene and spent the time helping the inspectors with various difficult chores. I've been on the scene trying to help women, and one day, someone who's older than me, you know, why would a woman be so much older? He asked me if I was doing what I was doing. I was embarrassed, but I told him what I thought I had. I'm learning this job when I'm getting old. I want to be successful. And she told me, "What kind of success would a man make by doing such a trifle?" I've put it down as a bad thing. But I didn't know how to do anything I could, so I just did my best to do it. But one day, the business manager who watched me buy me an Excel book, and if I want to grow up in my company, I need three things, one foreign language ability, one office ability, the other computer skills. First, study Excel so that you can improve your office skills. It was the day I was presented with the first thing I did with my head. And as I learned and mastered office work little by little, I was playing the role of two people. My salary was 1.5 million won at that time. It was when I turned 35 years old," he said, adding, "My average monthly salary was between 1.8 million won and 2 million won when I took a taxi as a reference." It's a small salary, but I did my best. Then one day again, the company decided to close down the Cheongju office due to the company's circumstances. The head office made a decision on the personnel at the Cheongju office at the recommendation of my manager. I went to the Icheon office as a management employee. Things here have come to do a pure managerial job, quite different from before. The people who worked with me were Japanese or English speakers, and I could not speak a foreign language. I got in charge of domestic businesses. For two years like that, I was next in line, and I wish the team leader had scratched me. I was building up my career, taking care of all the work I did. Although I was loyal to the company that I first connected with in such hard times, my monthly salary was still about 2 million won. I talked to the manager, asked him to let me have a meeting with the head of the company, and I said, "I'm sorry. This company asked me directly if I needed to be there. Fortunately, the boss told me a positive story. I expressed my wish to make up for it with money, and the boss agreed to give me a million won bonus. But soon I found out that my new employee was equally rewarded, and that I was no longer competitive in this company. I found out that there was no. And I asked the customer quality officer I was dealing with to talk about my situation and introduce me to the job. Exactly a week later, the quality officer offered me a job and I went to Daejeon for an interview.

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  • To escape soil spoon 2


    I got my luggage at Incheon International Airport, handed it to me to the provinces, and I got a job as a middleman. People sold cars at a premium price, pocketed more than 30 percent of freight charges, and gave us freight charges. After a month of building up and delaying the freight charge, which was supposed to be paid only for oil every day, I had to pay for it. I checked out my self-inflicted paper to my brother who introduced me to me. And when the innocent brother saw the ad in the newspaper, He confessed that he found out. I'm going to talk to the head of the broker to get this done, and I'm going to get this done, and I'm going to get this done, and I'm going to In the meantime, he asked for the refund of the delayed freight rate and deposit, and received it with difficulty for about 15 days. And in order to reduce the damage, I need to consult with the warden about the vehicle I took over, and then hand it over to someone who's going to be another victim. You shouldn't do that. I'm dragging a one-ton cargo truck into my home town of Chongju. I came down. And I went to the freight terminal there every day to look for my one-party luggage that came out that day. I have a family, and my daughter is now in elementary school, and no matter how pathetic I am, no matter how much I'm getting into this ridiculous job scam, I was so afraid of the responsibility of being the head... I went to work at the freight terminal because there was no way to do that, but there wasn't much work.And then one day, there's a way to get a job that's fixed. I met a business and it was the PCB company that started what I was doing so far. The company was in Bucheon, and it checked the products of a PCB manufacturer in Cheongju and then returned them. It was a rescue, but I brought it to the car and received it again when the inspection was completed. I got up at 6 a.m. and went to pick up the goods, went up to Bucheon, put the goods down, and waited there at about 10 p.m. If the product is tested, you can load it and deliver it, and it's done without a break from Monday to Saturday for nine months. This was repeated over and over again. And in the meantime, I was able to take a break during the day, and sometimes I don't have to, but I don't know what to do with the company. He used to find out for himself what he needed. My sincerity and active work attitude gave me a chance... The likely delivery date has been eliminated due to business conditions. I was once again confronted with a desperate situation. And I gave my situation to the manager of the company. I wonder if the company that I've heard about has seen my reputation well. He offered to hire me as an employee. I was ordered to a business office in Cheongju and started work as a transportation engineer. The next chapter will be full-fledged...Please read it to the end.

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  • How to escape dirt spoon 1


    The story is based on an experience based on a story about my 50 years of life. I'm literally from a dustman. My father is too young to go back and he is so poor that he doesn't know his face because he doesn't have one of those common photos left. My mother has raised five children as a pariah, and I, the youngest, is the only highly educated person in my family who finished high school. I always saw and interpreted things and the world with a perverse, skeptic nature. After graduating from high school, I went to the army, and my choice was driving. However, it has always been a matter of months before I quit this job. My complaints are always low pay, excessive interference. I've had a strong physical rejection of this, and I've had a lot of places to get a job again, even if I quit this job. I didn't want to work until I hurt my pride. And then the question of the unknowing nature that we've been struggling with for so many days is, you know, a constant injustice to live a life of the underworld. He led me to the seminary, and seven years passed while I was on vacation and studying again. In the meantime, I had a family, and a pretty daughter was given as an ass. He took a leave of absence when his tuition fell, and even while attending school, he added to his living expenses by working part-time or working hard. Then one day after the first semester of the fourth grade, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes complications and had to have kidney dialysis. As I mentioned earlier, my family is so poor that my older brother and sisters who are up there can't afford to take care of their mother. I'm sorry, and I had to take responsibility for my mother because of the housekeeper that only my family had. Because of this, she dropped out of school and took her to the hospital three times a week for her kidney dialysis. We moved to Cheongju when we were living in Seoul. We spent 2 years and 4 months until my mother died. I worked as a taxi driver. Perhaps these days were the hardest, most difficult, unfair and miserable of my life. After my mother's return, I quit my taxi job and went to the seminary to get along with my three-year-old brother. I got to do the lip service that I recommended. I was staying at Incheon airport and taking my luggage and handing it over to the local area. This was like job fraud, as I'll tell you in detail in the back. I don't think I'll read it if it's too long. If you're in a similar position to me, be sure to read it through to the end of my series.

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  • Plato's Cambodia


    And the movie Matrix is the place where we recognized the real world, not the real world, but the virtual reality, and the hero's awareness of it is through his awareness of the enormous power. It is a movie set to save the living human race. The motif of the film is a combination of Plato's Cameron and the Bible. So, just to summarize Plato's documentary, Plato, through the parable of caves, is the essence of the world that we live in, and what we see is the reality. That means it's nothing more than that shadow. Of course, Plato's disciples followed suit, overturning his teacher's theory, and the essence of all matter is contained in the material itself. The history of philosophy, as it was said, had always been around until at least Hagel and Kant came out with this flow of political and anti-war. And if it wasn't the case that I watched this movie, and I was pretty sure that it was all kinds of absolute truths that I sometimes believed in. I had a funny guess as to what it would be like. And it's not all that you see, it's not all that you can see, it's all that you can see, it's How many late cases have you learned.... Are all kinds of senses I feel real (sound, smell, taste, skin texture)? A lot of theories published by scholars who are much smarter and more intelligent than I am. Is it true? Is there a God I believe in? When such numerous questions pop up one day, they can't sleep and think through the night keeps them from sleeping with their tails. So whenever I have to sleep, I always wear earphones and listen to English applications that I don't understand. A very small sound shuts me off and I fall asleep. Our thoughts are full of errors. Psychologists say that humans have a psychological tendency to be confirmed biased. So we choose what I want to believe, and only accept the facts that support the choice. Even with so many objective cross-signals coming up, we ignore them all and only give you evidence to confirm that what I choose cannot be wrong. I accept it. This is a very big risk to investment. Investors should always keep in mind the fact that I can be wrong. And instead of trying to confirm that what I choose is right, I have to try to find the opposite evidence to survive in the market.

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  • Without the appearance of the killer's taps...


    Despite days of decline, Tron has done well on his own. It is envious to see the small increase in the rank of the judges. That's how Justin Sun took over Torant, a P2P video download company, and secured 1.6 billion users. This is because it is going to connect blockchain after securing an app.Surely Justin Sun is a CEO with a good sense of business. So what about the Ios camp? Just before the launch of the early Mainnet, Block One was in talks to use the Ios platform. It had been announced that there were hundreds of companies, including large companies. But after the main net came out, there was this kind of partnership... Large companies that have secured user resources use the Ios platform. I haven't heard yet that something is going to be released. The Ios platform has definitely become useless without killer daps. It's not gonna work unless you advertise it for the best, but if you don't have someone to use it, now Ios is going to give you a chance to use the platform. It seems that it is imperative for companies that have secured existing users to participate. I envy the tyranny of Tron, who used to curse him as a scam in that sense. I think this is the difference between an owner's platform and an owner-less platform. The Ios camp is always trying to get Dan to develop something else. I watched him get nervous just by looking at his appearance. Everyone knows what this means. At least within this year, unless there's any word that the big corporation, which was mentioned earlier, is releasing something, the big business group's presence in the Ios camp is going to be a big one. It's got to be clear, and Ios platforms, regardless of performance, are business-oriented. I can't help but say I'm behind the tron. Personally, Block One is a fund to provide support for the adapt to the Ios platform and for the talkative start-up. It seems that it needs to make a decision to find and support promising businesses as soon as possible or to acquire apps that have secured users' base in the existing app market.

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  • The New World of English Studies...a real louse


    Still, I am not good at English. I thought I should learn English because I have foreign customers who come and go in and out of my work. It is because I felt sorry for myself that I was not competitive due to the reality that I couldn't speak while dealing with him. So I enrolled in Cyber University and studied practical English, but I still couldn't interpret English sentences. And when you're tired, you give up.When I remembered again, it was my English study that started again. From the famous five-sentence English language, to Jongchul, and recently Kim Sam English. There are almost as many ways to study English as you can. It's no exaggeration to say that it was cumbersome. But my English has not improved. I even bought a blink of a learning method because I thought I was not good at words. Then, by chance, I would like to introduce Steve English on Facebook and try to learn English. I saw an advertisement, not an advertisement. Out of curiosity, I went to the site and, as he introduced me, I bought and listened to the preposition first. If you can learn a single thing because of the low cost of 70,000 won, you'll be fooled by the idea that that's enough. I took a class. I remember taking the short-term course in about 3 days. English grammar is not the grammar that I have known. I learned that it is an image part of English thinking and culture and that it explains the image of the preposition. I took all the lectures. Already, I felt the blockage of English blood in this area. It's as if you're going to have a bash! I feel like I'm saying something. Now that I registered the other 3 classes, I think it cost about 170,000 won in total. I think it took me about two weeks to take this class. And I'm going to read my own copy of Magic Tree House. I could find it.The level of English that can easily interpret a sentence when you find a word in English room. A miracle happened in just a month. The reason why I introduce this method of learning English is because I know that there are many people like me. Anyone who has studied how frustrating our attempts to interpret sentence structure, bound by grammar, have been. The sentence becomes longer, the preposition becomes more numerous, and the root image of the word is unknown, and the translated word meaning in the Korean-English dictionary is used. Those who try to interpret a sentence will know that they have experienced something that doesn't understand what it means. After taking this class, what I'm saying...... When I finish this class, the last thing I want to do is memorize words hard and communicate with foreigners. I need separate listening and speaking training. This class tells the story of such training in the final stage. Try the high cost of caustic study that is too cheap compared to the effect of this study method. And if you believe me and experience the new world after signing up for the site, come back and give me a lot of ink.ᄒᄒᄒᄒ For your information, I'm just a pure member who doesn't have a single face to face with the site's operator. https://yoursteven.com/english/

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  • Reclamation of discarded garbage in Sky Park


    When people visit crowded places, cigarette butts, disposable coffee and beer cans are thrown away. Where the majority use them, they are activities that tarnish the beautiful scenery and raise eyebrows. As I work on the quality side, I have a lot of work to educate new employees and workers. There is something essential to the course of education.I don't think I'm going to get into trouble just because I'm not doing one little thing. that Consciousness is the biggest cause of ruining your life and your company's future. A renowned American scholar published it in his thesis, "The Law of Broken Window." Even if what I'm doing is so trivial and trivial as to seem useless... Someone's trying to make this happen to the world that we live in. I wish I could keep it cleaner and more beautiful.

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  • Large Coin Line Link...


    I wrote about the direction of the blockchain through the last two articles. Now, it's more straightforward, like the existing Alt Coins and the links to the Kakao Clayton and Naver lines that are being prepared by big companies. I'm trying to compare with the cosmonaut. Iderium Idarium's ambition to expand blockchain technology, which had been tied up as a function of Bitcoin's finance, to all sectors of the industry, has been highly resonant. There was a time when the price of etherium was priced at millions of won due to countless ICOs based on it. However, after many years, the users of the Daps on the Idol platform are still miserable, with fewer than a few hundred daily users. Thousands of people bought and sold the once famous Krypto Kitty doll, but this is the reason why it is so popular. The situation has become meaningless except as a result of feeling the limits of TPS and realizing the inconvenience of excessive fees. There's more to be said, but I think it's unnecessary, so I end the story of Idarium. " Toys of useless adults." Ios (Alt Coins with DPOS) In Ios, the non-realistic nature of etherium has shown that the level of sill use can be possible in blockchain. And just months after Ios Mainnet came out, as evidenced by its advantages, it broke all records and created hundreds of DAPPs. This illustrated how effective DPOS is in real life. All that's left is a killer app that will appear on the Ios platform. Maybe there will be a killer app that you can't even think of. However, large companies such as Kakao, Naver, Google and Telegram have jumped into the blockchain industry. Among them, I'd like to talk about Naver Line link. I've been telling people I meet whenever I have a chance that every blockchain must be a platform with a business entity in its early days. Because traditional public blockchain is too complex to respond quickly to changes in the market because of community consultation and decisions. This is because it is a decision-making structure. Despite the many advantages of blockchain, the rose of early dreams is actually experiencing the mainnet and the maps, and we're not sure if this technology is going to work in the real world. Can it be used widely? I am beginning to wonder that Do you know what the most users on the IOS platform are getting? Ironically, they are gambling addicts. Blockchain taps with less than a thousand daily users. If the app user has this much, can the app be considered a successful launch? I put forward an ostensible business vision that I can do business for the whole world, but how? How is it really possible? How many users do you have daily access to this really convenient publicist? Probably less than a thousand. What about the other raps? The situation is the same. I'm going to tell you about my precious experience. I used to make some money on the stock market. And even though they were delisted at the time by investing in value, they were not listed in the smartphone market. It has invested in Pantech, the country`s second-largest company, with LG. As always, I tend to use what I have invested. So my phone was always changing into the Vega series. But the result is that tens of millions of won has shrunk to less than a million... I had to sell it to get it. Why did Pantech have to disappear from the market? The only difference is that the company failed to maintain continuous bug management, such as software upgrades. The hardware has come up with a laudable result, but many of the problems with less efficient software are that young customers are starting to experience. It was the cause that caused him to turn his back. Pantech had run out of money and money to invest in software. In the blockchain ecosystem, I think this is going to happen. The Ios camp at the startup level cannot gather users without breakthrough ideas. The level of funding that we can't do for a major marketing campaign. After all, they will not be able to beat big businesses, which are strong players in the existing app market that have been rich in funds and reading about and responding to changes in the market changes. Pyo Chul-min, who I don't like, said this. If you don't find the blue ocean that big companies can't jump into, you don't do it, It's going to work for big companies in the end. Now, as an investor, when you're more aggressive in organizing Fort Polio, it's time to split your all-in-one assets in Ios into big corporations. I'd like to recommend it. I am still investing in Ios Dap and I wish it success. The reason why I invested in this dap is because I judged that it is a dap item that cannot be done by a large company. But who's going to be the one who's going to run into the same concept? Competing with big business maps that already have hundreds of millions of users and taps that need to get users... Competing with large companies that can spend hundreds of billions of dollars on marketing and start-ups who have to be stumped by billions of marketing costs. History has already shown us the results... Let's not go through repeated investment failures!!

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  • Types of insulation harmful to the body, related to birdhouse syndrome


    I've heard from housewives that the new apartment is harmful two to three years later, and I knew that there was a similar story in the U.S.It is said that the newly built house should be empty for at least a month or two and then live in it. The reason is because of various chemicals that are included in the materials used for building and interior design. That means it takes at least a month or two to dilute. In the U.S., experimental graphs of the total amount of volatile organic compounds, which come with only new carpeting, suggest that it should be a joke in about 10 days. Since only one carpet is that much, it seems natural to say that the entire house should be left empty for a month or two. I sometimes hear these questions about building materials. They say that gypsum boards and glass fiber insulation are bad for your health. You are mistaken for the kind of asbestos in the news. I don't know much about building materials, so I think it's possible. This shows that people have a high interest in their health. It happened that a research group in the U.S. studied the harmful insulation, and the results are briefly on the GBA list and introduce it. Insulation materials that are unhealthy are the types of gas that emit volatile gases. Spray foam insulation is the first to be pointed out. It is the most shunned insulation by eco-friendly builders. So the urethane foam in the can is no good. It is advisable to use it to a minimum. The product that was pointed out together is XPS.It is a pinkish insulation called anisopink. It's not good to have gas in the swelling of gas. Health-free types are the most commonly used glass fiber insulation, such as cerulose insulation. Mineral wool, or rock face, is said to be located in the middle. Avoid products that advertise as "sterilized, antibacterial". What is harmful to fungi is harmful to humans, too. There are people who sometimes apply anti-bacterial paint to solve the conjunctivary fungus. Mold may not look good, but it is also bad for humans. In Europe, people seem to know that it is harmful to them, but when they enter the country, things happen that they don't understand why they are dressed up as moldy products. In any case, the U.S., which is mostly wooden houses, needs only two months of absence due to the new house syndrome. It's like we're in a concrete house, so it's taking longer. Most people who don't care about it will do much harm, but if they have respiratory or skin problems, moving in slowly will help.

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  • If you're trying to atone for someone...


    Today, someone brought up a painful memory of their first love at the cafe in your hometown that they often go to. And to relieve the fondness and pain of the memory, Why he's so sick... I don't know how far that connection has been. And how to organize... All showed his hidden innermost thoughts, though unknown. Even when many people ask the writer not to comment, blame, chastisement and self-reflection are highly ethical and ethical. I don't know who I'm talking to, who I'm not, who I'm not, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm? I wrote a few words because I wanted to remind myself that I cannot be corrected by citing the standards. And maybe the writer knew what he was thinking... He expressed his gratitude. If you look at comments about incidents that flood the Internet, why are there so many people living so beautiful, moral and sound...... There are so many good people in this world. Why is the reality so cruel........ I've been looking for a figure of someone I'd like to resemble for a long time. And that beautiful thing you can't get to. I was in pain because of the truth hidden in me, which contrasts with my appearance. The more you struggle to be a better person, the more you fall. I'm more ugly and... It's more evil. All I could do was find myself in the dirtier. And the perception of me that was found so made me have a generous character for other people's sins. Once humans discover their inner nature, they will not be able to judge others by the standards and ethics very easily. One person who criticized the writer for my idea wrote a comment like this. "Jesus is here." I don't think he's ever seen the evil nature behind him. I never thought I was free and complete with that deep abyss of being horribly enslaved to myself. If I had found the evil nature of sitting, I wouldn't have spoken so easily. And this is the truth that no one is free."There's no righteous man in the world. There's not a single one."

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  • Direction of blockchain2


    Following the first... If you invest in blockchain for investment purposes, you must evaluate and judge whether the coin is a popular coin. The platform is not only when hundreds of millions of people connect at the same time, but at least hundreds of thousands of people connect at the same time. You must seamlessly without overload. But the limits of existing platforms are still tens of thousands, if not thousands, of them simultaneously. This is the level of problem that happens immediately when you fly a transit. To solve this problem, of course, the Etherium camp is putting forward the idea of shading and Ios the parallel chain. But it's an idea that hasn't been realized yet, and I don't know how long it will take for it to be implemented. That's the key to investing in platform coins. A lot of people have heard the glitzy words and slogans in the white paper. It's true that we've been investing recklessly. But now 99 percent of Internet startups have disappeared from the dotcom craze unless they reflect calmly. Like the companies, there's no guarantee that the blockchain coins I've invested in won't disappear. So if you've invested in a platform, you can see which platform can deliver real TPS per second. You'll have to pay attention. Because blockchain technology isn't for a few people, it's got to have tens of millions of subscribers, and it's got to have hundreds of millions of concurrent users. It's because it's a goal of millions, and it's a seamless transition without buffers. So the more the user has, the less they write everything in the blockchain, the more critical they write to the blockchain. I'm taking a detour. (Carmas are suffering from a recent shortage of RAM because a lot of them are in blockchain.) I'm not talking about the philosophy of blockchain, I'm talking about the popularity of blockchain to achieve investment objectives. So what would the answer be if I asked what would be the difference between a blockchain adapter and an Internet app in the future? The public doesn't care if it's blockchain or not. It's not a blockchain for today's early adopters, it's not a matter of whether it's a trap or an app. It won't work. Because, as I said earlier, most of the business doesn't record in blockchain, but it's just a key part of the blockchain. This is because the difference between the current method and the existing Internet companies will only get thinner and thinner. The biggest advantage of blockchain is its user-centered reward system. The rewards are transparent with smart apps, with no central control or interference. It's fairly distributed and it can be tracked in blockchain.As long as it's recorded in the block chain, it's a transparent process. What you can look at and track is clear that the blockchain's indescribable charm. The blockchain will now be divided into OPEN and PRIVATE.And over time, we're going to have a midpoint like Google's Android. The blockchain platform is likely to be the mainstream. I think blockchain technology is like a toddler, and it's a centralised body that can solve a lot of problems that arise. The current blockchain decision-making structure, which solves decision-making with multiple agreements in a de-centralized system without a single one, is a key component in breathing with the public. It's my guess that it's going to be a lot. In fact, it's inevitable for a platform to go to an open source, but an open source without the main body, the possibility of a ship going to the mountains. It's rich. The source of the platform is open and available for free, but it's important to keep control and support of the app on the platform. The main body is that platform that exists will survive," said Google's Androi. How about a dap? It's not easy to tell the difference between apps when you're talking strictly. I think it's probably the level of transparency that allows us to look at changes in the reward system and the compensation process. When I read and think about what their competitiveness will be, the key point is that they'll be able to create a billion- It has to be a system. In the process, there should be no inequality by whale voting and self-boating, and there should be a lot of users. It has to be linked to revenue from voting and attention. The source of all the daps is how many users are operating in that daggers. That way, the company will try to advertise. (If they're not interested in this, they're definitely dumping their team-assigned holding coins on the exchange and BYE!!! after It's a project that's likely to leave behind a greeting.) The news of hundreds of millions of dollars in annual salary that you've been working somewhere is more than the news that you've distributed a small penny to hundreds of millions of people. It's much more powerful and has the effect of attracting talented and fresh creators to that adapter. But what would be the advantage if we faced a blockchain that needed to recruit users and a blockchain that already has users? The market has a preoccupancy effect. Mando Winia, the developer of kimchi refrigerators, has maintained its top market share in kimchi refrigerators for some time. It's so low in terms of funding and marketing, but it's been at the top of the market for a really long The reason is because of the market dominance effect. Now, the fate of a small start company is that if you don't get ahead of the market, you're going to have to come up with something different from others' ideas. Eventually, all of the competition with the big blockchain Coin will be wiped out. Unfortunately, however, we don't see any new items. It's an idea that's already in the app market and just overlapped the reward system. Can I survive the competition with big companies? This is my last question. Where are you going to invest?

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  • Future Direction of Blockchain1


    The market is bleak. What the hell is the end of this tunnel...... Only when money was flowing into the ICO, 10% of the money was kept in small amounts at the time of good fortune. draw money without money at the peak of ICO. We've invested in it, and since then, we've been on the decline -- 90 percent is what's called a basic brown rain. Now, ICO can't raise money anymore unless it's a large company or a proven team. So in the EOS camp, we had a new attempt at airdrop, and some people seemed to be successful. But this new attempt has been discredited by the selfish desires of some teams. If you mention a few typical bad things, Sales of team supplies, surprise listing for pre-emptions, remittance fees converted to fee... And if you look at the EOS, which can be called mother-of-pearl, you'll be reminded of the saying, "The ship is going to the mountains because there are many cooks." There's something disturbing about optimism about the future, such as a decision-making structure that has to be slow in responding to the market. The first thing you need to do before you study charts in the stock market is to know your investment orientation. We need to know which positions are in the short, medium, or long term, so we can match the responses to the chart analysis. I mean, it's a short-term tendency, but I don't want to apply long-term chart analysis. So the person who's in the market right now has to understand and understand their position. philosophical position on blockchain technology, early adopters' position, speculative position, investment position, operator's position, business partner's position, developer's position, etc. And I'm writing for people who are in this market because they want to make money, no matter what blockchain technology is If you want to make money, what's the first question? It is natural that money overflows where people gather. So, what do you need to get a lot of people together? You have to have a public opinion in order to get a lot of people together. This popularity is a universal valid common denominator. Why does columnist Hwang criticize Baek Jong-won's food? This is because Hwang is an expert who prefers certain flavors. But if the public follows Baek Jong-won's recipe, seven in ten is fine. That's good. It's delicious. And what I'm saying is that when we don't know our position on the blockchain, we're talking about a lot of co-ins in the market. I don't know if I have to buy a coin. You don't know if you're wrong, you make a wrong mistake. You invest in Coin because you want to make money, but when you choose Coin, you choose the technology for the so-called early adopters that are not popular. Continue to the next...

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  • Building materials should be used for their purposes.


    Materials used in construction that are classified for external and internal use must be used for their intended use. The inside and outside of a building are completely different in its use environment. The most representative environmental factors are humidity and temperature. Internal applications are less resistant to moisture and temperature conversion than external applications. The humidity and temperature are not that big on the interior, The exterior of the building is an environment where heavy winter temperatures are repeated due to the heat wave in summer, as well as rain and snow.So if you use the internal application outside, There's bound to be a problem soon. Someone called and told me that the stone on the outer wall was broken because of a coagulation. At first, I didn't understand. What does that mean? What's the situation? Now that I've heard the side explanation, I understand. It is said that the inside stone plate is so pretty that it is attached to the part. It was also water-resistant because it was so moisturizing." But somewhere there was a nodule, and it was wet, and it was freezing and bursting out in the cold. This means that there is a phenomenon happening. Water increases its volume by 8% when it freezes. So when the material was frozen and melted, it exploded. The phenomenon is called Freeze thaw. It is said that all the stone used was waterproofed outside. Where did the water come from? Usually, outer-wall stone materials are used to make metal work on walls. Fix it.Then, there's an empty space between the wall and the stone, and you think it's waterproof on the inside as well as on the outside? Do you think the walls and the metal that holds the stone together have been treated so that there is no coagulation? I couldn't have done it. So the damp rocks... It's freezing out. There is no way to get rid of a settlement.After all, all of the mislabeled stone plates must be replaced. The cost of choosing a material is quite large. To be more comforting, one example is the Amoco Building in Chicago. It was built in 1972, and the outer wall was attached as marble. Marbles have been used externally since Roman times. It was built in the hope that there would be no problem. But after the construction, the marble plates were bent and the bowing of the ship was not enough. It started to appear, and eventually it replaced all the outer walls. The cost of replacing 44,000 pieces of marble with other materials is as much as $90 million. It's called. The reason why this marble was bent is because it used to be thick marble, and it changed into thin marble, and the properties of the material were very different. This is the result of the survey that changes have taken place. In other words, even though materials are identical, their characteristics can change even if thickness changes. So make sure you use the building materials for your own purposes. Source: This is from Jeff's building Science, Naver Blog with author's permission.

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  • From absolute to relative....


    Who gave us the criteria for judging that we are bad or good? Recently in Karma, good and bad about good deeds are being achieved. And then someone posted a video or a photo that had nothing to do with good. There's a debate going on, with some hating and some arguing about it. The people on the boat said no because it wasn't good behavior, and the people on the other hand said, "I don't like it." And the people on the other hand, who's going to tell me who's going to tell you about the video? Are you presenting and judging? "If you don't like it, you can just overlook it. Do you have to press whether you don't like it?" This debate has been foreseen and is a frequent issue in human history. I don't think so. I don't like the guy who's been on the boat. We're likely to track down the man who's been on the boat, and then we're going to go on a retaliatory boat. If the user has a large number of supporters in the community, it is likely to escalate into a struggle between the forces. When the scale of the profits is not big, it's kind of a rational, rational story to talk about, but actually, the scale of the profits is not big. As the number grows, it becomes natural for each community to seek their own interests, focusing on a group of people who are highly influential. In other words, there is no standard for what happens in this process to be an agreement between each argument and the argument. No, it's not without, but it doesn't admit it. Where we live, we recognize differences in terms of places and circumstances where profits are not large, and where profits are larger, we recognize differences. It is almost impossible to reach an agreement. We live in a world where there are only relative standards left to lose absolute, so there is no way to find an answer in these disputes. In order to reach an agreement in this relative world, I can find a way to satisfy my interests and others at the same time. Only if the stronger side physically repressed the weaker side. Since there were philosophers who opened up this relative world, their names were also holy Hegel and Kant. These two dominated our thinking and led us to the absolute loss we had mentioned earlier. We often have a campaign to admit that we are different, not wrong. But the point of recognizing that difference is Where my interests are not violated. For the freedom and survival of refugees...Furthermore, for the sake of quality of life, he came to Jeju Island and applied for Only my skin is different from mine and religion is different. It's the same human being and it's the Earth. But the other thing is a different matter for Jeju residents, who are subject to my interests. So there was a fierce opposition, and there was a life of no contact with them. What Jung Woo-sung knows is less sincere, and what people in the area might suffer immediate damage has a plausible appeal. What can be the answer to this? Without a return to absolute truth, the answer to this question will only be a game where power wins.

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  • Housing Science 1


    Lightweight wooden houses built today feature a short roof. Wooden houses need to be constructed at the end of the side roof line to be drawn two feet (60.96 centimeters) away from the wall. It usually seems to make it shorter than that. If the roof has a short eaves, most walls are still exposed to the wind and rain If concrete walls are exposed to rain, they can cause problems in the long term, and if they are wooden houses that use wood, they can cause problems faster. Ordinary people think it is important to keep the walls from getting wet when it rains. However, scientists who study housing say that it is more important to dry it quickly than to get wet. Because it's inevitable that walls get wet in any form. But it doesn't matter if you close it. The paint on the exposed walls is peeled off and faded because of the short eaves of the roof. It's not a big problem because it's something that you can touch right away. However, if the inside of the wall gets wet and it doesn't dry well, the problem becomes big. If the wall is wet for a long time, the plywood, OSB covering the wall may become damaged and moldy. In that situation, the inside insulation will not be normal either. In order to prevent this situation, scientists are trying to make air circulation possible on the moisture barrier (Tivex) that is installed on the wall's plywood. I'm stressing to leave a gap." (Rain Screen) Especially for external finishing materials that absorb moisture and contain moisture. Air flooring (rainscreen) must be completed. That's how it's more important to be thin than what scientists say is to

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  • Old Hanok Cafe


    A few years ago, when life was at its peak and wanted to escape... I was frantically searching for land for my village. After a few years, I was able to buy my own land in Shinji, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do. I have now started studying to build a house to make my plan come true. Six months of lightweight woodwork lessons, welding, and hundreds of design drawings using the chief-of-the-art program... I bought an old Korean house at a cafe in your village and went through a long process for over two years to see it as its original shape. On the restoration, I learned of the couple who were recording the process. Knowing the hard work intensity of the restoration work and the difficulty of the work, the couple were in awe, and their persistence came out in a temple. The long restoration process is coming to an end, and the couple opened a cafe for visitors in the same image as the hanok. I guess a lot of people are coming to see it because it's aired in the human theater. Sunday, I visited 944 Hapsong-ri in Buyeo to meet the couple I'd like to meet once to soothe the freeness of my work. And I could talk a lot with the owner through a string of connections, just like I knew before. I will be doing a cafe with a garden somewhere if I'm worn out like that couple after retirement. And perhaps there are some young children who need love playing happily....

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  • Karma's First Donation Event


    Emotions such as love and humanism in people's minds cannot be objectified. How should we value and define human beings if we say it is a result of the release of chemicals such as hormones? So I believe that humans should be valued and respected by themselves because they resemble God's image. These are so-called abandoned children from their parents. But because of the sacrifice and dedication of some of the people who love these children, they've realized that they've been abandoned. They're growing up without knowing. At least until they get through the big tunnel of puberty... The smile of the sun and the lively naughty look make us laugh when we visited... My wife still hasn't forgotten the touch of a shy little girl.

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