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  • Voice phishing.


    I went to the hospital yesterday because I had a stomachache. Suddenly a text message came. I was surprised when I called. It's already been opened and in use... and I've been talking about it and I've been working on it at the agency's agency. I'll call the police because I think I've been robbed. I feel a lot from here... I'm not supposed to rely on others for anything. No, I'm fine. I'm going to report it myself. I asked him to tell me the name and location of the agency, but he got cut off. Until then, I did more searching on Naver about voice phishing scams. I think there are a lot of voice phishing in this type. The type of fraud goes like this. If you're willing to report it to me like that, the majority of you are. hang up after Then the swindler impersonates the police, calls them, and gets them stolen, so they're encouraging authentication to solve the problem. Then, as personal information is exposed, the swindler is robbed of his property. Please be careful when you get that message.

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  • Naver Intellectual Service Concept Ahakoin


    The company makes their own wallets, but it just needs to be certified as Kakao. Then, please give us your subscription and go to the app and click on what you feel is good. We'll reward you. In addition, only those with expertise (blockchain, program developers, legal counsel) can answer through certification. No one can answer, so the answers are faithful and professional. Interested candidates are activities you to come to see. Since we're still in the pre-listed market, we'll make a lot of money later. Copy the link below and paste it into url. https://www.a-ha.io/register/?recBy=3BZ7EJ

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  • Stomach restricted... Lower to 136 for post-dinner exercise

    Health Care

    After cutting off the diabetes medication and taking only fat (meat) + vegetables (vegetables from the ground) + protein (eggs), we continuously observed blood sugar levels. About three weeks of experiments showed constant levels of about 127 empty blood sugar and 176 post-dinner blood sugar. The empty blood sugar and the post-dinner blood sugar remain high, but in the meantime, if you think about the body that's been damaged by the drug overdose, you'll have to stop taking the medication. It was good to have almost the same number, but in order to improve blood sugar levels after meals, they decided to exercise for about 30 minutes to one hour. I started exercising lightly for the first time yesterday, but after eating, my blood sugar fell to 136 and my empty blood sugar fell to 106. Feeling good, I ate too much beef steak last night and exercised, but my blood sugar level was 167. ᅲ.ᅲ From today, we will limit the daily intake of meat to less than 300 grams and starve for breakfast, and eat 150 grams for lunch and dinner with vegetables. After eating, I am going to take a walk near the company for about an hour. If you have diabetes like me, you should try my hands-on experience. Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes have good results, so I recommend you play the trick. I think the results of a three-week experiment are a way to manage diabetes without taking drugs just with exercise and sugar-limited diet. But the difficulty is that it costs more to eat than it does to take a bullet, and that people who eat out and eat in the cafeteria have to pack their eating bags. The trouble is that it's hard to adopt this approach, and I think it's better to try than to lose your health and regret it. Watching my mother's fight against diabetes, I don't want to return the burden to my family.

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  • Photovoltaic electrical installation hands-on experience (pour-on writing)


    *The following is a post from your cafe with the author's permission. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■ Installation location environment - First floor concrete rooftop. City?Same country) ■ Electricity consumption - Approximately 650 kWh (about 150,000 won) - Environment where energy consumption can no longer be reduced due to a number of consumer electronics, instant water heater, CCTV majority management, environmental habits, etc. ■ Photovoltaic installation review instrument - I did it. I did it. I liked it. You did it, too. It only cost me one to twenty thousand won. - 8 years of Nonghyup's loan is in the mailbox when solar shear is bored. (If installed, there is little electricity charge.) ■ Government support? Civilian support? - Government Assistance: The state provides about half of the money to local governments (New and Renewable Energy Center) and to local governments (city and county). - Private support: Install with your own money. * I'm going to give you a dime or a government grant. * I hear you're going to give me money... * Hard reasons for government support: There are many applicants. / lack knowledge of judgment (private, government concept itself) (How much money does it cost in my pocket) ■ Gain new knowledge - The writer himself has already installed a government-backed solar house with a firm judgment (housing) despite the prevailing trend around 2010. * Related data: https://cafe naver.com/kimyoooo/54900 - At that time, households needed more than a certain level of power consumption to receive government support. (i.e. the recommended atmosphere for installing solar energy in homes that consume a lot of electricity.) - High household electricity consumption at the moment reduces the government's support itself (foolish) * Details are mentioned below. ■ Searching for installers - Even in metropolitan areas, education, culture, and administrative power have a very poor environment compared to other metropolitan cities. - There is only one government support company through renewable energy centers. (There are dozens of other metropolitan cities) - I got an answer after asking questions under the guise of an ordinary citizen. 1. Access to government support companies * When is it possible to install? Answer: Get your application from now on, and start next February, sequentially... (Gabriel Coco Chanel) * This and that (government support, city).How much is the installation cost I will pay except for military support? Answer: - About 300 kWh of consumption (before and after 40,000 won in electricity tax) between 2.5 million won and 3 million won - About 650 kWh of consumption (before and after 150,000 won in electricity tax) is about 4 million won. * For households with high electricity consumption, the benefits are small.ᅮ * What materials do you use? Answer : - Photovoltaic panel: self-produced polycrystalline module (which means that you are not confident in putting forward the word _) - Inverter( KEPCO E&C): I don't know next year because I changed it often. * Poor reliability * The meaning of single/multi-decision is mentioned at the bottom 2. Accessing private support companies This cafe has been looking for an installer and expresses some of its knowledge of solar energy (attention). * When is it possible to install? Answer: It is possible at any time (as is right). * What is the installation cost I will pay? (3kw) Answer: - 4.5 million won. * What materials do you use? Answer : - Photovoltaic panel: Hanwha single crystal module - Inverter (Equipment turning into KEPCO Electric): Orientation * Maintaining credibility (writers find it reasonable to compare with their own knowledge) * The meaning of single/multi-decision is mentioned at the bottom However, it is recommended to install 5kw after understanding the environment of the location through phone call from this company. (Installation fee is 8.5 million won) * Have the utmost courtesy before talking to the installer - How many people have been talking on the phone and thousands of times would have said the same thing. - How frustrating was it to deal with those who pretended to know too much and those who were too ignorant? - You may have felt more suspicious of being a swindler than those who thanked you on the phone so far. ■ Closed ron - 5KW installation is suitable for sale on a private basis. - After installing all 3kw / 5kw The monthly loan plus electricity tax is excluded, and the monthly cost savings of about 50,000 won are effective. - Reason : 1 The household consumes a lot of electricity (about 650 kWh) so the difference in government support vs. private support (total capital expense) is minimal. 2. I believe that the main material is better than the government support and therefore the difference amount can be substituted. 3. Why install 5kw? - After the ten-year maturity of the loan, 5kw has very little monthly electricity tax. 3kw continues payment of 4 to 50,000 won per month ■ Basic solar energy information * single crystal - Complex life process, efficiency, price-spending * Polycrystalline - Simple, inefficient (compared to simple decision), and price-sam The above monocrystal / polycrystalline comparison conclusion is numerical and the difference in actual power generation is minimal. (Single-crystal_intermediate diamond space / Multiple-crystal_only fixed patterns) ■ Solar A/S - Five years? Seven years? You're talking about security shit.... * Solar panels - Solar panels are less frequently failed due to the simplicity of the product. - It is difficult for the general public to notice if the power generation efficiency is reduced due to failure of some panels (the concept of parallel/serial is omitted). * Inverter - He has a life expectancy of about seven years. - Life expectancy varies depending on installation environment and operating conditions. - In particular, the temperature inside the inverter in summer is beyond imagination (over 70 degrees) and this heat has an adverse effect on internal components. (Based on the place where the grid is installed) - Inverter installation in direct sunlight areas significantly reduces life expectancy. Inverter life extension case https://cafe naver.com/kimyoooo/269151 * Conclusion - When the solar power installer disappears, the A/S is over. - We can pick a strong company, right? We haven't seen a strong company yet," said a government support company. Common sense says it broke down five years later. Who will come if I ask you to fix it for free? - What do I do, then? Usually, solar panel manufacturers have a warranty period. We usually guarantee about 15 years. If the manufacturer asks for a replacement, replace it immediately. * The customer does not know the problem... As long as the solar power plant doesn't stop, is it normal or abnormal? The inverter has no answer. If not within 1 to 2 years, it will not be replaced. We can keep it longer if we reduce the conditions of failure by deflating the heat by blowing it well in the shade. Review the above inverter life expectancy extension case * Thank you for reading the long words. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progress and Review on Weagle 1. Changed case - It was supposed to be installed due to the concept of monthly payment, but changed to a lump sum payment. - Reason: What did the installer say? - Just a lump sum of money... [Source] ▶ Home solar energy installation period with monthly electricity tax of 150,000 won....(George's Sharing World - Power & Homecoming -) |Authorization value

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  • Platforms and killer apps...


    Don't ask me if the platform is now de-centralized or not, and the concept of value and philosophy has come before the reality of survival. Will the platform development team be headed in accordance with the support policy to attract apps that will collapse and go up to the platform? at a critical moment in time to determine whether or not to activate It's sitting there. If you can't read the trends of the times, which is another name for neglect, you'll be a Johnber. The article below seems to be a good analysis of the subject that I've been trying to tell you all along The war has begun on which platform the real killer app will come. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "From the perspective of the application teams, we prefer a platform that can help them in terms of development and marketing related to blockchain technology." said a representative of a blockchain project in Korea. "We will see that good apps are going to be on top of many platforms for some time to come." "There are a large number of apps on platforms such as Ederium and Ios, but no killer apps are appearing," he said. "It is more likely that these killer apps will be created in a de-app with the help of the platform project's development teams." "It has become more important to see how well the platform supports the app to succeed than to the level of the platform's decentralization," said an investment review division of the Krypto Fund in Korea. "With the price of cryptocurrency greatly decreasing, there are very few projects that can digest everything on their own." "A growing number of companies are recognizing issues of decentralization as the next step after verifying their business feasibility," he said. Etherium, which has the most apps, also has little presence compared to previous app markets. According to DappRadar, which provides 1,726 de-app information as of July 18, the daily users of all the apps on Idolium are around 10,000. The highest number of daily users was on May 18 last year (32,305). The total volume of transactions that occurred through Ederium's Deep app on Thursday was 11,000EETH. The number of apps has been on the rise since early last year. A total of 2,432 apps are registered on the app's information site, State of the Dapps. DAU, which is the number of active users per day for all of the apps, is about 54,130 people. The areas in which the most types of apps came out are gaming and gambling. 491 and 348 apps were released, respectively. The social sector (259) and the financial sector (257). The highest number of active users per month, MAU, is the trading sector, with 50,000 people using the service every month. The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is a representative de-app in the sector.

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  • Link Enterprise Partner Enrollment


    A blockchain password link made by Naver Line is a single coin that pays for content use by Naver and Line. Coin that rewards people who contribute to society such as intellectuals and food reviews. The platform and all the daddies that are on that platform are only links, the total volume of issuance is one billion. The current volume is around 4.3 million, with the current exclusive Bitbox Exchange reporting a fee of 4 million. We have recovered more than 400,000 units to induce price increases through the policy of suppressing issuance. It is worth noting that large companies will use co-ordinates and uses the contents by setting a price of at least $5 per link on the line. I've made it possible. The current price is about 3,400 won and I think it is very likely to rise in the future. When I introduce Coin, I usually introduce it when I have a lot of upward momentum, and when I make my own judgment, I don't think I'm going to introduce it. I don't introduce it when it's an ambiguous price section. So if you're looking at this, you're always going to get the date of my posting. Please keep in mind and approach carefully when the price interval is well over. ■ What are LINK Industry Partners? LINK Industry Partners is a program designed for partners to grow with LINK, a blockchain project for LINE and LINE within the blockchain industry. When you select as a partner, you contribute to popularizing the LINK ecosystem, and you can benefit from a variety of benefits only for your partners. ■ Benefits - 20% of LINK's holdings will be paid as BTC for one year of qualification - Reviewing business/marketing/technology partnerships with LINE Blockchain - Specify Industry Partners in the official LINK channel. - Send Private Newsletters - Other benefits * For bonus calculation, LN price: Average price on 7 days prior to 'Support Closing Point' (UTC 00:00:00 - April 30 UTC 23:59:59) * For bonus calculation, LN holding is calculated: average LN holding from the end of support (April 30,19) to the end of activity (May 14, 2020) (but maximum limit of LN holding calculated as a bonus is 500,000 LN) * Bonus will be paid to maintain partner status for the first program period (12 months). ■ Participation and selection criteria (maximum 10 teams selected) - 1 among institutions or individuals with at least 100,000 LN) selected on the basis of "Industrial Impact" (50%) and 2) "Precision" (50%) * Applicants with more than 100,000 LN in the three days prior to the deadline (UTC 00:00:00 - April 30 UTC 23:59:59) * Industrial influence and reputation evaluated by LINE internal 'LINK Industry Partners Selection Committee' ■ Partner eligibility and bonus payment terms 1) Keep at least 100,000 LN from support period to activity period 2) Implementing 'Partners Committee' obligations within the duration of the activity - Participate in quarterly Industry Partners regular meetings - Participate and answer LINK Ecosystem Survey (at least once per quarter) - Specify LINK Industry Partners on our official channel and LINK mentions on our social channels at least three times a quarter. * LN retention period: from the end of application (April 30,19) to the end of Industry Partners Season 1 (May 14,2020) * LN reserves periodically take snapshots from the support deadline of April 30 (UTC 23:59:59) ■ Support period - 2019.02.26 (TUE) UTC 00:00-2019.04.30 (TUE) UTC 23:59:59 ■ Operating period - 12 months from the 1st release date of Industry Partners (May 15,19 and May 14, 2020)

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  • Diabetes is eaten.


    He took diabetes medication for three years and took it for 12 years. Post-dinner blood sugar goes back and forth between 150 and half, and empty blood sugar goes back and forth between 120 and half. It's been more than a year since I was prescribed a toned-down drug when the diabetic drug didn't work, but it's affected by pancreatic function, which means I have to scratch my body overnight. I made an itch. I don't know if this is because of medicine or other causes, but the itching that I didn't have made it hard for me. In the first article, we recorded the first day of the sugar-constrained diet, and today at the fourth day, we are almost at the same level. So, I visited the oriental medical clinic on Saturday and was diagnosed and took medicine at a place called Wifung Dangdang in Daejeon. After the Chinese doctor had a sugar-constrained diet, Based on the fact that my blood sugar level is not that high, I gave you a moderate dose of Chinese medicine, and now I've been on the diet for two days since I took it. There is little difference between blood sugar levels and those that come after taking Chinese medicine. First, I've made a full-time meal, so I'm going to try it as suggested by the oriental medical clinic and see the results. A sugar-limiting diet refers to eating only protein, fat, vegetables and fish without eating any food containing sugar ingredients. This sugar-constrained diet limits the number of foods that are limited to patients who have to eat diabetes because it limits the amount of sugar they have in real life. I think it's an applicable formula. Soju, which is also distilled liquor, is permitted, but not in such categories as beer, white wine and champagne, which contain sugar and carbohydrate ingredients. The medication affects the pancreas that secrete insulin, improves symptoms for a long time and does not provide root treatment. The majority of diabetics are said to have complications. My mother developed diabetes complications at the age of 70. Of course, my mother was constantly taking diabetic pills. Is the level of empty blood sugar and post-dinner blood sugar gradually improved on Naver cafe today? I'm not sure if the figures you're showing are continuing. I wrote a letter asking for... It is said that empty blood sugar doesn't improve easily, and that it takes a few years of a sugar-limiting diet to change a little bit. They shared their valuable experience of improving faster than empty blood sugar. I'd like to write down the process here regularly through my diabetic diary. And I hope that it's a little help for those who are in a similar situation to me by writing down the treatment methods or contents that I've done in the process P.S: I hope you'll be able to improve your ability to paste captured images into the body of a publicist who reads the jagle. If you can write and put the images you need in the middle of it, it would be much better for you to communicate information.

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  • National Support Tomorrow Learning Card


    I thought everyone would know about this system, but I think there are many people who don't know it. If you've paid employment insurance for more than a year, there's a wide variety of reemployment education programs for working opportunities for the incumbent or the unemployed. I have it. You must first call the Employment Insurance Labor Center in your area and get a learning card tomorrow. The following people are eligible for issue as follows: · unemployed people aged 15 or older who applied for a job at a job placement center · Students who do not go to higher education institutions as third graders in high school · As a final grade student at a university (a school), those who want to graduate before September 1st of the following year (only national period and strategic industry vocational training are available) · Small business owners whose business period is more than one year and whose annual sales amount is less than 80 million won. ※ However, among workers with special types of work, the study instructor, golf course assistant, insurance designer, delivery engineer, and quick service engineer (currently) Included in support if less than 48 million won. · Those who work less than 60 hours (including less than 15 hours a week) for one month are not covered by employment insurance, etc. ※ In the event that an employment insurance coverage is obtained, the employee's vocational ability development training card is issued. For more information, go to http://www.hrd.go.kr/hrdp/ma/pmmao/indexNew.do and search for information. I learned lightweight wooden structure and welding for free through this system. To build my own house or to use it later....

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  • What is a glycosidic?(During the patients of the diabetes)


    My mother suffers from diabetes. He went back because of diabetes. She had to dialysis her blood due to kidney failure caused by complications from diabetes, and her blindness had been caused by ruptured eye micro blood vessels. At the age of watching the process, the fear of diabetes and the suffering of families are the targets of fear. But two years ago, diabetes came to me too. And it's been two years since I've been to the hospital on a regular basis and taken medication. In empty stomachs, the amplitude was large when checking between 120 and 150 and 120 to 180 after meals. Even though I took good care of my medication, I've never had a normal level Moreover, since a year ago, I've been strengthening my drug strength, Low blood sugar used to come. A few days ago, my whole body started to feel itchy at night, and I didn't care about sleeping all night. So I think there's a limit to managing diabetes with drugs, and I think there's a lot of information about how to treat diabetes on the Internet. After checking the results, there was no alternative but herbal medicine or private natural medicine. Then, I found out about a cafe called Dangjil Restricted Sik on Naver, and I bought a book that I introduced there and read it. It's a book written by a Japanese physician that has long been studied and clinical trials on patients show that the root treatment of diabetes is a major problem. There's a problem with the way we eat calorie-suppressing meals at the rate of carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables, which we know are common foods. It limits sugars, and a diet focused on proteins and fat vegetables is more likely to be used in diabetics. It indicated that there was a greater effect. In fact, my previous diet was rice and vegetable-oriented, and I ate very little meat. But my blood sugar level was always over 180 at this time. That's why I gave up my diet and started taking medication. In the book, it taught diabetics that brown rice is an inappropriate diet to raise blood sugar to After reading this book, I saw the percentage of sugars in the food behind the book. Why would I make my own diet? I found out that it didn't work even though I ate it. And I took off my daily medicine yesterday, ate only three eggs and peanuts for lunch, and ate only duck and vegetables for dinner, after 2 hours. I checked the blood sugar and found 145 for lunch and 150 for dinner. The figure was similar to the one that checked blood sugar two hours later after taking the medicine. Even after just one day, my party's figures were no different from when I took the medicine, and I had an itching that was a side effect last night. It's a wonderful day. If the sugar level does not fall any further after having a sugar-limiting diet, we will try herbal medicine at the same time. If you're suffering from diabetes like me, I strongly recommend that you try a glycoprotein diet. I think it's a good way to eat because there's not much food restriction.

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  • Limitations and Alternatives of Curator Role (Publito)


    Publicity is divided into sections for a wide range of topics. But actually, there's a bias towards the popular sections. I think this is an inevitable part. Everything has a theme that tastes good to the public and only looks at the maniacs. Although Publicito's strategy is to address this limitation through the various and balanced distribution of ink by curators, So far, it seems clear that the curators' activities also have limitations in preventing them from being biased toward popular topics. So what we're going to do is we're going to figure out what's going to help us overcome this problem, and we're going to have to figure out what's going to happen. I'd like to suggest that it's not good. ※ Weighted non-popular topics (the role of intellectuals by conveying professional areas or specific information) Make sure that the reward for the writer is higher than for the general topic -> Weighted more than the currently set compensation that should include expertise such as law, architecture and disease, for It's a policy that, depending on the public's biased preference, allows creators to pull aside to write and make videos, and it's not a popular theme. I think it's a way to motivate people to participate. I also wrote a few articles at first because I wanted to convey my expertise in architecture. I don't want to be motivated by a low-income, low-interest, low-interested subject. I don't want to write more, so I'm writing more on the subject that gives more ink these days. I know that certain people don't write based on snobbery like I do, but the average person in the whole world knows that. I suggest that most people follow the same attributes as I do.

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  • Leaving Ios...


    I was lucky not long after my first investment in Ederium, I had a short period of time when money was not like money at the price that was going up every day. As we begin to study the cryptography program in earnest, "discentralization" is more practical and accessible to the public than the ostentatious values. It was Ios that I met while looking for a password. And I've been working hard in the Ios ecosystem, writing and hosting meetings, meeting and talking about what I've missed. It fills through, and it goes on to eliminate the asymmetry of information that will be led by powerful people in the future as the Ios world unfolds. The idea of having a voice in the Ios ecosystem or a good cause through a vote is an idea for a regional gathering in Corios. It was the start of the community meeting that was created by asking for a section. In the Chungcheong area where I led, about 21 Ios investors were meeting and talking. I've reduced the limit of not being able to create the identity of the local community for decentralization that I intended, and I've reduced myself. The meeting ended in the middle of the meeting because it was not meaningful. Come to think of it, I think I was passionate about the possibility and excitement of the ecosystem. That expectation was what Dan Larimer said about the economic system, which could be brought to life through the distribution of wealth. The expectation was that even if I had Ios, I could create a huge fortune with the token I received in the airdrop. It's been over a year since the Mainnet came out, leaving behind people who are still fantasized and can't get out of it. I ventured out. I don't have to tell you why I left Ios. 1. There is no clear policy to tackle inflation arising from Ios Coin. -> The Ram fee policy was expected to solve this part of the problem, but it has become a speculative market. The burden on expensive resources eventually changed the ram policy, and as a result, the ram price went down, but the price of the ram decreased. The measures have disappeared. 2. There was no policy to increase the intrinsic value of Ios. -> If the Ios single coin was used throughout the Ios ecosystem, the more the daps or the more the siding chain, the more Ios Coin will be. The value may have risen, but all the daps and side chains on the Ios platform are issuing their own tokens. There is no room for Ios demand. Etherium had to buy it during the ICO process, but Ios has no demand for Ios because it uses the air drop method. The only Ios demand area will be the cpu and network, ram corresponding to the resources. When the market for renting leases is created and the Ios price rises, the rate of skaking to rent out expensive resources increases. It's the only device that controls it, but it also depends on how much it's going to work. I'm competing with big companies that already have markets like Line, Kakao and Yanolja, and Ios and other cryptographic money camps. I decided that there would be no competition. 3. The limits of the Ios Daps, which have the limits of "funding" to show significant performance in the commercial market, were not reliable. It was the most important part. As mentioned earlier, Ios Daps thought they were no match for big companies. The preoccupation of the market is a very important factor, and the competitiveness of the daddies in the Ios community creates value as a commercial dab. There was a limit to paying.

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  • Link Strategy Based on Token Economy (Dr. Lee Hee-woo) Book)


    ■ A world of blockchain to be created by links (Principal Lee Hee-woo's philosophy in a TOKK economic book) 1.Link is an IFO-style token of the nature of the token. - This means the token was distributed free of charge. Because the token was distributed free of charge, There are many difficulties in shaping the value of tokens. If you don't have the value of this token, It is obvious that the value of the compensated token will decline because it tries to cash as soon as it is received. So CEO Lee Hee-woo said, "The only way to maintain and increase the value of IFO tokens is through the ecosystem of tokens. Accepts certain values when used as a means of payment (reason for Line's $5.00 warranty policy) They say that there is a need for a design that distributes the profits generated by the token ecosystem in the form of dividends. Why this type of IFO approach was chosen is to be free from regulatory regulations. Because of this, large corporations with financial resources are said to have been introduced this way. 2.The strategy for the intrinsic value of the rink. -For the intrinsic value of money, or links, exchange the unique characteristics of money, measure of value, and store value You have to adhere to the four characteristics of the payment method, and the policy that you can do to do this is to do so. Set the issuance limit (presentation of 1 billion links), manage inflation (exchange commission, and It is said that this can be adjusted by using a method that controls the interest rate. 3. Definition of CEO Lee Hee-woo's Tokenomi - In a broad sense, the new economic system and the economic system made possible by blockchain and cryptocurrency currency. It's a huge movement that affects the decision-making structure. In a narrow sense, all stakeholders (investors, users, consumers, etc.) will receive reasonable benefits. It is a token design based on working game theory and incentives. - In light of the above definitions, CEO Lee Hee-woo said, "In existing economic systems, users and consumers are not the only ones who want to be identified. It's a structure that doesn't benefit people. Benefits should be rationally distributed to contributors, and the alternative is tokenism. I believe that it can be achieved. - In order to realize these token applications, the rewards will be paid to market participants. Eliminate the inconvenience of payment transactions, perform the function of value storage, and do not worry about inflation. It is said that the government should design a token documentary that can grow in the long term. ※ The link ecosystem that we saw through Lee Hee-woo's philosophy........ 1. Introduce inflation control policies to increase the value of links. 2. Increase scalability to an open chain ultimately, not a private chain. 3. Introduce rational compensation policies for contributors to ecosystem 4. Introduce policies to increase the intrinsic value of links that can be exchanged, paid, measured in value, and stored in value

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  • an introduction to the economic system of the blockchain world.


    I became curious about Dr. Lee Hee-woo, who invested in links issued by Line and created links while identifying and analyzing various information. And I bought a book and read it because I thought if I understood what he thought, I could understand a little bit of the ecology that Link. This book is largely divided into two parts. The first is the basic concept of decentralization, which can be called blockchain introductory document, and the history of transition to token documentary. The second one is an analysis of Steamit, which has produced the most successful outcome among existing cryptographic currencies. The author is a Ph.D. in business administration and has worked as a venture capital investor, and is the head of Line's blockchain business from 2018. He is now at the center of the world of cryptocurrency money. His conversation with Naver CEO Shin Joong-ho is interesting. Shin Jung-ho, who proposed to lead the blockchain business on Line, said, "I want to continue the activities that underlie the creation of a blockchain ecosystem." To the author, Chairman Shin Jung-ho reportedly said this. "It was Lenin who founded the state of Marxian [the] founding of Marxism. You have to be Lenin to build a nation!" It is said that he made up his mind right after hearing this. I'm gonna be the Lenin who created the country. This book is about the blockchain that we created to understand the blockchain ecosystem. This is the product of research that was agonized and understood at the research meeting. After we read the first part, we've been interested in the price changes of the token from an investor's perspective, and we've had a profound understanding of the changes that blockchain will bring. They'll give you a chance. After reading the second part, you can see where the blockchain experiments were showing success and potential, and where they were failing. And then when I read the white paper, I understand what the project is about, and I'm going to play a compass on the direction of investment. I think it will be an introductory book for you.

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  • Publicity Usage Review


    Recently, I began to think about Tokenomi.And I'm reading from several experts on it. Before the beginning, there was still a lot of roses, and I thought that if these features and functions worked, they would work in the existing app market. Recently, however, even if Ios Daps are entering the market, they are a disastrous failure in terms of the number of users per day. Of course, there are views that want to deny this with many counterargument. This is also my personal view, so I hope you don't blame me too much. Blockchain offers two main things. Distal centralization and distribution of wealth through compensation to content contributors (users). YouTube is by far the most active app in the world, with the largest number of users, providing proper rewards to content contributors. It's going to take a lot of effort to get a few hundred thousand subscribers, but once you get a subscriber, you're going to make a living on YouTube, and you're going to get wealth and honor. As the situation can be achieved, a variety of people in many fields are challenging themselves. Now that the idea of de-centralization has become an object, not a means, I think the expression is correct: "I am lost and lost. If you leave the blockchain ecosystem and ask the general public what's important to use commercial apps and maps, would you say decentralization? Or do you think you'll say it's easy to use and it's good to just press and say it's good to have money? Publito is considered one of the best in user-friendly aspects and accessibility of Ios. The problem is that if the content on the Publicito is to be diversified and be of interest to many people (this is also the dilemma of whether the chicken is first or the egg is first). In other words, the compensation you receive from the writing and video clips here should be enough to make a real income. But the low PUB price is making writing less and less interesting. It's not about ideology, philosophy, meaning, if you're going to have a content that's attractive enough to spend all day, you're not going to have to be here. It means that it has to be money. I have written several articles in various fields through weeks of experimentation. The total number of PUBs that have been recognized is 6,800 because they are not so touching or capable of communicating professional information. The absolute power of my reward while receiving a thank-you note is whether the whale is interested in my writing, not the number of hits that many people read. I found that when it comes to the subject they wanted and to the content of their interest and favorite writing, it is proportional to the ink. The advantage shows that the publito is a structure that works against the good will of a particular layer (whale). I think a person's good will is GIVE AND TAKE. Whales are supposed to ink only what they want. That will only make certain people's favorite postings here in Publicito. Think about YouTube, and it's about how much the public views it's doing, and it's about to have regular video clips of that person. The structure in which revenue is determined by the number of subscribers to subscribe. I think that not the video that everyone likes but the writing and video that everyone likes are more valuable and should be rewarded accordingly. If the whale were to insist on giving out the ink in good faith, then the ink sprayed on the publito so far would not be the most favorable to the public. Do you think the distribution is proportionally equitable? Secondly, if Publicito is to succeed, he must have an absolute marketing ability, or money. I think the main reason why Ios Daps fail is because they lack this marketing ability. Marketing against the Ios community is actually a marketing that is not necessary. Because Dapp has to compete with commercial apps, it's a popular choice. It is necessary to make marketing efforts against the company. The only places that hit ads were Publicito and Neptune. However, it is not possible for an ad of that size. The problem may be that the petty thugs have no money. There is only one way to solve this. This method increases the value of tokens and thus secures funds by disposing of tokens in the company's holdings. This will be the only one for large-scale public-wave, wired cable advertising unless it has its own funds. I'm the one who watched with my money how Pantech went bankrupt. There is no guarantee that the company will succeed in any event of its intrinsic success. The market is cold and the power of money is great. I paid quite a lot of tuition to realize the point. LG had lost its domestic market to Pantech when its Smartphones were released. But the power of money soon restored the position. I know LG Innotek well because I work in a place where PCB parts are tested for smartphones. The lousy LG smartphone was a lousy match for Pantech's Vega series. Regardless of the completeness of your smartphone, The marketing ability that needs to be funded and the ability to operate services that cost a lot of money to maintain is an astronomical deficit. It's still alive, and Pantech has made it disappear. But if you're going to be a realist, not an idealist, and you're going to hear a con artist like Tron's Justin Sun, you're going to have to tell him now. Let's hope you'll review what you need.

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  • Is the 4.3 million links initially issued a liability? Is it an investment?


    Is the initial published link coin a liability of the line? From a line point of view, 4.3 million were free distribution, so of course the debt is right. But it's a liability. It is right to say that it is an initial investment cost to create prices in the market rather than an image. The problem is that if the price of link coin goes up to the ceiling site, the debt concept for link coin issued free of charge will be: Line remains a question of concern that rising link prices may be burdensome. . Of the total one billion, 4.3 million have already been issued, and you think the line is 4 percent under pressure. Do you think it's reasonable to think that it's a good idea to stop the rise in link prices? Or, 96%, it's reasonable to raise the price of a link because of the amount of link you're going to have to issue in the future. Do you think? To understand this problem, we need to understand a picture of the blockchain ecosystem that the line is trying to take. The reason why Line participated in blockchain is not to attract investment by selling coin. Why did Kakao Talk become a tower in Korea? The platform is based on a messenger app called Kakao Talk. This is because they had the entire nation as consumers. What the line needs is users who will use the line's contents. They're the loyal customers of Line. What do you need to make? Suppose you use Line's content (there are many similar concepts in blockchain ecosystem). You're in the content. If you became a creator of good information, you could make 100,000 won a day. Will you be active in the place or where you earn 1,000 won? What I need to know here is that the link is limited coin, so I can't give you a single link to write. Because the amount of issuance is limited, you have to split the unit into small pieces to rotate the entire ecosystem. Due to. But if the price of the link stays low, it'll be compensated for by a small split link. If it's too expensive to buy a bottle of juice, then it's either going to bring in high-quality content producers. If you think you can tie it up, you'll get the answer.(The Daps released in Japan get 0.02 links if they get 30 good ones.) Free distribution (in fact, it has provided a great deal of labor). I've been working on a multi-account, turning on a bicycle. I'd like to believe that there's no reason for the line to raise the price of the link in the debt concept. The person who unfolds can't explain the rise of the link now, except to admit it's an embryo. It's an argument with little logic. The line is the only one and only one cycle of a single coil that circulates through a single link coin. The logic that an initial investment of 4% is that it only applies to the existing small businesses. Pre-investment for Naver Line, which wants to build up a huge amount of capital and take the lead in the market. It's just work. And it's also a structure that doesn't burden Line's finances at all. If we refund 4.3 million coins with money, we will only exchange them on the exchange. Even if the coin enters the contents and is used, the number of users using the contents increases. I have an opposite paycheck, and even if the coin price is 10 million won per link, there is no real financial value. It is not burdened at all (although it may be held as a liability in the short book, it has no effect on the flow of funds). If you don't understand the benefits, study the difference between the real assets in accounting and the assets in the book. To explain a little bit, our company records a deficit every year. However, the cause of the deficit is based on public accounting, which is its own building, and it costs tens of millions of won to rent to its headquarters. It's caught, it's already invested and it's finished, and it still puts the depreciation charge in it. I can't tell you why, but the account records a deficit, but there's a pile of cash in the corporate account. to exist So, in conclusion, the Naver line has to raise the price of the link and there are a number of things to do to increase the price. They are waiting for the market to respond to the announcement of policies. That's why the link is continuing its upward trend now.

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  • A picture taken by my son, a 7-year-old friend.


    During the Lunar New Year holiday, I met my classmates in elementary school after a long time. While talking and laughing and chatting at a coffee shop, a friend of mine opens up with a son and daughter in front of him. My pretty friend's son was so cute that he sat next to me. This year, his 50-year-old friend's aging face intersects with his young son's tricks. He'll be the driving force of his friend for another 20 years. A friend who had to go through that long tunnel of life. It makes me feel warm when I see my shoulder. When I come home and talk to my wife, what she says is that she worked as a caretaker for about a week. My grandfather is taking care of an old mother who is over 90, so I think I should have a latecomer. In fact, there is a 92-year-old mother-in-law in my house. Since his wife, the youngest daughter, is 49 this year, he is a child prodigy. I don't think the world is all about dying. I believe that the late son will take good care of his father after he is old.

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  • Line Link Business Vision (Excluding Bitering..)


    ■ Five new types of de-app services are launched sequentially in a wide range of areas such as forecasting the future, sharing knowledge, and product reviews. ■ Exclusive disclosure of universal encryption currency 'link' will be made on the global cryptocurrency exchange 'bitbox' starting Oct. 16. ■ Reinforce transparency and reliability through the disclosure of all transaction records on linkchain through Link-CAN Sept. 28, 2018 – Line Corporation (LINE Corporation/Leader: Takeshi Zawa Idezawa Takeshi) held a press conference on the 27th at Roppongi, Tokyo, to unveil the new LINE Token Economy (LINE Token Economy), a global application in a wide range of areas."LINK / https://link.network," a general-purpose cryptocurrency developed by Line, will be released exclusively," the company said in a statement. ■ Launch 5 new de-app services that participate in link ecosystem Line is developing five different de-app services in various fields, including forecasting the future, sharing knowledge, product reviews, restaurant reviews and travel destination reviews. Of these, the forward forecast service "Future Forecasting Service (4CAST)" and the knowledge-sharing platform "Wizball" are currently being serviced in Japan under Beta Version, and users of those services can receive links or link points as incentives. 1) Future Prediction Platform 'Post (4CAST) Four CAST is a platform for predicting what will happen in the future, enabling realistic forward-looking services by fine-tuning data based on participants' knowledge and experience. Beta Version: https://www.4cast.to 2) Knowledge-sharing platform 'Wizball' Weizball, a knowledge-sharing platform through Q&A, focuses on encouraging valuable information to be shared among users. Beta Version: https://wizball.io 3) Product Review Platform 'Pasha' Pasha is a platform that allows users to share information related to products through photography. Photographs of products that need information are available based on Pasha's database, which was previously built with user-entered information and reviews. 4) Restaurant Review Platform 'Tapas' Tapas (TAPAS) is a restaurant review platform in Japan that is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. Users can share related information, such as restaurant or menu evaluations and food photos, in real-time when they take pictures of receipts from a particular restaurant. 5) Travel Site Review Platform 'Step' STEP (Step) is an SNS platform that shares memories of leisure activities and travel destinations and is expected to be released in 2019. Incentives can be obtained based on the number of views and evaluations made public by entering location information and tags on the uploaded content and organizing them as 'BOK'. ■ Exclusive 'link' in Bitbox On Oct. 16, the link will be exclusively unveiled at the global cryptocurrency exchange Bitbox. All bitbox users (except in some countries such as Japan and the U.S.) can exchange links acquired with incentives for other cryptocurrency listed on the bitbox. Bitbox, which was launched in July, has ranked second in the global cryptocurrency exchange's Bitbox, along with Line's apps, will play a role as a window and exchange place to receive links, and will offer discounts on transaction fees and various event benefits only for future link holders. Meanwhile, Bitbox is carrying out a link compensation campaign based on users' service contributions and activities, including trade-off proportional compensation, and for more information, the bitbox homepage (hps://wwww.bitbox.It can be found in me/). ■ Launch Link-can to check transaction records to enhance transparency and reliability In order to improve transparency and reliability of its own blockchain network and de-app service operations, Line has unveiled 'LINK SCAN / https://scan.link.network/', a system that allows users to check all transaction records on LINK Chain. This is to compensate for the shortcomings of existing centralized services in which the service provider unilaterally determines the compensation system and did not disclose the details of the transaction. The company also plans to prevent arbitrary manipulation of data and ensure reliability and safety of services by disclosing the total amount of link and link points on the link scan in real time and incentives for each user. ■ Complement the shortcomings of existing blockchain areas through 'link ecosystem' "Line Token Economy" is based on "No Token Sale, No ICO," which does not proceed with the sale of cryptocurrency and the disclosure of cryptocurrency for financing. In addition, the company focuses on three areas: providing outstanding self-technology-based de-app services, maximizing service satisfaction using links and link points, and providing easy and convenient cryptocurrency-related services. At a time when blockchain-related content and services are rare for users to actually use, Line plans to expand the virtuous circle of high-availability service delivery and incentive payments through a link ecosystem built with its own blockchain technology. ■ Accelerate independent ecosystem 'line token economy' and create a basis for shared growth with users In order to further boost blockchain ecosystem, Line plans to introduce a "Kit for Developers" that will allow various projects other than Line's service to participate in Line Tokenomi even if there is no independent blockchain network in 2019. Meanwhile, in the case of Japanese residents, "LINK Point" can be obtained instead of the link as a reward for the de-app service activities. This is a line point (LINE Point, 1 point = 1 yen) that allows users to use when paying for Line Pay at 94,000 stores in Japan and purchase stickers or themes in line services from October. However, it is not possible to make, remit, trade or exchange money within the cryptocurrency exchange, including bit boxes, until the line is approved by the regulator necessary for the sale and exchange of cryptocurrency in Japan. ■ Introduction to Line Corp. Line Corporation is building a global smart portal that brings together people, information, content and services with missions to "Closing the Distance." Since it started its Line Messenger service in June 2011, it has been expanding into various fields, including AI technology and fintech, to create a global mobile ecosystem.

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  • the last story of the country tour program.


    My search for rural land was running out of time for two years. If you like the land, you lack money, and if it's right, you don't like it. There's a right to live nearby that doesn't bother women. Hundreds of thousands of won per pyeong in any part of the country to meet the conditions of electricity, water, etc. Land prices did not come cheap unless it moved further away from the metropolitan area, and places with good scenery for the whole country were invariably expensive. I've been looking for land near the beach to try fishing at the seashore, and I've been driving for four hours because it's a good place in Wando County. I didn't like the place I arrived. I wanted to travel with my wife to see the land. I spent a time like that where I didn't travel, I spent money like traveling. I can't just go because I came so far that day with a bang, so I decided to go to Myeong-Sim-ri Beach even on a nearby trip. I've decided to go. Standing at the entrance to the beach, there was a signboard on the right that said, "We sell containers and land left by real estate agents." With the intention of asking for nothing to lose, I was wondering if the real estate agent had any land nearby or how much it was worth per pyeong. I asked, but it was traded at a much higher price than expected. And then the land next to the container that was intended to be used as a temporary office in real estate is pretty. just in case I asked him if he was selling that land. The sale was. It was expensive to ask for the price, but the land was not so large that it was affordable. That way, you can find necessary documents, such as the county office, the capital, and land use plans, ask the person in charge, check them, and build a house. After checking the contents, we went ahead with the contract. The land is the land shown in the picture. My wife asks me to build a cafe and a house on that land. Then I'm going to live without starving. I was also very happy because it was the land we wanted to spend our old years without making a lot of money. That's how my two-year search for land ended. The invisible war of nerves between sellers and buyers as they search for land, the farmhouse and tricks of real estate agents, and the most important. How difficult it is for me to find a land that doesn't have a problem with my old age. And even if it's hard to do it, how dangerous it is to do it over the phone without selling your footwear. I thought I should know.

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  • a man's story


    It's before we got married. It was my first time dating my wife. At that time, she wore a thin miniskirt, a pair of horse boots, and had straight hair up to her waist. It's what the men used to say, "little fly." On the other hand, I was a beggar with a lot of paint stuck to my black suit. My wife was the younger brother of my senior at school. My senior's house moved in, so I stopped by to help. My mother-in-law just walked away as I walked up the stairs on the second floor, carrying the refrigerator. I'm about to go home after I moved. "Hey, it's not polite. I've had a hard time all day, and I'm going to treat her to a drink." And he held her money. They stared at each other and headed for the cart. Both of you seem to have thought it was not right to disobey your words. When I enter the cart, the owner welcomes me. I guess it was a favorite place to visit. 'You were a slut, too.I sat down. The owner moves busily, puts the grill on the briquettes and puts on the rice wine. Drunk profit! Oh, my God On the grill, the snake wriggles its shell. "Mr. Man, let's get you a shit house, too." "Yes, yes. I'm baking." I had a bad appetite because of the late puberty. Some weird-looking guys never ate it. I didn't eat meat or gomtang, as well as raw eggs, garlic, green onions, and green peppers. One time, my friend picked all six scallions out of me. "Imma, the scallions are delicious."In so doing I once picked all the scallions and threw them into my friend's bowl, and I had a fistfight. Even though I gave it to her because it was delicious, she got angry. But she was a wife who was drooling over a snake-like object that had peeled off her skin. I couldn't have been moved by a woman like this. But my wife's drinking was unexpectedly strong. My wife, who was eating gimmicks and chicken poop, and she was sucking at the soju. "Give me that, Mr. Hani. Hand over the chicken feet with claws. I was offended, but I couldn't say it was disgusting, and I drank only with a sip of the tin soju. After that, he lost his mind to a drunkard. The next day, I woke up and found myself in an inn. My wife shook me up. My wife said it with a sad look. "My mother has been... .. for a long time." I was completely distracted. What the hell did I do? He was led away like a sinner. My mother-in-law welcomes me as I enter my wife's house. He brings out a bunch of corvina, saying, "Hi, I'm going to have to do it quickly." "The West, it's yours. I'm not going to give it to anyone. I'm just going to give it to you." My wife sat with her head crossed in a slight sulky way. I had no choice but to eat as I gave to him because he had sinned. "You should come often now. You have to come 20 times to finish it." I had no choice but to answer yes, yes, as I was told, because sin is sin. Still, the slightly roasted oysters in briquettes tasted great as the oil spills. My mother-in-law poked at my wife when I left the house after biting her. 'It's like following me around. Like 'I'm going to show you.' Looking at the other side, we walked awkwardly to the bus station. "My mother is back this week..." "...... yes." I can't refuse because I'm guilty of doing it. "......but why?" "I'm moving in at the end of the week..." He must have carried three or four more times since. Big sister, auntie, auntie's luggage. Later, I asked my wife hard. "And that day..." "Ah......a cart?" "Yes, no, yes ... that day..." "It's completely stretched out, so I couldn't wake it up even if I shook it. I left it to sleep on the street, and the man in the cart told me to throw it to the inn because it was frozen to death, so my brother got on his back and went to the inn." "But then why... ...that... ...sad face....?" "I can't breathe because there's a lot of odors in it!" ​ She followed her brother, who is a boxing enthusiast, in and out of the cart early on. Since I was a kid, I've been tending the taste of gimmicks, chicken feet, chicken poop restaurants and wudong. So with a reward for the Musma reception you don't have in mind, He said he was trying to eat his favorite trick or trick. Since then, my wife has been in and out of the house more than 20 times. I'm addicted to the taste of briquettes and a glass of soju. Of course, I didn't try to get away. But every time he learned to box, he hesitated. The mother-in-law, who needed a mother-in-law to carry the refrigerator up and down, hesitated. ​ In the meantime, I was obsessed with the charm of my wife's Medusa, who was eating the wriggling gimmick. Now He's breathing like a stone piece possessed by Medusa. [Source] The reason why my wife is scared - the food that looks like Medusa? (George's sharing world - Power & Guenong -) |The author's puppets P.S. It was so interesting that I got permission from the writer.

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  • Rural Land Exploration Course2


    The following is a post-survey review of the land that has been put up for sale, which is quite different from what the seller said. These are the contents that I've brought up in the cafe. 1. As you say, the village has built a sports facility with concrete (about 1.5 meters wide and 4 meters long) on its own soil. (If what you're saying is true, you've taken other people's land and set up facilities.) 2. To buy this land and build a house, you have to clear bamboo fields and cut down a large acacia tree. It's about two meters wide, not four meters wide, so I managed to get into the parking lot (QM5). So, five to 15 tons is off-limits. So, to take all the bamboo waste out of the village, you have to take it outside, or you have to use one ton of tea. That's a lot of sheep. All the land over 100 pyeong is a bamboo field. I'm afraid we'll get five units of 15 tons in the expected contours.) 3. The method is to dispose of the land behind the burial ground and pile it up to rot, but the problem is, in line with the problem mentioned in number one, it's If the village had invaded some of the land and turned it into a gym, it would be difficult to retrieve it at a reasonable price. For your information, the official land price of this land is about 16,000 won per pyeong. It's about 4.2 million won. You paid 15 million won. P.S. I told her this story and she cut it off. The purpose of this cafe is to prevent unnecessary waste of money and time, so I can't sleep after work at dawn. I'm going to introduce the item and post it to others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's a time when he was leading a weary body to the ground, and he was trying to hide his faults and pass them on to the poor. A lot. The land actually has to go and see and hear and go through a lot of trials and errors to get to the good land. Trust only in plausible words and the introduction of acquaintances, be careful not to get into trouble by signing a contract without looking at the ground in person.

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  • rural land exploration process 1


    There is a romance of middle-aged men. I'll write my own bucket list in a very slow, stressful time after retirement. Living by doing things one by one, staring blankly at the blazing red light of the firewood, taking a rest of the day fishing and gardening, etc. While I step into the PCB industry and struggle to survive, I am suffering from various diseases caused by stress (diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hair loss, etc.). We started the restaurant industry through the same business as our friend who had been doing business for a long time, hoping to get out of this boring situation. At least until the Sewol ferry incident and the MERS outbreak, the so-called MERS outbreak hit a jackpot, and we were gradually increasing the size of our business. However, the events mentioned earlier have dampened all restaurant businesses and started to hit us directly. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Before the punishment, I decided to run a chain called "Junori" near Gongju University, which my friend had already done. To save labor costs, my wife took charge of the counter kitchen and started her work. The tour of rural areas took place around this time, and for the two years of running the chain, we started at 4 a.m. and looked at the items on the day. These are the later records of the group's return to the military until 5 p.m., selling their valuables. Among them, I choose only a place that I can remember, and I write to someone like myself who will go to the land to see it, hoping that it will help me a little. The first place I remember is Yeongsando Island. It has also been shown in human theaters and is often known as a fool island on TV. The way I found the land is first to receive the order number when the product of the price range that I thought was available on the Internet and then do a rough review first. They search the Internet to see if the land is a land where they can build houses. Then, when it is similar to what I want, it is in order to contact the land seller and go on a survey. Yeongsangdo Island was sold at a real estate in Gwangju, and it was far from here, so I got my own number and went on a search. In the case of non-residential real estate, most of the country's land is not run well in real estate. The land of Yeongsando Island was sold out in the middle of the contract. The reason is that the real estate matches the land register's Because I do. South Korea on the island because I can hear it in your land when then actually create a register at the most Japanese occupation of land. We had to divide the land by measuring it and dividing it exactly by the number of zeros, but now we've got to do it by the fist method, and the number in the register is inconsistent. There is a lot of land. To solve this problem, we need to survey the actual land and clean up the numbers, and in the process, we need to consult with the villagers. We need to clean up the overlapping land, but it's not easy to convince interested parties and clean up the whole town. I'm just living my life.(That's what I heard from the village director at the time.) So if you want to buy this land and build a house, you have to measure it and report it and get approval, but you can't build it because it's not built. It was a land without. It's a secret about island lands that no one tells you.

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  • dissecting link coin


    Coin Symbol: Link Issue Subject: Naver Line Issuing quantity: 1 billion Coin distribution methods:compensation for use and contribution of content and purchase from Bitbox exchanges Currently, content is available in Japan only, but only on the exchange in Korea. DAPP Status: Forecasting system such as Urger, Q&A like Naver's Intellectuals, Food Reviews such as restaurant bloggers, and Local Reviews are developed and operated on their own. A variety of other DAPPs will be open and uploaded to the link chain. Find Startups: Regular Ideas Contest to find and recruit talented people, or find ideas that can be commercialized in contests. Line ecosystem will be formed through support if available Ecosystem: Only single coin links are available on link-chain platforms, and dapp companies reward dapp use with link-coins. We're going to adopt a private chain that operates nodes one by one in dapp, and move to an open chain in Q2 of 19. What's unique is that all single coins of ecosystems are links. The plan is to start with a private chain and then switch to an open one. The advantage of a single coin is that if the number of dapps increases compared to a limited number of issues, it will increase demand, which will cause the price of the coin to rise. There were rumors that the early Ios coin was used as a single coin for the entire ecosystem, and that expectation was significant, but now there are a lot of coins. The use and demand of the Ios Coin itself differs from the fact that there is no economic model other than resource distribution. And the fact that we're starting with a private chain is that there's still a lot of liquidity in the context of how each country's regulations might change That means consistent, unified control of development, and the transition to open-type in Q2 means that different dapps are available on link-chain platforms. It seems that they will be able to raise it. We are currently selecting the first club members. We have selected 50 members in order of quantity of ownership and 50 influential members of SNS based on our own criteria. A total of 100 members are selected. If you select and keep more than 5,000 links for six months, you will be able to compensate for 10% of the amount converted into the quantity held. It is said to offer a variety of benefits along with the one. The biggest advantage of the link is that it already has users, and Naver is creating an ecosystem through large investments, and it's embedded in the ecosystem. It is the only way to make payments that are available is to make use of links. We expect Link Coin to play a key role in Naver's ambitious plan, and the price of the link on the line is below 5,000 won. The fact that it guarantees 5,000 won per link on the basis of the amount of use of all the contents even when it falls has the same effect as the STO coin. And now we have about 4.6 million copies of the coin, and we're going to get the coin from the early miners who were trying to get the link coin from the bit box through a bicycle deal. The government has blocked short-term speculators from disrupting the market by taking back all of them. Link Coin, currently traded at about 2,400 won, has plenty of room to rise, so it believes that now is an early period that must enter.

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  • How to win a person's heart.


    I have a brother whom my wife and I care about very much. She is the younger sister who met at the church and lived together for more than 10 years and later promised to spend her old My wife is not very generous to others. He's devoted to his family, but he's also a man outside his fence. I'm very wary and don't open my mind easily. He is very sociable and cheerful on the outside, but he doesn't open his mind very well. On the other hand, I am very blunt and not very sociable and shy, but I tend to give and give easily a heart. For us, our sister, Kyung-ae, is a brother who carries more than the blood ties God has forged. His story is long, but he lost his parents early and took care of his younger siblings, and he lived a very difficult and difficult life. He was a friend who was living. It was my wife who used to be my brother to share his feelings with him and to hold him back during difficult times. Why is it that my wife has opened her mind to her brother so easily and has been in a relationship for so long? I've thought for a moment. Needless to think about it for so long, it was in the attitude of my brother's mischievous. The nature of being responsible for the younger siblings in difficult situations is not the nature of being easily dependent on others or asking for something. It's because he has always shown us that he is trying to give us something more than we give Even if we do good, it's not a one-time thing to be good. In fact, our nature is not so good and righteous to last. That is why if human relations are to continue, they cannot be sustained in one-sided ways. There should be feedback from the other side as much, if not as much, as I gave you. I think it's going on.

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  • my pretty little girl


    That child came to me after going through the third wave. I don't know how she looks. I like pretty things as usual. I've raised a lot of other kids before, but... There was no child who was more in love with me than that child. In fact, all the back steps are up to my wife (e.g., feed, walk, poop, snack) but I think that child thinks I'm the owner. Whenever I come back home, that child always hides in his house and doesn't come out until I call him. Usually the old dogs wag and clasp their tails at me when I come, but that kid always crouches in his house until I call him. My eyes are on me, but they never come out. My wife once showed me a video of that child's double. The vehicle has arrived. When I heard that, I asked my wife to open the front door. And as soon as my elevator arrives, He runs home like a shotgun and makes such a fuss as if he had waited for me. How cute and lovely it is... You must have a pet dog for this fun. Anyway, because of him, I don't want to eat dog meat that I've eaten without feeling any better. When I went out for a walk and tried to hurt my daughter, I would scream and chase her out. I think it's better for a girl to follow me and obey me. a dog that is loyal to its owner and obedient to anyone rather than a breed that follows. It's because I want to raise it.(In the future, when I go to the countryside, I want to raise our own breeds such as Jindo dogs and Pungsan dogs.) It has been almost a year since my daughter left home after graduating from college. In our home, where we live simply with our mother-in-law, who suffers from dementia, it rarely gives us as much laughter and vitality as that child. My mother-in-law often kicks and follows me when her beloved dog daughter comes to her side.Haha My mother-in-law must be jealous of her daughter.

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  • There is a full-fledged era in which the actual use of cipher money is made.


    It also issues coinage in travel apps such as links issued on Naver Line, Clay published by Kakao's Clayton and Yanolja. You won't know the dot-com craze in the younger generation. An older brother who was one year senior in high school at the time also jumped on the bandwagon and made a lot of money. In fact, he was a pretty outsider on the Internet and was my senior, but he wasn't a good student either. What do you mean? It was a time when anyone could attract investment if they put up their signature and plausible ideas. There was a good time when there was a few years of gusty wind that saved tens of billions of dollars with plausible ideas on the sign of blockchain. When I bought it, I also paid back all the student loans I received while sending my daughter to college, and paid back all the loans I received from buying land in the countryside. Have you looked back calmly for the past year and wondered what the viable platform and adapt will be in this blockchain industry in the future? We fall into "verification bias error" and refuse to admit that I may be wrong. People who have watched since the early days of Ios still think that Ios has something to do with it. They want to believe that they can create and change huge flows. But check the past steps. Are you solving the problem of people who have lost their private keys by mistake for over a year? Has BP's collusion ever become an open secret and the plausible theoretical slogans of punishing the wrong BP by voting emerged as a real vote? Let's wake up!!! Let's wake up!!! It is now moving on to the age of Dapp. But the most important thing about this is securing the user. It's really an era of full-fledged competition. The platform's TPS problem will be solved by technological advances over time. Now that it's an open source, the platform becomes obsolete over time. The critical time is approaching for what kind of app is on the platform. As I said earlier in my article, if so, compare it to large companies that have existing user base and start-ups that just need to gather user base. Why did start-ups like Google, Facebook and Amazon grow into dinosaurs of the Internet era? And is there a new item that hasn't appeared on the market compared to those companies and now blockchain startup taps? Do you think you can beat big companies when you compete with the same items? If you ask yourself a few of these questions, and you're looking for answers, It's easy to know where to invest and where to move my investment port polio. I've seen a group of people chasing me around in the Telegram Room. They resented the fact that I had made a profit to Evry Pythia. It's a groundless slur that I used to incite when I bought it and sell it when others followed me. I'm not so influential, and I'm not so much a pricey with my investments, I'm just a small investor, but I'm a small investor. The blame was just that I lost money and he would have had no more than a stomachache to leave on profit. Anyone who knows my nickname, fragmentation, will know what kind of dap I've invested in. One of the reasons why I invested in Ios Dap was that there was still hope for listed pumping. In fact, there is no reason to put all your money into Ios Daps. If the idea of nothing new overlaps with the big blockchain, Even a child would know that there is no competition. One regret is that unlike the information that I got, I was forced to repay my loan because of my not being listed. I suffered my first loss from work. And now that I'm able to clear out the payments, I'm going to need some extra money. I'm investing in Coin, a large company. Let's talk about the characteristics of links issued on the line, which reward existing users for their activities through a single coin. 1 Link In the future, we will use all the contents of Naver line. We will guarantee a minimum of 5,000 won. If the price is higher than that, we will reduce it to more than that. You can use the content or exchange it on the exchange. Naver Line is the only one that comes on the platform using a single coin called Link. It will serve as the sole instrumental currency of all the daddies. Line is said to adopt a strategy that will initially start with private and then switch to an open platform by the end of this year to attract a variety of adaptations. Naver is currently making a huge investment to preempt the European and North American markets, and we're putting the content together in a single coin. It is taking a strategy to easily cross the border barrier. Think about it. Users who are rewarded with Line Coin will be rewarded for their contribution to the activity and will exchange money through the exchange or have their contents (caricators, webtoons, shopping, etc.). It's something you get to use. Let's just recognize that Line's rival is a conglomerate like Kakao, not the Ios camp's taps.... Isn't the fight between these two interesting? Links are currently available as Iderium and Bitcoin on the bit box exchange, and Kakao cannot be purchased by individuals so far. If I make up an investment port polio, I will gradually invest in 50% Kakao and 25% Yanolja Coin on the link.

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  • Excavation of Tsoil Reservoirs


    Please understand that I am rambling about my life story. Because I thought it would be helpful to write down the details of my life in detail if I wanted to be persuasive. I offered my salary to the company who came down to Daejeon and interviewed, and after a little compromise, I went to the company in Daejeon. I got a transfer. And there, I became the first department head. After all these years, she graduated from college. A home-only environment has been created for my wife, who has always wished for her. I bought a small piece of land in the countryside to prepare for my retirement, and I wanted to build my own house, so I had to work on a lightweight wooden structure. I learned, I learned welding. Everyone could learn for free with state-funded subsidies. From now on, I'm going to tell you how to escape from the mudslide that I'm going to tell my young friends. Have you read all my stories that have been written a little? You must succeed if you believe me and practice it as I say. The odds are 86 percent. Does it sound weird? I want you to listen to what I'm saying from now on. the law of escape from earth-showering. 1. The world is led by unfair and powerful people, whether they like it or not. Power exists even in the home, from small to large. - You would have read that I had spent my 20s skeptical and full of complaints. There was no one who gave me a chance at that time. So I had to fall to the bottom whenever my environment changed and the end point was a taxi driver. No matter how hard we struggle, he who gives me a chance is a man of So the only thing I need to look at is He is a man of strength. 2. Give and Take Have you seen a man of power do us a favor first? - Yes. The one with the power is waiting for us to give them what they want first. And then it's the only way they've got it. Hand out the things to us. We don't hold the knife, so we don't know what the person who holds it wants. You have to know. They give us nothing unless I provide it. If you understand only the above two principles, you'll be able to spend your time complaining and grumbling about what I can't do. If you focus on what I can do and focus on what you can do without obsessing over the consequences, then you're going to be able to get someone out of you. The opportunity will be offered. The world is unfair, but it's full of people who are willing to hand out what I have to those who give me what I want. Don't forget to do it!!!!!

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  • To escape dirt spoon 3


    The first theft I learned made driving my business. In those days, the employees who sat in the office and worked with their computers in front of them became the object of my admiration. I wanted to work that way in the company. But my reality was just a carrier. I was about 33 years old. I went to work at dawn and left work at midnight, but I had to do it silently without an escape. And in the middle of time when there was no transportation, we went to the scene and spent the time helping the inspectors with various difficult chores. I've been on the scene trying to help women, and one day, someone who's older than me, you know, why would a woman be so much older? He asked me if I was doing what I was doing. I was embarrassed, but I told him what I thought I had. I'm learning this job when I'm getting old. I want to be successful. And she told me, "What kind of success would a man make by doing such a trifle?" I've put it down as a bad thing. But I didn't know how to do anything I could, so I just did my best to do it. But one day, the business manager who watched me buy me an Excel book, and if I want to grow up in my company, I need three things, one foreign language ability, one office ability, the other computer skills. First, study Excel so that you can improve your office skills. It was the day I was presented with the first thing I did with my head. And as I learned and mastered office work little by little, I was playing the role of two people. My salary was 1.5 million won at that time. It was when I turned 35 years old," he said, adding, "My average monthly salary was between 1.8 million won and 2 million won when I took a taxi as a reference." It's a small salary, but I did my best. Then one day again, the company decided to close down the Cheongju office due to the company's circumstances. The head office made a decision on the personnel at the Cheongju office at the recommendation of my manager. I went to the Icheon office as a management employee. Things here have come to do a pure managerial job, quite different from before. The people who worked with me were Japanese or English speakers, and I could not speak a foreign language. I got in charge of domestic businesses. For two years like that, I was next in line, and I wish the team leader had scratched me. I was building up my career, taking care of all the work I did. Although I was loyal to the company that I first connected with in such hard times, my monthly salary was still about 2 million won. I talked to the manager, asked him to let me have a meeting with the head of the company, and I said, "I'm sorry. This company asked me directly if I needed to be there. Fortunately, the boss told me a positive story. I expressed my wish to make up for it with money, and the boss agreed to give me a million won bonus. But soon I found out that my new employee was equally rewarded, and that I was no longer competitive in this company. I found out that there was no. And I asked the customer quality officer I was dealing with to talk about my situation and introduce me to the job. Exactly a week later, the quality officer offered me a job and I went to Daejeon for an interview.

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  • To escape soil spoon 2


    I got my luggage at Incheon International Airport, handed it to me to the provinces, and I got a job as a middleman. People sold cars at a premium price, pocketed more than 30 percent of freight charges, and gave us freight charges. After a month of building up and delaying the freight charge, which was supposed to be paid only for oil every day, I had to pay for it. I checked out my self-inflicted paper to my brother who introduced me to me. And when the innocent brother saw the ad in the newspaper, He confessed that he found out. I'm going to talk to the head of the broker to get this done, and I'm going to get this done, and I'm going to get this done, and I'm going to In the meantime, he asked for the refund of the delayed freight rate and deposit, and received it with difficulty for about 15 days. And in order to reduce the damage, I need to consult with the warden about the vehicle I took over, and then hand it over to someone who's going to be another victim. You shouldn't do that. I'm dragging a one-ton cargo truck into my home town of Chongju. I came down. And I went to the freight terminal there every day to look for my one-party luggage that came out that day. I have a family, and my daughter is now in elementary school, and no matter how pathetic I am, no matter how much I'm getting into this ridiculous job scam, I was so afraid of the responsibility of being the head... I went to work at the freight terminal because there was no way to do that, but there wasn't much work.And then one day, there's a way to get a job that's fixed. I met a business and it was the PCB company that started what I was doing so far. The company was in Bucheon, and it checked the products of a PCB manufacturer in Cheongju and then returned them. It was a rescue, but I brought it to the car and received it again when the inspection was completed. I got up at 6 a.m. and went to pick up the goods, went up to Bucheon, put the goods down, and waited there at about 10 p.m. If the product is tested, you can load it and deliver it, and it's done without a break from Monday to Saturday for nine months. This was repeated over and over again. And in the meantime, I was able to take a break during the day, and sometimes I don't have to, but I don't know what to do with the company. He used to find out for himself what he needed. My sincerity and active work attitude gave me a chance... The likely delivery date has been eliminated due to business conditions. I was once again confronted with a desperate situation. And I gave my situation to the manager of the company. I wonder if the company that I've heard about has seen my reputation well. He offered to hire me as an employee. I was ordered to a business office in Cheongju and started work as a transportation engineer. The next chapter will be full-fledged...Please read it to the end.

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  • How to escape dirt spoon 1


    The story is based on an experience based on a story about my 50 years of life. I'm literally from a dustman. My father is too young to go back and he is so poor that he doesn't know his face because he doesn't have one of those common photos left. My mother has raised five children as a pariah, and I, the youngest, is the only highly educated person in my family who finished high school. I always saw and interpreted things and the world with a perverse, skeptic nature. After graduating from high school, I went to the army, and my choice was driving. However, it has always been a matter of months before I quit this job. My complaints are always low pay, excessive interference. I've had a strong physical rejection of this, and I've had a lot of places to get a job again, even if I quit this job. I didn't want to work until I hurt my pride. And then the question of the unknowing nature that we've been struggling with for so many days is, you know, a constant injustice to live a life of the underworld. He led me to the seminary, and seven years passed while I was on vacation and studying again. In the meantime, I had a family, and a pretty daughter was given as an ass. He took a leave of absence when his tuition fell, and even while attending school, he added to his living expenses by working part-time or working hard. Then one day after the first semester of the fourth grade, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes complications and had to have kidney dialysis. As I mentioned earlier, my family is so poor that my older brother and sisters who are up there can't afford to take care of their mother. I'm sorry, and I had to take responsibility for my mother because of the housekeeper that only my family had. Because of this, she dropped out of school and took her to the hospital three times a week for her kidney dialysis. We moved to Cheongju when we were living in Seoul. We spent 2 years and 4 months until my mother died. I worked as a taxi driver. Perhaps these days were the hardest, most difficult, unfair and miserable of my life. After my mother's return, I quit my taxi job and went to the seminary to get along with my three-year-old brother. I got to do the lip service that I recommended. I was staying at Incheon airport and taking my luggage and handing it over to the local area. This was like job fraud, as I'll tell you in detail in the back. I don't think I'll read it if it's too long. If you're in a similar position to me, be sure to read it through to the end of my series.

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  • Plato's Cambodia


    And the movie Matrix is the place where we recognized the real world, not the real world, but the virtual reality, and the hero's awareness of it is through his awareness of the enormous power. It is a movie set to save the living human race. The motif of the film is a combination of Plato's Cameron and the Bible. So, just to summarize Plato's documentary, Plato, through the parable of caves, is the essence of the world that we live in, and what we see is the reality. That means it's nothing more than that shadow. Of course, Plato's disciples followed suit, overturning his teacher's theory, and the essence of all matter is contained in the material itself. The history of philosophy, as it was said, had always been around until at least Hagel and Kant came out with this flow of political and anti-war. And if it wasn't the case that I watched this movie, and I was pretty sure that it was all kinds of absolute truths that I sometimes believed in. I had a funny guess as to what it would be like. And it's not all that you see, it's not all that you can see, it's all that you can see, it's How many late cases have you learned.... Are all kinds of senses I feel real (sound, smell, taste, skin texture)? A lot of theories published by scholars who are much smarter and more intelligent than I am. Is it true? Is there a God I believe in? When such numerous questions pop up one day, they can't sleep and think through the night keeps them from sleeping with their tails. So whenever I have to sleep, I always wear earphones and listen to English applications that I don't understand. A very small sound shuts me off and I fall asleep. Our thoughts are full of errors. Psychologists say that humans have a psychological tendency to be confirmed biased. So we choose what I want to believe, and only accept the facts that support the choice. Even with so many objective cross-signals coming up, we ignore them all and only give you evidence to confirm that what I choose cannot be wrong. I accept it. This is a very big risk to investment. Investors should always keep in mind the fact that I can be wrong. And instead of trying to confirm that what I choose is right, I have to try to find the opposite evidence to survive in the market.

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