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  • What happens without you?


    a wife who works as a financial architect By achieving the results, we will travel abroad. I'm having a non-toxic child.L I put it on a pretty coat, and it turns out it's a good idea. The style of the horse?He said, "Khhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I tell my parents. Please fold your clothes when you are away for a long time.ᅲ

    $godfather . 2019.04.13 07:28

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  • 미세먼지없는 모처럼만의 외출


    미세먼지 티끌하나없던 정말 날좋은 하루 강변에 나와 한없이 뛰어노는 친구들을 보니 괜시리 미안함이 느껴집니다. 미세먼지때문에 집안에 갇혀 작은 방에서 장난감을 가지고 놀고 나간다 한들 키즈카페에 많은 아이들과 한대섞여 마음껏 뛰어 놀지 못하는 친구들 오늘 만큼은 마음껏 뛰게 해주리라 마음껏 먹게 해주리라 정말 마음껏 먹고 마음껏 뛰어 놀더군요^^ 해맑은 친구들의 미소를 위해 우리 어른들도 미세먼지 저감대책에 힘을 보태야 겠다는 생각이 많이 듭니다. 오늘부터 싼타페DM은 집에 모셔두고 출근!!!ㅋ . . . . . 이렇게 하면 와이프가 그랜져 가스차 사주겠죠?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    $godfather . 2019.03.25 09:07

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  • Let me introduce the Rising Taste House in Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province.^^


    When you think about Gwangyang, Jeonnam, you will remember the Maehwa Festival in March and Gwangyang Bulgogi. The restaurant I'm going to introduce you to is a place that will make you feel better. This restaurant specializes in invigorating rice and kodari made of resupply of Seomjingang River. Located on the Seocheon side of Gwangyang, next to Gwangyang Bulgogi Street, there is excellent parking and accessibility. It opens at 10:30 in the morning, so please take advantage of it. Soon, the season spring in Jeonnam will come. Suncheon Bay Garden Fair in eastern South Jeolla Province, Maehwa Festival in Gwangyang, Gurye Jjamboree, Sansuyuyu Festival, etc. Please find us a lot.^^ #Mind service #Taste of dog #Taste restaurant

    $godfather . 2019.02.25 08:48

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  • the time when joy and sorrow coexist (Feat. graduation ceremony)


    "Kindergarten graduation ceremony," which would not have been our generation, or previous generations, who were born in the 80s the sorrow of parting from friends who have been together for the past two years or so. the joy of life and companionship that will be welcomed anew Though they are still young friends, I could feel sad and happy. Jajangmyeon and Tangsuyuk, which were memories of my childhood. I bought it for you after graduation, but... I don't eat it because it doesn't taste good.LOL I'm full of people. He called me at 2 p.m. and said, "Daddy, please order me a hamburger." Yeah, the only reason he makes money is because he's wearing you and he's trying to do it. Eat a lot. Lotteria home service, three bulgogi burgers, two seasoned potatoes, and two cola (L When I got home from work, I saw "CLEAR" It's hard for me to see him grow up so well that he was so grim at graduation.^^

    $godfather . 2019.02.15 10:53

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  • I'm going to report my first-time admission.^^


    The new Kids Cafe chain launched in Suncheon, "World King," boasts a size of 600 pyeong at the grand Kids Cafe. We rented a party room and had a small entrance party.^^ When we were young, I remember wearing a blind bag when we graduated from kindergarten and going to school. As time goes by now, my aunts (wif friends) prepare cakes and give me presents for admission. I envy you.LOL Those who become parents of elementary school students this year. Don't just shoulder the burden of studying to your children, but to your friends who are on a new path in life. Why don't you give me some memories? Mom, Dad...Dad, mom and dad, fighting.^^

    $godfather . 2019.02.08 10:19

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  • I recommend a sledding ground.^^


    "Eco Hills," located at 321 Somyeon-ro, Yeosu, South Jeolla Province My wife and children made me follow as a slave.^^ I'm sorry for the kids.It's really really, really crowded.^^ A short slope and a long slope are located, a dining room where you can eat, a simple plate. And the advantage here is that there are two houses, and you can cook. Some families are having a meat party with^^ Well, of course it's ventilated.^^ If you live in or near South Jeolla Province, I recommend you to go there.^^

    $godfather . 2019.01.31 09:31

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  • Introduce mountain paradise Namwon Animal Farm.^^


    "Natural yard" of an animal farm located on 83 Tapgol-gil, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do When I was young, I had to go to the zoo to see all kinds of animals and birds at once. These days, there are a lot of people who are toast making and running animal farms. Among them, the "natural yard" we went to is a large parking space, a cafe located at the entrance to the farm, with tickets and tickets. Different kinds of food and meals are available. It's good to go and look around without a fixed time (09:00 to 22:00). For touching reptiles, feeding milk to baby cows, and feeding animals, There's a separate tour time (from 11 p.m. to 17 p.m. (05:00 p.m.)). Except for the above time, you can look around purely. Even if you're going to take a good look at the time, you're going to have a cup of coffee or a meal at the entrance cafe. It'll be meaningful.^^ Sure. Have fun and come back.^^

    $godfather . 2019.01.22 10:48

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  • Introduce the delicious restaurant in Hulgyo-eup, Jeollanam-do.


    Do you remember the first thing that comes to mind when you go to school in Jeonnam?^^ When I get back to school, I think of the first time when I get back to school. Team 1 night 2 days, live information communication, etc. There's a bokgyo tailspin when you come and go from several programs. But there is a small restaurant called Hoejeong Gukbap near the famous bokgyo nakjip. People who are always crowded during lunch or mealtime, and people who eat a bowl of hot soup with a bottle of soju each. These are the kind images I see every time I go there. I'm looking for a good restaurant with frequent outside work! I recommend this house as a good restaurant. LOL

    $godfather . 2019.01.17 10:06

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  • Tired company, social life, my own way of overcoming it


    Everyone's work and social life are not comfortable. I think it's my own idea that construction companies are more difficult for me. Hah! I have to express my story and my arguments in everyday life with the Dreshen people. I'm gonna have to lead you to what you're saying and show the results. And I told you yesterday that I was hurt and wounded by a unlikely director of Dol+I. Hahaha When you take your tired body home from work, these vitamin-like creatures will be able to take you there. This is a prescription for extreme stress relief. LOL If it weren't for these guys, I would've already left. I've been holding on for ten years. Hahaha Parents in the world, cheer up and work hard for our children.^^

    $godfather . 2019.01.16 09:19

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  • a fine day


    Fine dust's been raging for days. I don't think there's a photo or video to put on the Publicisto. On a fine dusty day, I uploaded a video clip where I played with my big friend (the eldest daughter). Growing up in a quiet country, living in a small town. Back in the '80s, I grew up with clear air and a gentle mountain. I feel sorry for the environment where my big friend and my small friend grow up. the inconvenience of wearing a fine dust mask even when playing in the playground. I can overcome the inconvenience and go to the playground and feel like I' You can now see the world of the foggiest place in the country. If my friends could feel the pleasant air, the woods that I had in my childhood, That sounds wonderful. . . . . . . . . My friends, Dad. If it goes well, let's go abroad without fine dust for a month. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. crying

    $godfather . 2019.01.14 12:37

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  • I'm going to challenge the restaurant!


    "Donggang Gaya Castle" located in Donggang-myeon, Goheung-gun, South Jeolla Province I'm going to work with my wife. I've been looking for a good restaurant, and I'm like oxygen. That's better than it's I've tasted a lot of yutbap, but there's no house that's as delicious as this "I can't eat anything else," she said. a restaurant full of confidence to carry an editorial with one's wife. If you have a chance to visit this part of the country, only on the rest of the day except the second and fourth Wednesdays. Go. It's called a regular holiday. LOL

    $godfather . 2019.01.12 09:26

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  • the skill of the second-ranked family leader.


    Wake me up at dawn and eat a cake that I didn't eat the day before. I eat it. Is it a filial or an invalid? For your information, I enjoy Korean food. Why is my stomach already hurting? Thank you, friend. I will eat well. ...ha~

    $godfather . 2019.01.11 08:09

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  • a place where you have to go through cold and strong wind.


    That's Homeplus. a child's biting spot full of dreams and hopes. Preparaseason3 and Laba a magic trick in which one loses one's full capacity in an instant. And character cards are becoming more common. If you like your friends, I will do more for you. But... Let's not go when it's cold. My dad is a human too. I believe that parents in kindergarten and elementary school will sympathize. LOL

    $godfather . 2019.01.08 12:23

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  • A tomboy with two daughters and a kizcape (Harizon)


    On weekends, on behalf of my busy mom, My two tomboy daughters and I always go to the Kids Cafe.^^ You're the youngest girl who's following you. The big girl who wouldn't play without you. Trying to be an elementary school student. He's running around with his brother.^^ You're blind to love at an early age. Marry without foundation. The memory of the old days when I sent the salted fish to the home of my children. That memory always hurts me and I want to eat what I want. They'll do it all. That's what I always say when I call my daughters. My friends... my friends, my dad, I love you.^^

    $godfather . 2019.01.04 10:32

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  • Gatem PlayStation 4 of an adult child


    I got a PlayStation 4 thanks to the popularity of Dong-A. Of course, PlayStation 4 PRO products are sold in the market with a higher specification. Where is this?a brother who hands over his hobby for his brother. a younger brother who was jealous and hated more than anyone else. my younger brother who was 2 years old but was close friend than anyone else. He quit playing early soccer as a hobby because of his forklift accident four years ago. You've always given me an unexpected gift that I can't get rid of. I love him more than anyone else now, but I respect him on the other hand. I'm always loving you, and I'm good at supporting my single mom. Let's live. Thank you for the gift. Because of my recommendation and explanation...It's a lot of EOS. I'm sorry. But time and time will prove... . . . . . . . I'm sorry I've been doing this for the past year, PUB...I'm gonna recommend it and let you know. LOL (You can't go away without a present;

    $godfather . 2019.01.03 12:55

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  • a flower gift for the first time in ten years.


    Around mid-August 2009 when it was hot, the 31-day period I first met her and waited to win my heart. The day I walked into my bar senior's shop and showed him a bull show, you shyly accepted my confession. I'm a construction company, and I don't know when and where it's going to go, and I'm happy to be married. the woman who gave her consent. The thrill of that time is now...none...no...no...ha... That excitement at the time is now...ha... I just look at you who are always devoted to the children, and I repent for myself. It's been 10 years.Next year, I will buy you an expensive bag that you want. I have a lot of it...I'm sorry.

    $godfather . 2018.12.28 11:46

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  • If you eat delicious food.

    Celebrity Gossip

    If you eat delicious food or snacks... The hum of the temple and the Balbounce... Even a 5-year-old child starts to have a balbounce when he eats a delicious snack. #Taste evaluation is #Bounce #Matstagram #Makbanggil #Eukjanggun # Eat without a break

    $godfather . 2018.12.27 22:13

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  • I love her and a cup of coffee.


    I've been trying to get used to the past to adjust to the Publicity, I'm getting lost in my old memories. Hah! # Storytelling is #big daughter dung # her #Dung beetle #

    $godfather . 2018.12.26 12:52

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  • Cocomont's Kizcape's Attraction


    #Treasure-hunting #Indiana #Treasure hunter #Mamcaffe #Mothers are new #Momcafés #Mothers are new #Mother Confused #Estrogen #Overbundy #Today, #Dad is a #Fatmommy #Second

    $godfather . 2018.12.25 19:27

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