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  • Boracay Ice Princess


    #Let's go and #Borakai #Performance It's a Boracay Elsa Elsa. Let's go and let's go.

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.16 15:49

    6 thanks . 226.4466 PUB

  • Incheon Bridge


    I think it's a good clip to blow your nose. I'm uploading a video for the two of you who can't get locked up in the office. On my way to the scene, I went to Incheon Bridge.

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.15 14:19

    9 thanks . 448.3692 PUB

  • with one's brother


    #Draw #Home wagon #Markchang teacher I had a drink with my brother in the furnace after a long time. I've wanted to go to my hometown carriage for a long time, but I finally go there. There's a reason why a lot of people come to see me even though it's weekend. The taste of kimchi stew is just excellent. It doesn't taste like that at home no matter how hard I try. After three bottles of soju and a bottle of beer with the octopus soup. Next door, Mr. Makchang, and I'm going to go to my house.L I think it's better to eat the main dish instead of eating anything else. ♪ Go eat the cupboard ♪ It tastes good. I went all the way to the chicken skewers, but I couldn't take a picture. Have a nice holiday. It's been running all weekend again. ♪♪ Umi, my belly...

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.14 10:39

    8 thanks . 663.1220 PUB

  • a feeling of cooling


    # Falls Listen to the sound of the waterfall for a moment.~~~

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.13 16:49

    9 thanks . 424.0604 PUB

  • #k26 #Scuba diving #Uggie galbi soup #Handsome soup


    #Wooge Galbi soup #k26 #Handsome soup #Scuba diving I went scuba diving in Gapyeong k26 after vacation. For the first time, I went under 25 meters and thought I was going to die because it was too deep. It was so deep that I was surprised, but when I walked in, I found it quite enjoyable. L I have to go to Saipan this May to experience Grotto. I don't know if I can do well. I'm afraid it's too deep. LOL After diving, finish a bowl of beef ribs and a bowl of hand dumpling soup and go home. It's this Friday, so it's so close.ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.13 07:00

    4 thanks . 254.7077 PUB

  • #Bangtan #Bank #Mark skewer


    # Bank # Bangtobeacon #Mark skewer I ran yesterday because I had a vacation today. I started with the first bar, went to Sunshul and drank too much from the Bangtobe Concourse and the Garlic Bank. I have to go scuba diving today. I will upload K26 pictures later. L Have a nice weekend.~~~

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.12 13:01

    6 thanks . 463.7675 PUB

  • the beauty of a fire


    I think the fireball is the best. In foreign countries, I think there is a separate channel for firewood. If you want to find some peace of mind, it would be nice to see it. Try to relax during your busy days.~~~~~ My father, Mr. Oost

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.11 16:18

    21 thanks . 3,223.8377 PUB

  • One Summer Night Performance1


    When I went to Haeundae in Busan last year, it was a magician's performance. You'll feel better when you're bored. lol Enjoy it~

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.08 19:05

    10 thanks . 396.5745 PUB

  • Dolphin Show in Cancun


    Dolphin Show rummage through a video clip I want to upload a video on YouTube. I want to link it to a publicisto. I got married last year and went on a honeymoon in Cancun. I was hosting a dolphin show at my dorm. The foreign guests love it with a lot. I don't feel so good to think that dolphins have made a lot of effort to do that. Oh, I want Pablo to be commercialized.

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.08 07:59

    5 thanks . 52.1163 PUB

  • 강화도 캠핑


    #강화도씨사이힐#캠핑#불멍 오랜만에 오는 강화도캠핑장 등심사진운 못 찍었지만 언제나 방토베이컨맣이와 라면 ㅋㅋㅋ든든하네요 또 바질수없는 소주와 ㅋ 역시 캠핑은 불멍이 진리죠 ㅋ 불멍~~~퐈이어~~=

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.07 10:37

    16 thanks . 876.6151 PUB

  • Nutteok and S10+ Openers


    I had some emergency rice cake. I wanted to taste serious food, but I thought it would be too spicy. I chose to eat it. The soup sauce is definitely not spicy and tastes good. It's a little salty, but it's sweet. Next time, I'll try Jungsang's best. Ngdduk Good. My wife bought a s10+ and opened it. I bought about 80 manns with about 30 support from Prismatic White Sindorim. It's still a lot expensive, but I told you to live as a good man to live with. L I hope you don't lose it clean and use it well.

    $gaschoi . 2019.04.02 01:22

    7 thanks . 66.2816 PUB

  • a snowy day of beef


    beef on a snowy day After buying dorsal and lean meat in Jeongseon Hanu Town, I ate the meat on charcoal fire. The weather was still cold, but the best taste was grilled over charcoal at OOO. I ate beef and bacon and tomato skewer with great taste even though it was flying to the snow and finished the bottle of soju. LOL It was the best beef ever.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.31 15:34

    4 thanks . 89.0090 PUB

  • Jeongseon's meeting house


    I went to Jeongseon Market, Jeongseon's restaurant. When I came last year, I couldn't go because there were so many people, but I waited for about 20 minutes to go this time. I think it's definitely different from the other way around. Gondrebab, nose-diving, and gondremakgeolli. I've had a very good meal. Later, we decided to eat mukbap and went to Jeongseon Hanu Town. L We'll be able to get right in by 3 o'clock without people.~~~

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.30 15:00

    10 thanks . 213.4073 PUB

  • tennis training


    There is a tennis court in Jeongseon, so I came to the training camp. I came to Jeongseon to eat and play tennis. The tennis court where you can see Mt. Oda....I wish you a wonderful weekend.~

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.30 13:05

    3 thanks . 218.3442 PUB

  • Jeongseon, Gangwon-do in a Rural Township


    I came all the way to Jeongseon for a rest. I arrived last night and had a shabu shabu. lamb and vegetable shab shabu I am sorry if the roast is too big or not the vegetables and the meat are not well submerged. I will take a small one. You can add kalguksu and go to Hahmgutgutgutgut.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.30 13:03

    2 thanks . 58.5802 PUB

  • Sungsimdang Fried Sobor


    I bought a fried sausage at Daejeon Station and brought it to my wife's job to apologize for yesterday's incident. Let's have a nice meal and go ask for forgiveness. I bought it for 20800 won, but I can't remember its name. There were 3 kinds of things in there. Anyway, I want you to eat and forgive me. Cheer up.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.30 10:33

    3 thanks . 44.5550 PUB

  • Mashian Bakery~


    Yeongjong also went to a delicious bakery on the beach of Mashian. Mashian bakeries are famous for their delicious breads. You're going to have to go in there every time. The sunset is amazing, too. Even though I couldn't take a picture. Gangchu River

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.28 19:51

    9 thanks . 229.4962 PUB

  • With Porgle,


    Today's lunch with Porgle. I tried one because I was curious because there was a Porgle machine on the way to Daejeon. L It's more delicious than boiled ramen. lol If you have a chance later, try it one at a time. It's a delicacy. Have a good taste.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.28 12:15

    5 thanks . 85.7727 PUB

  • Guro-gu-cheng Taste House


    We even inhaled pork belly and chadolbak at Guro Station and headed to the restaurant in front of our house. Just like Rosefasta for the first time. It's your wife's payday, so I've had another nice drink. L Good-good Parsso looks good on you. LOL Have a drink. Have a drink.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.25 20:11

    6 thanks . 98.5383 PUB

  • Gwangmyeong Cave Cup


    It's been a while since I attended a tennis tournament. Fortunately, after a close match, the team finished second in the group with one win and one loss. I just want to play two more games in the finals, but I can't keep up with Cheer up.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.24 12:28

    6 thanks . 46.0744 PUB

  • Aquaman


    I'm watching Aquaman now. This weekend with the movie.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.23 21:28

    2 thanks . 10.2703 PUB

  • Chamisulaceae


    On weekends evening, always sesame seeds and samso lol I couldn't take a picture of pork belly, but it's been six days. It's delicious. Come out for a drink.~~~ Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.23 19:04

    7 thanks . 99.9432 PUB

  • 우리집 영화관 ㅋ


    주말은 우리집영화관에서~~~낮인데도 아주 잘 나오네요 오래 기달렷네요 범블비~~~드뎌 봅니다 ㅋ 재미있기를~~~범블비 보고 아쿠아맨도 볼려합니다 ㅋ 빔 강추합니다~~~ㅋ 어벤저스도 집에서 ㅋ영화관이랑 별반 다를게 없네요~~

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.23 13:22

    15 thanks . 1,556.0180 PUB

  • Kuropso


    Jokbal Hangum after exercising. Mexico Cancun Mountain 1800 tequila.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.23 00:05

    3 thanks . 229.1407 PUB

  • Mokdong Tennis Court


    I played tennis at Mokdong Tennis Court. It was windy and the ball danced, but it was fun for two hours. Sub-training is also off...

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.23 00:04

    2 thanks . 142.8676 PUB

  • Yeongjongdo Haesongsambap


    Yeongjong also came to the restaurant and ate it delicious. I ate it with rice. So, I went on a diet again.I'm so full. If you ever come, please stop by.~~~

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.22 12:27

    5 thanks . 135.2093 PUB

  • exercise


    I'm going to start exercising because I'm so fat after I got married. I'm going to take a picture at the company gym. I have to play tennis.If you're playing tennis, please give me a game. It's a light fight.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.22 08:17

    3 thanks . 27.8984 PUB

  • local kimchi pancake


    It's been a long time since I had kimchi pancakes in my neighborhood. I think it's a great restaurant. Makgeolli is just a drinker~ Soju is just a drinker~ Come and visit Guro-dong.~~~~

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.21 19:34

    6 thanks . 217.4305 PUB

  • #Chuncheon#Yongsan#Snowpike#Squangchang


    #Chuncheon#Yongsan#Snowpike#Squangchang I went to Yonghwa Mountain Natural Recreation Forest in Chuncheon for the first camping trip in 2019. I thought it wouldn't be too cold, but it was cold and it was a course of two nights and three days, but I slept only for one day and pulled out. Bake meat, drink soju, and eat tripe. The beam projector is not equipped with Wi-Fi. Please recommend a beautiful camping site.

    $gaschoi . 2019.03.20 11:05

    7 thanks . 59.5968 PUB

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