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  • Returning safely - a re-emerging flight experience as soon as you try to land


    I came back home safely after a four-day trip to Jeju Island. The weather was fine in Jeju Island, but I guess the plane was delayed a lot because the weather on the land was not good. The plane I booked left more than half an hour later. I had a flight experience that reminded me of when I was going to land at Gwangju Airport. What's going on? A little later, the captain's comment will come out. "We've taken off again because we don't have a safe landing." After 15 more minutes of flying, It's safe to land~ I'm home.

    $fire . 2019.04.25 20:57

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  • dolphin show


    Let's upload some pictures of the dolphin show in Pacific Land, Jungmun Tourist Park in Jeju Island. I guess Jeju Island is Jeju Island. It's windy. I couldn't see the sun. There's a lot of clouds and nice weather to walk around.

    $fire . 2019.04.24 15:08

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  • The next day in Jeju island, the sun went over.


    It is the second day of Jeju island. I comfort you with pictures and videos. I heard you're watching a dolphin show and doing something today. I think you should drive safely.

    $fire . 2019.04.24 10:14

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  • Gwangju Airport to Jeju Airport


    It was raining in Jeju island, but now it has stopped and the wind is blowing a lot. I'm having a more leisurely time than walking around. ---------- no matter what one does Wherever you are, Whatever you eat All your stories. Meet a new world. Plug it in.   #Plug in your own # story # #Publito #PUBLYTO

    $fire . 2019.04.23 18:35

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  • Jeju Island first night


    I spent my first day in Jeju Island. It's been a long trip to Jeju, and because two families are moving, I went to the airport with my aunt, who has many children and is not comfortable walking. I knew there was a wheelchair service for those who weren't comfortable. I used a bag that I used to use, so I had a climbing McGuiber equipment, and I had to get shoved, and so on. I was so relaxed at the airport that I arrived early that I almost missed my flight.~~^^

    $fire . 2019.04.23 08:05

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  • Toothless old man?


    I took out a large molar molar late last night. See how nervous you are? Second, I go to the dentist because I'm scared. First, I did it many times.^^ I remember singing this song when I was young.~~ Don't go near the well. I'm slapped by a carp, and I'm smeared by a lobster.>   I remember calling you this... I know you called me to tease me, but I don't know the exact words or lyrics. It's going to be fun, isn't it? Does anyone know well?

    $fire . 2019.04.22 06:55

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  • in dandelion


    "Try this raspberry." "Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!~" "Ha ha ^^"

    $fire . 2019.04.21 17:15

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  • Preparation of Buddha's Birthday and alternate holidays


    In the mountain temple, preparations for Buddha's birthday have already begun. Unfortunately, this year's April first file is 5.12. Unfortunately, it overlaps with Sunday. Do you know that Buddha's birthday has no holidays?lol I got some from the news below. Why can't I apply to Buddha's birthday? According to the Regulations on Public Offices amended in October 2013, the first non-holiday after the Lunar New Year's Day, Chuseok, and Children's Day will be designated as a public holiday if they overlap with other holidays. New Year's Day, Chuseok, and Children's Day are all holidays. Why? New Year's Day, Chuseok, and Children's Day are the only reasons why substitute holidays are applied because of the large purpose of family friendly rest. A holiday with a great purpose of celebrating or reminding yourself of a particular day doesn't have to be an alternative holiday. New Year's Day and Chuseok are national holidays. Children's Day is also a big day for spending time with family. "We selected Children's Day to provide people with a chance to recharge their batteries through rest after considering the people's sentiment that values holidays and families," said a ministry official. "For other holidays, such as the Sakyamuni's Birthday, religious or national memorials are strong." As a result, we didn't apply it because it didn't fit the purpose of the revision." ▶ Alternative holiday system since 1959...look different Alternate holidays have also been applied to all holidays. In 1959 and 1989, the following day was also designated as a national holiday when Sundays and other holidays overlapped under the name of 'Emil holiday.' But the system disappeared in less than two years. This is because more public holidays can cause inconvenience to the people as the number of public servants who have to perform public works is reduced. "At that time, the government abolished the holiday period because it believed that the government service could not be provided to the public smoothly, which could make the people's lives uncomfortable," said a service official said. ▶ Subject to 'alternative holiday' are listed. Why? Unlike in the past, the reason why we limited the number of holidays to three that apply to alternative holidays was to prevent an excessive increase in the number of holidays. According to the Report on the Comprehensive Discussion Plan of the Alternative Holiday Festival, which was prepared on June 19, 2013, two proposals were considered when limiting the scope of alternative holidays. The first proposal was that the day of the Lunar New Year's Day overlaps with the Saturday and the holidays and other general holidays overlapped with Sunday's, while the second plan was that the day of the Lunar New Year and the Chuseok holidays overlapped with the holiday of the earth and the public holidays. As a result, the second draft was reflected because the second bill had fewer holidays than the first one. While the first plan has the effect of increasing the number of holidays by 19 days over the next 10 years, the second plan has had the effect of increasing holidays by 11 days over the next 10 years. http://mbn.mk.co.kr/pages/news/newsView.php?category=mbn00009&news_seq_no=3759914

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  • fruit peel dump


    I didn't know. I didn't mean to take the fruit and eat it. If I took it with me, I would have left the fruit peel, so I use an eagle. I was wondering if there were people who thought like me. I think you shouldn't throw away a piece of paper in the mountains from now on. "Fruit-shell dumps." What about the discarded fruit peel? rather than rotting into manure. The accumulated pesticide causes infertility in animals, It's what's causing the ecosystems It's a mountain of rubbish. Besides Also, discarded food waste is responsible for luring wild boars to nearby mountain trails. For your information, the period of decomposition - Uncoated paper: 5 months. - Fruit peel: 6 months - Wooden chopsticks: 20 years - PET bottles, Styrofoam lunch boxes, and beer cans: about 500 years.

    $fire . 2019.04.20 20:39

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  • the sound and healing of nature


    This is a video that I filmed in the mountains. It was filmed so that I could hear the sounds of nature. The cherry blossoms were falling down a lot, and the water was flowing pleasantly. When my nerves hurt like something. I try to focus on something a little bit, but when my head is throbbing, Many people say that the rhythmic sounds of nature at a certain frequency are healing. Listen to the gentle, rhythmical sounds of nature and give your head a rest. My video is 20 seconds... 20 seconds of healing, right?^^

    $fire . 2019.04.20 11:17

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  • The full moon is coming.


    I thought I could see the full moon of Libra. They're telling us to give us time to place an order in space. I feel like a lot of good things will happen this year.

    $fire . 2019.04.20 09:13

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  • (Train to Mountain) Mudeung Mountain Junglejae


    After more than a decade of non-exercise ash, you can climb Mt. Mudeung properly. I went with Manul to Junglejae because time was delayed from the start. But it's over 600 meters above sea level. But it takes more than four hours. I feel really stiff today.

    $fire . 2019.04.19 15:35

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  • Tomorrow is the full moon of Libra.


    I looked up at the sky and thought it was a full moon. Tomorrow... But thank God. Tomorrow is the full moon of Libra. Simply put, if you put an order into space after seeing this full moon, you're going to have a big cash rush! Now, they say you have to think about it before the full moon rises tomorrow. 1. How much you want to earn, in a concrete, clear and realistic way. 2. How much property do you want in the future? Now, let's look at the full moon tomorrow and put an order in space.~~~~~ To The Moon~

    $fire . 2019.04.18 21:01

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  • What is your choice?


    At the heart of each argument is below. 1. Stir-fried Chicken Soup: Dory is regarded as a Japanese word for 'bird' and therefore no chicken dog soup. Let's use it in a pure way. 2. Chicken dough soup: Dory is puree. Having the meaning of equalizing or dividing, as of upper or lower axles. There's a lot of other "snows" or you can create them, but... I'm more attracted to the idea of using chicken pot stew. How about you guys? However, the National Academy of Korean Studies said that it would use chicken stew as a "chicken fried chicken" because of the remnants of Japanese language. If you're taking a test, you shouldn't say chicken stew.LOL

    $fire . 2019.04.18 10:38

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  • Honeybees 2 videos. - I didn't risk my life.


    By chance, I was able to capture the video by meeting with the honeybees. I don't have editing skills. I can't do it better. In the first short video, we're going to put music in it, and the second is going to upload a video without music. Do you like the music video? Do you like the sound of nature? There weren't many bees, so I needed some time to wait. I tried to tell you that I took it with my life's Someone told me it's okay to shoot... I'd like to do it as I needed time.^^

    $fire . 2019.04.17 20:22

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  • (Mounting Hanging Event) Meeting with Honey Bees.


    It's a triangle mountain today. But I crossed the course, starting from the other side. This time, we had a meeting with honeybees around the top of the mountain. You spent a lot of time filming these guys. Thanks to the event, it was a fun time alone. I took a video, but I think I'll have to drink makgeolli.

    $fire . 2019.04.17 13:52

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  • wind-swept hill


    There's a blue sky in sunny weather. Good day. This is the Wind Turtle Hill that I found while walking in Gwangju Biennale Park. I wish the wind-fog had been spinning, but... If the wind blows, I'll go get a picture.

    $fire . 2019.04.17 00:19

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  • Four-quarters miracle, CPR - education that will never go too far no matter how repeated.


    I took a video for about a minute because I had a chance to learn. I write down a part of what I remember. I think you'd better look at what the experts have written for the details. When learning CPR, it is good for couples or families to learn together. because Because I have to be able to get it when I'm in an accident.^^ It's a four-minute memory, and you'll have to do a cpr before that because you'll be brain dead in four minutes. The first thing we do is make sure the brain doesn't die. I used to write something simple, but I think it's okay to write something like this? Anyway, the basic order is as follows. 1. Verification of consciousness; 119 declaration 2. Chest compressions (30 times) 3. Artificial respiration (2 times) And one of the things that matters is, when you order 119 you point to a specific person. For example, "If you wear red clothes, please report to 119.Like this. And if you don't know, the best way to do it was to just squeeze your chest. It's because something worse can happen than not. They say to push at 100 to 120 times a minute. I think you can watch this video. Thank you for reading it. Be sure to learn when you get a chance to have a family.

    $fire . 2019.04.16 12:21

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  • pictures of flowers from around.


    I've been doing my best to take a lot. There are a lot of pictures on the phone... Among them are pictures of flowers.

    $fire . 2019.04.16 11:27

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  • It's been 25 years since I climbed the mountain. Even though it's mountain climbing today,


    Today, for my health, I went up again under the pretext of a public event. I don't have the title of a hiking event. I've used it as a hiking event. I'm not sure if you call it a mountain climber. I think I can... It's the tallest mountain in the neighborhood. I think it will be Mt. Mudeung next time. The mountain that climbed today is Samgaksan Mountain. I think there are many names of Samgaksan Mountain in each region. Where I live, there is a mountain named Samgaksan. I don't know exactly, but I think I've climbed this mountain in about 25 years. As far as I can remember, it was normal, but today the pavilion was built and there. The sign that shows you walking about 500 meters from the entrance I've set up. And I see a warning sign because it's the mountain next to the army... I'm going to take a picture... and then I'm going to take a picture. The top of the mountain is named Triangle. Like a lonely white male, I finished the climb by myself and I was thirsty for makgeolli today.~~~

    $fire . 2019.04.15 15:58

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  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.


    Einstein said that before he published his theory of relativity, gravity and gravity When I thought in my head that I had the same inertia when I imagined that I was going in a spaceship, It was the happiest idea in my life." When the general relativity was announced, most scientists said they laughed at him. But a scientist named Eddington proved Einstein's theory with a single photograph. Later on, the theory is used conveniently in our real lives. What Einstein needed to make the greatest scientific achievement. It was "imagination." He came to the conclusion of those difficult sciences with his imagination alone. After a while, junior scientists proved the theory. In today's world, creativity and imagination are important, right? It's a little different, but I imagine that imagination alone can make you happy little by little. Imagination is more export than knowledge.

    $fire . 2019.04.15 10:28

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  • If I had...


    The words that I saw on the trail of a famous saying came to mind when I read some of the writings on the pub. I came up with a saying about greed. "The less desire, the happier life" - Tolstoy I know, but it's not easy. You can't give up your greed. like a person's writing If I had sold the Iose then... Someone's got to do it. I waited a little longer. If I'd sold it... It's hard, but when you give up a little bit of greed, I think it's true that you're feeling better and happy.

    $fire . 2019.04.14 23:15

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  • 툭툭 To commemorate the completion of the mission


    Yesterday, I went to the mountain and took a picture with my daughter to celebrate the completion of the event.~ I've been yawning lately. The red letters on the blackboard are from me. The rest is a raspberry. I also wear an apron that I wore when I was in a daycare center. Go like it's the first time.^^

    $fire . 2019.04.14 12:14

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  • The short video that my father's helper's daughter made me do it.


    This is a short video from my dad's social media helper. They make one like this.~~

    $fire . 2019.04.14 10:07

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  • Today, we're 150 meters above sea level.


    It's for my health today, but I'm climbing the local mountain under the excuse of Ivan. I guess it's called Maegoksan just because I'm in Maegok-dong. It used to be called this mountain over there. Still, we've advanced a lot to 150 meters by car, walking on a level ground, or climbing a hill less than 30 meters. However, the entrance to the mountain was selected as a distant place and looked around for about three hours of walking or hiking. I went to the restaurant with my wife, but I left my children at home, so I ended up at home with Dongtaejeon.

    $fire . 2019.04.13 15:42

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  • I'm sorry to hear that the spring event is over.


    Thanks to Green Jus, who hosted the spring event, I was happy to spend a few days without being bored. Looking up a few pictures of flowers... I'll give you 100 comments for the 10 people who wrote the comments.~~^^) It doesn't mean anything because I'm just bored.~~ Have a nice weekend and take lots of pictures. Smile a lot. Oh, did you say fine dust is bad?

    $fire . 2019.04.13 10:19

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  • the moment of wonder and exclamation before nature.


    Sometimes nature makes us wonder and exclaim. I mean, there are times when you can see enough of that surprise, It shows and hides it for a short period of time. As soon as the sun was about to pour out on a cloudy day, Now I thought that the clouds were going to clear. In a short time, the clouds closed the sun. It's not as good a picture as you can see with your cell phone, I'm uploading the picture without correcting it being corrected. Sunlight sometimes brings us pain enough to describe us as the murderous heat. In this season, the sunlight that appears in the little cracks in the clouds made me wonder.

    $fire . 2019.04.13 01:22

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  • (Hana's hiking event) 30 meters above sea level like a white water.


    For exercise, you walk about a kilometer along Metasquire Road on the side of the road, and when you see a hill 30 meters above sea level, you go up there.L We'll sit down for a while, and then we'll watch the television, and then we'll be back for an hour. I have grandfather and grandmother, and I feel like I'm a hundred because I have nothing to do.^^ But it's refreshing to be among the trees.

    $fire . 2019.04.12 16:08

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  • Do you know how to memorize Gugudan's 3rd stage?


    I'm telling you I'm memorizing up to the fourth level. I don't think I'm confident in the fourth stage.~~^^ Do you know how to memorize 3rd place?lol I'm going to memorize the 3rd stage of my daughter's hair...L

    $fire . 2019.04.12 13:56

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  • Gold enamel ((-Hapomodan)


    I wrote under the title "Heart Flower" yesterday, and I uploaded it with the same flower yesterday and today. But today's a video, please understand. ~ Yesterday, it was just a flower outside, so there was no room to search. I mean, it was meant to be up... Somewhere in the picture of that flower of Zeagle, a Chinese fan wrote a comment saying, "in Chinesse, it's 荷包牡丹." So I found out that it's a gold coin. And I found another gold coin... - Gilt-bronze flower means a very submissive flower that says, "I'll follow you." - He built his beloved wife in a sunny place, and the next year, the flowers bloomed. I heard that there are flowers that hold rice eggs. This is a gold coin with a flower horse that says to be obedient. The word "gold" comes from the meaning of "kumnanghwa," meaning that the flower horse is pretty, but the origin of the name is like a silk purse. My other name is my daughter-in-law's pocket. It is also known as wild flowers that usually grow in the mountains of the country except Jeju Island from May to June.

    $fire . 2019.04.12 10:36

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