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  • a mountain that brings peace


    The beauty that cannot be uttered but the soul that feels that the beauty of your mountain can make a broken person's heart perfect be like before

    $farabi . 2019.08.23 21:48

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  • make children happy


    happiness of children when we can give them what they want as in this picture I give them in the form of games, small balls, dolls, etc. children really need entertainment when they are small because they can feel happiness when they grow up

    $farabi . 2019.08.20 11:56

    5 thanks . 240.1408 PUB

  • Star Lake


    Star Lake has a very extraordinary beauty, with mountains that are quite interesting to make me very happy when being here

    $farabi . 2019.08.19 02:20

    4 thanks . 367.9895 PUB

  • Bintang


    This is a natural landscape in the stars, famous stars with the natural beauty around them, with pine trees that grow so beautiful, making this place very much visited by tourists

    $farabi . 2019.08.17 18:02

    5 thanks . 315.1513 PUB

  • Green Zone coffe


    The view is very beautiful in front of the green coffee, we really enjoy the beauty at this time, with the cool air and also with a very beautiful panaroma

    $farabi . 2019.08.16 15:48

    7 thanks . 176.8751 PUB

  • Kincir angin


    Visitors to the pioneers can now take photos with a beautiful angle because so many new places are being worked on to make this place more beautiful and also to attract the attention of visitors

    $farabi . 2019.08.16 06:52

    4 thanks . 303.8500 PUB

  • Feerry Fino jan


    Happiness when you can laugh with them, is not a treasure that becomes uneasy, but a family that loves one another

    $farabi . 2019.08.14 23:30

    5 thanks . 86.3928 PUB

  • Lampahan


    Lampahan a village located in the Timang Gajah sub-district, Central Aceh, it was in lampahan that I spent my childhood with my family, a beautiful and peaceful village

    $farabi . 2019.08.14 18:06

    2 thanks . 358.9646 PUB

  • Kota dingin


    the atmosphere in the cold city of many local people here who work everyday in the coffee fields

    $farabi . 2019.08.13 14:56

    4 thanks . 69.8840 PUB

  • Have a good holiday


    Happy vacation, where are you guys on vacation? So we chose a vacation to the mountains to enjoy the beauty that is very magnificent.. Location, gunung salak

    $farabi . 2019.08.13 13:26

    4 thanks . 527.0065 PUB

  • decorative fish


    fish that live in the lake lut tawar , several kinds of fish come over to us, we feed them in the form of indomie looks they really like the food we give it

    $farabi . 2019.08.12 18:36

    4 thanks . 312.3354 PUB

  • Bird nest


    really creative making of this bird's nest, which is made with rattan displays very good art

    $farabi . 2019.08.11 22:09

    7 thanks . 1,147.4744 PUB

  • Nosar takengon 💠💠


    Time feels more and more timid, leaving behind stories and unforgettable happy memories

    $farabi . 2019.08.11 01:26

    2 thanks . 3.0327 PUB

  • Keramba jaring apung


    The cultivation of tilapia from Lake Lut Tawar becomes excellent in the local market, this is due to the taste of tilapia from the lake is better than tilapia that is not from Lake Lut Tawar. No smell of mud and relatively sweet, some tourists visiting Central Aceh, tasting tilapia from Lake Lut Tawar have recognized the delicacy of this fish. 🎏 Location takengon, aceh, Indonesia

    $farabi . 2019.08.10 16:29

    6 thanks . 1,587.1132 PUB

  • Wisata danau tawar takengon


    This is the atmosphere on the shoreline of the Takengon fresh lake tawar, I came here with my 3 friends named ferry, osama and multazam, the trip here took approximately two hours from trip to Takengon .. The atmosphere is very beautiful and the lake tawar is very clear making beauty alone ... people in the area here whose daily livelihood depends on coffee beans there are also those who fish in fresh lake tawar ...

    $farabi . 2019.08.09 18:28

    3 thanks . 375.7394 PUB

  • Mountain bike


    This is a replica of a mountain bike made very large to attract visitors to the pioneering pioneering park tour

    $farabi . 2019.08.09 00:45

    1 thanks . 26.1976 PUB

  • Buntul Rintis


    This is one of the tourist attractions in Gayo which is named pioneering pioneers, when we are here we can see the cool atmosphere of the city of Takengon, and can also see the beauty of the freshwater lake beautifully, this place just opened a few months ago, yesterday we to the art of approximately 2 hours drive from lampahan to pioneering pioneers, with quite interesting spots such as windmills, butterflies, mountain bikes, house doors, bird cages, and much more that will be made for the future ... with the entry fee is classified as very very cheap which is only 5 thousand rupees / person ...

    $farabi . 2019.08.08 03:16

    3 thanks . 3,577.1839 PUB

  • My house is my palace


    No matter how small the house remains a paradise in everyone's life, whether it's a small house or a luxurious house, this is where I spent my childhood with family.

    $farabi . 2019.08.07 14:57

    3 thanks . 142.3776 PUB

  • pantan terong highland


    Takengon is a city located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, located in the province of Aceh, this location makes this area very cool. One of the famous destinations is Pantan Terong, Pantan Terong Peak is located in Ulu Nuih Village, Bebesan District, Central Aceh Regency. Pantan Terong is a plateau surrounded by beautiful hills and green trees, plantations and valleys. The location is at an altitude of 1830 meters above sea level, so that from here tourists can see the atmosphere of the city of Takengon and the beautiful panorama of Lake Tawar from the top of Terong Pantan. and beautiful hills make my heart always fall in love with the beauty of eggplant patan ...

    $farabi . 2019.08.07 00:36

    6 thanks . 443.2416 PUB

  • Lampahan Timur


    congratulations on your vacation, friend, this is a photo of my trip for the past few days, which I photograph in the past of the timang Gajah sub-district, here are many tourist attractions that have not been explored by many people, and many more vacation spots that are not less interesting

    $farabi . 2019.08.06 17:29

    7 thanks . 1,022.7734 PUB

  • Gayo Highland


    My heart feels happy when it is above the top of the pantan eggplant with the natural scent of nature and beautiful mountains make my soul very happy with the beauty, above the height I see how beautiful the world is, an unspoiled mountain and cold that is quite right above the peak this..

    $farabi . 2019.08.05 17:33

    3 thanks . 16.8790 PUB

  • Hi publyto my name is farabi

    Self Introduction

    I live in lampahan, the timang Gajah sub-district, I haven't introduced myself to you, this is me farabi..

    $farabi . 2019.08.05 04:12

    3 thanks . 5,507.6806 PUB

  • Cahaya net


    Playing games in an internet cafe in my village

    $farabi . 2019.08.05 02:52

    1 thanks . 151.7213 PUB

  • myself at that time in the city of Lhokseumawe


    at that time on Wednesday I was invited by some of my schoolmates to reunion together with them, the photo above showed me and my friend waiting for them to come to eat together

    $farabi . 2019.08.01 14:20

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  • memorable photos a few years ago


    photo several years ago when meeting my friends

    $farabi . 2019.07.07 02:28

    4 thanks . 256.0939 PUB

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