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  • Essential honey tips for safe driving


    These days, car (CAR) lives are common. There are also a lot of accidents. This is why drivers who cause most of these accidents are not aware of the essential tips for safe driving. First, if you look at the left side of the handle, There's a stick that looks like a stick. When I want to go to the right, I want to go up. If you want to go to the left, drop it down. Then the vehicle behind me can recognize it and slow it down or move away. It can reduce accidents a lot. A stick that tells you where you want to go is called blinking. ^^ (Direction indicator, turn signal) The National Highway Traffic Authority recently announced interesting results. Only 54 percent of people turn on direction indicators when changing lanes or turning left or right. A good car, a fast car, a nice car, a good way to get off is not important. Improving safety driving awareness is important. ...... If you don't know this, where the hell did you get your license? It is not uncommon for a sudden or sudden stop to occur in an incoming container without blinking. Again today, I'm stressed out by a driver who doesn't know how to use it, and I'm going to complain that it's a honey tip. Other than blinking, there are a lot of things that you don't follow, but one by one.

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  • Things you can throw out the window.


    In high-rise apartment buildings, people often get hurt by throwing things out of the window and falling on passers-by or car lights In my apartment, a pot of hot noodles was thrown out of the veranda. Luckily, no one was hurt. It could be a kid's joke, or a couple fight or something. This is really dangerous. One apartment is said to have a notice for <Things You Can Throw Out of the Window>. 1. More than 1,000 won bills (can be chewed) - Don't buy coins because they are dangerous to safety. 2. Securities including cashier's check 3. All kinds of precious metals (don't jumble) This is a photo posted on an online community. Of course, it feels like Paul~ But it's fun and I brought it. If you have an apartment where you throw a bundle of bills or precious metals, you'll have to stay in a tent. ^^ Throw away any of the above. Oh, a big gold bar could be dangerous. If you give me a sign that I'm throwing this away, I'll go up to collect it myself. Photographs: Online Community

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  • Walk.


    I love the sun on the weekend. I go for a walk in the park in front of my house. The contents are replaced by pictures ^^

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  • To someone.


    On my way to work, I saw an old man putting a piece of paper in his rear cover and going for a slow step. It's a landscape you can often see around you. Suddenly, I thought, It's just trash for someone. To someone, you just make money. the rigors of life for someone The idea that things that are written and discarded without thinking can be necessary for someone.

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  • The Spirits of Spring


    There are dog-eating and cherry blossoms in the back of the company. When I am lazy after lunch, I feel relieved of my stress by walking along the flower path.

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  • Center of Sand Eggs - Jung Chae Bong


    the object of criticism Are you talking about it? the object of praise make a topic of conversation Even if it's a little thing, Tell me what you've achieved. Tell me what a person has achieved. Jung Chae Bong - Middle of Sand Egg... This book is a bit old. It's been more than 25 years since it was 1992. Jeong Chae-bong, who wrote many stories for children, Most children have written to make it easier for them. It has a deep meaning that can be read by adults. I first came across this book as a grown-up, and I've been in the bookcase for over 20 years. I hope the kids will read it later. Now I have so many books to read even though I want to. Among them, I wrote my favorite phrase on top. When people get together and chat, they get criticized for gossip. Rather, if you put the subject of praise on the topic, the people who speak will be happier. When I was talking to my colleagues at work, I found that I had a string of other people, successful, successful family history, birth processes, and so on. Let me ask you a question. Do you know "family genealogy, history of history"? What if my story of success, not success, becomes the main topic?

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  • You're good. Good job.


    How much praise do you usually get and how much do you? When children are young, they have a "good, good" mouth. ^^ Maybe he praised them for being good at breathing. When I was a kid, I said, "Oh. Good job!" That's the paintwork. What is this is it? But as I got bigger and bigger, I got a lot of compliments. That's probably because the standards for good change. When I was a kid, I was good at every gesture I made. As you grow older, you say you're good. You have to do better than others. You're good. And as you grow older, as you grow older, being praised is like a star in the sky. There is a famous saying that says, "Chin Chan makes whales dance, too." But whales aren't the only ones that make them dance. It is said that positive praise has a positive effect on me as well as on others. The other person who is praised is Pygmalion effect, and the person who praises says it has psychological stability because he or she looks positively at things and people positively. You need a lot of praise as well as kids and others. How come now as an adult? Why don't you give yourself a compliment before you expect it from someone? "Good job. That's enough!"

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  • a double personality


    I was on a business trip today, so I listened to the song of the group Next (N.E.X.T) while I was driving. I like Shin Hae Chul a lot. I've been singing along for a long time. There's a song called "Double Difference." Suddenly, I was so moved that I was really embarrassed by the tears coming out of my eyes. ᅮᅲ Why? I'm not going to do that unless I can see the King anymore. I think it's because I feel like I'm referring to the other in cases where the word "good man complex" is seemingly benign and casual, but the inside is just the opposite. When I think about myself, I feel There's a deep feeling coming up from the inside and it doesn't stop. I'm getting away from what I really wanted to do and what I really wanted to do, but I'm not shy and pretending I'm not at all, and I'm still in the middle of it. How do you all look now? Is this what you want? Like the eyes of a wounded wild animal fleeing the darkness. Protect me from everyone in the world. with his sharp teeth hidden in a soft smile. You're gonna change me by calculating the time. Deep down in my heart, there's a lot of me. Which is who I am? a double-faced, lonely fugitive But as the years go by, life is hard. a double-faced, lonely coward There's no halfway between victory and defeat anyway. I'm trapped in the back of my head. If you curse yourself, there's no way you can go back. You just have to go. Deep down in my heart, there's a lot of me. Which is who I am? a double-faced, lonely fugitive But as the years go by, life is hard. a double-faced, lonely coward There's no halfway between victory and defeat anyway. The more you have to hide, the more you can't forgive others. It's just someone else. It's not. Deep down in my heart, there's a lot of me. Which is who I am? a double-faced, lonely fugitive But as the years go by, life is hard. a double-faced, lonely coward There's no victory, no defeat, no middle? -- Next (N.E.X.T)

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  • Handle


    I almost got into a big trouble at my oldest child's school yesterday. A child attempted suicide on the roof of a school, but fortunately, with the help of a teacher, it didn't lead to an accident. I wasn't very close to my oldest child, but I was still talking to him and working with the club. You must have been shocked. I don't know what the story is, I don't know. I thought how hard it would be to be able to bear it at a young age. These days, I feel like I'm having a hard time living. At school, at the academy... I go out early in the morning and come home late at night. I came in late at night playing when I was young. ᅮᅲ Come to think of it, I've never even attended an academy. Adults have created a society where education and education are important, and they're forcing it on their children. Studying is just a way to broaden your choices in your life. If it doesn't work out, I'll reflect on myself again when I'm rebuking. Cry when you are sad. Take a rest if you're tired. If you're in trouble, shout. Lean if lonely. I want my children to stay with their parents and friends instead of going through it alone. In order to do that, I'll have to put my hand out first. When you're alone and you're in pain, Just touch your fingertips and you'll feel less lonely. Let's give each other a warm hand.

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  • Four-leaf clover, three-leaf clover?


    A four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck. You all know that, don't? The clover of the rabbit family gathers and plays widely. It's amazing to find a clover with four similar leaves, and it's also good to feel lucky. I know that Napoleon walked through the clover field during the war and accidentally found a four-leaf clover that was blooming between the three leaves of clover, and that the bullet went over him, and it became a symbol of good luck. But it is said that the four-leaf clover symbolized good fortune by the British Isles and the Drouid priests of the Galia region much longer ago. During the ritual of Druidism, they collected four-leaf clovers with lucky mana and used them. This is because the four-leaf clover was considered a symbol of important meaning because it was shaped like a cross. You have to go into the clover field to separate or pick out these four-leaf clovers, which are symbols of good fortune. And then you have to sit back and look around for a while. But I didn't really know the three-leaf clovers that were so deep and ignored. The flower word of the three-leaf clova is happiness. So far, I've been searching for luck in the midst of happiness. In retrospect, I don't know if I was jealous of other people's happiness and pursued only good luck. I'm already in the field of happiness. It is said that happiness is the result of what I've done. If I have tried and done my best, I can be happy and find good luck in it. "People are small around to catch good luck when they may come, but they miss out on a lot of happiness and live without knowing when they are happy." I am already happy in the field of happiness. Nothing happy happens to people who want or have no purpose in life. Luck passes by them because they can't find any intention." - Talmud. - I'm

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  • 인생의 반사경.


    도로에서 흔히 볼 수 있는 코너반사경입니다. 골목길 코너에서, 주차장에서 잘 보이지 않는 코너에 설치해 차량이나 사람이 오는지 볼 수 있도록 많이 설치 되어 있습니다. 홀로 산책길을 걷다 보니 저~ 앞에도 반사경이 있더군요. 문득 이런 생각이 들었습니다. "내 인생에도 저런 반사경이 있으면 어떨까?" 라는 내게 다가올 위험을 미리 볼 수 있고 내게 다가오는 사람을 미리 알아 볼 수 있고 내게서 멀어져가는 사람이 누가 있는지 알 수 있지 않을까 하는 저는 앞의 두가지 보다 세번째의 이유가 더 절실하네요. 알게 모르게 내가 상처주고 힘들게 해서 나에게서 멀어진 사람이 있지 않을까 하는 ... 저런 것이 내 인생에도 있다면 참 재밌겠다~ 라는 생각이 듦과 동시에 다~ 미리 알고 있으면 재미없잖아? 라는 생각이 또 드는군요. 혼자 산책하다보면 이런 쓸데없는 잡생각을 많이 하게 됩니다. 여러분 ㅜㅠ

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  • The weather suddenly rises.


    Why are you doing a view from home

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  • Find the hidden picture!


    It's a refreshing morning again. I walked along the walkway on my way to work. I haven't found it in a while. I saw a tree with a strange shape. I looked up and saw that the tree wasn't a tree. ^^ Do you think it's the sense of the park? And then there were these tools hidden all over the place. But it looks great on you.

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  • A pretty painting by Pucca.


    Pucca's Second Event https://publyto.com/posts/12990 I won, and Mr. Pooka painted me a very pretty picture. ^^ After winning the prize, I don't have a picture to draw. I sent you a few, and I said, "Good-bye! Please pick one." It's a wonderful work. My wife is pretty. He said he painted it too realistic. He says, "You've got to lose some weight." And then there's a scar on his back. I just printed it out and walked in front of the desk. I'll have to print it right and hang it at home. ^^ Thank you, Mr. Pooka.

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  • 인스타그램 비정상적인 로그인 해결 TIP


    며칠전 갑자기 인스타그램으로 퍼블리토에 로그인을 시도하니 "비정상적인 로그인 시도가 감지되었습니다." 라는 문구가 뜨기 시작했습니다. 보안코드 보내기를 누르고 메일로 보안코드를 받아 입력하니 인스타에는 로그인이 되더군요. 그런데 왠열~~~ 퍼블리토에는 로그인이 안됩니다. ㅜㅜ 그 작업을 수차례 반복에 반복 브라우저도 바꿔보고 PC 도 바꿔보고 핸드폰으로도 해보고,,, 소용없습니다. 인스타에 문의를 넣었으나 답이 오지 않고 있을때쯤 '혹시~?? 에이~ 설마~' 하면서 비밀번호 변경을 시도해 봅니다. 메일로 password reset link 를 받고는 변경~ 다시 도으전~ 해 보았으나, 여전히 퍼블리토에는 로그인이 안됩니다. 포기 ㅜㅠ 하고 있었는데 2일이 지난 오늘 갑자기 뜬금없이 로그인이 됩니다. 엥?! 여기저기 찾아보니 "비정상적인 로그인 시도" 오류로 비번을 변경하면 1~2일 후 해결된다고 하네요. 참고 인내하고 기다리는게 답이었어요. 이렇게 비밀번호 변경으로도 안되는 경우에는 최종적으로 인스타에 KYC 하듯이 사진찍고 해서 보내야 한다고 하네요. 갑자기 퍼블리토 로그인이 안되는 경우 비밀번호 변경을 시도해 보세요.~

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  • 툭툭(TOOKTOOK) 캐릭터 네이밍 이벤트 상품 도착


    툭툭(TOOKTOOK) 캐릭터 네이밍 이벤트 상품이 도착했습니다. 텀블러도 이쁘고, 맛난 향의 툭툭 커피도 감사합니다. ^^ 캐시(CATHY), 폭시(FOXY), 큐리(CURI), 피기(PICKY), 두키(DOOKEY) 이렇게 다섯캐릭터 중 세개의 캐릭터에 후보가 되었고, 그중 최종적으로 두키(DOOKEY) 에 당참되었습니다. 상품 수령을 위한 주소를 제가 너무 늦게 드렸는데, 기분 좋게 보내주셨습니다. ^^ 현재 툭툭은 베타테스트 진행중인데요. 베타테스터로 선정이 되었었으나, 하필 그때 제가 '담낭제거수술'을 하는 바람에 참여를 하지 못한 것이 한(恨)이 되고 있습니다. ㅜㅠ 빨리 베타테스트를 마치고 모든 사람들이 툭툭으로 툭툭 일상을 던질 수 있었으면 싶네요. 어서 빨리 퍼블리토에도 PLUG IN 되어서 툭툭으로 제작한 컨텐츠를 퍼블리토에 게시할 수 있으면 재미날듯 합니다. 툭툭(TOOKTOOK)은 창작물을 가볍게 ‘툭’ 던져서 공유하는 플랫폼입니다. 툭 던지다’는 뜻을 지닌 의성어입니다 다수의 일반 사용자가 쉽게 사용 가능한 서비스로 블록체인 생태계로 Mass Adoption이 일어날 수 있는 창작소통 플랫폼입니다. 툭툭 홈페이지 : https://tooktook.io/?lang=ko 툭툭 텔레그램 : https://t.me/tooktook_KR

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  • the way to work


    I'm on my way to work in the morning. He takes the older kid to school and brings the car back to the parking lot of the house. And then I follow the trail to work. It's cold enough today. The sky is clear. I can breathe without a mask. It's even better. In a few days, I think I'll be on my way to work full of blue leaves and flowers.

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  • Spring is here.


    Found a blooming flower tree on the way to work in the morning It looks like a plum flower. No. ^^ It's cold in the morning and evening. Spring is here.

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  • Do not get in touch with someone - Bopjong


    With a real relationship The edge that goes through It is necessary to make a bond with each other. If it's a real affair, I try to make a good relationship with my best. If it does not matter, you must pass by unintentionally. Can not distinguish it If you have a relationship with everyone you meet, Instead of having a good connection, I only get to meet a faint bond. By them We must receive the pain that life is invaded. You should not stand too hard to make ends meet. I am trying to make a relationship with people who have once smashed their collar It is unnecessary and exhausting. We are living in contact with millions of people. People who live in contact with human needs There are only a few people around If only they can make a true bond There is no shortage in providing a good life. The truth should be invested only in those who are true. That is the fruit of good things. It is dangerous to invest the truth in anyone. It gives my opponent the It is foolishness that is unilaterally shown. We are helped by our relationship, As much as he suffers damage. Most of the damage is to those who are untruthful It is punishment for paying the truth.     / Buddhist monk, Bopjong I have relationships with many relationships in my life. No matter what I want to do. It's a lot of empathy that it's dangerous to invest the truth in someone who is not true. SNS also connects with people I do not know. Is this a true relationship? It's the same in PUBLYTO. The bond of connection with many people who have come to know here Only Truth I wish you all the best to invest the truth.

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  • the best restaurant in front of the house the Japanese Colonial Period


    There are many restaurants near my house. Personally, if you want me to pick the best of them, This is the exhaust house. ^^ The line is always long, so I have to wait a while. There's no table in the store. Shape the bowl with the prepared dough at the same time as the order. Fry it. It's crispy and warm, so it tastes much better. If you run out of dough for a day, you can' We're closing the business from what time it was. @.@ We used to run out of materials at 2:00 p.m. So today, I stood in line for 20 minutes and gained some weight. ^^

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  • iPhone 6 Liquid Crystal Display Self-Replace


    My second child is always asking me to buy him a cell phone. My colleague just told me not to use a broken liquid crystal iPhone 6 and I told him to give me a baby. I ordered liquid at the mall. Replacement has started. The screw is small, so be careful to touch the hand of the terminal of the hydroponics. It's done~ There's a little screw next to me rolling around alone. I'm sure I'm all screwed into holes. ᅮᅲ Who are you? Turn on the power, touch it. Because everything's going well. The little kid who was playing alone lived and whisked into a drawer to destroy evidence. If I bring it to my second child today, I think I like it even though it's old used. Let's use this for the time being, sweetheart.

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  • Taking a walk in front of the house...


    I went for a walk in front of my house with my child because the fine dust level was so low for the weekend. There were a lot of people out for a walk. a sad thing I can't believe you're wearing a mask all the same. When will there be no fine dust? After walking for a long time, I take a picture of the house reflected in the lake.

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  • Participate in Publicity PR Contest

    Self Introduction

    Today is the last day of the event, meaning only for participation

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  • Chinese characters behind doctors, prosecutors, lawyers are all different?!


    Four, four, four. SHA~ SHA~ SHA~ No. ^^ They often force their children to get a job with a "sa" in it. a doctor, a lawyer, a prosecutor, a judge But in a parent's position, I'm the one who forces them to do this. Do you know that it's not the same thing? I was talking to my co-worker today when a similar fire came and went, and they didn't know it. I know they're all using the same Seonbi company. Let's look at it. How else is it? * Single-company jobs - Judge: 判事 - Inspection: 檢事 * Pre-paid jobs - Lawyers: 辯護士 - Byunisa: 辨理士 - Accountant: 會計士 - Justice: 法務士 - Labour: 勞務士 - Pilot: 操縱士 - Certified Director: 公認仲介士 - Driver: 運轉技士 - Knight / Functionality: 技士 / 技能士 * Professionals affiliated with the teachers' union - Teacher: 敎師 - Doctor: 醫師 - Nurse: 看護師 - Veterinary doctor: 獸醫師 - Pharmacist: 藥師 - Pastor: 牧師 It's complicated to find out why I write like this, so I'll just humor it. Judges, prosecutors are civil servants who work in government offices. It's just work. Write one or two. When I called a lawyer, many older people used to call me a lawyer. If you're a good man, you're a scholar? Use a sunbeam. When I go to the hospital, I look for a doctor who says, 'Do you think I can get rid of my hemorrhoids?' I am a teacher and a teacher. Chaam~ It's easy~

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  • Fermat's last theyorem


    I was moving last month. I've compiled a book by a spoonful of lies. ᅮᅲ I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. ~~ If you remember some of them, I'd like to introduce them. The first kid I'm going to introduce to you, It's called Fermat's Last Cleanup. These days, I heard that Professor Jeong Jae-seung recommended me. In 1630, Pierre de Fermat (Pierre de Fermat, 1601.8.17 to 1665.1.12) wrote in the margins of Diopantos' book "Arithmetica." When 'n' is an integer greater than 3, there is no positive integer x, y, or z that satisfies xn+y=zn.' with the theorem of 'I've found some phenomenal proof of this theorem, but the margin of the book is too narrow for me to write.' He left a saying. Over the next 300 years or so, countless mathematicians will be challenged to prove this theorem. Without knowing whether Fermat really proved that theorem or not. No one can prove it. In 1908, Wolfskel's will gave 100,000 marks to the first person to prove Fermat's final theorem at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Gottingen, but everyone failed again and again. Wolfskel, a German entrepreneur and amateur mathematician who paid for the prize, said that his personal enemy decided to kill himself because he happened to see "Perma's Final Arrangement" and he gave up suicide. He's got enough charm to make him give up suicide. To mathematicians, proof of theorem. Then, in 1994, Perma's Last Cleanup, which remained a challenge by mathematician Enlou Wiles, was conquered. Wiles was awarded $50,000 for the 1997 Wolfsburg Kell Prize. It's been 90 years since it was established, and it's been given only to one person. How thrilled was it? Just think about it. But Wiles didn't succeed in proving Fermat's final theorem at once. When we first announced to the academic community that we had succeeded in proof, we all cheered, but soon proved that the proof was wrong. Wiles, who was frustrated by this, didn't give up and tried again to prove it was irrefutable. The book tells the story of mathematicians who challenged the challenges of the century and Andrew Wiles who never gave up and achieved their dreams. Now, I'm going to prove the final theorem of Perma. I'll skip it because the margin is narrow. ^O^

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  • LICC White Paper Quiz Event Gift Arrival


    The "LICC White Paper Quiz Event" gift just arrived. I was happy to open it and it's so pretty. ^^ It's Cha Col Gray, the index I like. "Stabbuck's Reserve Colmerg Cup 473ml New York edition" LICC is a blockchain-based camping and travel community. These days, I can't go camping only once or twice a year. When they were young, they used to go around once a week. One night in nature. It's a good memory for kids. Share good information at LICC. [LICC, Introduction to EOS Dapp] LICC, which aims to share the life learned in nature through camping and traveling, is the world's first camping & Travel community based on blockchain. LICC users can share travel and camping experiences and create content to generate revenue, and the Web.Mobile-based Community beta is in operation. LICC is working on a number of projects to meet the road map in the white paper. In addition, we've signed a partnership with camping and blockchain companies, and other major players are in the process. Partners: More than 10 companies including Kobe, Helinos, Snow Peak, Parkers, and Snowline. - Official website of LICC: http://licc.kr/ - LICC Community: https://www.licc.biz - LICC official television: https://t.me/LICCLAND

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  • Recycling is good, too. ^^


    Recycling is good, but it's a little bit of a... You didn't recycle what you used, did you? You must have recycled the rest before you use it, right? I hope so. I'm going to pick up the photos that came up at the neOO cafe that I go to often.

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  • The secret behind the plane's window? - No, hidden science.


    Do you take many airplanes? At first, I made a reservation at the window when I made a reservation for a seat. To open the window and look out. The reality is that after take-off, it's so dazzling that you have to close the window. Do you know that there is a secret behind this window? I'm going to take a look at the science behind the airplane window. If you were sitting by the window and looking carefully at the window, you would have noticed that the windows were all round. Why is that? The world's first jet airliner, the De Havilland DH 106 Comet, launched in 1949, was deflated during its operation in 1953. We don't know the exact cause, followed by two midair explosions. It was a high-tech plane. There were a lot of tests and analyses that turned out to be the reason A crack that started when the window broke apart the gas. Because airplanes fly very high, the pressure difference between inside and outside increases as you go up. This creates a force that pushes the plane from the inside to the outside of the airplane with high air pressure, which is concentrated in the corner of the window, causing cracks to start, and the whole plane to be blown apart. And after a lot of research, if you round the windows, you'll find that this force is distributed evenly, so that it doesn't break or crack. From then on, the windows of the airplane all changed into round shapes. This is a device that uses a round window, and there are space shuttles and submarines. In the case of submarines, external water pressure is large, so you have to withstand strong external forces as opposed to aircraft. Now, I found out why the windows are round. Does anyone see a hole in the window? What hole in the window? Isn't there a hole in it? You might ask. ^^ The window of the airplane is made up of three parts. The cockpit is said to be in the middle of five. There is a hole in the middle window called 'Breather hole'. It is designed to withstand internal and external atmospheric pressure fluctuations. If the pressure increases significantly due to an explosion light inside the cabin, the hole will allow the extra pressure to flow out and break only the outside window. There is also a 70 degree temperature difference between the inside and outside, which reduces the temperature difference between each window so that it doesn't feel If you find a window without these holes, it will be bad, so report it.~~ You've heard a message asking you to open the window when you fly or land. What if you didn't hear it? You slept even before takeoff. ^^ This is because in the event of a malfunction in the wing lights of an airplane, passengers or crew can first detect and convey a dangerous situation. In fact, there are often cases where passengers who were looking through windows to see smoke coming out of their wings before taking off and landing. If you flew like this, you'd be in big trouble. There's a table by the window of the room with a triangle mark. This seat is said to be the best place to look at the wing state of an airplane. In case you're making a big deal out of the window in the middle of the flight, you're gonna have a big deal with it. Make sure you have common sense in advance, as you may be going on a "battleground" by parachute.

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  • Using PUBLYTO beta airline, honey tip ^^


    A couple of days ago, Mr. Publian $f. You posted a message saying that you are going on a family trip to Jeju Island and you are taking an airplane after 10 years. So, friends gathered and shared etiquette and know-how on the new plane for $fire. There's so much more advanced information coming out and sharing it. ^^ * Take off your shoes at the entrance of the airplane, pass them to stewardess, and sit comfortably in the seat. * There is a meal in the upper section of the seat, so you can take it out when you are hungry. * Larger luggage should be held firmly with both hands to avoid disturbing the side seats. * After takeoff, after the demonstration of stewardess' use of the life vest, a big round of applause is given and a photo is taken together. * Sometimes, the captain should hold it well because he or she is checking the plane ticket. If you don't have a ticket, you have to get off in the middle. There's nothing to worry about, as you take care of the parachute. Battleground is a game that imitates this. * Long~ If you can't fall asleep during the flight time, you can ask stewardess for a lullaby. This option is only available in the First Class. There's a difference here, too. * If you want to go to the bathroom, raise your hand quietly and get permission from the stewardess. * If you want to go to Jeju Island and do not want to suffer due to time difference, drink warm milk or red wine and sleep well during flight. * Jeju Island is going across the sea, so you must take your passport with you. * If the seat belt is on, you should return to your seat when you go to the bathroom and sit on the seat belt. * Jeju Island takes about 5 hours, so I recommend you watch two movies comfortably. These days, I recommend the new movie "Shiri" and "No. 3." ( 추천 recommended by $simzy) This is only a tip for "Publito Beta" use, so you can't do this for other airlines. ^^ PS. For those who are so forgetful that they cannot submit a plane ticket, a "survival kit" that increases their chances of survival in beta-periods will also be provided free of charge.

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  • a pleasant marimo


    On the day of the start of 2019, I introduced a new Korean-style pet, Marimo. [The pet plant that became a new family in 2019. Marimo - https://www.publyto.com/posts/2970 ] There was a rumor among the marimos that marimos would rise above the water if they were happy. So when do you think you' I've been waiting for you. It's been almost two months, and I can't think of it. ㅜㅜ Do you remember that Marimo lived for 100 years? Chalah is to give up Finally, I thought about it. Awesome! It was so amazing and pleasant. I guess that's why you raise Marimo. Let's take a look at this scene. I took a few pictures in a hurry, and a few hours later, It went down the water again. I hope you'll come up with it again next time.

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