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  • 200 year old Turtles OMG


    Practically a baby compared to these 200 year old turtles 🐢🙈 Happy Hump day everyone ☺️

    $erikgray . 2019.05.01 04:09

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  • 💖


    Happy Tropical Friday🍍🏝 • Checkout the Before/ After✨

    $erikgray . 2019.04.30 17:40

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  • India Tour


    Have you been to India?! 🕌 Do you have any recommendations?! Cant wait to explore this amazing country with my girly @katemeets 🥰 So many of you were asking about my next destination on my last post even though I have it in my bio 🙈 It will be our first time visiting! In my mind it looks like it is something in between Morocco and Cuba but more hardcore! Am I right or wrong?! ♥️

    $erikgray . 2019.04.30 07:51

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  • Sunset view


    Sunset dreams 💘 . . . This is one of my favorite edits created with the “Sunset Dreams” preset from my Greece collection pack! 💕

    $erikgray . 2019.04.30 06:51

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  • Red Flowers


    Bougainvillea explosion 🌺 Planning mode on right now and so excited for my next trip in a few weeks! 💫

    $erikgray . 2019.04.29 18:17

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  • Wonderful View


    How many white houses can you count?! 💫

    $erikgray . 2019.04.29 06:30

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  • Sunday Summer


    Sundays be like! 🐠 Starting to feel like summer is closer! Days are getting longer and january is almost over 💫 who else is excited for spring/ summer?! ☺️

    $erikgray . 2019.04.26 08:03

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  • Greece


    Weekend vibes forever 💙 Hope you all have a great weekend! Any exciting plans?! 💫 . . Pictured edited with my GREECE COLLECTION presets (shop via link in bio) 💘

    $erikgray . 2019.04.26 06:19

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  • Philippine


    Have you been to the Philippines?! Which islands would you recommend visiting?! Philippines is one of my top bucketlist places I want to visit and hopefully will make it happen this year! 💫✨

    $erikgray . 2019.04.26 04:56

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  • Plans for this weekend,?


    Any fun plans for this weekend?! ☀️I am currently doing final preparations for our trip to India which is in less than 2 weeks!! 💫

    $erikgray . 2019.04.25 17:18

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  • Rainy Day


    Santorini dreaming on a rainy day 🌧 Where in the world are you now and how is the weather?! 🤗

    $erikgray . 2019.04.25 17:09

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  • Thailand


    Have you ever visited a tropical destination?! Which one?! 💫 Seychelles was one of the most amazing places I have ever visited! I would describe it as the perfect combination between Thailand and Maldives ✨

    $erikgray . 2019.04.23 08:32

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  • Dream Always be true sometimes


    Where would you teleport yourself right now?! 💫 Always dreaming about going back to Maldives 💦 We ended our honeymoon in Asia last summer by ticking off one of my top experiences - spending 4 nights in an overwater villa in Maldives which was absolutely worth it ✨ Waking up and being surrounded by the most amazing turquoise water and all sorts of fishies including nurse sharks floating around our villa was priceless 🐠🐬

    $erikgray . 2019.04.23 05:05

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  • Groupmate Friend


    Would you do a girls trip to India?! Having the best time with my girly @katemeets ✨ We were super anxious about if how we will survive this trip from what we should eat to how it will be to do a girls trip to India but all is going smoothly up to now! Check out our stories to see what we have been up to so far! 💫

    $erikgray . 2019.04.23 03:40

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  • India


    Sunrise at Taj Mahal 🕌 Our first day of exploring India started with a really early wake up call at 4am local time so we can be the first to reach the Taj Mahal ✨ It was really hard waking up at this time as it was literally our bedtime at home but it was absolutely worth it getting to experience the Taj Mahal with no people around 💫 We managed to get inside first by buying our tickets online prior to our trip and skipped the queue at the entrance 😉 I will be sharing all of my tips for India! Let me know what you would like to know! 💗

    $erikgray . 2019.04.22 17:25

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  • Europe


    My kinda Monday Blues 💦 How was your weekend?! I am back in Europe and so excited spring has finally arrived! I still have tons of India pictures and info to share though which I will be sharing in the next days! Stay tuned! 💫

    $erikgray . 2019.04.22 07:34

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  • How's looking in Bikni?


    Indian summer afternoons call for a cool jacuzzi 💦 Wearing my favorite @gooseberry.seaside bikini 👙 @gooseberryintimates #gooseberryintimates #gooseberryseaside

    $erikgray . 2019.04.22 05:55

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  • 😍


    Are you heading to India soon?! I highly recommend staying at @itchotels ✨ Their hotels were the best place to come back to relax after being out all day exploring the busy cities of India! We had the best experience, everyone was so friendly and took such great care of us! We also got pampered with incredible massages 💆🏼‍♀️ and the best Indian food ever 🥘🍛 #itchotels #responsibleluxury 💫 . . 💕💗💕💗

    $erikgray . 2019.04.22 04:16

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  • Weekend


    Happy Easter weekend 🦋 Wouldn’t mind having a Blue Room in my house! 💫We loved exploring all the gorgeous palaces in Jaipur during our stay at @itcrajputana! The details of all the buildings are out of this world! Swipe right to see the lovely carvings of the main entrance staircase of @itcrajputana💫 #itchotels #responsibleluxury

    $erikgray . 2019.04.22 03:13

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  • Pool Time


    Pool days in Udaipur wearing my @watercultbeachwear onepiece 💦 I usually don’t feel comfortable posting close ups of myself on Instagram but today I felt like getting out of my comfort zone as I really love this picture so you can Swipe right if you want to check out a close up of me! 🤗 What do you think about close ups and selfies? Do you love them? Hate them?! . . . . Anzeige/Werbung/Advertisement #watercult #watercultbeachwear #summerstateofmind #mywatercult

    $erikgray . 2019.04.22 02:05

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  • Amazing


    Why, sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast” -Alice in wonderland . This world is filled with endless opportunities you just have to believe you can and you will achieve greatness✨ . What are you dreaming of achieving in the next 6 months? . . . . . . . . . . . . . #newyork #newyork_ig #newyorkcity #centralpark #dreamscometrue #dreamsdocometrue #aliceinwonderland #believeinyourself #sundayvibes #summertimefun #letsflyawayto #aggielook #dametraveler #darlingescapes #beautifulmatters #beautifuldestinations #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #gltlove #tlpicks #travelcouple #travelingcouple #ongooglemaps #lonelyplanet #traveldeeper #thediscoverer #travelblogger #globelletravels #lifeofadventure

    $erikgray . 2019.04.21 12:32

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  • Perfect Click


    Panda becoming one with Skógafoss. The magnitude of this waterfall is just amazing!! . What is the most amazing waterfall you have ever seen? . . . #Iceland #skogafoss #waterfall

    $erikgray . 2019.04.21 06:45

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  • Wonderful View


    Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down💫⚡️ . Who else lives life like this🙋🏼‍♀️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Iceland #icelandair #folkgreen #ourplanetdaily #folkscenery #lensbible #guidetoiceland #topicelandphoto #lovelettertoeurope #nordiciceland #travelguide #discoverglobe #beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters #travellingthroughtheworld #lonelyplanet #bestplacestogo #ongooglemaps #greatnortherncollective #discoveringtheworld #borntotravel #postcardplaces #darlingescapes #sheisnotlost #iamtb #speechlessplaces #vacationgoals #aggielook #effortlyss #fjaorargljufur

    $erikgray . 2019.04.21 05:20

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  • Iceland


    Dancing because it’s Friday💃🏼 I’m finally back home in NYC. As much as I love traveling there is something really nice about sleeping in your own bed😴 . What do you love the most about coming home after traveling? . . . . . . . . . . . . . #iceland #glacierlagoon #glacierlagoonjökulsárlón #jokulsarlon #exploreiceland #nordiciceland #guidetoiceland #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #aggielook #effortlyss #doyoutravel #speechlessplaces #darlingescapes #ongooglemaps #bestplacestogo #traveltagged #lonelyplanet #TLPicks #discoverearth #borntotravel #discoveringtheworld #travellingtheworld #beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters

    $erikgray . 2019.04.21 03:46

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  • Risk taker


    The concrete jungle has really stolen my heart and I don’t see getting it back anytime soon💕

    $erikgray . 2019.04.20 17:27

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  • When is your next family gathering?


    Happy Friday! We took the last few days off from posting to relax and hang out with family. If you have been watching our stories you will know that we are in Tucson AZ visiting Corina’s family. We love traveling to explore new places but there is nothing like a trip home to visit the fam! When is your next family gathering?

    $erikgray . 2019.04.20 08:13

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  • Fairytale


    She dreamed improbable dreams. Followed her heart and created her own little fairytale✨

    $erikgray . 2019.04.20 04:55

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  • Time to fly


    Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly 🦋

    $erikgray . 2019.04.20 03:54

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  • Complete the sentence


    Finish the sentence To travel is to......

    $erikgray . 2019.04.19 22:31

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  • Bahamas


    Make sure to check out our newest blog post up now! We talk about where to stay while in Nassau Bahamas 🇧🇸 Link in bio! Side note 📝 wishing we were back here in this amazing pool right now!! There are not many hotels I would love to return to but this sure is one of them! What hotels have you stayed at that you would 100% return to?

    $erikgray . 2019.04.19 18:07

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