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  • My Story


    Banyak orang yang telah meninggal, tapi nama baik mereka tetap kekal. Dan banyak orang yang masih hidup, tapi seakan mereka orang mati yang tak berguna.

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  • Dua Unit Rumah Terbakar


    Dua unit rumah terbakar di Bireuen Aceh.

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  • Menikmati Secangkir Kopi


    WD Coffee Shop merupakan tempat saya untuk santai sejenak menikmati secangkir kopi saat waktu luang tersaji.

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  • Sebuah Perjalanan Yang Tak Terlupakan.


    Sebuah Perjalanan Yang Tak Terlupakan.

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  • Sahabat Sejati


    Teruslah Berimajinasi, Agar Engkau Dapat Menggambarkan Arti Hidup Sesungguhnya. Tetap Semangat Kawan.

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  • Sentuhan Jiwa.


    Yang menjadi pena adalah kebaikan, yang menjadi tinta adalah kemanusiaan.

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  • My Story


    Cuma segelas kopi yang bercerita kepadaku bahwa yang hitam tak selalu kotor dan yang pahit tak selalu menyedihkan

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  • Scorched Oil Processing Plant Burned in Bireuen.


    Scorched Oil Processing Plant Burned in Bireuen. The fire accident occurred in Blang Keutumba Village, Juli District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh Province, Friday, 10/1/2019, at around 02.00. Wow The fire destroyed one Coconut Oil Processing Plant, six Fire Fleet units and one excavator deployed to extinguish the fire. A very large and spacious building and a high fire that killed the entire contents of the factory made the firefighters of Kualhan put out fires, they were swift and full of high risk of putting out fires, assisted by 113 TNI Members JS Bireuen. Dozens of TNI members helped the Fire Department members in the location, and even occasionally they had to retreat in the building because the fire almost completely occupied the room by devouring the contents of the Factory. Until now the cause of the fire is unknown, PT. Batara Abadi Jaya which was burnt is estimated to have suffered losses of billions Pabrik Pengolahan Minyak Ludes Terbakar di Bireuen. Musibah kebakaran terjadi di Desa Desa Blang Keutumba, Kecamatan Juli, Kabupaten Bireuen, Provinsi Aceh, Jumat, 10/1/2019, sekira pukul 02.00. Wib. Musibah kebakaran menghanguskan satu unit Pabrik Pengolahan Minyak Kelapa, enam unit Armada Kebakaran dan satu unit excavator dikerahkan untuk memadamkan api. Gedung yang sangat besar dan luas serta api melambung tinggi yang menghabisi seluruh isi pabrik membuat anggota pemadam kebakaran kualhan dalam memadamkan api, mereka degan sigap dan penuh resiko tinggi memadamkan api dibantu oleh Anggota TNI 113 JS Bireuen. Puluhan Anggota TNI ikut membantu anggota Pemadam Kebakaran dilokasi, bahkan sesekali mereka harus mundur dalam gedung karena api hampir seluruhnya menguasai ruangan dengan melahap isi Pabrik tersebut. Sampai saat ini belum diketahui penyebab dari kebakaran tersebut, Pabrik milik PT. Batara Abadi Jaya yang terbakar tersebut ditaksir mengalami kerugian mencapai miliaran rupiah. of rupiah.

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  • Inspirasi


    Menjadi pribadi yang ingin banyak tahu dengan banyak bertanya itu sejatinya lebih beruntung dari pada pribadi yang segan bertanya karena merasa banyak tahu.

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  • My Story


    Jika pengajaran adalah transfer pengetahuan, pendidikan harus menumbuhkan kesadaran.

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  • Halimun Mountain, Tangse, Aceh.


    That morning the sky was clear. Even though the clock showed 10:30 WIB, thick clouds of fog still covered the hills of Tangse, Pidie Regency. The cool air feels very piercing bones. While sipping a glass of Tangse's typical liberica coffee, my eyes gaze up at the top of the Halimon mountains. For the people of Aceh, especially the former ex-combatant of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), Halimon was legendary and was an important witness behind the history of the birth of the GAM struggle. It was here, the GAM declaration, Allahyarham Teungku Hasan Muhammad in Tiro together with his peers waged a fight with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on 4 December 1976. I finally took the initiative to see the peak of Mount Halimon up close. Nasrullah, a resident of Blang Dhod village, Tangse sub-district, said that getting to the top of Mount Halimon was not easy. This is because all along the hills are very steep and rocky. If during the rainy season, along the trajectory of this hill is very slippery. "Siat teuk geutanyoe asked u Blang Pandak, Sinan Leubeh Toe Takalon Gunong Halimon (soon we will go to Blang Pandak, there we are closer to seeing Mount Halimon)," Nasrullah said. Blang Pandak is a village located in the interior of the city of Tangse. When the conflict raged, the village located at the foot of the Halimon mountains is known as the black zone. The village, which is flanked by hills and valleys, is a GAM protection base. Along the way, rice fields and hilltops combine with the valley. Splashing sound of clear river water clearly visible at the foot of the hills. However, access to the village of Blang Pandak is not easy. This is because the streets are rocky and potholes so that the motorbike ridden by Nasrul can only crawl slowly. Although the distance is about 15 kilometers from Blang Dhot village, it took 40 minutes for us to arrive at Blang Pandak village. "The umu hudep lon gohlom ever used me to meihigo pih uuhuh. Peulom watee ujeuen that glue, as long as it supposes kayem in the Ujeuen sinan. Bahpih musem khueng (in my entire life I have never even been up there. Especially during the rainy season it is very slippery, when it rains frequently in the afternoon. Even though it is in the dry season), "Nasrullah said. Mount Halimon has now become a legend for the people of Aceh, especially ex-combatants. This mountain has its own historical value because it is a traces of the history of the birth of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). Quoted from various sources, Mount Halimon is a place where Dr. Muhammad Hasan in Tiro together with his peers had proclaimed an independent Aceh in 1976. It is said again, at the top of the mountain, Hasan Tiro had founded an ideology school. "At the height of Nyan, the late guardian na geuglong sion buleuen star flag. Until the jinohat mantong na and hana were damaged, (on top of the peak, the late guardian (Hasan Tiro-red) had raised a star flag. Until now there was still no damage at all, "said one of the former GAM combatants who declined to be mentioned. the name. This tall man with a short crew cut admitted that to reach the top of Mount Halimon was not easy. Besides the steep and slippery terrain, the view is a bit limited. This is because throughout the trip is always shrouded in fog. Such is the case with defects, a type of blood-sucking animal that needs to be watched out for. It is said that again, a variety of stories and mystical experiences that have been felt by the local community. For example, if someone climbs a mountain whistling and joking, he will surely experience things that are not desirable, such as getting lost and will even encounter wild animals such as tigers or large snakes. "Peulom meunyoe na ureueng nyang niet broek, watee like teungoh the road will be centered and hana meurumpok lee. "Watee tateupeu sigoe ka meubee jeut keu mayet watee diteumeung lee ureueng (especially if there are people who do not mean well, when traveling will get lost and never be found again. When we know it will decay into corpses when found by residents)," he said. The same thing was also expressed by Samsul Bahri A. Wahab, a resident of Blang Dhot village. The former combatant and also a member of the DPRK Pidie from the Aceh Party Faction admitted that Mount Halimon had its own legend and historical values ​​for him and his fellow comrades. Because the mountain, which is familiarly called "Gunong Aulia", is the safest home and has never been touched by government forces during the Martial Law. He claimed, the TNI / Polri were only able to hunt GAM guerrillas when they wanted to go down to the Blang Pandak village. So no wonder the local village became an open battlefield between the TNI / Polri and GAM fighters when it was still at odds with the ideology at the time. "Likewise, if there are people who have good intentions, when they get lost they will find a village with friendly people and a harmonious life. They will help those who are lost by giving then nan and a ride in their home. Because in terms of history, this mountain is a place of the aulia and sacred. Moreover, there were many Acehnese who were martyred during the Dutch colonial period, "Samsul Bahri said. The sun is leaning towards the western horizon. Nasrullah and I said goodbye to local residents. On top of the motor that writhed slowly through the slippery and muddy terrain. Imagine the names of the villages of Blang Pandak and Mount Halimon as legendary historical traces. In the past, this area was a defensive castle, but now it has begun to be forgotten and only leaves history https://www.acehtrend.com/2018/05/02/gunung-halimon-pidie-gunong-aulia-dan-cerita-mistis-yang-melegenda/

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  • Keindahan Alam Naggroe Aceh.


    Bersama bintang. Bersama bulan. Bersama langit malam. Cukup dengan melihat alam, kamu merasakan kedamaian.

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  • Potret Banjir Bireuen.


    Sebuah foto saat terjadinya banjir luapan di Kabupaten Bireuen, Provinsi Aceh - Indonesia. Banjir tersebut melanda beberapa desa di beberapa kecamatan di Bireuen.

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  • Banjir Landa Kabupaten Bireuen.


    6 Kecamatan dari 9 Desa Terendam Banjir Luapan di Kabupaten Bireuen. Hujan deras membuat beberapa desa di beberapa kecamatan yang ada di Kabupaten Bireuen, Provinsi Aceh terendam banjir luapan, Kamis, 14/11/2019. Banjir luapan tersebut menggenangi pemukiman warga dengan ketinggian 30 sampai dengan 60 Centimeter, banjir tersebut juga merendam area persawahan warga setempat. Selain itu banjir juga merendam satu unit rumah sekolah.

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  • Coffee Aceh.


    Menikmati secangkir kopi Aceh di saat liburan.

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  • Latihan Dasar Taruna Siaga Bencana


    Latihan Dasar Taruna Siaga Bencana

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  • Hujan Deras Melanda Aceh


    Hujan Deras yang melanda sebahagian wilayah Aceh

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  • Masa Pembersihan Pasca Banjir.


    Petugas dari TNI dan Pemadam Kebakaran Bireuen sedang melakukan pembersihan material pasca terjadinya bencana banjir semalam di Desa Alue Ie Rhob Barat, Kecamatan Simpang Mamplam, Kabupaten Bireuen, Provinsi Aceh - Indonesia. Hujan deras yang menyelimuti kawasan tersebut pada malam hari membuat desa tersebut terendam banjir luapan selama tiga jam, banjir yang menggenangi rumah warga dikarenakan meluapnya air saluran irigasi desa setempat. Ketinggian air lebih kurang mencapai 50 Centimeter, tidak ada titik pengungsian akibat banjir luapan tersebut.

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  • Coffee Aceh.


    Coffee Aceh.

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  • President Republik Indonesia.


    Jokowidodo & Ma'ruf Amin Presiden Republik Indonesia Periode 2019 - 2024.

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  • Banjir Melanda Kabupaten Bireuen.


    Banjir melanda kabupaten bireuen, provinsi aceh beberapa waktu lalu. Banjir tersebut terjadi akibat hujan deras yang melanda wilayah tersebut dan meluapnya air dari saluran irigasi sehingga menggenangi pemukiman warga.

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  • Keindahan Mesjid Agung Bireuen.


    Keindahan Mesjid Agung Bireuen.

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  • Kegiatan Gotong Royong


    Kegiatan Gotong Royong

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  • Bromo in Indonesia.


    Story in Mounth Bromo - Indonesia

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  • Blockchain Juniors


    along with @bundasoraya who is a karma player with a young age of 14, he is one of the world's youngest crypto players. several blockchain media platforms once contained the life of him who was able to rise from poverty. he currently lives simply with his parents in Geudong Village - Geudong Village, Bireuen Regency, Aceh Province - Indonesia. An honor could meet with him tonight.

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  • Fire Rescue


    Fire Rescue in One Moment

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  • Keindahan Alam Aceh


    Keindahan Alam Aceh

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  • Holiday



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  • Photography


    Tugas Negara

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  • Travel in Aceh - Indonesia.


    Mereka arungi dua dunia, antara peran & sandiwara, dengan karakter yang sebenarnya.

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