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  • What about the magic?


    I posted the first picture in the group chat room with my friends at dawn, and they said, "Oh, you've finally reached the point where you drink soju and Anju, and by the way, it's definitely pork soup." The second picture shows the correct answer. $EastDaegu. I'm always grateful to the 24-hour restaurant, regardless of the type of food. I can find it any time on impulse. It's hard for friends and family.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.18 09:23

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  • a rollercoaster for children


    After taking a year off, I gave up my family membership. Two years ago, I only gave up adult 2 human rights, so I followed my child for free and used to ride a cable car or walk for a walk. Since the child is a bit tall, I have a ride. So I apply again. It's quite a big sum, but I paid about 45 Ios for a picnic on a fine day, so I bought a family ticket. It's more fun for children than I thought. This is a video that I filmed at four times the speed of my life.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.17 10:54

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  • What is it? This mood.


    While taking a walk with my family on Bomun Lake in Gyeongju, I felt a strange sense of hypocrisy. It feels like the Japanese animated lake that was full of cherry trees and fluttering with cherry blossoms suddenly changed into the atmosphere of Hansel, Gretel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think someone who is better than me who is a stranger to lighting and interior design, but the atmosphere and interior were as complicated as when I first saw Baek Nam-jun's video art. I wanted to go inside. But since it was a no-kids zone, I just looked at the outside lights and went for a walk again. $EastDaegu. What is it at first? This atmosphere...After doing it, I can still feel my charm.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.15 18:08

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  • The flowers are lost.


    The leaves are left. On the dawn of the weekend, when I went to sleep, I wandered around for no reason, and I can see all kinds of scenery. At some point, there are so many people in front of me and behind me, but now I'm monopolizing the landscape, the air, the wind and the sound. $EastDaegu If I get up late tomorrow, I'll hear you nag again, and I liked it when I heard Mom nag.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.14 03:10

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  • 신호대기


    오랜만에 보는 힙합바지. 유행은 돌고돌아 다시 오는걸까요, 아니면 옷장에 숨겨져있던 고대유물을 발굴한 기념으로 입어본걸까요. $EastDaegu. 생각난다. 박스티에 통바지, 무릎까지 내려오는 주황색 벨트.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.12 08:12

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  • a countryman's way of looking at the Apple Store


    I don't want to see, hear, eat, and play in Daegu, so I don't usually go to Seoul, where I feel as far away as Japan, unless there's something important. On average, he goes up once every two years and goes straight down after work. I guess even that was all about weddings and business trips. When a friend of mine told me that he had something to buy while visiting Seoul, I went to Garosugil Apple Store. I don't have anything to buy, so I only look around the store, muttering, "Oh, these thieves," muttering, "Oh, these thieves," touching MacBooks, and muttering, "Oh, these thieves." Did he say Genius? I'm going to search for rent in the store with one hand, while listening to the employees' description of the clothes that don't look like uniforms. According to an article in February 18, Apple paid about 60 billion won in advance for a 20-year lease. I'll do the math by myself. 250 million won a month, 8.33 million won a day, 340,000 won an hour, 5,800 won an hour, 97 won a second. Well, I'm a free-riding passenger, so I make money from breathing here. I hope the price of the nose I bought will increase at this rate. Oh, but the balance is -90% from the original. I'm glad you'll be able to heal to half a piece. Let's go poop after we've come to expensive land. After seeing what you're going to see in the bathroom under the ground, you come back to the store and take up a wide area of your legs. You take a deep breath five or six times. Suddenly, your friend opens his shoulders. Hey, whatever you do, it's over now. Let's go. $EastDaegu, come out and tell your friend. "Hey, have you seen anything in the bathroom here? This is a very expensive toilet!" ============================ I've written and looked everywhere, and there's this in other articles. "The pre-payment of 20 years' rent is totally groundless," said Lee, an Apple Store landowner who met on the street. Lee said that the base mortgage is only a device to disperse the risks that could arise to Apple under a long-term contract and has nothing to do with the rent. He added, "We are receiving monthly rent separately and we cannot talk about it precisely because of our contractual obligation to keep it secret, but it's a quotation."" ============================ article source http://www.econovill.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=331408 http://news.donga.com/3/all/20180326/89312331/1

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.10 13:46

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  • at the mere sight of it


    The name is Gukbap. Even if you eat with alcohol. Even if you just eat. Even if you eat early in the evening. Even if you eat at dawn. Gukbap is always delicious.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.09 15:50

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  • a film for the blind and deaf


    I download a couple of movies every month and watch them on my phone. This time, I got the version of Barrier-free because I pressed something wrong. Like sports, every time the scene is changed, it has a full audio description. It also explains all the sounds with subtitles. I'm sure it's for deaf and blind, but I'm not sure, so hard. It's charming to see the narration voice and the caption attached to it. I enjoyed it until the end. Like this. When the main character suddenly goes out and grabs a knife in the grass, the real line is, "Hmm!," and I can hear some birds and wind. The original sound for the blind comes out the same way, and the announcer explains the scene. "An angry apostolic, suddenly stiff-faced, jumps out into the grass and wields a knife. 'Hmm!' followed by a small sound of birds and wind." And for the deaf, this is a little bit short with subtitles. The original line, "Mmm!," is printed in subtitles, and the effect is also added as a caption. 'Closed, sad music, wind, knife chirping.' It was a fun movie where you can get a real glimpse of the relationship and emotions between Yeongjo and Sadoseja and Jeongjo. Song Kang-ho's wage acting is great, too. Yeongjo, who was able to survive only when he had a birth defects and overcame the surrounding environment, and an apostolic who could not overcome his father's expectations. King Jeongjo, who had to protect his family and himself in the midst of his grandfather and father's presence.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.07 17:50

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  • Not yet in the Palgong.


    There's still less fried popcorn hanging from Palgong. It's in contrast to the way cherry blossoms like popcorn crumbs roll in the wind below the mountain. It's a shame that the roads in Yeonkyeong district are too congested compared to previous years. $EastDaegu Where do you go to see flowers on the weekend?

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.06 13:03

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  • a cafe with cars on the roof on the mountainside of downtown.


    A short time after work, a hill located somewhere in the factory village of Chamsan-dong, Daegu, sells coffee to a building covered with white paint in an alley connected with a shabby house in Shandong. It tastes like coffee, but it's nice to meet you on the roof. $EastDaegu I want to eat pork belly on a rooftop like this.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.04 20:21

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  • Have you seen the Baekje-Kum-Dongdaehyang-ro?


    If you can only see one exhibition at the National Museum of Korea, you can't think of it as the name of the exhibition, Baekje-Gilt-dong-gil. I saw it for the first time a few days ago. I couldn't take my eyes off. At the time of Baekje's collapse, someone must have hidden the incense burner, which was then a treasure of national treasure, in a cloth and fled out of the castle, while passing by the blacksmith's stand by the temple. Otherwise, that's where he fell with the sword of the enemy while he was fleeing. After 1,500 years, the treasure was found along with a piece of cloth that had been washed away in the mud on the floor of the parking lot construction site. This created a representative artifact of Baekje, which is comparable to the gold crown of Silla. It's a strange joke of time. There are 12 holes in the incense burner, so if you actually burn the incense, the smoke will rise up like a fog. When will you be able to see the smell coming up? For your information, the items on display at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul are imitations and the original items are on permanent display at the National Museum of Korea. $EastDaegu, it's a great experience to look at a museum for a long time because it's stranded on a relic. The third picture is the palm-sized Buddha that I saw in the art textbook, and I looked at it for a long time, fascinated by its delicate wrinkles.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.03 19:57

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  • the view of flowers thanks to civil defense.


    I went to a civil defense education program, a call from a country that doesn't end even when I'm older, and I was told that I was full, so I pulled into a parking lot of an apartment nearby. Because there is a little distance from the place of education, I walk to the education center and enjoy a short flower game while getting the flower rain unintentionally. I like the feeling of coming out to work and seeing the kids at the playground, walking while listening to the sound of cars and bomb sales coming from the mart speakers, and the feeling of the sun and wind hitting my face. In $EastDaegu, and in the education room, we supplement our usual lack of sleep. Oh, my neck, my back.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.04.02 22:19

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  • a weekend evening


    U.S. steak meat from the mart, Blanc from somewhere in the house, and a baseball-shaped beer glass that I bought in spite of my wife's eyes. Rice and Donkatsu sauce. My wife, who watched me in the room for a long time snooping about dinner, said, "Wow. There's nothing but meat dishes. Did you make a fuss about this?' And then they give you a big mouthful of praise. Uh, honey, that's just a little salt on the meat, but what happened to your tongue after drinking? $EastDaegu, Chef Jjapagetti for lunch today, Mashlin Steakhouse Chef for dinner.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.31 20:08

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  • Maronier and Frizia


    The weather is nice and the street truck is selling Frizzia cheaply. 2,000 won for a bunch. What if you buy two pairs of flowers? On the kitchen table, we'll smell the spring in the house for a week or two. The first song that comes to mind is "Cocktail Love." The group that showed the reggae vibe against the beach on TV when I was in a dizzying mood. My car will ring Marronier's cocktail love on the way to and from work for a while I' $EastDaegu It's spring.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.27 14:10

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  • 포니픽업


    포니2 픽업트럭을 아시나요. 길 가다 신호대기중에 마주친 차량입니다. 화물칸에 실린 미니크레인의 전화번호마저도 출고 당시의 전화번호인듯 네자리 지역번호가 찍혀있네요. 혹시 한국판 브라운 박사가 한국판 마티 맥플라이를 데리고 한국판 드로리안을 몰고 시간을 거슬러 온 것이 아닌가 잠시 망상에 잠겨봅니다. $EastDaegu. 신호가 바뀐 뒤, 전체 모습은 눈으로만 담았습니다.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.26 15:39

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  • Twice a day.


    A letter to you. Twice a day, you also refer to the correct time for batteries that converge on an internal capacity of 0. You've got your own gift, so you've set up a place in the bathroom, not in the trash bin, but because of my insistence that you don't need any time in the bathroom, you always have only the dull batteries after going through electronics and TV remotes. You are the one who tells me that you can dictate something with a cold passion. You always wobbly between twelve and forty-five and forty-two seconds. I'm sorry. I'll put in a new battery soon. $EastDaegu Don't wash your child on weekends. Cheung.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.24 14:57

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  • Saturday to the General Support Center for Child Care.


    It is located in the western part of Daegu. It's a clean, well-managed public kids cafe. And the library's stuck together, just like a weekend. $EastDaegu Why didn't I have a place like this when I was growing up?

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.23 14:51

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  • Friday, when will you come?


    A beer I had with my friend one Friday night. Looking at the crowds flowing out of the window beyond the fake cherry blossoms, I suddenly feel like I've been sharing it with my friends while looking at the handsome girls at different tables everywhere. Friday will come again if we pass today. It's a long week for me. $EastDaegu Friday! Come quickly!

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.21 10:28

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  • 안경


    안경을 바꿀 때가 되었습니다. 시력을 측정한 뒤, 가제트나 로보캅이 쓸 것 같은 측정용 안경에 렌즈를 이리저리 꽂아 어떤 게 잘 보이는지 묻는 말에 힘겹게 대답을 합니다. 끝났다는 말을 듣고선 렌즈처방이 끝날 때까지 소파에 앉아 기다립니다. 초점이 맞지 않는 카메라로 보는 세상. 남들은 눈에 선천적으로 타고난 단렌즈만 달고도 잘 사는데 눈관리에 게을렀던 죄로 천연렌즈 위에 두꺼운 인공렌즈를 달고 삽니다. $EastDaegu. 주문한 안경을 사나흘 지나서 받으면 적응하는데 또 사나흘이 걸리겠네요.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.18 23:25

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  • Paralysis Jung


    It's spring. Mijajeong Mural Village near the Daegu Fire & Marine Insurance Recreation Forest, where I visited with my family. It took about 15 minutes to get into the village because it was hard to get into the village, but it was fine because of a warm spring family picnic. It's just that you can walk on a cozy country road. $EastDaegu All you can do in town is walk, eat, take a picture.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.18 09:44

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  • a front mountain


    a midnight mountain in front of Daegu It's strange that the name of the mountain is the mountain in front of you, but I feel like I'm getting used to it. On a chilly spring night, the sky in Daegu without fine dust is very clear and transparent. In the red moonlight, Daegu residential area is very bright and bright. $EastDaegu After a long time, I almost got altitude sickness at 600 meters due to lack of oxygen.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.14 22:12

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  • Past


    I've been living thinking of the 21st century as the future, but it's already become the past. The 21st century guy was almost 20 years old, too. In the meantime, I think the past has gone by, given that toys that I used to play with when I was young are sold out in a folk village souvenir. I grabbed my child's hand and went to Daso and stared blankly. Then, Heli Hyesung, which appears every 80 years, will soon be...

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.13 00:05

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  • likely to show up for the Prince of Persia.


    It's Woljeonggyo Bridge in Gyeongju. This passage leads to Namsan Mountain and Poseokjeong from Wolseong, the royal palace of Silla. It is the bridge of love passed by Wonhyo during the Silla Dynasty to meet Princess Yoseok, and the bridge of sorrow passed by when the troops invaded Silla. According to records, there were even the mid and late Goryeo Periods. The bridge, which was once cut off, was almost finished with a lot of money. There have been words that say that the ancient times are wrong or that the wooden materials are mostly North American, and that the meaning of restoration has faded, but many people are already looking for it. As I heard somewhere before, Silla architecture was influenced a lot by the Tang Dynasty, which is similar to the architectural style that remains in Japan today. Rather than cursing at the reason why it's so dark while restoring it to the Tang Dynasty, I became obsessed with Dancheong (song, Ming Dynasty style) to make it look like a Joseon style (Song, Ming Dynasty style) with safety bread. The pavilion is also equipped with pavilion at the pier point and end point, so you can take pictures using subtle lighting when you go up the stairs. I went to the movies at night and all the people standing in the bars looked like movie stars. $EastDaegu It's like a scene from a Persian prince. princemegahit

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.12 05:26

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  • a fishing scene


    It was nice to see. To share the same hobby. From a distance, it looked like a scene in a fairy tale. It reminds me of the river flowing through. But after the couple left, I went to the water, and the smell of rotten sluice made my nose swim like a spoonful of raw beef. Yes, it's something else if you look up close. The smell was '60 minutes' long. $EastDaegu Life is a movie from a distance, and a scene from a close perspective.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.09 21:38

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  • Alokdalok


    Oh, that was what I had to get up from where I had to stop drinking when I looked so clear, bright and bright! $EastDaegu I was sitting down and talking about the weather. Why am I lying at home and the sun in the middle of the sky?

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.09 08:57

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  • Alleys


    The alley is always beautiful. You don't go into alleys anymore, and you don't get into strange alleys because you drive most of the time. I'm afraid I'll get scratched if I don't want to go in there. I don't think so when I was a kid. The alleys were all playgrounds and conversation spaces. Except for the commercial alley of Gyeongju Hwangridan, Daegu Bongridan, Tongyeong Dongpirang, there is no time to meet. I took a picture of the alley and sky I met on a summer day when I was walking around downtown Daegu. It looks different from the picture now. $EastDaegu The first picture is Son Hee-ji's alley, and the second picture is a picture I took. I miss the clear sky and the clouds. I just want to shout. "Let's make it! Let's be angry!"

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.07 22:29

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  • a singularity read by a singular.


    It was so difficult that I read it and covered it up. It's Ray Kurzweil's book, The Advantage. If you use Jeongseok math, you only saw the table of contents, the collection, and the subject matter, but I read it anyway. ---------- When on earth will you come? Looking at the evolution and technological progress so far, we have repeatedly said that the development graph is not y=ax+b, but y=ax^b+c. The theme is that there are unimaginable developments and changes just around the corner, and we will enjoy richness that we don't have to work. No matter how advanced AI and machines are, people who don't work and can't expect proper productivity, we're going to have a world where we don't have to pay for nothing but free consumption? Will my life be utopia, matrix, Inception or Serogate, or future boy Conan or Terminator? Let's say it's a book that gives you a chance to imagine in many ways. ---------- I read it, and I flipped it in my notebook, and I searched for him. Many of the predictions he made in the field were right. Still, doubts remain. $EastDaegu A bottle that sleeps while reading a thick book doesn't come with a cure.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.06 13:42

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  • a computer for people


    I have a lot of work to do, but if I try to do something, I get an error and reboot. The security programs seem to be twisted into an error. I don't know why. I'm tired of waiting for a reboot, so I go to the bathroom, touch my phone, talk to my friends. It's better than AlphaGo. $EastDaegu Oh, thank you. Thank you. What a cute thing. Eri!

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.05 02:22

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  • blossom


    The flowers are in bloom. Under the haze of the air, honeybees fly around the plum flowers. I guess spring is coming. We drive to the outskirts of the city. The cherry trees have water droplets of eyes. The next time you're on this road, it must be a cherry blossom tunnel. In a mass of white air, spring has come. The first flare of spring was fired. $EastDaegu The second sign of spring is a thin coat and miniskirt that are seen out of the car window during signal waiting. Ugh.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.03 22:03

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  • Enjoy eating brown bread


    If you go to Gyeongju, you will find bakeries in heaven, which threaten the traditional strongman Hwangnam Bread, and Juryeong Bread, who was once kicked out to the periphery after growing up. And the racebreads, which were apparently not there two years ago, suddenly appeared with the 'taste of tradition' on the marquee. These days, Hwangri-Dan-gil dessert cafes threaten all the above breads. I've tried Gyeongju Jjamppang, but it's the most delicious piece of bread that you can buy separately from Hwangnam Bbang. I think it's more because I like the feeling of eating after blowing the bread out of the oven when it's hot beyond the warmth. When I buy the whole box, I open the lid, open the cover of paper and take it out one by one, and it feels like I'm forgetting what I have as a gift, so I feel really uncomfortable. "How to Enjoy Yellow Bread: Buy milk, green tea, or Americano in advance on your way. I bought it separately from Hwangnam Bread and brought it into the car on the envelope. After Haha Lake, we eat with the party while doing a sizzle. Then I go back down and buy some bread for the present and go back home." If you feel like you're hungry with Hwangnam Bbang alone, go to the place across the street where Gyeongju-style haenjangguk restaurants are gathered. It is also good to have a bowl of race-style sea burial soup or seonji soup with buckwheat and kimchi. The place where you ate may have been once occupied by poet Park Mok-wol or writer Kim Dong-ri. By the way, according to Karder Sled, who was not sure about the fact, after the death of founder Choi Young-oh, Hwang Nam-bbang split into two pieces due to inheritance. Hwangnam Bread in Alley-gil, where his eldest son succeeded, is currently in business as the best bread (formerly known as Gyeongju Hwangnam Bbang, but now it seems that he is not using the name because of trademark issues), and the rest of his sons made Hwangnam Bread. Since the location of Choi Movie Bread is not far from Hwangnam Bread, comparing the two breads would be a delicious experience. $EastDaegu, if the parking lot is full, if there are too many people waiting, or if it bothers you, just buy it anywhere....

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.03 01:09

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