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  • My dad had a drink.


    I heard you're pretty. chasing after the children take a picture I'm gonna have to do some sea burial. #dog #odd #cats #publyto #catogram #catstagram #publitto #turkishangora #Arrowi

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  • Seafood Galbi Steamed in Mapo


    Finish the class early. It's drizzling. I'm desperate for a drink... with a friend in attendance I'm going to him. And as soon as I met him, he didn't tell me where to go. He's just taking her. abalone alive with its rich appearance I can't help but drink. First thing I eat in my life. Posting. Eliminate pre-eating photos Pubble, I've changed my life. Admit it!

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  • Pretty Arnie Arrya


    only my dad's It's a pretty ari. He's scared. He's wary. to others They don't allow access. He's the only one who looks at him. There's a video of Arry and Arro in the back. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • Arro's asleep.


    I'm so sleepy. He's not responding very much. I don't think he's strong enough. You're sick. I was a little worried. I'm just sleepy. I feel sad when I wake up. If the kids aren't active, I'm worried about you. Scratch, scratch, scratch. have a good time You can run, you can run I don't know if he's crazy. I do. But I still feel healthy. It's better. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • I just wanted to take a pretty video.


    There's a fight. These guys, their dads, I came in late to see if I could make money. I fought in front of my dad. a flutter You are pretty To my father's eyes, Dyasug. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • friendly with a duck


    Children You must be sleepy. Arro goes into the tunnel and sleeps. She's like she's nodding in front of me. I'm trying to get some attention from Arry. It bothers Arry. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • splitting bankbook

    Personal Finance

    My month It's about sharing spending plans and bank accounts. at each bank account We've divided them up for different purposes. I live alone, so I don't have any money to pay for. I'm putting in some pills. If you put in the deposit 50 times a month again, It's due. Shall I buy an Ios? And insurance. 2 cancer insurance, real insurance, pension insurance And other insurance. I'm preparing for all kinds of bad situations. I had a separate travel account. Are you not going to travel now? My mom's got a little pocket money. My mom gets a lot of money from her older brothers. just by and by. This is my monthly spending of 400 basis points. (My income changes from time to time.) Mr. Green juice, I have an event to post.

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  • Mother's plants


    My mom's home. Usually once every two or three weeks, I'm stopping by my mom's house. What you're doing here after dinner in one's after breakfast That's all. but if I go there Even so. My mom's gonna feel better. This is a picture of my mother's plants at home. Back in my good old days, I sold it myself. Aloewa compact And every single one of them gets me ground. with a little bit of my heart in it They're the painters. I mean, even in my old house. I grew a lot of plants, and they made me look like a flower garden. I have an enemy. Now it's just soil and potting. It's in the corner. Oh, it's not like this. This isn't what I meant to write. old memories haunt me I'm going to my house now. Aroari is thirsty. I think I'll be waiting. I'm in a hurry.

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  • be glitzy


    It's a bright emerald color. Something's clear, even more. I think lightening is very important. Arro again today I'm gonna give you a lovely look. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • spring flowers


    I don't know his name. flowers blooming on the side of the road If someone had removed the weeds, It's a flower I've never seen. The flowers bloomed without power. I felt sorry for myself. She's so pretty. Why do you look so weak? My heart is weak. Do those flowers look weak too? Looking at those flowers. I look into myself again.

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  • 망Mangmout


    Together It's in a tunnel. Your eyes are pretty. It's cute. I'm not sleeping in peace. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • Aro that lives on his father's head.


    Once you get on it, He's not thinking about going down. It's the only area I can't reach.Hah! Wipe your hands. in one's sleep You look very comfortable, don' Burned for more than 10 minutes It's hard. It's heavy. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • Arry, who flies after his father's attack.


    Arro Arro? Singing for me, I'm sorry. Dad trying to attract Arro's attention. Maybe it's because he's careless? I was attacked by Arry. After the attack I don't know if I can't get away with it. Only the flying back. I got caught on camera. in the face of an attack My father was always there. I love these guys. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • Can I get some pictures?


    Hey, today's picture is I like it. His eyes are alive. Clear eyes. Pretty Aroiale #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • everyday pictures


    Aroari. Spend some time with the kids. Take a picture. You look pretty. I've got some creepy faces. There's a lot of things. I like everything. Stay healthy. (You don't have to study. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • Dirty Daddy Hands


    To be clean. a neat licking of arizzles Thank you. Thank you. I'm sick of it if you keep going. It's like a sandpaper. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • You look comfortable.


    This post is being posted at this time. My dad's falling asleep, too. It's pretty warm today. It's hot in the car. Air-conditioning. I'm sleepy. Arro looks comfortable in the world. looking at that You're happy, too. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • muzzle ari boat


    Arie's belly is soft. Usually, they're just a bunch with a wary, sensitive personality or expose one's belly to others. I don't allow you to touch it. The area I'm afraid of is a ship. but Our Arry is I'm not gonna let you touch your belly. I love it so much. You're lying in front of me with a ballast. He's staring at me. I need you to touch my stomach. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • I'd like to have a lot of hearts.


    ♡♡♡ In the pub, we're going to get 툭툭에서는 하트를 It's good at Devil's. In Karma, we're going to have a Uptobot. Please send me a lot. Aroari's waiting. Get lots of hearts. New Cat Tower Gazoo!!! #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • I have a knee today.


    Today's knee-jerk arroyo On my dad's lap. Doesn't it look so comfortable?Hah! You look comfortable. My dad's still in the swing of things.Hah! I'm not too much. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • Come down. 쫌ᄒ


    Aro's on his shoulder. in a fix Just press the camera shutter. You're gonna come up here, I'm coming to see you. Even if you're telling me to go down, Let's go. I think it's convenient. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • 3 videos in one shot


    I brought out a new toy. He's got a lot of energy. It's very powerful. He's very strong. go to bed after all the time toss one's body around There was Arry in the back, but she was fired. 툭툭 To participate in CBT events I put chur on the soju bottle. Both of them came to the direction. He was interested in the disease. You did a good job. Arro was drinking in the back. No. I think it's better than I thought. LOL #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • an expression of infinite expression


    This is the first time I've ever looked at him. I've taken it. I'm just a little curious. It's a look of surprise. It's not easy to capture. There's a lot of facial expressions for the dudes. on one's face I can feel their feelings. I can feel it. The pets we've been living with for years. I think the person who's here will be able to relate to^^ #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • How long are you gonna lick your hands?


    I'm looking at Arro. I'm starting to wash my hands. It won't stop. You're scrubbing too hard. Arroya You can stop it. if you're tired of You're sleeping. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • 툭툭Event Winning


    툭툭Coffee and Aroa Thank you for your coffee. Thank you. I heard the news of the event late. You're making a fuss about it, aren't you? Winning I just came home and I saw you in front of the front door! I don't know if Aroari is good. Welcome. I hope you drink well. Who is Argo and who is Arry? #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • It's so hot. It's so hot.


    It's a lazy thing. Lie down. I'm looking at my dad.Hah! I think I'm falling asleep. Our Arrynian in the heat Do you have a fever? It's hot. I'm sure you'll get some sleep.Haha Good night, Ariya. Purple, good night! #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • ♡Aroial♡


    Good morning. Morning! Aroa I can't see you sitting there. Even the way you're sleeping. too much They're lovely children.^^ #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • a plastic bag and aro


    The delivery food is here. with the contents on top I flipped the bag down. Arrotica We're going in, we'reHaha The white guy's in a white bag. How pretty it is to be inside. All the time you've been eating, you've been in there. I didn't see him. Please look pretty.^^ #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • fight violently


    Right in front of my dad. I'm trying to make you sing it's Ignore him. Is it only good for you?Hah! My dad came here after looking at the flowers. I'll let you go. #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

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  • I'm here to see the flowers (event.


    the magnolia in front of the house Five minutes from home, There's a danghyoncheon. Cherry blossoms on both sides of the road It's in full bloom. There are carp in the Tanghyeon Stream. I couldn't put it on the screen. as the day got warmer A lot of people are out for a walk. There's a video at the end. Take a look. I think it's a good place to live in.^^

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