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  • Proposal of Token Compensation Policy Using Collective Intelligence


    The question of how blockchain-based SNS allocates the percentage of rewards for activity and content uploads and for queuing seems to result in "more rewards for the authors' efforts to focus on content uploads" or "more rewards for the investment risks of investors who have invested heavily in their own funds." In every investment market, there has always been a debate about self-boating or cross-boating since Stimet, because I can end up in Kryptosin, where the volatility of P (value of assets = P X Q) is very high, by increasing the amount of capital I have invested on the basis of Q. In this article, I would like to leave out the issue of the compensation ratio for author compensation vs. curating compensation, and I would like to suggest a personal opinion that I have considered how limited author compensation can be allocated more efficiently and effectively. Before the full-fledged proposal, I would like to say that this kind of compensation policy also needs to be supplemented further because it could cause another problem, such as "small boat fixing" and "Abeoring using an automatic boatbot," as foreign friends are doing in the Karma ecosystem. If you have a better idea, it would be nice if you could suggest a more efficient proposal or a supplement.^^ What I'd like to propose is a token reward policy that leverages collective intelligence in the community. In Stimit, but in the end, users selected by so-called "whale" token holders who hold huge tokens, or those token holders, are most likely to self-boost themselves, and the whale is the most profitable and the relative deprivation of other users. Because a small number of whales have a much more powerful boat power than hundreds or thousands of plankton, content that many users sympathize with is often quietly buried. So, "The more active users get the boat, the more rewards they get," is the starting point for this idea. For example, consider the following situations: Today, only four people -- A, B, C and D -- uploaded posts, and they received thank-you notes: - A: 2,000,000 INK (received from 10 people) - B : 10,000 INK (received from two waffles including self-boating) - C : 600,000 INK (received from 30 people) - D : 7,400,000 INK (received from 8 people) In this situation, let's say we have 40,000 PUBTOKEN REWORDs assigned to today's Posting REWords. The PUB tokens received from A to D are as follows when complying with the current standard (not quite sure about the exact current compensation calculation formula). - A : 40,000 x (2,000/20,000,000) = 4,000 PUB - B : 40,000 x (100,000/20,000,000) = 20,000 PUB - C : 40,000 x (600,000/20,000,000) = 1,200 PUB - D : 40,000 x (7400,000/20,000,000) = 14,800 PUB ※ Here, 20,000,000 is the sum of INK received from A to D. However, if you apply a nominal Community Collective Intelligence Index to determine compensation, you can: Let's assume that the reward quantity is 40,000 as shown above. CCII denominator = (22,000,000 x 10) + (10,000 x 2) + (600,000 x 30) + (740,000 x 8) = 117,200,000 CCII Index by User - A : (22,000,000 x 10) / 117,200,000 = 17.06% - B : (100,000 x 2) / 117,200,000 = 17.06% - C : (600,000 x 30) / 117,200,000 = 15.36% - D : (7400,000 x 8) / 117,200,000 = 50.52% Therefore, the reward from A to D is - A : 40,000 x 17.06% = 6,824 PUB - B : 40,000 x 17.06% = 6,824 PUB - C : 40,000 x 15.36% = 6,144 PUB - D : 40,000 x 50.52% = 20,288 PUB In the end, the amount of dungtsink itself was small, but the A, C and D, which received more thanks from more people, received more compensation than before, and the quantity of dungsink was higher, but B, who received thanks from a few whales, got less than before. However, this method of calculating method has a fatal drawback that can cause problems such as unintended community collusion among countries that speak a particular language, adoring by creating multi-accounts and utilizing boatbots, and small boat fixing. If you have a better idea to solve these problems, I would like you to come up with more ideas. :)

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  • the story of a small town


    Once upon a time there was a village full of fertile rice paddies and fields, where everyone lived well in abundance and peace. Located in a sunny place, the village boasted fertile land, warm sunshine, moderate temperatures, and weather that were so good for crops to grow, but most of all, it was full of abundant varieties that no other village could see, as each member grew their own know-how with much affection on the crops. Then one day, a man who has been to a faraway neighborhood said, "I've learned a new method of cultivation that I've never seen before from a neighboring village, and it's a great technology," and he suggested that we apply this new technology to make our village a more affluent one. The first thing Mr. Park started with was to spend a lot of money to buy rice paddies and fields for his neighbors. I didn't have enough money, but I was convinced that it was a really good technology and a technology that would lead my village to become more affluent, so I could borrow a penny or two from my friends around me and have such a large piece of land. The day of the first harvest is just around the corner. Clearly, the crops that Mr. Kong learned from the techniques that he grew did not require much people's hands, but they were of better quality and better yield. Mr. Kong's crops, which are good taste and cheaper, have become very popular with the villagers, so Mr. Park has become a celebrity who has made our town a more affluent town, and he continues to expand his land with the money he earns. The representative specialty and pride of our village is cabbage. Uncle Dong, who has the widest cabbage patch in our village, is the best gold medalist and asset-maker. In fact, he was born into one of the richest families in Daeson Village and liked to hold occasional feasts and to give out delicious food to his neighbors. However, I was worried that there was no effective way to deal with the disease after two years of famine. Mr. Dong saw the cabbages growing in his field grow well without any problems, and he wondered what the new technology he had learned. Dong's uncle takes over the fields next door with the money he has been saving so hard. In fact, I was convinced that it would work really well because I saw a great harvest of Mr. Kong's this time So, the specialty of our village, cabbage, has tripled in production compared to last year, and while it is cheap, the taste is so good that the people in the remote neighborhood have come and bought it, too, and Gong and Dong are sitting on the money cushion. The two men, eager to expand their businesses, continued to expand their businesses with the goal of making our town one of the most famous "bachu villages" in the country. Our village was crowded with many customers from outside, and Mr. Che, the fruit merchant, became very rich. When I think about that time, it seemed like our village would be full of rich and happy things. About two years later, the crisis came to our village, where cabbage harvests seemed to make us happy. In fact, many of the rice fields in our village have been changed into fields, and the production of rice has started to fall sharply due to lack of arable land, and some birds have had to buy and eat rice from the next village, and the neighboring village has raised the price of rice by saying that there is not enough for the villagers. To make matters worse, the quality of cabbages produced this year has been poor for two years in a row, and Gong and Dong recorded huge deficits. I tried to sell the cabbage with a big cut in the price of it, but it was also not easy. In the end, growing crops in our village, where the balance of crops has been falling and productivity has been falling dramatically, has become too difficult, and last month, Uncle Jung, a tea farmer, moved to the southern village. And this month, Shin, who was the only man in town who was farming alone, is moving to his hometown. And today is the day my family moved to Gangwon-do. Our village, which was a very ungrateful place, Where did it go wrong?

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  • Mystroth, who's been in love with me these days.


    I don't usually watch TV very well and I don't like TV Chosun, but I've been into it lately and I've been listening to it. It's a contest program for aspiring trot singers called "Mistro." Ever since I was a kid, I've been saying things like, "Trot will never like me," and "I don't know why I like a genre like Trot," and I've always had quite a negative preconception about the genre of music, which I think has completely destroyed my preconceptions. There's an unknown singer named Hongja who is in the spotlight with an applicant named Song Ja, who boasts a near-perfect singing ability, and the song's vibrations are something that has never been felt on any program. There are of course individual differences among the listeners, but I dare say that the stage I'm showing as an individual, not as a team, was better than any stage I've ever heard of. It is said that depending on the so-called rise or failure of the entertainment industry, some become billionaires, others suffer from hardships in life and have to continue their work, but the genre "trot" is said to have more serious characteristics. It's not like being called a non-major singer or a B-list singer, but it's a stigma of being forced to listen to the words "night stage singer," "mother-in-the-wool singer" and "unknown as there aren't many. Many of the contestants came out to gain recognition, but many of the participants in the contest are still on their way despite their hard times, so the quality of the stage is very high. If you have time someday, I hope you will listen to the three songs, "Vinari," "Compliance," and "Love Really," which Hongja sang once. I sincerely support all those who have been walking silently through the hardships of life in an invisible place.

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  • EK Cup, start!


    Yesterday (April 23rd, Tuesday) The 1st Iosnitz Cup from 21:00 p.m.Cup) The competition has started. With a total of 250 EOSs at stake in the prize money, Iosnitz, which was being left unattended as an RPG game, is showing great vitality after a long time. Rewards are as follows: - Item production prize: 50 EOS if the Supreme Prosecutors' Office (two levels reinforced) is the first to produce a sword that defies death. - High Level Reach Money: 10 EOSs from 1st to 20th place, respectively, which reached the highest level based on the end of the competition. - All participants: Magic water as many floors as reached (up to 1,000) All users are on the same line, and only Magic Water is available. And even if you're flirting, there's actually no profit to expect from using 10 EOS or higher, so there's more than 600 users who enjoy the game. It is a well-planned event that users of charge-free (or small-fee) can produce a variety of high-end items through high-layer ingredients and invigorate the community by stimulating users' competitive spirit. Personally, I think it's good to let everyone get more magic water from the next competition. Later, there are more than 60,000 Magic Waters required for level-up, but I don't know if 1,000 of them are too small for the participation prize. Hahaha Anyways, if you're playing Ios Knights, you'll have to take your magic desk as a contestant because the EOS prize money can be a mental and physical struggle. :)

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  • become a paid member of Medium


    As of yesterday, I became a paid member of Medium by paying for a year's membership. I've been using the medium for free without thinking about it, and yesterday I read another Publisher article and I got a message saying, "We've exceeded the number of free content per month." It's only now dawned on me that every month there was a limited number of content available to free members in the medium. I'm reading really good quality articles, and I don't hesitate to pay a year's membership fee because many of Kryptosin's projects are using Medium as their official blog. I don't see many Korean publishers in the medium yet. (For Korean users, medium is still a very unfamiliar platform.) Nevertheless, I think the power to make payments without hesitation is "many good articles full of good insights and good contents." If you're a reader of many articles, you'll agree to a certain amount of revenue being sown to publishers who are working hard on good content, and the membership fee for that doesn't seem to be a waste. Still, Korea is a country that does not support stripe, which is a medium-sized partner program payment system. So if you're not a Korean resident abroad, you can't sign up for the "Medium Partner Program," a program run by Medium for the profit-sharing of good writers. Neighboring Japan already supports the payment of Star Life, but we hope to include Korea someday. If we start to include our country, we expect many good writers to move to the medium platform. Then, do you have any special privileges for medium paid members? In fact, there's nothing more than a service to listen to what you're reading, or a feature that's so compelling that you can create your own series of mobile versions. In addition to that, if you clap the good posts of other publishers, you can send them a reword like Stimit, but I'm not sure how it works. Anyway, since I became a member of the membership, which has no limit on the number of content accessible per month, I should try to find and read more articles hard:)

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  • Dumplings are love.


    On April 11, we opened an online store at a coffee shop where people like me who are not sensitive to coffee and know little about coffee can instantly feel the difference in taste. I already took a coffee man's lecture at the coffee shop in Bundang, and I tried it myself. I bought the beans right there and ate them. So I ordered TOOKTOOK Blend without hesitation from the coffee online store. - 온라인Coffee Online store Especially, if I pay with TOOK Token, I can buy coffee at a much lower price than the current price, so I ordered it through TOOK payment instead of by credit card. For example, if you are a member of the online store and make a payment using TOOK Token, you can get a coupon from the coffee shop and make a purchase at a very low price, so you have to pay for the delivery separately. Clearly, the scent of coffee beans spreading as soon as you open the package is really impressive. As you can see in the picture above, the color of the beans is more like black beans purchased at traditional cafes, while the color of the coffee is bright brown. If you'd like a nice cup of fresh beans or like a hand-drip coffee, we'd like to encourage you to try the 툭툭 coffee. Some of you might think it's too expensive for your capacity, but I can assure you that it won't cost you any money! I'm going to have to write and have another drink:)

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  • Demail Beta Service Open!


    The beta service of the email I just introduced in a post called "dMail now instead of email?" (https://publicto.com/posts/14459) has been opened. Now, anyone who owns a 12-digit Ios Mainnet account can send and receive mail with a simple login via the scanner desktop. (Please submit your application by beta tester before you experience mail in person, and you will receive 1,000 MAIL tokens for mail transfer on your email platform.) - Information on how to sign up for beta testing: https://steemit.com/eosio/@donekim/1554821742855-eos-inside------dmail - Link to the mail platform: https://dmail.co If you have submitted an application by beta tester but cannot send a message due to a delay in receiving MAILTOK, please leave my account address (@donekim) or comment (EOSMINET's 12-digit account name) and I will send you an email from your email to that account. If you receive an email, you can send one MAILTOKEN at the same time, so you can send it to others! Now, let's exchange emails on EOS blockchain instead of email. :)

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  • I read a lot and bought a lot.


    (It's not an event entry.) I read Theo's book, "You've been following PUB!" event posting, and I've counted how many blockchain-related books I've been reading and how much I've bought. If you're not a developer, in fact, if you read a book about blockchain, you'll find complicated terms, and you'll often have headaches that run into unfamiliar concepts, so you'll find that the books you've been reading have been compiled in some way in Typora, but when they start piling up, they seem to be a solid asset. How many blockchain-related books are there on the market, including bitcoin? There are about 1,000 books in Naver Book that come out with the keyword "blockchain," and there are about 300 books in the fourth industrial revolution, except for the "buy bitcoin if you want to make money" books. Among the books on the market, I read them. I borrowed from the library and read 51 volumes 51. I opened the bookstore for a while and thought it was worth watching, so I bought 38 books and 89 books altogether. I think it would be nice to buy 11 more books as soon as possible and fill in 100 books at the rate of 51:49. Hahaha I think I'm used to blockchain technology, which was so unfamiliar because of my hard work, but the more I really study, the more I give up on it. For those of you who might be wondering, I'd like to personally recommend some of the books in the picture. - Beginners: blockchain, easy-to-know blockchain - Beginner: Cryptographic currency without alien language, impact of blockchain - Intermediate: Blockchain revolution, bitcoin phenomenon blockchain 2.0, future unregulated, truss machine. In fact, besides me, there are a lot of good books like "The Money Revolution," "After the Secret Money," and "Unresolved Problems of Blockchain." If you're thinking of buying a relevant book, I'd like to give you a tip. Not many of the books that contain the word "investment," or "a book with a sum of 10 million won, a billion won," are nutritious. (Of course, I can read it without any pressure.)

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  • A Story of Two Blockchain Experienced


    Let me introduce you to Dimitar Dzureenov, CEO of InfiniteXLab and a pounder of EOS Bulgaria, who has blockchain development experience on both Eodrium and Ios platforms, in his medium. Dimitar Dzhureenov runs InfiniteXLabs, a blockchain technology development and consulting firm, and has had about a year and a half of experience in the blockchain industry since the summer of 2017, and compares the two platforms cheerfully based on his own experience of experiencing the two networks. #1. Smart Shack [Ethereum] Smart apps in Etherium are written in Solidity. Developed by the Etherium Development Team, this programming language uses phrases very similar to JavaScript. Therefore, for JavaScript developers, Solicitis can be quickly understood. Unfortunately, I find it hard to say the good thing about it. Currently, the Solicitis language continues to be developed, and many important functions are missing. This complicates the core development process. From my experience, it was difficult to develop smart apps in Ederium. [Ios (EOS)] On the other hand, the smart phone in EOS is written in C++. As a developer, I prefer that language is already established. C++ already has over 30 years of history, forming a huge community of developers, and it's easy to find a lot of information on the Internet. It is much easier to create smart apps in EOS than to create smart ones in E.D. With many of the features available on C++, you can quickly and easily create high-quality smart apps. Many developers misunderstand that memory management or allocation should be concerned, but it is not. C++ makes it easier to create more complex and massive applications. This is a really important part of the development process. #2. Protocol Etherium was the first blockchain to introduce smart apps to the world. This was a historical and essential step forward for mass response of blockchain after bitcoin. But being the first isn't always the best. Etherium and Ios do not want to compare the two protocols from a developer's perspective because they use different consensus algorithms. I think it's more appropriate to address the features that the development process provides. Along with the EOSIO protocol, Block One has a really cool set of features: accounts and permissions. These features are very useful to use as the basic building blocks for creating and implementing more complex logic, from corporate-level authorization models to smart apps, security, and updates. #3. Development tools [Ethereum] Developers without development tools can do nothing. Developers all want to work in a fast and easy-to-develop environment. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tools to help you develop the Etherium, from starting a local blockchain node with JavaScript to testing smart apps. One of the most famous things in Etherium is the truffle. If you haven't heard of the truffle yet, you must check it out. [Ios (EOS)] Just a few months ago, Ios didn't have the cool tools that Etherium developers had. Starting a local EOS node was not an easy task, and there was no option to test the unit with JavaScript on the smart apps on the EOS. But as the developer community grows so fast, amazing tools continue to be available. Soon Etherium will have to compete with Ios' growth. This is how our development framework, the Troupe of Iderium, was born. (You can test the EOS Smart Shock with JavaScript.) I have a year and a half experience in developing blockchain in Iderium and I am well aware of the many challenges that developers face. After about a year of development at EOS, I realized that I was facing serious competition. If you need to use the same application in Idleness and Ios, it's much easier and faster. We need to keep this in mind.

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  • REX's EOS Mainnet is ready for launch!


    Everyone is ready to launch their long-awaited EOS Mainnet! EOS Authority, which is in charge of Code Review and Reliability testing at REX, announced that all tests had ended about three hours ago and formally proposed a proposal to deploy REX on the EOS Mainnet. It's been about three weeks since the stable REX version for the last test was released on March 29, 2019. Only the EOS Mainnet now has approval for the final launch. # What is the next procedure? The REX deployment requires the approval of at least 15 BPs out of 21 active block processors, as is the case with all system changes on the EOS. Here are three steps for the final deployment of REX on the EOS Mainnet: 1 First step: Proposal for creating an eosio.rex account 2 Second step: Proposal to update eosio.token Explicit 3rd step: REX Smart Compound Load Up The proposal for the first and second phase is currently officially proposed. As of now, we're writing the posting, the first one is for nine BPs, the second one is for two BPs, and the current trend is that it's going to be approved very quickly. # REX is coming! The launch of REX's EOS Mainnet is really close. Of course, in order to make the incentives that token holders who have staked EOS native tokens and voted for governance through REX a sustainable model in the long term, they need to agree to include in the REX pool, and to discuss whether to take advantage of some of the inflation. But I think it's time for the community to take a really long wait, and now with REX, to lay the foundation for governance, a truly warm environment that we've been waiting for so long.

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  • The decision to close the much talked-about, much-troubled Coinest Exchange

    Crypto Currency

    Coinest, once called the Tron Exchange, Quantum Exchange and Neo Exchange, has been closed about two years after its CEO and executives failed to overcome the crisis caused by the conviction of embezzlement and fraud. It has already been a year since CEO KimOO and executives were arrested by the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office on charges of embezzlement and fraud. Coinest was found guilty of siphoning off about 33.6 billion won in customer deposits into a personal account for the first time in the nation's cryptocurrency exchange history, and because of its bottom-up customer confidence, the closure of the exchange must have been expected because it has been virtually dead for the past year. According to the Cognest's end-of-service notice, "The change and movement of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries measured at this point in time reached the thought that the coinest philosophy and passion alone could not respond, so far, so we decided to terminate the service," but in fact, there would have been no clients who had their valuable assets placed on the exchange where executives stood up and touched by the customer reserve. Coinest said it will only support cryptocurrency and won withdrawals until 17:00 p.m. on June 30, 2019 before the end of the service. If you have any cryptocurrency or coins in your bank, please don't forget to retrieve the remaining. The CEO and executive of Coinest were fined 4 billion won and 3 billion won, respectively, and another trial is still under way on charges of taking hundreds of millions of won worth of cryptocurrency in exchange for providing convenience in the process of listing cryptocurrency. It is said that it is estimated to have earned more than 45 billion won from false transactions, and it is heartbreaking to see that such blamelessness is punished and that the damage is ultimately passed on to other employees and customers.

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  • An event full of agony from the person in charge

    Crypto Currency

    From today on, Shinchun literature on the(hanbitco.com) exchange began "suddenly." Looking at the image of the event filled with the agony of Hanbitco employees, I was thinking that if you give them a little bit of a gag with a feeling of fullness, you'll be able to escape the stress and pressure. So I'm going to take part in the event with the maximum amount I can do. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ :) Many of your friends have such brilliant and brilliant ideas, so be sure to join us! <Hanbitco Sinchun Literary Arts> (1) Public offering schedule: 16 April to 28 April 2019. (2) Public offering: Short poem or N event with materials related to coin or cryptocurrency (3) Criteria for screening: Anyone who can make employees laugh or sympathize with them (4) Prize money - Gold Prize (5 people): 100,000 won in Shinsegae gift certificates. - Silver Prize (8 people): 80,000 won for Shinsegae gift certificates. - Statue (10 people): Chicken Maru 30,000 won. - Participation Award (100 people): Kakao Talk Emoticon (5) Engagement link: https://forms.gle/EEWUwKyr1znAuDTR7 Hanbitco employees who prepared a Shinsegae gift certificate that would help us live our lives without paying attention to Airdrup. Cheer up! Cheer up!

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  • What's the next game in the iTerm Store?


    Now on the official Twitter page of the Ithumb Games, we're voting on the game that users are most looking forward to, among the games to be released following the spookies link puzzle and the onion Knights. - Corresponding Twitter link: https://twitter.com/itamgames/status/1117692696284393473?s=19 To give you a short spoiler of the voting results, you can certainly have fun growing characters and collecting items, but you can have high expectations for a game based on blockchain's unique ability to actually trade NFTTOKs. If the puzzle game doesn't have a clear incentive, the users won't have a lot of fun, so I hope there will be a fun attached RPG game to nurture and collect. Plus, I'd like to make a quick NFT deal at DADEX. :)

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  • Can Bitcoin replace gold?

    Crypto Currency

    "Will Bitcoin replace gold as the first representative digital assetment and a means of value storage?" This question is a long-standing question that has been controversial in Kryptoman and the press for more than a decade since the day Satoshi Nakamoto created the Genesis Block of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which has imprinted the concept of blockchain, the word coin, and the word Cryptocurrency on many people, has held its throne in the Krypto Asset market for a long time, 10 years in spite of numerous disputes, oppression, and doubts. Some people question how Bitcoin can become electronic currency in a world where transmission fees are several thousand won or several thousand won and only one touch or click can be paid instantly, but this is because we see bitcoin as "virtual currency" or "electronic money" because of the word "cryptocarcity." In fact, bitcoin is a "decentralized monetary system" and a "digital asset" rather than a currency or currency used for exchange purposes. Yesterday, a Twitter user named Sebastian Meunier said, "Bitcoin is a very successful product. But Bitcoin will never reach mass language response from the mainstream forever. Because only a few want untraceable P2P digital asset transactions," Blumer, CEO of Block One, said: "Bitcoin is a better value-storage tool than anything ever, and it will beat gold and replace that position in the competition for economic and digital functions. The untraceable P2P digital cash is just a feature of protecting sovereignty, not a consumer need." Ten years is a long time for us, who are investing in bitcoin and kryptoasset, but perhaps bitcoin is still in its infancy in human currency history. Which side do other people share more of their opinions? Can Bitcoin be a great digital value storage alternative to replace gold?

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  • The Addiction of EOS-based Games


    It's been about three weeks since the ITAM Games opened on March 28. Although it's not a good environment for users without an Ios mainnet account to enjoy the game, the Spukiz link puzzle, which is one of the most representative games of the ithumb store, is already gaining huge popularity with more than 74,000 transactions taking place. - Corresponding link: https://itammarket/ko Clearly, the quality of the game, which is no match for traditional mobile games, is also playing a role, and the event of handing out 1,000 EOSs to players who have reached the 1,500th stage in a month, may be keeping many gamers up and running their puzzles. (Because I had many hectic business trips, I was enjoying the game on the train, so I'm already running over 800 stories and heading for 1,500 stories.) The second launching game, Onion Knights, is less popular than the Sphukiz link puzzle, whether it was because of a system malfunction that caused the service to be suspended for a while or because the event hasn't started yet. But personally, I'm really enjoying the onion Knights, which need its own strategy rather than the huge amount of nogada, headaches, and in-app purchases. Soon enough, there will be a whole variety of games on the iTunes Store, including Dark Town, Dungeon Princess, Innocent Shipin and Blue Done. Already, with Spookies dominating the Ios Knights lightly and boasting of its immense addiction, when several games are released... Oh, I don't think there's a battery left. crying In the near future, the word "Ios Game Men" may emerge, not "Mobile Game Men." Especially, if you can make and get something by playing games as well as the pleasure of playing games, I think that addiction will double.

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  • What you need for a life that you don't regret


    When everyone is asked, "What is the most successful thing in your life?" they find answers in "something I did." When asked, "What is the most regrettable thing in your life?" they find answers in "something you didn't or didn't." MBC's survey proves this. A lot of people are going to study, be good to their parents, be good to their children, save some money, and so on, and so on, things that they haven't done or couldn't have done. What do you regret the most in your life? I hope you don't regret trying something, or touching something. "Doing" is essential for a successful life and a life without regret. No one knows, but it's never too bad to write hard, to have one-tenth of the assets invested, to study hard but not to get the grades you want. I hope you don't forget that one day all these attempts will make my future a better one. ...like I'm telling you, it's actually comforting for yourself.

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  • Open the 툭툭Coffee Online Store where you can taste fresh and good beans!


    EOSMINET-based creative communication platform 툭툭 (TOOKTOOK) opened online store following number 1 and 2 offline bookstore. - TOOKTOOK COFFEEE Online Store: https://coffee.tooktook.io/ The other day, the company posted a postscript to the purchase of West Apee (EOS Cafe) beans in Publicito. The fresh beans you roost yourself with are personally not very sensitive to the taste of coffee, and you can clearly feel the difference between a class of beans, which is good for "coughs." If you like handdrips, or if you're looking for fresh coffee beans, you should buy them once and try them. In the meantime, I could only go and buy it myself, but now I'm glad I can order it online and get it at home! Thanks to the coffee, the beans I bought at Costco or a commercial cafe have already been discarded. I've been waiting for the online store to open, but I have to go buy it right away)

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  • Don't dabble. Dobble!


    Do any of you guys like board games? When I was in college, I used to go to a board game room with my friends and enjoy various board games such as Harley Galli, Jenga, Lumicube, and Clu. These days, board games aren't as popular as they used to be, so I guess most people enjoy it lightly at home. Today, I'm going to introduce you to a board game called Dobble, which is a good place to play lightly with kids or friends. (This is Dobble, not Dabble, based on Ios Mainnet, as many of you already know. ᄒᄒᄒ) In fact, the way we play games is very simple and simple. Dobble is a round card game in which a total of 57 different kinds of pictures are drawn eight times per card. A total of 55 cards are divided and then won by the person who puts down the card with the same picture as the other card down quickly. It's very simple and easy, isn't it? But what's interesting is that if you randomly pick two cards and compare them, there's only one picture. The Dobble is a game based on the theory of "pano-plane" mathematics, in which two lines necessarily meet at one point. There's a famous math puzzle called "Kirkman's Schoolgirl Problem," which says, "15 girls in the dormitory form a group of three and go for a walk every day for a week, and they have to meet another student every day." And that's what Jacques Cotterreau, who found the mathematical principle of this problem, created because of this. At first, I'd like to see this. I think it's the charm of this Dobble because of its speed and desire to win. If you're raising young children, be sure to try it at home. :)

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  • Gopax is starting to pay attention to the volume of the deal?

    Crypto Currency

    Gopax is currently hosting a five-day Transaction King event from April 8 to April 12. This event is a refund of all the proceeds from the sale of the entire market, so the middle rank announced is definitely a significant amount of transactions. - Announcement of the event: https://www.gopax.co.kr/notice/369 To date, GoFax is the only cryptocurrency exchange in Korea that doesn't experience hacking incidents. Now that we've got the most basic infrastructure of security, I hope you'll show a lot of interest in trading volume to make it back to the main bourse. Personally, I'm very supportive of this exchange, but I hope you overcome the limitations of trading volume, which is called the most vulnerable point of Gopax. Although I can't even dream of participating in the Go-Pax Transaction King event, which runs until April 12, I hope that the transaction volume will be active as well.^^

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  • Infinite Possibility of Custom Hashtag


    The other day, it was mentioned in the Publicisto Telegram Room that "the current category system will be replaced by a free custom hashtag." Now, if you're going to call up Instagram or YouTube video from Publicito, write down a title, choose one of the categories that's created in the system, and then write the body of the posting, "Castum hashtag" is a way that users can freely write the desired expression where they want. For those who are already using Instagram, it's a very familiar feature. After the #mark, the uploaded content is automatically categorized and searched according to words that users freely have written. Of course, the downside is that you can't collect posts by category, which is set by a single click, but personally, the "Castum hashtag" would be an incredibly powerful update in terms of the enhanced "search" function. (Currently, if you haven't printed a bookmark of what you've read in advance, it's very difficult to search within the publishing platform if you don't remember the user ID of that posting.) In addition, according to the publicist team's prediction, this custom hashtag will perform functions of "classification," "search" as well as "community" unlike traditional social media. That means there's a "collipop" in the Publicito platform. The Publicisto team is planning a token-inomi that will give the community advertising rights, apply BMs to ensure profitability, and link some of its revenue to PUBTOK's deflation. In addition, there is a long-term vision to develop each community's operations into a de-centralized autonomous community (DAC) where members of the community members. The launch of the Public mobile app, the introduction of the writing editor, and the function of the Daesung letter are certainly updates that many users are waiting for, but personally, we are looking forward to the introduction of the Custom hashtag. When a specific user is hosting the event on their own, paste a hashtag "#PUBEVENT" or "#DONEEVENT"! It's because when you make a proposal like this, you can just bring together the content that's coming up with that hashtag and create a kind of "congratulatory space" for each individual who's familiar with or interested in a topic that they're interested in a lot of. While most people are still busy communicating and wetting each other's ink so that the INK can't dry up, individuals who are having difficulty curating due to personal reasons may be able to delegate their PUBT to "operators leading the hashtag consumption to their own interests" or "communities that guarantee a fixed return on a certain kind of queuing." If you're going to lead a community that deals with a particular topic within Publicito, or if you're going to advertise your business to a lot of users, you're going to be able to come up with a kind of BM like "INK Funding and Curating Service." Part of the main page will be used as a "space where the fees paid by communities for main page exposure are incinerated." Just as Turtle wrote the title "Posting from the Future"(https://publyto.com/posts/10980) I think the day that my posting will be selected on Peachtart's main page will come when it becomes a kind of Lotto ᄒᄒᄒᄒ We look forward to getting the Custom Hashtag update as soon as possible, and we look forward to launching a Publicity Metropolis full of consumables covering a wide range of topics. :)

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  • Spring is really here because the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.


    It's been a while since I posted the posting in Amzaing category. There may be some differences between the regions, but the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom in my neighborhood, and the scene in front of my house has become quite impressive. The cryptocurrency market is also briefly breaking away from a year of sharp decline, opening up the possibility of a spring day for investors, and seeing the bloom of cherry blossoms in front of and around the house, I think winter has passed and spring has come before us in many ways. I remember in recent years, when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, the spring rain was raging, disrupting the romantic times of enjoying these beautiful landscapes. I hope you will tolerate the spring rain this year so that you can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms. We look forward to seeing the beautiful cherry-tree pictures of the people in each area.^^

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  • EOS and MonerYS, hard-forkcoins of Monero


    A hard-forked MonerEOS snapshot of Ios and Monero will be taken on April 6, 2019 at 05:00 (Korea time). Although there is not much known about MonerEOS, it is a secure, anonymous token based on the CryptoNote protocol and will be born with a hard fork in Ios and Monero, specifically: [Token Info] - Taker: XME (MonerEOS) - Total issue: 84,200,000 - Snapshot schedule: April 6, 2019 05:00 - Hard forks ratio: 20 to 1 (one XMEToken per 20 EOS) Based on the known information, I think it's going to be much different from Monero in function, but I wonder what differentiating points he's making. MonerEOS is called a token that is non-programmable and only functions as a currency (currency) without any feature. After the snapshot, we'll share as soon as it's known. :)

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  • Ios Blasterds Open! 2,500 EOSEvent!


    Today (April 4th, Thursday) the first game, "EOS Blasterz," which was co-produced by Haru Entertainment and Iosys, was officially. During the beta period that lasted about three weeks, it was only available on Android, but now it is also available on iOS and the web:) - Access and download address: https://jellyjuice.io/ko/games/eos-blasterz/ In celebration of the Ios Blaster's official opening, a whopping 2,500 EOS will be offered as an event for many users to enjoy the Ios Blasterds without a break throughout April. Have you been reluctant to participate in the game because you've been a bad hand? Yes, I did. I've never been able to win a prize, paying only for my precious EOSs. ᅲᅲᅲ For game control poopson like me, Weekly Mode will prepare an event so that you can get a reward if you finish within 1,000th place, so you can practice in advance. I'm going to try to win a prize this time. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ :)

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  • Instead of e-mail, now dMail?


    There may be a day when you use the term "Demail" instead of e-mail or e-mail. Instead of the traditional Internet, the mail is a system that uses blockchain networks to send and receive mail in a de-centralized manner between users, and a development team is currently testing a new EOS mainnet-based e-mail system called dmail. Once when e-mail was first released, a foreign talk show host uses a ridiculous address called "xxx@xxx.com? Is there anyone who uses that ridiculous address?" one time I laughed and sarcastically. There was a time when email systems, which are now indispensable for individuals and businesses, were treated like shit. Now, mailing technology is a step forward. It's using blockchain technology in a de-centralized way that no one can censor and control. In today's traditional Internet world, email service providers are censoring my email messages, data, etc., or unilaterally blocking my account access. After all, all users cannot be free from a centralized service provider, even though the content contained in the email is strictly personal. The email service currently under development is based on the EOS Mainnet, which helps users who have an IOS account to freely send and receive mail. A 12-digit Ios account will soon be my email address, and MAILTOK will be used to sign the email. Records of sending and receiving e-mails are recorded transparently on the Ios blockchain, but only the sender and recipient can be identified. By sending and receiving mail with MAILTOK, all users can also be free from spam that usually pops up my e-mail locker. Because if you want to send spam to a lot of users, you need to buy a lot of MAILTOKEN. By contrast, users who routinely want to send and receive mail as needed are not expected to have to purchase MAILTOK. Because MAILTOKEN is going to be airdropped ᄒᄒᄒ) Can de-centralized mail system mail be a replacement for existing e-mail? We don't have an exact announcement about the launch schedule yet, but we'll have to try it once the initial version is released.^^

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  • Iosnitz X-Oceanization Colabo Event!


    Today (April 3) at 10 p.m., Iosnitz will hold a collaboration event with EOS Nation, BP candidate for EOS Mainnet. As you can see in the picture, the event is the Armour Item Airdrop with the logo of the Ios Nation. (I don't know what performance is, but it's a limited edition!) - Temporary: April 3, 2019 (number of days) 22:00 (based on Korean time) - Location: https://event.eosknights.io - How to Join: After you connect to the link above, enter the name of the 12-digit Ios account you are enjoying Iosnitz and click the "Get" button! Please check for updates in advance as an error may occur if your Iosnits app is not updated. If you're already a go-reb and wear good items, it might be just a collection. I hope we have limited edition item airdrops through these collaboration events:)

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  • Bismum Hacking and Exchange Security Level Reality

    Crypto Currency

    Many of you have already heard from the media, but on March 29, there was a theft in Bithumb, which is believed to have been an insider embezzlement. The theft led to an un laughable happy-go-lucky release of 3.13 million EOSTOKS, or exactly 3,130,2673.99 EOSTORY, which had been kept in the rainstorm. Bithumbshiny, called Cold Wallet, keeps EOSTOK on two G4ydomrxhege accounts called Hot Wallet. Among them, about 3.13 million EOSs stored in the g4ydomrxhege account, called Hotwalt, began to be sent to the ifguz3chmg account in an instant around 11 p.m. on March 29. The stolen EOSTOKs began to disperse once again from the accounts to the Huobi, HitBTC, WB.com, EXmo, Kuchin and Changly exchanges. Now, of course, Ios has tools like EOS Detective that are good at understanding the activity of the account at once, so even if you distribute the tokens across multiple accounts (the exchange), you can quickly see them. So, the exchanges, the BP's quick response to the news, through the hotline of cryptocurrency exchanges, saved us from the dangerous situation that could have been a disaster for the market. Although not all the details of the theft have been revealed and restored, the market has been prevented by the generous help of other exchanges and BP dimensions. We need to determine at this point what the basic security level of cryptocurrency exchanges is. Let's briefly discuss how private keys are stored internally and how they are designed to provide access to private keys, and see "Basically how well cryptocurrency exchanges are using the security features offered by EOSIO systems." First of all, let's get to the basics before we start looking at the status of the exchanges in earnest. #1. Basic level of security settings As many of you already know, EOSIO software is designed to distinguish between privilege layers in private keys. - The private key, A, gives you the right to act only on token transfers and claims. - The private key, B, is to change all of the private keys of the account, including the private keys responsible for the active permissions of the account, giving the owner ownership rights to maintain safe ownership. So, for routine activities such as token transmission, air grab token claims, and voting, you can use the keys associated with the activity rights and, in the event that the private keys used for the activity rights are stolen during the activity, you can disconnect the stolen private keys with the private keys linked to the ownership rights. It's like you're reporting a lost card. Accounts created earlier in the EOSMainet launch have one key associated with both this Active permission and the Owner permission, but all account owners can use it with much higher security levels by setting different keys for each authority if they want. #2. Security settings at a slightly better level In addition to the "Use Permission Specific Key Pair Detachment" described above, EOSIO software provides multi-sig functionality. Multicig is where multiple signatures are required to approve a single transaction. For example, if you did not set up a multi-seag when you sent EOSTOKK to the exchange under account A, you can sign in with my account entered on the scanner desktop and click the Accept button at the end to send a token immediately. However, in order to transfer a token from an account named B, if you pre-set it to have the signature of an account named C as well as B, the account C (the owner of an active key to the correct C) must also sign the transaction with the Accept token button only. Bitfinx is the most understood security setting among cryptocurrency exchanges today. Right now, in the combinex, 1 Active and owner-right keys are used separately. 2 At least two Multi-Sig signatures are required to use owner permissions It's set up to do. This means that accidents such as account theft and token theft are extremely rare, and if an incident occurs where a private key connected to a particular authority is stolen, it can respond to it immediately enough. #3. Security level on the Bithumb Exchange - The Bithumb Hot Wallet account where the theft occurred this time: g4ydomrxhege - Coldwalt account: bithumbshiny These are Bithumb's accounts that give you a contrasting impression of Bitfinx. One key is used for active and owner rights, and Multicig is not set. Apart from internal procedures for accessing the private key or the security of the location where it is stored, using the key associated with the account authority as a single key is the lowest level of security. If the private key is leaked, hackers can change the key pair associated with the account and use it like their own, and there's no way they can get their hands on the combs. So once the private key is exposed, there's nothing in the rain that you can do about it or control, not asking other exchanges or BP to help. Already, EOSIO software has designed a system that improves the security of all accounts and enables them to use it safely, but the exchange that holds the valuable assets of its customers is not using this basic convenience.

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  • EOSIO-based Predictive Market Platform PredIQt


    EOSMINET-based : Encyclopedia of Everything for All" has uploaded a post introducing the EOSIO-based predictive market platform "PredIQt." I don't know if you remember, but at the end of last year, the Everpedia team announced that they were developing new apps to expand the IQ ecosystem. The long-term vision of the E.B.D. development team is to build and expand the so-called IQ network by allowing the ecosystem that can utilize IQTOK to be used in various applications beyond the encyclopedia called "Ebripidia." The fact that there are more apps available to use IQTOKEN is that there will be more utilities for IQTOKK, which in turn will increase the value of IQTOK. The apps that were originally announced by the Ebridia team that were being developed include the Prediction Market, Oracle Service, the On-chain Storage, and the Specialized Q&A Service, which is the first of them. Predict protocol, from the name to predict that PredIQt, or IQToken, is a pre-diction market service built on EOSIO software. If you've ever used an etherium-based syndicate or a Urger, all users can participate in predicting what's going to happen in the future, such as the price of stocks, cryptocurrency, and sports results. Oracle services and pre-dict platforms will soon be linked to the actual results of the reward to the participants, and participants who accurately predict the future based on data from the real world compiled by Oracle (e.g., baseball results, Premier League winning teams, etc.) can receive rewards in IQTogank, and users' predictions will soon be broadly degraded into a global knowledge database. In fact, even if there is no such app used by many users, the predictive market adapt is also used by users in Iderium networks (though those of you who are using the app know that it does not work in a real-time, on-demand, on-demand, on-on-demand). The predictive market, which makes it easier and easier to participate like a game, is highly likely to develop in the future, and even more, the EOSMainet-based, on-demand, can play a major role in the value increase of IQToken. So, when can we actually start using PredIQt? Since we are preparing for a huge presentation for the EOSIO community on June 1, 2019, Frieddict will also start the MVP on time. I'm looking forward to how we can expand our IQ ecosystem in Ethiopia:)

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  • Possibility of ITAMES (feat. onion division poisoning)


    Last weekend, I played spookies link puzzle and onion cavalry game in the ithumb store. At the moment, I'm hosting an event to celebrate the opening of the ITAM Store. I'm going to participate in the event. I'm going to experience how much fun the game was released by the I-Term Games. It's more addictive and fun than I thought. I'm going to give you a little more detail about the Goal Attainment event that I mentioned above. 1 In case 100wave is achieved in extreme mode of the onion Knights 2 When achieving 1,500 stages in spookies link puzzles An event that pays 1,000 EOSs each to users who achieve this goal in 1/n. For example, if I've achieved both goals, and there are 1,000 users who have achieved 100wave in the extreme mode of the onion division, and 2,000 users who have achieved 1,500 stages in the spookies link puzzle, the event prize I get is approximately 1.5 EOS. (1,000 EOS÷1,000)+ (1,000 EOS ÷ 2,000) If I'm the only one who's ever met my goal, I'll get a total of 2,000 EOSs, 1,000 EOSs each, but of course I won't, right? There are so many people who like games and people who are good at it. Well, once I've played both games for a few days, I'm going to tell you. It depends on how much you like to play games and how well you play. The bottom line is, "It's not an event that can be viewed as a pushover." If you enjoy this kind of mobile game, you may be able to achieve it easily enough, but for those who don't enjoy it or those who play it lightly, it's actually very difficult to achieve it. You have to spend a lot of time and energy, so if you're not really going to enjoy the game, you're going to have to give up. (Who's the one who organized this event!!!ᄒᄒᄒᄒ) In addition, since there will be so many gamers as there will be, I carefully predict that the actual prize will probably be less than 1 EOS.But both games are very quality and addictive. If you like games, you should enjoy the game regardless of the prize money. I'm already addicted to the Onion Knights.Of course, he's suffering from extreme difficulty, but...ᄒᄒᄒᄒ) After playing two games, I personally have a lot of expectations about the additional games that will appear in the iTunes Store in the future. There are only two different types of games as the `Ithum Store` is in beta stage, but as games of various genres of the game come up, I think it's safe to be a really active blockchain-based game platform. As I write this, I make up my mind. Let's play the game in moderation. crying

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  • Simple to send all token in everyday life? Tipping!


    Even though Bitcoin has been born for 10 years, Idol for 4 years and Ios for 1 year, all kryptose sets and cryptocurrency are still considered to be "extremely difficult" for the public. For many people who are familiar with services that typically manage my information, respond to server hacking, and keep my assets, "managing private keys with random numbers that can't be easily memorized by human heads" is too difficult, and it may be too natural for me to misenter somewhere and possibly become hacked. That's why so many people have their own kryptosets on the exchange rather than their personal wallets. With many hacking incidents around you, I can't help but feel that the simple "token transmission" is too difficult because I'm afraid of being leaked to a hacker while typing a private key into my wallet, or that the wallet address I've entered might be a phishing site. So there are a lot of people who are waiting for applications that can manage their private keys more comfortably, but can use their accounts safely and simply. Because of this situation, the prevailing view is that Kryptoasset will be able to truly mass address our daily lives only when there are applications that are really simple to use without knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency. Services that reflect the needs of many of these users are now being released one by one in the Ios ecosystem. That's what I'd like to introduce today. A service called Tipit or Tipit is a multi-platform bot service that simplifies the transmission of EOS-based tokens. This innovative bot makes it really easy and easy for users to transfer and trade Ios-based digital tokens. The reason why it's called a multi-platform bot service is that users can simply trade in a variety of tokens by executing simple commands to the robot on social platforms that have the largest number of users in the world, such as Dircord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and SMS. The tip-tit, which is currently being run on a trial basis on the discode and is currently being developed to enable service on the Telegram or Twitter, supports a variety of Ios Mainnet-based tokens, including EOSTOK, including PUB, IQ, KARMA, BEAN, BOID, PIXEOS and ZOS. In fact, the tip culture is not developed in Korea, so it may only be used to send tokens among those who actually know them, but this kind of tip culture has developed by providing useful information overseas, sharing good content, and thanking users who helped them online. I think this kind of tip culture has emerged first. Just like sending money to Kakao Bank or Kakao Pay to a friend of Kakao, I think the day when we exchange EOS or PUBTOK via telegram, Twitter or SMS is no longer a distant future. And one by one, we're looking to have more convenient and secure applications, so that Kryptoasset and EOS can be deeper into our daily lives. :)

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  • You're making tokens while you're playing games? ITAM Store Beta Open!


    ITAM Games, a blockchain platform for transparent gaming ecosystem, opened ITAM Store Beta on March 28 (trees). So far, blockchain-based games have been criticized for being less quality than traditional games, but from now on, the right blockchain games that we've only imagined will appear one by one in the ITAM Store. If traditional game users were supposed to do what they call "Ern to Play" to enjoy the game, blockchain-based game users would gradually shift to the "Play to Earn" structure, where they would be rewarded for the time, effort and achievements they spent to achieve higher levels and obtain rare items. "Blockchain-based games are just the level of games played in the early '90s." "I'm making games out of restraint, but I don't know why I'm doing it because it's so much less quality than conventional games." If you're thinking about this, you might want to enjoy the ITAM Store. [Download Method] - https://itam.store/connection - Touch the download icon at the top and install APK ※ Currently, only Android is supported for ITAM Store. [Game Play Method] - Launch the ITAM Store app and register your Ios account - Download and play the game from within the ITAM Store app! Now, the game you can play through the Ithum store, There are 1 spookies link puzzle and 2 onion rings, but more than 50 games will be on board one by one The genre of games that dream of applying blockchain in the iTum Games is sports game that is released every year, RPG game that is most suitable for blockchain application, and action & casual mobile game. We may soon meet some of the games that are very familiar to us with. There's also an event going on for gamers at the moment, so enjoy it. :) Of course, it's a trap that you have to play a game to die.ᄒᄒᄒᄒ (Who organized the event!!)

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