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  • Twilight


    Twilight teaches us that whatever happens today will end beautifully.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.07.07 13:34

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  • Ahmad Saini and Eagle


    I got a video from my friend, the video was amazing to see a tame eagle playing with its owner. In the video seen my friend shows how the interaction between him and the eagle. See the following video

    $dodybireuen . 2019.06.21 16:25

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  • Tradition of Drinking Coffee in Aceh (Indonesia)


    Acehnese society cannot be separated from coffee. For this reason, I will find many coffee shops in various parts of the country nicknamed the Veranda of Mecca. Both day and night, various layers of society in Aceh fill coffee shops to relax drinking coffee. Not limited to young to old, male and female, poor and rich, all mingling without boundaries. You could say, coffee is like a breath for Acehnese people who are difficult to separate from their daily lives since the days of the Aceh sultanate. The tradition of drinking coffee has evolved from generation to generation as the development of Aceh as one of the world-class coffee producers. Since the Dutch colonial era until now, there are at least two coffee production centers in Aceh, namely Ulee Kareng and Gayo. Ulee Kareng coffee, which is a type of Robusta coffee, is produced from Ulee Kareng District (Banda Aceh). Meanwhile, Gayo coffee, which is a type of Arabica Coffee on the world market, includes premium coffee classes. These two types of coffee are what make Aceh famous as one of the best coffee producers in the country which dominates 40% of the domestic market. Especially for Ulee Kareng Coffee, it can be said that almost all coffee shops in Aceh serve coffee produced in this area. The processing of coffee powder in these coffee shops holds its own uniqueness. Coffee powder is not only brewed with hot but cooked water, so the aroma and flavor of the coffee that comes out is really strong. The cooked coffee then undergoes several filtration processes using a cone shaped filter. In these coffee shops, coffee is generally offered in three variations, namely black coffee, milk coffee and sanger. Black coffee and milk coffee have often been encountered in other parts of Indonesia, but Sanger is a unique and original concoction of Aceh. At first glance, it looks like coffee is like milk coffee. But what is typical of Sanger is the composition of milk and sugar which are not dominant, making the coffee's fragrance and flavor more pronounced. This mixture of filter coffee, condensed milk and sugar is then shaken until foamy. Even though times have changed, the culture of drinking coffee in the midst of Acehnese is maintained. This tradition continues to decline to their current generation. What makes it different, at this time the convenience and facilities offered by managers determine whether or not a coffee shop is crowded in Banda Aceh. Now, a comfortable layout and free internet hotspot (wifi) facilities generally attract more young people to stay at the coffee shop for a long time.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.04.03 14:53

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  • Indonesian Fishermen's Life


    During the holidays, of course you go to the sea to do diving, snorkeling or just playing on the beach. Have you ever imagined how to live with the sea? Generally people who live in the middle of land or on the mountain like to vacation to the coast and even to the ocean. For fishermen who live on the shores of the coast and even in the middle of the ocean, it certainly has a very meaningful life story. Let's get to know human life that lives in the middle of the sea and on the shore. Who are they? What activities can they do to fulfill their needs in the middle of the sea? In general, they work as fishermen. With this work they connected their families' lives. Fishermen in Indonesia are very concerned by the government at this time because the fate of the fishermen is still lacking even though Indonesia has rich marine products. Fishermen fight against waves, wind and extreme weather. The results obtained were not comparable to their hard efforts. Marine products such as fish, crabs, shrimp, sea cucumbers and many others are for consumption by the people of Indonesia, also for sale abroad. Of course this will help the Indonesian economy. Therefore fishermen are very valuable for our country.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.03.23 16:26

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  • EOS Detective


    Indonesia Version EOS Detective (https://eosdetective.io) adalah tools yang dapat digunakan untuk memvisualisasikan aktivitas transfer token antar akun pada EOS Blockchain. Data pada EOS Detective dapat digunakan untuk menganalisa atau menyelidiki hubungan antar akun. Bagaimana cara menggunakannya, pengguna cukup memasukkan nama akun pada pada menu "Transfer Network Graph". Selanjutnya akan terlihat visualisai aktivitas transfer token. English Version EOS Detective (https://eosdetective.io) is a tool that can be used to visualize the activity of transferring tokens between accounts on the EOS Blockchain. Data on EOS Detective can be used to analyze or investigate relationships between accounts. How to use? please enter your EOS account in the "Transfer Network Graph" menu. Then you will see the visualization of the token transfer activity.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.03.06 21:20

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  • Claim Airgrab Meet.One Using Scatter


    On February 27, 2019, Meet.One Sidechain has been launched, and on that date an airgrab claim to Meet.One has also been made. For Meet.One users the app can claim Airgrab through the wallet application. To do an Airgrab Claim, it can also be done using the Scatter desktop version. Following this I will give a tutorial to do the Meet.One Airgrab Claim by using Scatter desktop version. The first thing to do is make sure Scatter is installed on your PC or Laptop. Then please open the Block Explorer EOSX application at the address https://www.eosx.io/. Next, please select the network used in the menu in the upper right corner. Select Meet.One Mainnet Then please choice “Wallet” menu , click the arrow to display some options. Click on the “Contract” option. After the “Contract” menu is selected, please click on the “Attach Scatter Identity” button. Then a popup will appear from the Scatter application, please click on the “Login” button. After logging in using Scatter successfully done, the display will appear as shown below. Please in the “Contract Name” column, please fill it with airgrab.m then click the “Get Contract” button . The next step is to click on the “Open” button. Next, you will see a field that must be filled. In the “Owner” field , please fill in the name meet.one account, while in the “Symbol” field, please fill in with 4, MEET.ONE. And finally on the “Ram_Payer” field , please write down the Meet.One account name or you can copy paste from the owner field. If all fields have been filled, then please click the “Push Transaction” button to execute the Airgrab Claim. To ensure that the Airgrab Claim Meet. One has been successfully entered, please check the transaction by clicking on “View Tx”.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.28 21:27

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  • Me and Publyto

    Self Introduction

    I know the world of crypto currencies and blockchain when I first became a steemit user (Steem Blockchain). From there I get quite a lot of information about these two worlds. Since December 2017 I have tried to get to know the EOS Blockchain, because I have the notion that EOS will grow rapidly in the future. Even though there were many people in my country who underestimated EOS at that time, I ignored them and chose to keep up with every piece of information and study it. Until finally, EOS was launched on June 2, 2018. My adventure in exploring every EOS app that was launched has led me to get to know the Publyto platform. I studied the Publyto whitepaper so that I got a correct understanding of the publyto platform. I was very surprised and excited when I learned about the purpose and purpose of the publyto platform. I think Publyto is one platform that will be of interest to many people. Publyto will be a solution for content creators, even those platforms that have lost competitiveness because they are not able to monetize content will be helped by the presence of publyto. Maybe now there are only two media that are connected to Publyto Instagram and Youtube. I believe that in the future more media will be able to connect to the Publyto Platform. At the beginning I knew the publyto, I has bought a small number of Pub tokens (due to the limitations of my economy). But now the number of tokens continues to grow along with my activities in creating content and curating. I am committed to continually increasing the number of PUB token stake from what I generate through this platform. Another thing that impressed me was when I got to know the publyto community, which mostly came from Korea. I feel very comfortable in this community because of the excellent atmosphere of mutual respect. Maybe in the future I will introduce Publyto to the people of my country (Indonesia). In the end, I thank the entire team and the publyto community.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.25 15:27

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  • TAPATALK Will Use EOS Blockchain


    INDONESIA Version Tapatalk adalah pesaing Reddit yang populer. Mereka memiliki 300 juta pengguna dan sekarang mereka akan menggunakan EOS Blockchain. Tapatalk memperkenalkan Gold Point Wallet yang diaktifkan blockchain, dibangun di atas platform EOS. Integrasi Blockchain akan memungkinkan hadiah Poin Emas dengan membuat pembayaran mikro lebih layak bagi pengguna akhir dan menghilangkan biaya transaksi dari pemroses pembayaran eksternal. Sebagai alasan untuk terlibat berlipat ganda, administrator dan pemilik forum akan melihat peningkatan dalam partisipasi dan konten berkualitas, dengan peluang monetisasi tambahan. ENGLISH Version Tapatalk is a popular Reddit competitor. They have 300 million user and now they will use EOS Blockchain. Tapatalk introducing the blockchain-enabled Gold Point Wallet, built on the EOS platform. Blockchain integration will enable Gold Points rewards by making micro-payments more feasible for end users and eliminating transaction fees from external payment processors. As reasons to engage multiply, forum administrators and owners will see a rise in participation and quality content, with additional monetization opportunities.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.24 00:08

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  • Scatter wants to port games to EOS.


    Indonesia Version Tim Scatter sedang mencari game untuk port ke platform EOS. Mereka mencari terutama tiga kelompok pengembang: - Pengembang yang merilis di Steam dan tidak melihat penjualan yang mereka harapkan - Pengembang yang ingin memperluas pemirsa mereka - Pengembang yang hanya membuat prototipe Porting game-game tersebut di EOS dapat meningkatkan peluang mereka untuk menerima basis pengguna yang lebih besar dan untuk menghasilkan uang melalui item unik dalam game, barang digital, dan koleksi. Kesepakatan dengan Scatter mencakup lisensi hak distribusi, kode game dan / atau hak untuk semua aset digital seperti grafik, suara, dan musik. Baca selengkapnya: https://medium.com/getscatter/we-want-to-bring-y--games-to-eos-and-make-you-money-along-the-way-553f08d9ff1f English Version The Scatter team is searching for games to port to the EOS platform. They are looking for mainly three groups of developers: - Developers who released on Steam and didn’t see the sales they had hoped for - Developers who would like to expand their audiences - Developers who only created a prototype Porting those games on EOS can enhance their opportunities to receive a bigger userbase and to monetize through in-game unique items, digital goods and collectibles. The deal with Scatter include licensing the distribution rights, game code and/or rights to all digitals assets like graphics, sounds, and music. Read more: https://medium.com/getscatter/we-want-to-bring-your-games-to-eos-and-make-you-money-along-the-way-553f08d9ff1f English Version

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.21 01:45

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  • MEET.ONE Sidechain Will Soon Be Launched


    = Indonesia version = Peluncuran sidechain MEET.ONE akan dimulai dengan AirGrab untuk semua akun EOS, masing-masing akun ini akan menerima rasio AirGrab 2: 1 untuk token MEETONE. Semua akun EOS (dalam snapshot) dapat memperoleh akun sidechain mereka yang diakhiri dengan ".m" secara otomatis dan dengan AirGrabbing (Mengklaim) token MEETONE di dompet meet.one. Dan setiap akun sidechain akan menerima 10 token MEETONE yang dipertaruhkan ke CPU & NET dan RAM 3,5 KB secara gratis. 19 Februari pukul 13:00 UTC, potret akun EOS Mainnet. Pada 26 Februari pukul 13:00 UTC, rantai samping MEET.ONE akan diluncurkan. Pada 27 Februari pukul 13:00 UTC, MEET.ONE rantai samping diaktifkan. Dari 27 Februari pukul 13:00 UTC hingga 6 Maret pukul 13:00 UTC, pengguna MEET.ONE sidechain dapat mengklaim Token MEETONE mereka melalui AirGrab dengan rasio 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE. = English version = The launch of the MEET.ONE sidechain will start with an AirGrab for all existing EOS accounts, these accounts will each receive an AirGrab ratio of 2:1 for MEETONE tokens. All EOS accounts (in the snapshot) can obtain their sidechain accounts ending with “.m” automatically and by AirGrabbing (Claiming) the MEETONE token in the meet.one wallet. And each sidechain account will receive 10 MEETONE tokens staked to CPU&NET and 3.5 KB of RAM for free. February 19th at 13:00 UTC, snapshot the EOS Mainnet accounts. On February 26th at 13:00 UTC, MEET.ONE side chain will launched. On February 27th at 13:00 UTC, MEET.ONE side chain activated. From February 27th at 13:00 UTC to March 6th at 13:00 UTC, MEET.ONE sidechain users can claim their MEETONE Tokens via AirGrab at a ratio of 2 EOS: 1 MEETONE.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.18 13:40

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  • Patreos


    Patreos is a decentralized content ecosystem built on the EOS blockchain that powers content sharing, subscriptions, funding, and campaigns to promote community growth and creative freedom. Official Website : www.patreos.com

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.16 01:53

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  • Emanate on Testnet


    The Emanate team released their demo on testnet. Emanate is a self-governing music ecosystem built on EOS, you can try the demo at demo.emanate.live/#/ Emanate is going to airdrop the EMT token to all EOS accounts between February and the end of March.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.14 02:40

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  • HVT Staking is live


    HireVibes connects jobseekers, employers, referrers and recruiters on a new job search platform (Dapp) based on the EOS blockchain. HireVibes aims to disrupt the hiring process by leveraging peer referrals to fill open positions, creating a fair incentive model with reasonable recruiter fees, and giving to a worthy cause everytime a role is filled through HireVibes. HireVibes will Help people find great jobs, helping companies (startup's, DAC's, non-profits etc.) build great teams and giving back to the global community using a fair incentive model. Now HVT holders can stake tokens and get rewards, please follow the steps below: 1. Visit https://hirevibes.io 2. Click Staking in the menu 3. Please Connect Scatter 4. Enter the Amount (HVT) you would like to stake and click Stake. Stake HVT and Rewards You can stake HVT at anytime and many times. Your staking rewards depends on the amount of your staked HVT in relation to the total amount of staked HVT among all users. Your staked HVT can't be used or transferred. Claim Rewards After UTC 00:00 daily, you can claim your staking rewards of the previous day. Your unclaimed rewards can be claimed at any time. Unstake HVT When you unstake, HVT will be unstaked 72 hours later. If you unstake again while your HVT is in unstaking, the unstaking timer will be reset, and all your unstaking HVT will be unstaked 72 hours later.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.06 18:06

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  • Twilight between weeds


    Twilight always come every day to give a different beauty. Photo taken by S7EDGE + Snapseed

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.30 17:08

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  • Stake Your Trybe Token


    Currently Trybe.One has imposed a new rule for users who do Trybe Stake Tokens. Users can choose Stake with a period of 90 days and 180 days. For 90 days stake, you will get a 10% bonus. While Stake 180 days gets 25%

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.27 02:37

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  • How to claim your BOS tokens using Meet.One App


    This video is a tutorial for claiming BOS Tokens. May be useful

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.25 18:53

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  • EOSNOVA - Experience EOS Dapps with NOVA Wallet.


    NOVA Wallet is a multi-platform wallet application that can securely store and trade tokens based on EOS. Detailed features - Support Multi-Platforms - Transfer Token Easy and Fast - Staking and Unstaking - Easy to Vote BP - Create EOS account - Just One Tap for Adding Token - Enhanced Security Homepage : http://eosnova.io/ Telegram : https://t.me/eosnovaio Android Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.eosnova.wallet.android iOS Download : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nova-wallet-eos/id1410664467

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  • Lumeos


    Lumeos is mobile decentralised data and survey dapp. All the {data} that you simply share on Lumeos incentivises you in person instead of personal firms taking data from you and selling it themselves. Please download Lumeos at Google Playstore and Appstore.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.18 19:03

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  • Free EOS accounts giveaway


    Meet. One in collaboration with EOS Cafe Block has made an event giving free eos accounts. This is a form of commitment from both in helping many people to use EOS. Official announcement regarding the free EOS accounts giveaway: https://medium.com/@eoscafeblock/free-eos-accounts-2ffeb746f3f2

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  • Get Free EOS Account Using MurMur


    For everyone need EOS Account, can get it using MurMur Dapp. Please visit www.murmurdapp.com

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  • Trybe.one airdrop...


    Trybe.one will distribute the airdrop within the next few hours. Very excited

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.13 01:49

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  • Do Good Earn Karma


    I am very interested in the Karma platform. I think this platform will bring people to always do good. Please visit www.karmaapp.io

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.11 12:26

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  • How to connect EOS Account to Trybe.One


    are you having problem connect EOS Account to Trybe.One? Please watch this video tutorial

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.10 15:37

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  • The Old Bicycle


    Taken using S7EDGE

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  • Low Light Shutter



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  • Do Good


    a boy leads his father to approach people to get alms as a cost of living. His father looks blind.

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  • SteemWhale.io


    I have tried using Steemwhale The "Steem" Whale is a recently deployed fountain in the form of a life-size spermwhale, as part of the 11fountains project in the province of Friesland in the North of the Netherlands. I've hooked up the whalefountain to the Steem blockchain to demonstrate the power and speed of this decentralised platform. Now anyone can donate some Steem or Steem Based Dollar and get an instant fountain spray burst in return.(Source : https://steemwhale.io/)

    $dodybireuen . 2019.01.08 17:54

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  • Saman Aceh


    Source FB Irwandi Yusuf

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