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  • a trip to Jeonju with children


    I have been to Jeonju several times. Yong-min's village has been to the Lunar New Year once. And I thought, Someday, I want you to put on a hanbok and take a picture.Yaji~ All of a sudden, I've been thinking about it. After talking about the trip with my friend, I started to talk about it. There's always something I feel about traveling with my kids. The children are the main characters of this trip. I feel like my travel satisfaction depends on what they see and feel. I think this trip is a success because the children are already so big, wearing hanbok is amazing and eat well on the street.Hah! On a warm spring day, wear a hanbok with your children or lover and leave a picture.~ What's left of your life is a picture, right?^^

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.04.01 15:57

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  • a group of journalists


    In the past, newspapers and broadcasters monopolized the media. That's why it's always noisy in every administration, and I don't think it's there now. But now, with the development of various media, the channel seems to be diversifying. (Trump also spits on Twitter.) When I saw a Publicito for a few months, I think it's a great way for a progressive journalist to get his ideas out of the power of capital and write articles. (Conservative media could follow later.) Now, if there's a politician on YouTube, then the focus is on writing, then the Publicito, who has a strong point in writing, is to think that it's going to be the right medium for journalists. I'm looking forward to a new social networking site rather than being tied to any existing media. P.S. please hurry up.~^^

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.27 16:43

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  • A jingle party?


    I used to perform a lot under the name of a jaerong party, but it has decreased a lot these days because ofYes. Our first steamed bun had a dance performance that we learned for weeks to celebrate our completion of 6 years old.Hah! Of all the kids, it's not just my kid, but he's pretty and he's pretty.Hah! It's not a very difficult move, but I've given him a big hand for trying to learn. I hope I don't get any more sleep here. P.S. Let's hang out with my dad for a long time.^^♡

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.24 23:36

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  • Playing soccer with steamed buns


    Hello~ First, take care of steamed buns and second hoppangs and grow them. This is Mr. Baker.^^ Now that Hobang is quarantined at home with type A flu, I've had a good time with the steaming buns. You opened the soccer field next to the Osan Sports Center. I laughed and ran for an hour and a half without thinking. I ran with him, and he lost his mind.Hah! The weather is as clear as ever and the limits of that stamina. It's been a great day.Hah! Next time, healthy hoppang comes out with you. I'm going to have to train X.

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.24 17:50

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  • Seoul Forest #Mismine Yangho


    Fine dust was fine today. I am going to Seoul because I have a meeting in Seoul. I got off at Seoul Forest for an hour because I had time. I've heard a lot of names, but I don't know what they look like. I didn't know, so let's take a look around. I got it down to my way. Seoul Forest was bigger than I thought. It's made up of I'm going to put animals and plants in each of the zones. I looked around slowly, and there were so many things to see. It's sunny and mild today, so we're going to have a picnic. There are a lot of people. I think The lovers who came out for a walk, the children and the people who came out, There were so many. The good thing is, it's hard for kids to play sand these days. The playground is full of sand. The kids will love it. It was the same. Walk with your family or lover on a fine day. You'll find some leeway.^^♡

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.09 22:47

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  • #툭툭Edition


    The one you sent me in the last posting. I've tried coffee.~ I don't know yet, so I love the sour taste. I don't think so. You sent it to me with a savory taste. Once again, thank you.~Cut~ I'm a little bit light and I'm drinking like a sublime. I like it. Well, that's... About 20 years ago, when I was a high school student, I went to Jeju Island. There you go~ You know, a nun went to study abroad, but sometimes, You rarely dropped the beans. The smell of coffee in the room made me sick and gave me a soft drink. That's what I'd like to be my life for you. It's still like the smell of coffee and the picture. I've become a time traveler for a while, smelling coffee. I'd like to recommend this delicious coffee for others. I smoked p.s. and scented candles once. Coffee and other scents make you feel good again.Hah!

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.08 16:48

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  • 툭툭Imoticon#Naming Contest툭툭Product Arrival상품Coffee


    TOOKTOOK Character Contest I participated in the opening of the character name contest. I'm looking at the names of all the characters. The character is the most animal. It's the most intuitively related to the type and name. I thought it'd be nice, so I put in a couple of them. He won two elections in a heartbeat. It was so amazing. I've tasted the joy of the copywriter for 15 seconds.Hah! By the way, today's coffee is We arrived by courier.~~ The savory scent was delivered with it. The scent alone makes it taste good. Hey, I'll have a change for you.Haha

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.05 22:07

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  • Look at the world with a window called #Publito#

    Self Introduction

    I'm going to attend the event late at night.~ a hand-picture slop because of no special talent. a bowel movement ;When you enter the public library, you will find a variety of SNS or media. I thought I could look at the world through it. Come in to the Publicito and meet the world. Nice friend to meet.♡

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.01 01:23

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  • #INK#Currection#teo#Follow my own time


    Mr. Teo, how do you feel about the ink-spitting event? I've set my own standards for the last post. Today, we've been setting the level of ink spray.Hah! level 1: 20190 INK level 2: 10040 INK level 3: 5555 INK level 4 : 2019 INK level 5 : 1004 INK We've sent you the ink based on the above five levels. He's a little more active for the rest of the year. I'll try to curate it on a variety.~ Have a nice holiday~^^

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.02.28 21:03

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  • Drawing


    I'm the best baker in my house. (It's because the hips are pretty big. Second, I'm in charge of hoppang. I'll show you when I get the chance.^^) It's been two months since he went to art school. You can draw and make pictures. Some days, dinosaur folding, some days making Noah's ark. You don't have to be alone. You make your own parts. He gathered them together to complete the work.~ These days, it's hard for kids to do art through these activities. I mean, you know, being a part of a group. I thought I'd be an actor. The author of Whee-Pang is stealing Mondrian'sIt looks like you are. Please look cute. I'll see you soon with another piece of work.

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.02.26 11:17

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    I won your event, so I'm going to take INK for almost infinite time. We're getting it.~ (Printer is infinite ink.) He's been drinking ink all over the place. I've been walking around, and I've got my own standards. Open it~ 1.How devoted are you to writing and photography? I can see what I'm passionate about it. 2.Categories that others don't use? travel here and thereIt's like a carte-ring with little writing. There's a lot. So there's a little bit more to the writing. a lot of ink So far, let's just as two criteria above.~ Eat one sweet potato on a snowy winter night.^^

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.02.19 18:09

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  • a Buddhist temple


    Bulguksa in autumn gave me a romantic sky.

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.01.09 22:02

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