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  • Coming-of-age Day!


    May 20th, Adult Day! My son went to college this year! Physically, it's a grown-up. When do you think you're going to grow up? If you think about it now, I was the same person back then, but... Ha ha! Even so. Let's celebrate!

    $chea . 2019.05.21 06:56

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  • Laundry room


    The washing machine that's been used for 12 years has finally stopped! I bought it as a silver-nano sterilization in the early days of drum washing machine. It's been a long Thanks to you, use the laundromat! It's a bit awkward, but! I can't use the laundromat I used to skip! by the way You have more users than I thought! Big Eve wash too! There's a lot of washing machines, so I'm gonna run a lot of them at once, and I'm gonna cut down on my time. There's a dryer so you can dry it all at once! It was my wife's job to run the laundry this weekend! It took a lot of time to sort out the outer clothes, underwear, and keep turning.... We're done here all at once! It took me a little more than an hour! Ha ha! What a comfortable world!

    $chea . 2019.05.19 15:51

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  • (Pubstyle) Cheers (move per minute)

    Tasty Road

    Those who worked hard for a week! Should we have a cup of chi-maek? Introduce the main store of E-Madong Cheers! First of all, beer is delicious, right? Chicken, of course! He satisfies everyone and thinks he's home. There are all kinds of beer! Chicken is no match for franchised chicken! Even though it's a large store, there are quite a lot of tables on Friday!

    $chea . 2019.05.18 07:00

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  • There's a good deed!


    It's Kiliman's Prerequisite. I'm jealous that many of you participate in the event. Ha ha! I bought 10,000 won worth of Lotto to participate! "What good is buying Lotto?" I'm sure some of you are doing it, but... There's a good deed! Ha ha! What is Lottery Fund? The Lottery Commission has created the funds from the lottery business. You're not going to be able to get the funds that you've set up to manage and use transparently and efficiently. It's called Lottery Fund, and it's made with the following funds. the proceeds from the sale of the lottery by limiting the winning and operating expenses. proceeds from the operation of lottery funds Winnings with Dismantling Time Completed pursuant to Article 23 of the Lottery and Lottery Fund Act Thirty-five percent of the lottery fund is allocated to the legal distribution business, and 65 percent to the public service. It's used. Circular graph showing 35% of legal allocation projects and 65% of public service projects based on 100% lottery funds 2018 Fund Project Activity statutory allocation project a public service project Housing Stabilization Project "With our house in place, I'm hopeful of living!" A project to help low-income people in the city realize their dream of housing! Creating a love nest for the underprivileged Lottery funds help families rent out existing homes, such as multi-unit houses, which are purchased in urban areas for low-income people to live in the current living quarters, and multi-family homes that are rented out for up to 20 years at low rent (30% of market price) and multi-family homes in urban areas for low-income people to live in the current living areas. welfare projects for the underprivileged "We'll be the wing of an out-of-town neighbor." We have neighbors around us who need attention and love, including the disabled, underprivileged youth, and multicultural families. Lottery funds are used for neighbors in dire need of support. In particular, we are carrying out projects for multicultural families, single-parent families, and others to expand financial opportunities for low-income families. cultural and artistic work "Culture and Art Program for the Small and Medium-Sized People" In order to contribute to the expansion of cultural entertainment rights and the reduction of cultural polarization among the underprivileged by visiting business welfare facilities, farming and fishing villages, rental housing complexes, calibration facilities, military units, and various cultural and arts entertainment and participation programs. It contributes to the revitalization of local literary centers by providing various cultural and arts programs to the underprivileged who cannot enjoy local people or cultural flavor by providing performances and exhibition fees for those who are vulnerable to cultural benefits (65 years of age and older), children and teenagers (24 years of age or younger) due to the burden of costs, and by strengthening their ability to create and distribute homegrown performances. Subcontractor '18 Year Plan (CU1 million) Support details by project Transfer of 550,361 Housing and Urban Fund by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Transfer of 27,102 Veterans Fund to the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Transfer of 97,605 Youth Development Fund from Ministry of Gender Equality and Family 214,094 Transfer of the Gender Equality Fund 82,103 Culture & Arts Promotion Fund from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Welfare of the underprivileged in the Ministry of Health and Welfare 90,363 Financial Services Commission 175,000 Support for the Revitalization of Financial Services for the Low-income (Sunshine Theory) 2,834 Establishment of Youth Start-up Vision Center in the Ministry of Justice Ministry of Employment and Labor's support for fostering social entrepreneurs, including 3,081 young people

    $chea . 2019.05.16 18:54

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  • A pet dog?


    Do you have a pet dog that your parents keep in a country house? always black-and-white in the house next to the warehouse Once a day, I only take my parents for a short walk in the morning, but I'm carrying them all day. My mom says I don't bark at my family who visits me every few months, but when daylight comes, I bark a lot! If I went to a good house, I might have gotten a lot of cute things, but... I prepared Korean beef for my mother's birthday, but when she brought me some bulgogi, I'm eating it like crazy! I think it's a waste, but I'm grateful to think that I'll be there for you!

    $chea . 2019.05.13 08:13

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  • 아내을 위한 생일 선물


    5월8일 어버이날! 아내의 생일 ! 항상 선물을 준비한다! 현금! 가장 받고 싶은 선물 리스트에 순위을 다투고 있는 목록이지만, 선물을 하는 사람에겐 가장 선물하기 편한 목록 1호가 아닐까! 고민도,준비도,시간도 ....! 아내의 생일 선물은 항상 현금이었다. 애들 키우느라 빠듯한 생활비, 5월에 특히 우리 집안엔 행사가 많았다! 어린이 날, 양가 부모님 생신이 모두, 제사, 이때 가장 필요한게 현금이라서 많지는 않지만 아내에게 생일선물로 현금 만큼 필요한게 없었기 때문이다. 올해도 현금으로 할까 생각하다가 홈쇼핑에서 led mask을 방송하길래 질렀다. 고생하는 아내의 얼굴에 주름도 늘고, 기미도 생기고, 항상 생일선물을 주지만 한번도 자신을 위해서는 쓰는 일이 없는거 같아서...! 비록 비싸고 좋은 대기업 제품은 아니지만! 마침 아내도 외출하고 없어서...! 아내에게 혼은 좀 났지만..! 비싼 선물 샀다고..! 그래도 좋은가 보다 한예슬 처럼 예뻐지면 어쩌지? 어쩌긴 내가 내가 땡큐지! 안그런가요? 하하! 배송 오니까 아들 놈이 먼저 쓰네요!

    $chea . 2019.05.10 19:57

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  • (Pubstyle) The rain star is Chuncheon (Pankyo Abinupran)

    Tasty Road

    There are some restaurants in Pangyo Avenue. It's a chicken galbi restaurant located on the second floor! You must have been to Chuncheon when you were in school! Like the chicken galbi that we ate at that time, this place gives us memories and taste. First of all, there are many chickens in chicken ribs! If you order chicken ribs, it's often unclear whether it's chicken or vegetable ribs. This place is chicken ribs. I think you'll feel it! You can cook it completely and eat it while heating it up! The self-corner has vegetables and a salad! He said he'd better come with his friends because his son's delicious. I raised her, and I heard her say, "Don't you have your parents' birthday?"

    $chea . 2019.05.09 07:16

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  • (Pubsty) Haengju Sanseong Noodle Soup

    Tasty Road

    Do you know the village of Janchi noodles under Haengjusanseong Fortress? The beginning started with the sale of the feast noodles in the hole furniture...! It's a village where traffic officers come out on weekends to clean up traffic! It's been more than 15 years since I started here! At first, it was a restaurant for the Riders! Every noodle restaurant still has its own bike riding standard! I'm sure some of you do noodles! It's now 4-5,000 won from the first 2,000 won, but it reminds me of the taste and it's my own restaurant that drives 2 to 3 hours round trip to Bundang! I've been with the kids since they were kids. Now I think I go out to eat memories rather than noodles! I visited during the holidays, but I ate the original house next door because it is a regular holiday every Monday! Ha ha!

    $chea . 2019.05.07 18:25

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  • Tancheon Bicycle Road (Seoul Airport)


    It was such a nice day that the wind blew so much that the pollen flew, but I dragged my bike out! Now Tancheon-gil is very well-organized for the bike season! Tancheon Bicycle Road runs from Yongin to Songpa in Seongnam and continues to Hangang River! I'll be joining Yangjae Stream in the middle. Along the Han River, it's connected to Ilsan and Hanam Paldang! It's nice to ride a bike because it's well organized! There are also well-organized rape flower fields and blue barley fields on the side of Seoul Airport! Every kilometer in the middle, it's marked down to 119 and 112 calls in case of an accident! In the middle of the summer, there are even baby pools and dog playgrounds! I'm afraid there's a bench in between. It's still a long way to go! And there are lights to enjoy at night, but it's a little dark... That's too bad!

    $chea . 2019.05.06 14:53

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  • Telescope Market (Mapogu Mangwon-dong)


    Telescope market! The market always smells of life! Especially the telescope market... There are many foreigners and many young people because they are famous for sightseeing. It is a market that can be reduced together across borders and ages. There are many famous restaurants that are not that big! Chicken steel, marathons, red bean curd noodles, bassac pork cutlet, red radish salad, etc! The most recommended of these is the redfish salad, Crispy pork cutlet! I still regret that I couldn't buy the redfish salad in a big size. If you drink makgeolli together, heaven will be here. The pork cutlet is really neat! Even though it's cold and brought home, it still has a crispy texture and protein. The handsome and friendly young man who sells pork cutlet also played a part. I bought some fruits and vegetables simply, but they were cheaper than large discount stores and the fruit tasted better. If you take the car, the parking is the worst! I recommend the subway because there is a Mangwon Station on line 6.

    $chea . 2019.05.04 10:49

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  • Seoul Botanical Garden (Magok district)


    I visited the newly opened Seoul Botanical Garden in Magok district to celebrate Labor Day! We had a nice day to see pretty flowers in such a nice weather! Admission fee is 5,000 won for a botanical garden. The indoor greenhouse is well-created and the amenities are clean, too! Cafés and restaurants are also beautifully decorated! Since it's the opening day, a lot of students came on field trips, but food court food is a little expensive, so all the students come in and out! The outdoor area is also wide, but there are no big trees yet and there is not enough space to rest! The temperature is not high yet, so it's good to take a walk, but if the temperature goes up, it may be hard to take an outdoor walk!

    $chea . 2019.05.03 06:55

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  • Gangneung Donghwa Garden (짬뽕 Sundubu)


    The morning of arriving at Donghwagarden, Gangneung. It's 8:10! Cars are already lined up because it's hard to get into As soon as we park, we get off, we go into the house, we pull the number, we get 41 people waiting! Ha ha! How delicious! The fairy tale I found the night before, drinking a drink, and soothing the bitter in the morning, is already... Soft tofu with spicy soup! It's perfect for sea ice soup! Everyone who just made it! The heat is so soft! Soybean paste, red pepper paste, and azzi are also great! They said it was even served! If you want to go to Gangneung, make sure to stop by and eat it! I highly recommend you! It's near Anmok Beach, so I like to have a cup of coffee at a pretty cafe while I'm watching the beach!

    $chea . 2019.04.30 16:25

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  • Maybe we should take a look around!


    After lunch, I stopped by the union office and the poster on the door! There are a lot of people on the news, but it's not my story. news that has been heard and spilled out of the world The poster reminds me. Someone's precious children. Han Ga-jung's father, mother, our neighbor in charge of making a living, could face an inside mother or my children. We are listening too casually or we are being too careless! I think we should think about it and look around.

    $chea . 2019.04.26 14:13

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  • Haha, this is all happening!

    Personal Finance

    I've been in the coin market for a little less than two years, and I've used several exchanges. Gatham, who started the deal! The ripples! My investment (but not much) is dissecting! I've dialed a lot of mail and phone calls, but I haven't. So I started using Hitbtc, Bittrex, Binary, etc. In case of Hitbtc, send mail at the earliest for one month or two. Sometimes I get an e-mail saying that the problem was solved. Bittrex sent an e-mail for nearly seven to eight months due to authentication problems, but it didn't work out and eventually made his passport again, and Binnans, too, spent more than a week in e-mail ....! In the tyranny of one-sided exchanges... I think a lot of investors have been hurt! It is more difficult for me to speak short English, Then Umbit opened a new Umbit in Korea. Again, questions, server down... There's no apology or resolution. The Kovit Exchange was created by sending the coin that was received at Mickup to the exchange. Last weekend, I asked for money to clean up the coins, but it failed! Damn it, gochujang, look for it. I think we're starting to have a boring fight again. I go to work on Monday morning, send an email, check my company mail, and check my mail again. Wow! I got a reply mail. I tried to send the mail online, but I couldn't check it, so I sent the mail again! I wonder if it's been three minutes! The call from the Cobbits is... Call me from the customer center...! Troubleshooting! It's natural in some ways, but for an investor who has never been treated like a customer, it's a refreshing shock! The world is changing! Ha ha! I decided to leave the coin that I was going to withdraw.

    $chea . 2019.04.24 07:24

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  • Halmaeboribap (Oppo, Gwangju)


    Let me introduce you to a restaurant! This restaurant is located in Oppo, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. I think I've been here for over 10 years already! When I first went, there was a restaurant like this, but now there are huge houses in this place, too! Director Cheng, doenjangguk is famous! There could be some waiting for you to visit! Put soybean paste and soybean paste in all kinds of vegetables and mix them according to your taste! Add some more red pepper paste and turn the sesame oil around. And if you eat it on a fresh ssamyachae, it feels healthy! It's a delicacy for me to pretend like I'm a nurungji!

    $chea . 2019.04.22 07:03

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  • No sound!


    I've been suffering from a cold for a week! Cough. Cottage, phlegm. Maybe it's because of my age, but only you and I are in trouble at the office! 'Kim, have a taste of Staff Kim!' The silver can! 'I won the saponal because I couldn't hear it!' No one laughs! It's just you and me! As a child, my grandmother lived with a cough to see if she had asthma. He would have been in the hospital now, but he didn't know it at the time, or he didn't have any money, so he took medicine at the pharmacy. The medicine is Yonggaksan Mountain in the photo! I think you ate more than you did. I've been to many drugstore errands! At that time, cough and asthma drugs were found in Yonggaksan Mountain and Safonale. At that time, the TV commercial was a little bit too big for me. It was 'Yonggaksan doesn't make any noise'! As soon as I saw this medicine, I thought of my grandmother! If I catch a cold like now, my grandmother hugged me all night and took care of me! How warm it was in the arms...! I miss my grandmother!

    $chea . 2019.04.20 14:45

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  • SOS National Lightning Event!


    Save my Earth! This is happening under the slogan! Let's hope a lot of them will join us! On April 22nd, from 8 p.m. to 10 minutes! Can I see the stars this day? It's not because there's no stars in the city center, but because the lights are so bright I can't see the stars! Let's see the stars! Even for ten minutes!

    $chea . 2019.04.18 22:47

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  • dry iron plate


    Meet my wife on the way home from work and have a quick date at the dry dock! I chose the dinner menu, and I thought of the chicken ribs I had in Chuncheon when I was in college. It's Baek Jong-won's chain store! I don't think there's any industry you don't do! I envy you! He's good at cooking and business! The taste doesn't keep up with old memories. As I got older, I went to eat memories rather than taste!

    $chea . 2019.04.16 22:02

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  • Pangyo Abneuf and Japanese restaurant Furato


    April 15 is the 24th anniversary of our marriage! My family only had time today, so I went out for lunch! It's such a nice restaurant. Let's upload it! It's located on the second floor with Abnegut! Yes. I had a very satisfying meal for my family had. If you fry them in a rare dish and bake them in a single oven at the table as much as you like...

    $chea . 2019.04.14 18:28

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  • Spring in Bundang Central Park


    It was a park that I visited so often! It's been a long time since I visited you! The children's history is all over. Walking from place to place, my son and mother fell into old memories!

    $chea . 2019.04.14 07:42

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  • Yuldong Park (Minute)


    I've got a cold, so I'm afraid I'll be back on Friday as an excuse! I'm spending my vacation, but I feel like something's gone wrong! And the weather was so nice! I met my wife and had a quick lunch. Let's go to the flower shop. Since the concert is not good, we decided to go to Jungang Park or Yuldong Park and went to Yuldong Park. Ah me! Oh, my God! It's still a slow park! The high bungee jump looks lonely. Is it too early for spring to come yet? Like the spring in the coin market!

    $chea . 2019.04.12 23:16

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  • Dinner


    A cell phone that rings on the way home from work! His wife's call to go in after dinner! Long time no see! A phone call from a raspberry jamming the two of you! They want me to buy something delicious! After all, I'm dating two women! Ha ha!

    $chea . 2019.04.11 06:41

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  • small happiness


    I found a cafe after lunch with my family on weekend! There's a bakery on the first floor. Quiet music, fragrant coffee, and conversation with the most precious family. Here, find small but precious happiness!

    $chea . 2019.04.10 07:13

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  • Spring Flower Events (Walls and Frogs)


    It's an alleyway to the Billions beautifully painted I remember there were so many dogs on the walls of the alley! It's because the dog is strong and the flowers are pretty! There's nothing in this picture! I don't have any kids to run around in the alley! The murals and the dogs are the same! Where are our children? School and academy are busy! Still in the alley. Younghee! Chul-soo! Have dinner! Atom, Nilo, stop going in and have dinner! My mother's voice is echoing! Can you see it?

    $chea . 2019.04.08 18:16

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  • Spring Flower Event (Clover)


    Watering veranda pot. Clover found! Rabbit grass! Four leaves are lucky! The three leaves are happy! Would you choose luck? Would you choose happiness?

    $chea . 2019.04.07 10:48

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  • Spring Flower Event (San-Suyu)


    Join the event! You're in our complex, too! Between the flowers, the fruit of last year's bottled milk is holding out! Like I'm holding out in the coin market! The Purbs Mayor wins the battle! Be good until you get a good return! Just like the fruit of the arithmetic! Fighting!

    $chea . 2019.04.06 11:52

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  • On my way home!


    I'm off work again today! This is Jamsil from the northern end of Cheongdam Bridge on the way home from work. I read books before by bus, I guess I've been staring at my phone these days, or I've been sleeping outside the window! Seoul is so beautiful!

    $chea . 2019.04.06 08:41

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  • I'm finally going to put on a cherry blossom!


    The raspberry at Yeouido today sent it! I was jealous of the Purblers' flowers! It's finally coming up! Shall we go to Yoido with my wife on the weekend?

    $chea . 2019.04.05 16:59

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  • look down on the oars


    There was such a beautiful sunset in the window I came across from my house! Even if you don't have to run for hours to see the beautiful sunset, the open sunset is so beautiful! Happiness is always next to you!

    $chea . 2019.04.04 07:05

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  • Exchange down!


    It's been a long time since the Coin Market came back! A chance to escape or a chance to buy? go in and out of the exchange I can't get through! Is it because it's a cell phone? I guess I wasn't the only one! There's also a message posted on the deck saying that you can't get access to the exchange! How long has it been? During the boom of the coin market, the two-way exchanges are off-limits and ordered! Nice to meet you. It was so nice to meet you! On the other hand, the exchanges haven't changed yet! It's sad! What are they doing making money? 18! If you want to make more money on the exchange, invest! 18!

    $chea . 2019.04.03 06:50

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