Life is an Adventure

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  • The beauty of the Rising Sun


    When everything is gone, the item is just the process to exist. Only smile

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  • The enchanting beauty of the Universe


    The sound of the vast ocean waves with natural landscapes coloring the eyes

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  • The Beauty of the Lights at Night


    Seen in the corner of the city Color lights

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  • Seeing the beauty of the sky


    Stunning views, by making my point of view to take a photo shoot

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  • PUB Coin Market Chart


    Coin PUB located on the Chaince market

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  • Really Beautiful Nature


    The beauty of nature is like the beauty of love that is always bright. Even though Love Turns Away Wounds, Still Faithfully Accompanying Him.

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  • Change of Diagram on Crypto Market


    The diagram on Crypto's market is always changing, there are times when it goes up and sometimes it goes down, that's all in my opinion the effect on a Blokchain market

    $boyelleq . 2019.06.07 11:56

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  • Beauty of Flowers is Always Enchanting


    Indeed, it never hurts when Flowers are identified with beauty, because there really is interest in interest that people see because of their beauty.

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  • Although Looks Mysterious, But Still Serious


    Sometimes love can blind the eyes, even if animals can. Seen two animals that are making out, because remembering love will not be different, as long as it fits just keep it, that's the principle of these two animals.

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  • Life is Happiness


    Sometimes life is often bored, also often not directed at a goal of achievement. Life needs recreation to get happiness, it also needs calm in facing all trials. That is, happiness to be achieved, even though it takes a lot of sacrifice still trying to get it. So life is only once, whatever it is is still passion, especially to get happiness in life, even though it takes a lot of sacrifice, keep up the spirit. #publyto #happiness #life

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  • The Beauty of Flowers Always Makes Mood Feel


    Sometimes in a situation that is not good, or in a state of falling in love, Flowers become the back of the heart for a while. Indeed, Bunga does not become whole forever, but it will become a temporary support while in romance. It's become commonplace for a park, or a residential environment decorated with flowers. Because indeed flowers can help the eye when lost with others. That's the beauty of flowers, charming and also interesting to always look at. Maybe we try even if we have a little flower, but there really is color. As with syrup mixed with water, as much as any amount of water with a little syrup can still change the color of the water. #publyto #flower

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  • Various Practical Snacks


    When it was a long trip, there was probably no food. On that day I thought about bringing food in the form of snacks, to wait for the destination. As for various snacks it is very practical to put in a bag, and carried anywhere. So instead of feeling hungry on the street, I just prepared first lunch snacks. For all my friends, hungry in the streets do not need a lot of thoughts, just stay prepared, supplies in the form of snacks. #Publyto #Food #Snacks

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  • Enjoy the delights of city food


    Starting from my departure from the village to the city, it feels like to enjoy the city atmosphere with various colors. Shortly thereafter I was stopped at one of the shopping centers, with various hubbub and crowd of people. After getting tired from around the shopping center, I saw a place in the corner of a shopping center, a food restaurant. I approached him and sat down, then I ordered a variety of foods, then my heart said "This time I will try, is there a similarity between Village and City Food!. That's the color I want to enjoy in the city. #Publyto #Food #Enjoy

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  • The beauty of the Rising Sun


    When the morning came, the light of the earth was illuminated by the rising sun from the eastern horizon, the following picture I took on the mainland of the sea, with the beauty of the sunrise so charming

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  • When Flowers Decorate Stories


    Starting from a long journey of love, with various twists and turns already hit. When that love always makes passionate, it means that always keeping faithful, after a long time after love is left, stay alone with beautiful flowers become friends, When thinking of love that has been lost, this beautiful flower is always the backrest.

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.27 16:59

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  • Mysterious Cat


    From the look on the face of a mysterious cat that always guard the house from various disturbances, and also very useful for the house. Although it looks mysterious but very useful and helpful. #PUBLYTO #ANIMAL #CAT

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.26 05:06

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  • Enjoy the Enjoyment of Fresh Drinks


    At that time I was as tired as helpless, so I really wanted to drink cold, At that time I also wanted to surround not far from the area, suddenly I stopped at the edge of the road to see the atmosphere was so crowded, then I approached the place Shortly thereafter I was offered a drink. Then what happens, in a loud voice I answer, Yes I Want to Drink That's a little story when I was thirsty for a fresh drink. #Publyto

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.22 14:17

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  • Beauty Of Flower


    Flowers in the garden of the house that reveal their beauty

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.21 14:59

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  • Charming Pet (Beauty Of Bird)


    Pet birds are often and much favored by many humans because of two things, namely beautiful colors and loud singing

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  • Pet Beauty


    Sometimes birds need much attention from humans, Therefore maintaining birds is one of the good deeds that few people do. Never escape to share goodness, even if it's only with birds. The one bird is very beautiful in color, And also the singing is very ringing.For this one bird is also commonly mentioned by the name Love Bird.

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.18 06:18

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  • Generating a Mutual Business (Chili Business)


    Where there is a will there is a way, that's the saying that I always remember, because the word can help generate energy in trying Doing business does not always have to be a tie-style, but farming can also be used as a business land Realize the spirit, all of that will be good for the future. Keep the spirit

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.17 05:55

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  • Flowers are always identified with beauty


    Indeed, in every garden, the spearhead of the beauty of the park is the existence of flowers. Indeed, every flower has its own distinctiveness in its beauty, which is essentially from every side of the view At flowers, beauty and beauty are always there

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.16 07:42

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  • Delicious Of Food (For Eating)


    Every food has its own distinctive taste, not all foods have the same taste. Sometimes the tongue can feel where the food is delicious and vice versa which is not delicious, usually the two flavors can be known when it has been tasted

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.15 15:59

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  • Not Knowing Tired in Trying


    The heat of the sun is no reason to quit business, Whatever it is still trying to achieve a certainty of business results. The following is a picture of the grain grinding process for household needs. Because we know complaining without effort is not one of the main reasons for achieving a goal of certainty from the results of the business

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.15 05:49

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  • Lovely Pet (Love Bird)


    Birds are one of the pets that have never been bored, especially from their beauty and the sound of chirping that they produce There is always a sense of wanting to have it, so many people like it and even look for wilderness forest to maintain

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.14 06:10

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  • When Circumstances Become Obstacles


    Sometimes the situation is not possible to always reach the destination means there is a disability on the way, our situation was stopped by circumstances that did not allow us to travel. But we still have to be patient because it is not possible to travel.The story of this trip happened when we wanted to visit our friends in the distance, who needed a long journey

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.13 02:36

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  • Birds Are One Of The Pets


    Among the many pets on earth, birds are one of them. And the priority of humans is to keep birds, maybe because of the beauty of the color or even the sound produced

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.12 12:37

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  • Sometimes All That Needs Sacrifice


    Our life in the village is very much different from living in a city,Ordinary if in the city life without any expensive costs is not comfortable living like in the village, We are in the village even though we live without a large amount of money. We keep the spirit of lifeit means kinship that we usually build in the village more closely and allows us to be like our own family We always help each other. Especially when some of us are village people, we always try to provide services and help without any money levied, so we feel we are better off living in a village than living in a city. Therefore, even though we are despised because of living in the village, even though we are always respected because we live like family.

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.11 10:23

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  • Only Smiles Always Make Beauty


    A smile is a gift from God to every human being that contains the light of goodness and holiness. Bring peace to those who see and add compassion to those who give, then smile to everyone True power is not measured by how much investment is made to get money, but how much investment is made to obtain the hereafter.

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.09 23:36

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  • Don't be easy to believe


    Someone who used to insist on asking me to survive, someone who promised to be faithful as lively as possible. You say, whatever happens remains with me, everything we will pass together, so sweet and always convincing, things that ultimately make it difficult for me to forget you, even in memory, you become a sad story that now leaves a pain

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.08 06:31

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