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  • 하남스타필드 아쿠아필드


    아직 애들이 어려 큰 워터파크보다는 약간 작은 곳을 선호하게 되더라구요 날씨가 살짝 안좋았지만 애들은 상관없이 너무나 잘 노네요~

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.30 15:41

    9 thanks . 809.2912 PUB

  • 쭈꾸미


    용두동에는 쭈꾸미 동상이 있어요 쭈꾸미 골목에 세워졌어요 여기는 진짜 쭈꾸미랑 양념 빼고는 별로 들어간게 없는데...묘하게 중독되는 맛에 자꾸 찾게되네요...근데 너무 매워요...ㅠㅠ

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.27 22:42

    18 thanks . 3,031.6920 PUB

  • 폭염


    아들내미가 많이 더운가봐요...ㅋㅋㅋ

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.25 17:57

    12 thanks . 7,127.6138 PUB

  • 안성팜랜드


    날씨가 너무 좋아 안성팜랜드로 나들이 갔는데 날이 좋은걸 너머 너무 덥네요...햇빛이 너무 뜨거워 온가족이 다 익어서 꽃은 못보고 동물들 먹이만 줬네요^^;;선선할때 다시가는걸로...;;;

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.23 17:17

    11 thanks . 2,693.2498 PUB

  • 스벅 스무고개


    안해도 되는데...시작하니 끝을 내야하는... #커피값ㅜㅜ #괜한승부욕

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.21 18:19

    12 thanks . 3,460.8842 PUB

  • 칼국수


    비도 왔고 오늘도 날씨가 흐리고 하니 국물이 당겨 짬뽕칼국수 먹으러 갔네요~ & 신국물만두 & 칼국수 점심 맛나게 먹고 퇴근하는데 또 배가 고프네요 ㅋㅋ

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.19 17:17

    11 thanks . 1,281.1637 PUB

  • 텀블러


    아침마다 커피마시는데 언제부턴가 일회용을 쓰면 죄책감이 생겨서 마련해봤네요~~조금씩 일회용품을 줄여보려구요~~저 하나 해봤자 별 도움이 안될 수 있지만 같이 일하는 동료들도 하나둘씩 텀블러를 사용하는 변화가 생기네요^^

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.17 07:20

    7 thanks . 3,778.5607 PUB

  • 어벤져스 엔드게임


    드뎌 마블영화의 완결판 어벤져스 엔드게임을 봤네요~ 개봉한지 거의 두달인데...ㅋ회사 조퇴하고 혼영하는데... 아직도 보는 분들이 꽤 많네요...^^ 혼자 끝에는 눈물이 왜케 나는지ㅜㅜ 애 낳고 감수성이....ㅋㅋㅋㅋ인제 육아출근하러갑니다~

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.14 18:01

    8 thanks . 2,366.1883 PUB

  • 곱창


    얼마만에 먹어보는 곱창인지....ㅜㅜ애기낳고 애들은 못먹으니 외식을 하더라도 주로 애들식단에 따라 하다보니 어언 2년이 되어가더라구요...곱창 노래를 불렀더니 고생한다고 시주신 우리 쌤...감사해요~~ #소확행

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.11 21:44

    10 thanks . 2,119.5174 PUB

  • 새로나온 음료


    스파클링 야구르트.... 맛은 야구르트 맛은 약하고 탄산은 강하고...약한 밀키스 맛이에요^^ㅋ

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.10 07:12

    18 thanks . 3,544.7602 PUB

  • 퇴근


    이리치이고 저리치이고 퇴근한 날에는 저런 사람이 되고싶네요...ㅎㅎ

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.07 17:15

    9 thanks . 4,981.7288 PUB

  • 지하철


    출퇴근할때 지하철을 타고 다니는데 다른사람에 의해 기분 나빠지는 경우가 더러 생깁니다. 모든 분들이 그러지않는것도 알고 비하할 생각도 없지만..가끔 너무하다는 생각도 드네요 난 저렇게 나이먹지말아야지...란 생각도 들구요 왜 타고 내리실때 순서대로 안타고 사람을 밀면서 타고 내리시는지..길 다니실때도 마찬가지시구요 길 물어보실수 있죠 근데 왜 반말로 또 대답해드리면 고맙단 말 한마디 안하시고 뒤돌아 쌩하고 가버리시는지..제가 많은걸 바라는건지..그냥 기본적인 예의만 지켜주시면 서로서로 좋을텐데...참 안타깝네요...

    $bluenimf . 2019.06.04 17:02

    10 thanks . 1,516.6154 PUB

  • Disney princesses


    I bought it for my daughter who fell in love with Disney.Why Disney books are so expensive...; however, I boldly pay for my daughter.But I hate the story more and more because I'm old. Why do you meet the prince and be happy and beautiful? I like it when you're pretty and handsome.Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~~

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.31 23:04

    7 thanks . 896.2938 PUB

  • Taekwondo


    Why can't I delete the picture?Oh, that's too bad. My daughter wanted to learn Taekwondo, so she went to an experience class. It's fun, but I can't go around here without a friend.I left work early and it's hard...

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.29 17:43

    8 thanks . 1,609.3859 PUB

  • Cooking class


    These days, I love cooking my daughter so much that I applied for a class to make cookies with her at a pretty cafe in the neighborhood. I was going to join her, but she's a father, so I struggled with my second child from the bottom and waited.It's a bittersweet feeling.

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.27 20:15

    8 thanks . 1,114.7956 PUB

  • Gottre



    $bluenimf . 2019.05.27 20:15

    1 thanks . 443.3079 PUB

  • Unexpected luck2


    Yesterday, I was walking past the construction site on my way home, and suddenly a worker asked me if I was moving. I'm living on alert for a moment, and I asked him why he did it, and he said, "I bought something at the supermarket right now, but I can only buy a trash bag." But nobody lives here, so he told me to take it with him. If you want to buy one these days, it's about 500 won, but you gave me two, so I said thank you.Haha

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.25 07:25

    11 thanks . 2,010.6812 PUB

  • Spicy people's feet


    Spicy food that you find under stress...ㅜㅜ #Fire family foot

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.23 23:13

    5 thanks . 1,963.1712 PUB

  • Aquarium


    My daughter has been singing a song that she wants to go to the aquarium.I came here before my second child was born, but I was born soon after and the stone passed...I'm sorry that time seems to be too fast.crying

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.20 20:28

    10 thanks . 1,230.7348 PUB

  • an unexpected coke


    I never ordered...my name, phone number, and address are correct...hmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...1 box of Coca Cola delivered suddenly a few days ago/30 x 3 boxes....I called the courier and the order office, but it is unknown.It's not in my order, but if my name is different, I'll wait.I eat something to eat

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.18 22:09

    18 thanks . 2,391.6798 PUB

  • Marvel film


    A few days ago, I saw Avengers Infinity War, and it was so much fun. But there are some things that I don't understand because I've seen movies before and I haven't seen them before. So, I'm looking for the order to look at it one by one. It's fun and it's all good, but the only downside is lack of sleep.Haha

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.16 18:36

    9 thanks . 1,751.7026 PUB

  • 두발자유화


    요즘은 중,고등학생 다 자유화가 되는 분위기이니 학생들을 생각하시겠지만 전 간호사의 두발자유화를 얘기하는겁니다~~대형병원들이 자유화 됐다는 얘기를 심심치 않게 들었지만 제가 근무하는 병원은 먼 얘기라 생각했는데 두발자유화가 됐다는 소식이 들리더군요 그래서 간호사들이 헤어망을 하지않고 단정하게 묶기만 한 모습이 왜케 이뻐보이는지...감염을 위한거라지만 헤어망이 별 도움이 안된다 생각하던 1인이였거든요 제가 벌써 10년이 넘게 헤어망을 했고 하기싫고 불편해서 단발을 했지만 자유화 적극 찬성합니다^^

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.15 07:06

    15 thanks . 4,266.9905 PUB

  • Yeosu Bambada


    This is the picture sent by the groom who went on a business trip to Yeosu. It's peaceful, but they say they want to see the children...I don't think that's what you're gonna say to the two kids.

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.14 07:29

    8 thanks . 2,482.2067 PUB

  • trip


    The weather is nice and I couldn't visit my father on the last day of my father's life, so I gave him a present. I bought a baby, watched a lot of things, and played a lot of rides so I could play with my kids. So I had a nice Saturday.Have a nice weekend.

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.12 09:14

    9 thanks . 1,989.2904 PUB

  • Parents day


    My daughter's already grown up. She's giving me this. Even though more than 90% of them are done by the daycare center teacher, they even use their name and love their mom. Childhood's a tough job, but I think this is a payoff.^^

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.08 07:22

    10 thanks . 1,125.9787 PUB

  • Hero


    I heard there was a hero event in the daycare center's older sister class. The youngest took a picture with the side legs. I laughed a lot at the daycare center's notice at work. I think teachers are having a hard time.^^

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.06 21:27

    7 thanks . 1,022.0175 PUB

  • Shortcut scene


    I'm tired again. I guess the price of the credit card is just piling up. Thank you for buying me my mom. . . . . . . . I felt like I was a high-handed person.LOL Dadwal... I think I like my kid's hairthe same way #Minimelisajigzag #pinklitter #and again #Today's Tailpane #Today's Tailors #Two days ago #Nothing for me😭

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.04 09:46

    8 thanks . 1,464.3723 PUB

  • birthday



    $bluenimf . 2019.05.02 23:46

    11 thanks . 3,414.1522 PUB

  • First-birthday party


    First-birthday party

    $bluenimf . 2019.04.30 22:32

    8 thanks . 3,393.7798 PUB

  • Doljanchi Topper


    It's not a common topper. It's a second stone cake topper that I wanted to do something original. He's an early boy, but he weighs 11.5.They asked me if I was stoned.

    $bluenimf . 2019.04.28 22:12

    6 thanks . 1,699.6219 PUB

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