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  • Innovation is something like this?


    #Innovation Can you see the kind of USB memory that the woman in the picture is holding in her right hand? It's e-cigarette. It's about 70 percent market share in the United States, and it's our country last week. It started selling from . I'm not going to talk about cigarettes that are harmful to the human body, but I'm going to talk to you about this e-cigarette. I'm going to talk about innovation. Apple of e-cigarettes. Actually, it's a cigarette, so it has all the functions of it.What's so amazing about this? 1. It's pretty. 2. There's nothing like a button on a regular e-cigarette. 3. Instead, I replaced the button with an impact sensor. Maybe we should use gyro or vibration sensors. I think you have it. . . . . .and it will show you the current state of charge 4. Light it up and it doesn't have this kind of function, but if you inhale it, the cigarette starts working. Of course, there's no smell for traditional cigarettes. You don't have to light it. But there's no tobacco ash or smoke. Furthermore, you don't have to turn on the power just like traditional e-cigarettes. And the charger also works. It's magnetic, it's lightweight. The magnets are strong, so they can be placed on the side. Maybe that's what blockchain innovation is like. The parts that everyone has to do are automatic. Or maybe the blockchain will be popularized because it's easy to do. The above electronic cigarettes that came into Korea are already out of stock. lol Thanks to this, smoking for teenagers has become a little bit of a problem. I don't know if our kids smoke or not. There's no way to know... it's probably going to be a big social problem.

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  • What's the value of Publito?


    #Value It's a morning when Bitcoin and Ios are up in the air. It is even better to cool the hot weather there. Today, I'm going to introduce you to some places that show the value of the site. https://www.sitemark.co.kr/ And that's where we measure the value of the site with self-analysis algorithms and traffic statistics. Sure. It is not a direct measurement by putting a tag on the site like Google or Alexa, so the number of unique visitors varies. However, it's the same for any site, so it's somewhat objective. What about our Publitto? It is worth about 3.27 million won and is expected to have 49 visitors per day and 2450 daily page views. And the estimated advertising revenue from this is five dollars a day. And what is the representative feature of blockchain social services? In fact, I was really surprised. In the meantime, there's been a lot of users. I thought it wasn't what it used to be. It's worth 22 billion... ...and 34998 users a day.And the estimated advertising revenue is $3,340. That's a huge amount, probably because you've been operating for a long time and serving around the world, and you've been increasing the value of your site. The same. Moreover, the top ads have recently started to appear.And in this respect, we're down to the front Unfortunately, Devil was over a million won a few days ago.Now... 30 users per day for a whopping 158,000 won. We optimized the SEO last week, and now it's starting to be exposed, so let's hope it's going to get a little bit more value. Devils were 600 thousand when they were peaks at Alexa RANK, so if you go back to their old levels, they'll be even more valuable. I don't think so. So what about the chain, which is famous for its EOS-based exchange? It's 473,000 won and 128 people are expected to visit Lastly, this is the Koreanos, the sacred place of our EOS It's 316,000 won, 143 people, and it's an amazing result, but it's a lot of users, and it's a lot of telegram rooms. I always thought it would be more expensive because it was full of energy, but it's a surprising result. I've seen a few more places, and in reality, the Etherium camp is still ahead of us in terms of the value of the site itself. It's true, and I think that's how much we're open to the possibility of the future. Actually, it's a self-assessment here, so the actual numbers are different, but that means, as I said above, It applies to everyone, so we can add a little bit more value to it or lower it. I hope it will be the second half of 2019 when the value of EOS and EOS Dapp-based sites is growing. Have a good day, everyone.

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  • a comic book shop


    #The cartoon space #The Honey There's no freshness. It's a cartoon room that costs 1,000 won an hour. front seat recliner chair Free parking for two hours. One thousand won per hour for late payment or five thousand won for seven hours. I also sell ramen or drinks, and the ramen that I order at the comic book store is honey. I've read my old fan, the hot blood clot, up to 60 episodes. Now I'm going to go see the rest. By the way, I went to a cartoon space in front of Ajou University in Suwon. There's a huge parking lot behind the bowl!! It is a place where many comic books and leisure are enjoyed.

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  • EOS crisis and who is next?


    Hello. The title may seem a bit repulsive, or rather a caricature title, but... Actually, I've been thinking about it lately. It's kind of like a feeling. But that didn't change the portfolio I have. I'm still feeling it. We'll need more analysis, so we need to look at the entire blockchain from a development perspective. I was writing this because I thought I might be able to do this. The crisis I see is... EOS has not yet been able to add mass. The reason is because there is no killer app, the block chain is not yet It's not known to the general public... for a number of internal and external reasons, but the conclusion is...That's the situation. [Number of users in EOS blockchain from a service point of view] https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/eos If you go to , there are just over 10,000 DAU (Daily Active Users) of Dapp, which is currently ranked 1st. Of course, EOS accounts. The number is hundreds of thousands, and it's growing, but not all of these people are using Dapp, so it's not the number of EOS accounts. There may be a logical leap to measure the activation of the blockchain. In fact, the first generation of Bitcoin, the second generation of Etherium, and the EOS that we call the third generation came out last year, and now we're going to celebrate the first anniversary. It's ahead, but it doesn't show any explosive power yet. Of course, technically, it's not the speed of transaction. Or the excellence of the platform itself has been extraordinary since it came out, but it hasn't been popularized yet. It may be premature, but in a year, something new comes out, or something that EOS was working on when it launched last year. It's a time when we can come out, and in that sense, we feel a sense of crisis. In fact, the blockchain itself is so difficult that it is true that there are permits, in that sense very early, very early. It would be too much to discuss the DAU, but... On the contrary, if it's been a year since launch, it's clear that it's time to check the direction. [EOS from a Development Point of View] https://www.cryptomiso.com/months_3.html If you go here, you can see the development of EOS. Detailed roadmaps and functions should be viewed directly on Github, but in some numerical terms, This is a place that indirectly shows the status of development of the source code that is being developed and the number of commit that is shared with others. (commit) A request to develop a source code and share it with other developers?You can say that, or you can write a document, and you can write a document, and you can edit it, or you can write a piece of it. In fact, there are meaningless commits and full requests to collect them.It's hard to count simply by number, but other projects are similar. I'll tell you, assuming you have a loophole. Based on the commit count in the last 3 months... 55 commit and over 100 developers were active. So the overall ranking was 106th. First place was AELF with 2,433 commits and 29 developers. Etherium was 40th. If you change the bar to the last year, INS and EOS were ranked at No. 18. If you look at the trend, it's likely that EOS is in a stable stage. But if you look at the representative android platform of open source, you can see that the number of commits has been steady since they were created, and that compared to the steady change, you can see that there's a lot of stability, while less new things are being made.Etherium was 43rd, and we know Bitcoin was 22nd. [Finishing] Looking at the figures for this commit, I don't think it's just the feeling I felt. Of course... Considering the quality of its commit, and also the separation of the smart contact from the EOS...It could be a piecemeal idea. However, from a road map perspective, we need a new change, and in that sense, we're looking forward to the June 1 event in Washington. We can, but the event on June 1 is more than just an expectation, and it's a very important time to see what's ahead. I think even Steem, who didn't think there was much change, ranked 53rd. The development commit has no choice but to lag behind the business roadmap, and in that sense, the June event is all the more awaited. And the opposite is true. It's not that the project's going to be successful just because it's working hard, it's going to need to be analyzed from a variety of perspectives. I'm a developer, so I looked at this from the developer's point of view. But, as we saw in last year's launch, EOS has the ability of great developers to develop very quickly, and we look forward to it. * CAUTION: As the number of Commit is considered only by the number of Commit, the quality of commit has not been reviewed and the number of commit does not represent the excellence of the project.

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  • It's a sunny day.


    # The weather's great But somehow I'm watching the end game here. But the weather is so nice to take a walk and it gets cool at this time of day. I'm going to barbecue later. Enjoy your dinner, everyone.

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  • the way to Pyeongchang


    #PyeongChang Road #Alpensia Resort After leaving work at 3 pm, I am going to Pyeongchang for 3 days and 2 nights. Out of Seoul, it's cool, airy, scenic, overbearing. What's surprising is that it took less than two hours to get to Alpensia. The Children's Day event here is from tomorrow, and it's awesome. The Avengers end game is 6,000 won!! Have a nice holiday.

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  • Did you lose something?


    When I searched on the Internet, there was a place where I could tell you how to store and find lost items such as buses, taxis, and theaters. also https://www.lost112.go.kr/find/findList.do There was also a unified operation by the National Police Agency. What's amazing is that if you search for "bag" for five days from April 1...There's a lot of them. Actually, I thought we'd get a lot of them before we did the search.That was a lot. So... 1. Some are run by the National Police Agency, but I wish I could see all the lost items in one place. 2. Thinking about the disposal of lost goods after a certain period of time. I heard this suddenly. First of all, I'm a little surprised that there are so many lost things, so I'll look at them a little bit more and think about it. I think I'll have to see On the one hand, it's because no one's anxious to find it, is it? Or I don't know how to find it.I've been wondering...

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  • Using the static variable in Javascript for the Scatter.


    I had a problem with scatter recently. If you reset the meter again, you get an error, and you find nsjames' github. There was a restriction that we had to reset it only once. So, I'm telling you to use the code below only once. ScatterJS.scatter.connect ("Dabble").then(connected = } I think the static variable is a good idea to handle this. Static variable is usually used in C language, etc. static int sValue = 0; This is what I declare. If you declare it, the above variable will have memory in the heap, and you will only have one time throughout the program. It will be initialized to zero. Subsequently, sValue+ will save the increased value in sValue. Javascript can do this. staticTest.scatterConnected = false; The U.S. military said it would not be easy to find a way to If(staticTest.scatterConnected==false) staticTest.scatterConnected = true; } This allows scatterConnected to be used as a static variable. So, until we get out of that page, It works as static, and because of the nature of javascript, if you leave that page, everyone disappears. It's very useful when you need it. I think it's been a long time since I left a message to share with Dev.

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  • Show the quantity of PUB Staking.


    I've just written a program to get the quantity that I staked in Publicito. The information is based on information released on the blockchain, and in case the ID is released, If you're uncomfortable, please comment." I'll read the rest as a *.) We used map and stay table in publictoken11 contact address. We used eosjs get table row to get the amount of steak. I'm going to tell himself Show the quantity that you have taken and the quantity that you have given to others. Because of the popularity of publicto, there are too many users, it is difficult to process at once. You update the DB once every 10 minutes, and the Web uses a format that shows the value of the DB. It's made. (There's still a little bug.) The highlight here is the treatment of for loop, and if you're new to node.js, you're not. This program shows the difference between for loop and for of . And now that I've done this...You can see with one eye that whales really live in PUB. I thought I could put on an icon or do other fun things later. On the other hand, Publicito is developing into a single platform based on EOSMainnet. I could see it. Finally... https://pubstat.herokuapp.com/ Visit to see the amount of steak for all users who are currently using the Publicito. Enjoy your Publicity! And I hope you have a good day off. * And as you've noticed, if you click on the Publicity ID, you'll go to that page.^^ (I didn't think it would be fun if I made this, so I added it at the end.)

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  • #Dudler #3D #Children


    #Doodler #3d #Children Let me introduce you to a sour pen. Put the filament in the blue pen and press the button to get plastic out of the pen. It's like a 3D printer, and you can make 3D objects with this pen. You can make it in 2D, assemble it, stack it up like a 3D printer, or draw it in the air. It's dangerous to melt raw materials, which are more than 100 degrees, but the dudlers for children are pretty safe and not hot. An older senior has a create plus version, which is the last nozzle that's hot, so you have to be careful, but you can make it more. It's a great ride for children to be creative. Lesson: I thought the nozzle would be clogged or problematic at first, but it hasn't been a problem since I've used it so far and the kids love it. More2 : Create plus is much better than create. A plastic used here? The filament should be non-toxic.

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  • Looking at the sky castle.


    It's been a long time since I made a late visit to Ink. https://dabble.cafe/contentDetail?postid=5c37351f31cdcd00037d7e44 I was looking at the Sky Castle. The story is... Jeong Jun-ho had a loved one, and Yeom Jung-ah got married after she took out the loved one. And I had two daughters. One of them is Gang Ye-seo. But... the person I loved before had a daughter. The daughter is Kim Hye-na. However, Kang Ye-seo pushes Kim Hye-na from the building and drops it. (No, but these four are clear.) Kim Hye-na, who fell like that, will go to the hospital where Jung. Jung Joon-ho doesn't know he's his daughter. To operate on the hospital's director's child, Kim Hye-na was forced to do all-out measures. I can't find a hospital to power, so I end up breathing. Don't you see all the dark corners of our pubs in this short process? - Hospital absurdity - a personality that is not educated at all, with the idea that you should only go to a good school. - The corruption scandals that graduate from such a good school, but enter society in a state of zero. - Problems of high school courses in our country - Problems of private education And so on. I'm not sure if this whole society is a drama that shows you'reI'm getting angry inside. It's a good thing you're being accused of this drama, but... I'm afraid I'll be buried like this again.

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  • #Coffee #Devil


    #Coffee #Devil Come over for coffee. This menu is available for payment with the Dab, the token of the Dabble. For your information, you can pay for your dab at two places below. When you drink coffee, you can use the dab under the "coffeeman123" account. You can remit it. Of course, in addition to the dab, the payment will be made in BEAN, TOOK and PUB. https://store.naver.com/restaurants/detail?id=1280242269 https://store.naver.com/restaurants/detail?id=1602351309 Please come and see us!

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  • # Graduation #New start


    # Graduation #New start Finally, my first child graduated. I graduated from elementary school after graduating from kindergarten. I had many ups and downs for 6 years, and I went to school a lot thanks to my son. You play a celebratory orchestra at your graduation, you change your clothes, you get a prize. That's how his graduation ceremony ended. As expected, the principal spoke long, and the children were naive. I did. On the one hand, middle school, high school, and college or social life are expected, but on the other hand, I was not happy. I had a serious problem with how to pass on a better society. However, because it was a graduation ceremony with crutches, I put this idea behind me, and I quickly fell into a nap. It's a long graduation season, and everyone who goes to a new place with graduation is cheering. And one thing I'd like to advise you as a senior in life, is that when you go to a new place, you go there and you've always been there. Ask someone for advice.

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  • Air purifier


    It was taken at an exhibition in the past, but it is about half the size of a TV remover. But it's called the air cleaner. Fire comes in when it's working. How about one on the desk?

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  • The sour details...


    This is a picture taken at the breakfast buffet around Universal Studios. I used a convenience store sandwich every day, and I ate it at the buffet because it was the last day.It was a pleasant trip with my son. If you look at the picture...The octopus has... ...eye. Usually, they grow sausages to make octopus legs, but this was the first place they made snow!

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  • Let me introduce you to the famous place of Ramen.


    Hello. Today's place to introduce is the most delicious ramen restaurant in Osaka. It's much better than the ramen restaurant that you eat alone. It's my cup of tea, Whenever I go to this place, I always see Munjeonseongsi, which is a good restaurant. Location is located at Universal Studio Street in Osaka. I remember the second or third floor, and it's amazing. There are two kinds of soup, and fried chicken that we order together? It's also. If you go there later, I recommend you here more than the ramen restaurant in Dotonbori. Oh, it really tastes...an expressive or comparative It's impossible. And compared to the ramen restaurant, it's easier to order and easier to get a seat here. If you've been to Universal series hotels, including Universal Ports, or if you've visited Universal Studios, make sure you're on your way home. Let's hear it.

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  • #The echo of the heart #Noohooha


    #Noohoohoohoohoohoohoohsi # Hearts

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  • #GUAM backstage tour


    #guam 오늘 소개 드리는 건 2016년에 찍은 사진입니다. 괌에 가면 몇몇 아이들과 가는 코스가 있습니다. 그 중에 하나인 샌드캐슬 매직쇼입니다. 당연히..3년이 지났으니 지금은 더 좋아졌으리라 생각됩니다. 샌드캐슬 매직쇼에는 뮤지컬 보는 것처럼 몇몇 등급이 있습니다. 그 중에 저는 가족과 같이 백스테이지 투어가 있는 것을 선택했고, 몇몇 특전으로 마술사 선생님과 같이 사진찍기등이 있었고, 무엇보다 흥미 진진한 백스테이지 투어가 있었습니다. 그 때 찍은 백스테이지의 유령 모형과 찍은 사진입니다. 그 밖에 호랑이 등을 구경할수 있었고, 전반적인 매직쇼의 이야기를 들을수 있었습니다. 숙소가 하이얏트라 엎어지면 코 닿을 곳이지만, 습도가 엄청 높은 관계로 갈때, 올때 차로 시원하게 데려다 주는 특전도 있었고.. 무엇보다 이건 아이들 있는 집은 모두 해당 되는 것으로, 엄청 구식 장난감 뽑기 모자가 있었습니다. 너무 오래되서 가격은 까먺었는데요, 저녁과 쇼구경, 백스테이지 투어등 괌에서 꽤 괜찮은 볼거리였습니다.

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  • Self-boating!


    But, please decide the ratio and do self-boating regularly. It is one of the best cultures in our country, and it is very humbling to judge oneself, and it is also very important to consider oneself. I don't want to be openly praised. But sometimes it creates a bad problem. For example, if you're doing a personnel evaluation at work, you're very modest to yourself, and you're actually doing 90 points. I humbly rate it as 80 points. Then, in fact, if you know him well, you'll get him up to 90. Otherwise, he may score 80 points that he evaluated, or even lower the score by comparing the score with him. In fact, there's no reason for the evaluators to give you a higher rating than they did. Don't you think it's better to judge yourself high or at least as much as you do, rather than to wish others a good evaluation? I think the same is true of the writing. Wouldn't it be too bold to boat yourself on a lovely piece of writing yourself? Unless the company's personnel evaluation is in contact with...It would be nice to think about "Love Yourself." on one's own account Get on a boat!

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  • # Dark History #p2Pfunding


    #p2pfunding #Black History It's really black history.It happened last year and it's still like this. to sum up 1. Ensuring extremely high interest rates (18%) 2. The stability of collateral or investment target is assessed above A. The standard is the appraisal that even if the collateral is handed over to the auction, the investment fund will come out. 3. If there's any problem with it, we'll pay you in advance with our own provisions... 4. Zoom in even two to three percent of the line. Well, at this point, it looks like it's perfect. The bottom line is... I invested 10 million won and got 3 million won back. I've been behind for almost a year, and I've been avoiding it even considering the opportunity cost of the money I didn't get. 1. The repayment date has been postponed for various reasons, without the sale of the collateral. No auction progress has been made although the auction certificate has been accepted. 2. Continued delay on the grounds that self-provisioning advance compensation is paid only when all investors agree. I don't know if it was actually paid. After that, I found Naver cafe and it was not just me.After all, there's no state in the world that's 18 percent pure. It was. If you do P2Pfunding, you should check it carefully. It doesn't even appeal for bad money anywhere. At this age, you can't afford to spend so much money. If we don't pay back the loan, we'll be in trouble if we don't get the money we'reThe only way I can't be fooled by this strange system is by the way. I think you don't see or listen to this.

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  • Already a month.


    It's already been a month since I hurt my foot. And now I've pulled my iron heart...It's also filling holes. Actually, it's not much of a toe, but if you get hurt, it's really over. I can't do anything. If you break the wrong bone there, Be sure to fix it with an iron core that comes out of the toe. It's piercing from the outside, and it's a steel core that penetrates your toes when you X-ray. I thought I was going to die then, but I'm still going to die.But it's better than it was then. Be careful of your health, too, and always wear socks at home. That way, you can prevent toe fractures.

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  • What is Airdrop?


    #Jenny Bakery #Cooky It's a short story. I can't write without it. At the end of the year, my interest is Skyhook. What is Skyhook? "This is Skyhook." "It's a star." Like this. What? But that's true. So the hook coming down from the sky? Girl? It feels like this. So let's go back to Airdrop's history. If there is a new token on the EOS mainnet, it is distributed for various purposes. It's like it's in the sky. It's like spraying something, so it's called airdrop. But there are a lot of problems here, so airgrab comes out. The difference between airgrab and airdrop is 1. Who pays 240 bytes of RAM for storing tokens?(Only airdrop will be paid by the distributor.) 2. Do you want me to stay or if I have to go and get it?(Just keep the airdrop still.) The difference between the two is stark, and in the case of a Dapp, which is difficult to afford expensive RAM, the user chooses an irgrab. It's a trend. In addition to the value of the RAM, the problem is that the token sprayed with airdrop is not used at all and is simply tied up. So, if the token is fully utilized, then Dapp will pay for it, but the problem is that it's just scattered and asleep. But when I say airgrab, it's a low participation rate. When you're in a dilemma, the concept that comes out is airdrop with Skyhook. Back to the subject, back to the point. First of all, we'll do airdrop and then...I can't write long words. The screen is obscured...... I'll carry on the rest here. https://dabble.cafe/contentDetail?postid=5c284c70181d283d39208

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  • Capture the Giant's Hand!


    Oh, my God. This is... The giant hand holding the watermelon with its two fingers... No. I grew up with watermelon that I ate in the summer. It's a mini watermelon the size of a tennis ball. This is a picture of one of them before you harvest it and eat it. This is really a coincidence, isn't? Serendipity of Coinsidence?

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  • My Friends


    제 인도 친구들입니다. 사실 친구라기 보단 일하는 동료들인데, 친구처럼 막역합니다. 인도친구들과의 인연은 10년 전으로 거슬러 올라 갑니다. 사연이 참 길긴 하지만, 그 긴 사연은 다음에~ 기승전, 인도친구들은 사랑입니다. 아주 친절하고 성실하고 신뢰할만 합니다. 만약 그렇지 않아고 느끼셨다면, 자신을 한번 돌아보시길 권합니다.

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  • Macau. Banyan Tree.


    Strangely, Banyan Tree is expensive in Korea, but Macao Banyan Tree is cheap. Hot water in the room?is suitable for children to play, and the pool on the roof is not bad. And the hinoki bathtub is fine too. Why don't you go to Macau because it's not warm?

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  • #Okbelie #Left note


    #Okbelie #Left note I posted it in Telbang a few days ago, but there's no one yet. Two Ocbelie morning or night lift tickets. If you need it, please leave a comment.

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  • #Chuseok #Snowbeam


    #Chuseok #Snowbeam It's not a very long day, it's about two years ago. I was so cute these days.L

    $awesometeddy . 2018.12.28 22:17

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  • grumble


    It was an ambitious Christmas present. But, uh, the results... I went to my eight-year-old daughter because she wasn't pretty.) Hmm... isn't it that pretty? In fact, the original gloves were so uncomfortable that they were in 3rd stage, which is about the size of the gloves. It's just that black looks boring, so I've prepared it with two tons of worry. It's just a fling. Oh, I don't know why I don't. My daughter loves it, and I'm in a bind. Everyone, have a Friday & have a nice weekend.

    $awesometeddy . 2018.12.28 22:15

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  • Dabble


    블록원에서 만든 dapp지도 입니다. 빨간색 친곳에 데블이 있습니다. 퍼블도 툭툭도 빈도 곳 여기에 올라오겠죠? 우리나라 만세! 입니다.

    $awesometeddy . 2018.12.24 22:32

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  • Thank you for your effort today.


    It's been a while, but you did a great job today. Have a good rest on Sunday, cheer up again and have a lively week. Thank you for your hard work and hard work. Even if no one knows, at least somewhere on this planet, There must be someone who knows our hard work. Don't be so upset. Let's cheer up. Go for it!

    $awesometeddy . 2018.12.23 00:11

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