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  • My selfish dad's late promise!


    I've emphasized to my children that bad behavior, false words, and promises must be kept. Why I was so generous to myself. I'm a smoker. "Dad! If you smoke, your neck will break." "All right. I won't smoke one." "Dad! Cigarette smoking causes blood in your throat." "I see. I'll just play one last time." I was selfish because I didn't even think about my promise and passed the story of two children who thought about my dad so easily. After all, every time I turn it over, it's "Dad doesn't listen to us, he always smokes!" "You have to keep your word," he said. "You don't keep your word!" As soon as I heard this, I suddenly regretted that I was crazy and went straight to the health center the next day! And it's been almost two months since I started smoking. If you have children, I want you to be parents like me, so I post them like this. #Put your word to the end # #Publyto #Publito #Publyto #Publyto #

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  • 같이 잘해봅시다~ 화이팅!


    긴급 인원 충원을 위한 채용 업무(입사지원서체크, 면접, 최종채용)를 우연히 맡게 된 3주간의 시간 워크넷을 통해 최저시급과 근로시간까지 철저히 지켜가며 구인광고를 올린 결과 이 기간 동안 113명의 많은 분들이 지원을 해주셨어요~(진심으로 감사 합니다!!) 첫 취업에 도전하는 젊은 분들, 생각지도 못한 중. 장년층(경력단절 여성)의 여성분들 그리고 소수이지만 장애인분들까지.. 양식에 맞춘 텍스트 상의 이력서 및 자소서를 어디까지 신뢰해야 할지도 모르는 상황에서 남들보다 어려운 가정사와 장애인분들의 취업희망을 간절히 바라는 내용에서는 중립적 입장을 지켜야 하는 상황이 너무나도 힘들었답니다. 결국 좀 더 회사에 나은 인재를 영입하기 위한 최종 면접과 채용은 마무리 완료하였지만.. 이번 기회를 통해 내가 과연 누구를 판단하고 결정할 수 있는 자격이 되는가? 또는 내 결정으로 인해 많은 분들에게 피해를 입힌건 아닐까라는 미안함이 드는 시간이었네요 ㅜㅜ 혹시라도 이번 기회에 탈락한 분들에겐 죄송하지만 더 좋은 곳에 입사하시기를 바래보고 응원 드리며~ 지난주부터 새로이 출근하고 있는 2명의 합격자분들은 저와 함께 즐거운 회사생활이 될 수 있도록 잘 해 보았으면 합니다!! P.S 사실 꼰대라는 소리 들을까봐 제가 더 조심히 회사생활을 하고 있는건 안 비밀ㅋㅋㅋ #인재영입 #어렵다어려워 #그래도_잘해봅시다 #퍼블리토 #publyto

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  • Bring the yellow water and scent of the rape flower.


    Recently, I mentioned a little bit of Daejeo Eco Park's oilcollection festival through my posting. So I visited Daejeo Eco Park twice in advance last weekend to avoid the festival period with my family.^^ The first thing I've ever felt since I came here is that there's an exclamation that says, "Wow, it's wide!" (The 63 soccer fields combined are said to be worth 230,000 pyeong.) And the scent of the rape flowers was so good that I still remember the feeling and feeling.🤗🤗 Sharing photos of rape flowers with clear, clear sky that had no fine dust, with the people of the city. I'm sure everyone is sick from the recent wildfire, but let's hope the posted pictures will help them heal a little bit! #The Great Labyrinth Flower Festival #Yellow water #Flame # #Healing #weekend #Publito #publyto

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  • [Yawong]Bin, my heart!What are you going to do with your face?


    Hello! Are you enjoying your weekends?^^ It's been a while since I posted this picture. Haha These days, Bin is really into another box game.😁 How do you play hide-and-seek in a small space?Haha He's been tearing the boxes apart, he's got debris all over the house, but... When I look at Bin's Soon-Ding Soon-Soon-Young's eyes, I'm just laughing and giving him snacks. Bin, I'm gonna get you another box, so let's get you a little bit by bit. #Scotishfold #Highland #Reliver #Pretty #Tell me # #Publito #Publyto

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  • Shall we do "punch"?


    It's not grand! I'd just like to put my old plan into practice with the lucky winner of Theo's event. To empathize with and communicate with more people and to be friends with people who have low profile first. And I'd like to help you a little bit with the current influx of new users due to the Publicity Community Airdrop.^^ It's weak, but I promise you that I will be a good friend and joy to the public, the value of the content. Atom is about to fly.🚀🚀🚀 Rather than setting a P.S. standard and making it mandatory, I will also enjoy my public activities.Thank you to Theo and many of you for the opportunity. #Media Content #Integrated Platform #Publito #Publyto #👍

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  • [Yawong] "Mommy Baragi" Bean~


    It's been a long time since I saw you on a warm spring day.^^ Usually, my mom and Bean are fighting like that. If you can't see her, you can't help but "mommy lark" empty!! In front of the door where my mom disappeared. I'm sitting in the care center and waiting for my mom to come out.😥😥 You love each other like this.Now, please get along with the two of you.LOL #Scotishfold #Haoudfold # #Harmony # #Pretty #Fine #Publyto #

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  • Do you know the 30-ri cherry blossom path of the Nakdonggang River?


    I've been looking at cherry blossoms since I've been working so hard.^^ Located just in front of the company, this place is called "30-ri Cherry Blossom Road along the Nakdong River." If you convert 30 li into units, you can see that the cherry trees are continuously connected at a distance of 12 kilometers. And since there aren't many people in Busan who know about this place, I recommend this place to those who want to feel the beauty of cherry blossoms. Haha And the final destination, Daejeo Ecological Park, will also have a rape flower festival, so it's worth two trillion won! In the south, cherry blossoms are about a week ahead of time, so if you want to leave some memories with your photos, please take a walk for exercise.^^ (I'm sorry, but if you're far up there, please bear with me.ᅮᅮ) PS. After I missed you in the afternoon, I ended my work without any trouble and quit safely.lol #Pusan #Nakdonggang #30 Li Cherry Blossom Road # # Spring weather # # # Afternoon # #Hilling #👍 #Publyto #

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  • honeybees fly in the bloom of cherry blossoms


    It's so warm at lunchtime, it's just fine. I'm sitting on the bench with a cup of mixed coffee. Honeybees in the bloom of cherry blossoms?!It's so beautiful and amazing to see you flying in. Take a picture. Fine dust is bad today, but it's been a healing lunch time.^^ I hope P.S.Couple will go out for a little while in a lazy afternoon and feel the spring breeze and the warm sunshine all over their bodies.🤗🤗(To let your sleep fly away in beautiful spring weather...) # Warm # Lunchtime # Blossom # Cherry Blossom # # Honeybees # worker bees #Flying me #publyto

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  • Good night, Bin.💤


    Hello. It's been a while since Bin came here.^^ I guess there's a little problem with Bin's fishing rod.ㅜㅜ He fought to rescue the fishing rod hidden in his second brother's golden cloak, but... After all, Bin gave up the fishing rod and fell asleep soon. You look so pretty sleeping today, so I took a picture with my cell phone.Haha If I'm having too much affection for you today, please understand that it's the heart of my father who loves the youngest.😁😁 "Cats are God's greatest masterpiece." #Scotishfold #Highland # #Bin_BEAN #Listen #Pretty #Pretty # #Publito #Publyto

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  • 과하면 독! 잘하면 내 삶의 즐거움~


    소셜미디어(SNS) 중독! 이란 얘기들 많이 들어 보셨지요? 서로 다른 주제의 중독도 많지만 특히 소셜미디어 중독에 관한 기사들과 내용이 많이 이슈화된다는 건~ 그만큼 우리 일상생활에 없어서는 안 될 중요한 부분으로 자리 잡고 있다는 것이 아닐까요? 하지만 안타깝게도 이러한 내용들에 관한 연관 단어들을 보면 "관심종자" "자기현시욕구" "뮌하우젠증후근" 등과 같이 부정적 인식을 심어주는 내용들이 주로 많이 나오는데요. 전 이와 반대로 소셜미디어의 부정적 의미보단 우리에게 긍정적 의미가 더 크다는 생각을 가지고 있답니다. 인간에게 있어 다른 사람으로부터 관심과 사랑을 받고자 하는 건 지극히 당연한 이치라는 개인적 소견을~ 그리고 소셜미디어를 통한 정보 공유, 소통, 자기만족감(성취감)이란 긍정의 의미가 전 더 크다고 생각되네요. 매일 똑같은 패턴에 바쁘게 돌아가는 일상을 보내고 있는 많은 분들께 위로와 행복 그리고 삶의 큰 활력소가 될 수 있는 창구 역할의 소셜미디어가 꼭 필요하다고 생각되며.. 그 매개체 중심이 퍼블리토(PUBLYTO)가 되어주기를 바래보며 응원합니다. P.S 심하면 독이 될 수도 있으니 각자 적정 선에서 재미나게 즐기시기를 바랄께요^^ 하지만 그게 잘안되는 게 문제라면 문제ㅎㅎ #소셜미디어 #과하면독 #즐기자 #퍼블리토 #publyto #👏👏

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  • I won $pooka's talent donation event!!


    Pretty Illusts that I have seen a lot from Pucca's posting. It was so pretty that I even wanted to ask Pucca for character illustration. This chance to win the event, so I solved that wish.ᄒᄒ(Great!) Our youngest, Bin!To make it stand out, Pucca applauded the sense of Pucca who cared about the star-shaped headband. Thank you Puka for giving us such a great work. We'll post it again. P.S. Couple, I'm sorry, but I really wanted to show off. Please understand.^^ And please come to the Public category Animal and give a lot of love and attention to pretty dicks and mice.😉😉 #Carrickster #Lost #$pooka # Talent donation #Event sugar #Gijanggut # Good. #Publyto #

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  • [Yawon] A heartbreaking story about"Scottish Falls."


    My house is called "Scotishfold," a cat in boots. I can't help but fall in love with its innocent first impression and charm when I see a round face and eyes that I can't hate. But this beautiful "Scottishfold" has a heartbreaking story about human selfishness. The fact that "Scottish Falls" was a mutant cat found in Perth Kinros, Scotland, in 1961. As I said earlier, I've received popularity and attention from a lot of people for my cute looks, but for this reason, I've been working on breeding grounds for an indiscriminate increase in population.ㅜㅜ So I finally learned from the post-adoption that there are still a lot of "Scotish Falls" cats living with hearing and deformity due to these relentless genetic changes. I am glad to hear that there have been many social problems and calls for an end to breeding and breeding. Let's hope that some people who use animals for more beautiful and special reasons or for commercial purposes will get rid of selfish ideas and behaviors! P.S. I don't know if Bin will develop a genetic disorder over time, but I will also try to stay with my family for a long time without getting sick.😍😍 (Today, I'm uploading it because I want to share her baby look.He's not the baby in the main picture.^^) #Scotishfold #Har일랜드Fold #Gangstagram #Reliver #Pretty #Tell me # #Publyto #Publito

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  • I hope you get along with the Cat Tunnel.


    To assuage Bin's boredom I bought a basket case.^^ I've been on alert for a week. (You love the sound of a snack bar.) It's been two weeks, and you're getting a little bit interested.😅😅 Oh, thank God.^^; (The cat doll you've bought me, the feather-fishing band, the tunnel you've given me, and I've lost interest.) Binh! I'm going to try to soothe your boredom a little.❤❤ #Scotishfold #Highland #Reliver #Pretty #Tell me # #Publyto #Publito

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  • I've been working overtime for a week...


    I always work for the company as a rule.All of a sudden, I've been working overtime for days. I have to work late, but in my head, what worries and reminds me of my wife and two uncontrollable naughty sons who are struggling with two children at home?! Haha It's so calm on the road to drive home after 3 a.m. business closed, with fog all over it. Just the urge to shout out loud.^^) As soon as I got home, I went into the bathroom quietly and tried to wash, but my wife who was sleeping suddenly came in. By the way, it's too late today. Aren't you tired? I'm going to wash up and sleep. Put your hair on. I'll wrap it for you. Don't splash water on your clothes. Just grow up. Just put your hair on! Finally, my wife washes my hair with a scalp massage in the late morning, but I didn't express it, but it was so nice. Sometimes I think of my wife and everything that was tired and tired of the surprise support of my two children, and I think of the moment when it's over. I'm going to do my best.^^ P.S. people, no matter how hard and tired I may be, I want you to thank me for having a family to take responsibility for and protect.Way to go! #Weekly #Tomorrowing # #But I have a family. #I'm so tired # #publyto

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  • It's been a long time since I said hello.


    I can't handle flying hair. I've been growing it again since my beauty.^^ It's been a while since we've been posting our news on the Public. Haha Bin's crazy ass is Dory Doridori. Please look at him. 😊😍😚☺🤩 #Scotishfold #Haoudfold #Lady # Good. #Publyto #🐈🐾🐾

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  • Taegeukgi, the greatest flag of Korea in the world


    A hundred years ago, during the March 1 Independence Movement, there was something in the hands of people who came out on the streets against the Japanese colonial rule. It's our national flag, Taegeukgi. As the national flag contains the culture and history of the country, Taegeukgi was considered a symbol of the independence movement during the Japanese colonial rule, and even its possession was suppressed.ㅜㅜ I would like to briefly learn about the Taegeukgi, which is often the most philosophical and the most profound symbol made by mankind.^^ Meaning in Taegeukgi As you all know, Taegeukgi has a white background and a Taegeuk symbol in the middle, and it consists of four trigrams of dried persimmon on the four corners. •The white background of Taegeukgi means brightness and purity, and represents our nationality toward peace. •The Taegeuk symbol of harmony between yin and yang, indicating the truth of Mother Nature and the creativity of the nation that all things are created through the interaction of yin and yang. •The four trigrams of dried persimmon, located at the corner of the four corners, represent the changing universe of yin and yang. In the upper left-hand corner, the sky, -The pendulum at the top right is water, -It's a fire in the lower left corner, -The gongge in the lower right-hand corner is the land, It is symbolic, and the four trigrams are harmonized around the Taegeuk. #Wait here!! The Taegeuk symbol raises the question of who made and used it long time ago, but it is not important who made it first, but who uses it more and develops it and keeps it as our own. In other words, the Taegeukgi contains the ideals of our ancestors who wished for harmony and prosperity with the nature of the universe, and is the most original and great cultural heritage of any national flag in the world. Finally, remember the March 1, 1919 March 1st, 2:00 p.m., the March 1st Movement, in which hundreds of thousands of students and citizens joined, spread across the country. It was a great opportunity to start out with two children's tasks and learn more about our national flag, Taegeukgi, and, on the contrary, a day I felt at the same time the time of my self-reflection which I had lived with so indifference. P.S. By the way, can you all draw the Taegeukgi well? I'll trust you.~^^ #Korea #Fukki #Taegukgi #Taegukgi #Taegeukgi #Independence #Greatness #Korea #Publyto

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  • Participate in Publicity PR content events🥳

    Self Introduction

    At Dion's well-intentioned event... I'm not good enough, but I tried to participate.^^ I'd like to summarize... Each person's precious and special Creating value for content. New changes that are different from the old ones. It's a great opportunity for users. I've tried to express Publicito.^^ If you think you're okay with it, I'll leave a lot of comments.😁😁😁

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  • Kindergarten 3? More importantly, equal rights and education for all children must come first.


    *What is the 3rd law in kindergarten? It refers to a revision to the Childhood Education Act, the Private School Act and the School Food Act designed to prevent kindergartens from using government subsidies in a negative way. *Current contents of the 3rd Law of the Kindergarten - Revised Childhood Education Act It changed its name to prohibit the resumption of the kindergarten and to make it mandatory for the use of accounting programs called "edupines." In addition, the subsidy was changed to a subsidy so that if it was useful, the embezzlement charge would be applied.  - Revised Private School Law The plan calls for preventing the founder of a private kindergarten from concurrently serving as the head of a kindergarten and the use of income and property belonging to the school's accounting system in a negative way other than educational purposes.  - A revised bill on school meals The plan calls for including kindergartens under the current school meal law to prevent possible damage to school meals.It also calls for guaranteeing the quality of feeding for infants by commissioning the Kindergarten Steering Committee's review of school meals.  This is what a lot of people have seen in the media.~ Of course, there's no denying that transparency of our tax-funded subsidies and the food for our children are the most important. But there's one more thing that's more important! I think it's the same standard of support for children, both public and private, and equal education. Currently, 1 million won is provided for every infant in the country and the public! Private kindergartens have 400,000 won to 500,000 won in support per infant! Do you happen to know why the funding is so different? It's just a kindergarten soup.The reality is that I have to explain it to you, except that it's different depending on whether it's public or private. This is why parents with children can be educated with cheaper and better teaching materials.I guess it's natural to think that it's going to be public, right? I just want to leave kindergarten 3 and post it on the same page as I mentioned above, because I want to say that I want our children to be educated equally!! P.S. I have two children, private and now national.Please understand and understand the benefits in advance, as you may think that sending the contents as objectively as possible may lead to misunderstanding with others. Image Source - Getty Image Korea

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  • Please give me a lot of attention and support.


    It's been a big issue for a while since Ios Mainnet's launch, and it hasn't been resolved until now, and the EOS private key is now. I also post it because I want to be a little help in communication space with the position of the lost person.~ Well, I'm not exactly talking about this issue, I'm not talking about it, but I'm still trying to figure it out. I'd like to ask you to cheer and care for a lot of people who have been lost. So how is the current rescue plan going? Fortunately, the recovery of the EOS loss key, which is fully automated through active meetings of BP, is almost complete. They say all the feasibility tests have been passed.😃😃 And it's a very careful situation to say that you can only apply once for the risk and relief of phishing sites. It's also a sensitive issue, so I'm careful, but if you get access to it through another channel, Let's give a lot of attention and support again! I beg you. Many of the 1,256 people who are hoping to solve the problem during the eight-month period. I hope the time will come soon for those who lost their hearts to smile. Cheer up and cheer up!! #eos #FbitKey loss #Automation solution bar #Please give me lots of attention and support #Wait #

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  • How's your affection index now?


    I wasn't really interested in TV dramas or entertainment programs. But I've been waiting every Thursday night, hoping it'll only be 11 p.m. The reason is... I'm so into the love reality show "Taste of Love." I'm just watching this broadcast. I've met my wife in the past, my first contact, my first trip. Just the memories that have always been pleasant and flustered are exciting again. And I've also forgotten for a while under the pretext of being busy and hard in real life. I think I should try harder to feel the love and affection for my wife. And as you can see from some research, Like the result of dating people having higher happiness and higher financial scores. For a moment, we can feel the fresh, exciting feeling we've forgotten. Why don't you approach your lovers, your wife, your husband first?😍😍 And if there's anyone who's in a relationship who's still alive, I'll cheer you on for the rest of your heart!! Image Source- Capture "Taste of Love" #Taste of love #Sullem ## #Dearning #I hope all of you #I hope you all love me #

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  • I'll be here with my kids on the weekend.Busan 119 Safety Experience Center


    To have fun with children during the Lunar New Year holidays I went to Busan 119 Safety Experience Center.Yōbuni First of all, let me give you some information about visiting Busan 119 Safety Experience Center. I hope you find me. Oujiang Chun-ro 117 (051.760.5870) in Dongnae-gu, Busan 〇 Operating time 09:00 ~ 18:00 □ Closed day January 1st, Lunar New Year's Day and Chuseok holidays, and the day after the holidays. ∘ Experience & Admission Free (parking is also free) 119 The experience is operated on an online reservation system at 9 a.m. on every 1st We'll open a reservation site next month. *Home Page - http://119.busan.go.kr/firesafe/index First floor--Snowledge Safety Village,Electrical Safety and Fire Station 2nd floor-- Urban disaster, natural disaster, life safety 3rd floor--Fire response, emergency exit 119 Each experience schedule is held separately and each person needs to apply. Please keep this in mind and apply for a reservation (as soon as possible, as the deadline is pure). And there are parts of the experience that are restricted to infants, so they can only experience the safety of sprouts. Please take this into consideration as well. What I felt during this visit to the 119 Safety Experience Center... In the end, you will be able to master and recognize it repeatedly through various experiences and when a dangerous situation comes. The ability to be prepared in advance and the lives of others, not just yourself, At least we can keep them safe, which makes them even better. I think it was a time of experience.🤩🤩 If you have such experience centers around you, please visit them with your kids! And finally, you're working with citizens first. I'd like to thank all the firefighters for their respect and gratitude.👍👍 #Busan 119 Safety Experience Center #Experience and #Enjoy it #Fire officer #I respect it

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  • Happy Lunar New Year's holiday~Loves and interests for the extra classes.


    Have fun and happy Lunar New Year holidays with all your family after a long time? But on the other hand, a soliloquist who spends his time alone or dies alone. And there's no one to hold a funeral, no one to die a lonely death. The news report says it's increasing every year. Eight out of every 10 people who died without connection are still alive, even if they have a brother or sister's Most people gave up. The cause and place of death such as nursing home, street, rooftop house, etc. It's all different, but all the deceased have no family to protect! The reason is I can't afford the funeral expenses of millions of won, so if there's any hospital bills left behind, Furthermore, most of the poor who have to worry about costs before they are sad. I feel heavy in content... It may be a rather heavy story during the joyful Lunar New Year holiday, but it is more and more about family. I hope you have some time to feel love and happiness. I hope it will serve as an opportunity to take interest in my neighbor again. Happy New Year again, everyone. Have a good holiday.😊😊

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  • I like your happy looks like a lot.❤


    It may not be a big deal for someone, but for someone else, This could be a happy and happy moment, too. And we're seeing more and more as time goes by, and we're experiencing more and more, and we're starting to see these emotions slowly. Maybe it's getting dull?I think that When I first saw and felt the snow falling from the sky, I saw a happy, happy child. I also feel happy and grateful. # Busan # First snow of the year # # # Good to look happy # Enjoy # # # # Smile #

    $atom . 2019.01.31 13:22

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  • I'll be here with my kids on the weekend.Busan Science Experience _Science


    Where do you think I'll go with my kids this week?I was thinking, you know, two sons... Get everyone to the science lab! First, let me give you some information about visiting Busan Science Experience Center. I hope you find me. 11 (just next to Busan Station) of Jungang-daero-gil, Donggu, Busan) 〇 Operating time 09:30 to 17:30 (ticket closing is 16:30) □ Closed day Every Monday (the next day if Monday is a national holiday) ∘ Observation fee Adult: KRW 4,000 Six years old and over 18 years old: 2,000 won. Less than 6 years old, 65 years old or older: Free. (Parking is ground-to-ground and under-ground, but requires a separate parking fee.) Each floor offers a theme-specific experience and learning. It is a clean, internal environment. I liked it more and more.^^(The two sons have a good time, too) If they want to be curious and have a hands-on experience, they'll have to be light. You can visit with your heart.^^ #Busan Science Experience Center # son # Funny experience # Baby communication # Enjoy your weekend

    $atom . 2019.01.27 19:49

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  • The youngest member, Bean~ Do I look pretty only to my eyes?


    My youngest son, "Bean," has been adopted for six months. How am I supposed to be friendly with the transparent glass on the day of adoption? It was so pretty and so cute, but on the other hand, I thought I was sorry for the pretty baby girl, so I decided to adopt it. I think the result is a very good decision for the wife and her two sons.😁😁 Bean!! Don't be sick. Let's stay together for a long time.❤❤ #Listen #Harizonfold #Scotishfold #

    $atom . 2019.01.23 23:35

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  • When my heart feels stuffy and hard...


    "This too shall pass," a phrase I personally like and always think in my mind. also famous for the famous words of King Solomon in the Jewish wisdom book "Midrash." When I feel tired or tired, or frustrated and hopeless, and when I want to give up everything. I believe that if you think of the positive mind as above, you will be able to endure and endure any difficulties. But if you think you're having a hard time right now, on the other hand, try to believe that happy times will come soon. So I hope I can give a little hope and courage to many of you who are having a hard time around me. This will pass, too. Cheer up! Cheer up! # Cheer up #Following #Good words #Happy all

    $atom . 2019.01.19 21:55

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  • #Robot Taekwon V with creative power


    Do you remember Robot Taekwon V? To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of Robot Taekwon V, the work above included "Robot," "Magnetization," and "Sandalization." Director Kim Chung-ki's work created with wild imagination When I came across Robot Taekwon V, which was forgotten for a while, with admiration. the moments that led to a moment's lapse into a world of sympathy. Wait here! Does anyone know how old Robot Taekwon V is? He's only 44 years old, as time goes by.^^) It's been a long time since the immortal character, Robot Taekwon V, was inspired by creative works with new emotions. Because I could meet you. Remembering the pleasant and pleasant memories... #Robot Taekwon V is director #Kim Chung-ki #Rememberment #Creation of Creativity #New Emotions #Invincible Characters

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  • It's a place where old memories come to mind.


    ᄋᄋ Sangho, located in the alley of a residential district in western Busan Where the old junk is present with the products that used to be called bad food. Also, the price is much cheaper than the market price. But I have another reason to find this place. It is because you can feel the warmth and old memories of your grandmother, who has been doing business in one place for more than 60 years. I am even happier to be able to come to this place with my loving family. Don't get sick. Stay here for a long time.~ Thank you. #Recognition #Remember #Remember # Bad food #Most grandmotherly #Most 60 years old in this place

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  • TOOKTOOK WONDERING EVERYONE! I'm happy to go to the Atom family movie theater.


    Lucky for me, I won a surprise event and bought a movie ticket to the coffee man. (Thanks again to the president) Actually, I've been dreaming about a nice date with my wife. His Atom Junior don't let it go easily. Just take the whole family out for the weekend to the cinema. First of all, we're done ticketing with Ralph 2, the fist king who wants to see the children regardless of their internal affairs. Oh! And since I came to BIFF Square in Busan, I guess it's a matter of course.Haha I eat everything I see, and I bake a half-dry squid that's greasy these days, and wait for you to come back to the cinema. All of a sudden, there's an ad on the screen? Hurry up and take a quick shot and watch the movie comfortably. Once again, I would like to thank all of you, Mr. and Mrs. TOOK for making such a great time.^^ #Top of the event #Tookbook #Top of the movie #

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  • go to Twin Tunnel where 100 million light is pouring out.~☆


    Milyang #Twin Tunnel Coincidentally visited on New Year's Day while searching for blogs I haven't seen many traditional light festivals, but I feel different here.😏 The beauty of light felt in a special place such as excitement, admiration and cave. It's too bad to see it alone.Let's post it like this.🤩🤩 #Milyang #Twin Tunnel # Family members are #Snow Ho River #Dallada #Good Choice #Sullam #Gamtan #Life Shot

    $atom . 2019.01.05 12:38

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