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  • The weather is good.


    After a long vacation, the fish for lunch came out of the house after the ride in the morning. The weather is nice.

    $appler . 2019.05.22 10:52

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  • Weekend report


    # I woke up early in the morning on the weekend, so there are not many people in my neighborhood, but there are so many street lights... Turn on the street lights on the main street towards the community center. It's dark there. I threw seeds at the watermelon, but the walnuts escaped when I saw the cat.

    $appler . 2019.05.20 16:43

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  • Yangpyeong Mountain Noodle Festival + a tour of Yongmun Temple


    #Yongmunsa # Yangpyeong # Family members had a lot to see Yongmunsa and traffic was a little inconvenient, but good

    $appler . 2019.05.07 09:10

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  • I'm writing about making firecrackers in the yard.


    It takes all day to make a frame, so Hwadok can't even start. I'm just gonna write it like that. Maybe I'll buy it with Simon later and make it again. #Make Fireworks #DIY

    $appler . 2019.05.02 09:39

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  • Like it's going to rain.


    It's spring. Happy commute to work. # Samsung-dong

    $appler . 2019.04.25 14:44

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  • [9 Months] Cleaning the Amusement Mat


    I'm just trying to see if you've ever seen me do it. # Cleaning #Baby Room

    $appler . 2019.04.24 09:55

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  • Weekend status


    TO: There are many people who do mountain climbing in the company.) Work: Planting trees and walking dogs (this alone makes the day go by fast) Monthly: I'm glad I'm riding my bike to work and fog. I don't like fine dust. #Weekly status

    $appler . 2019.04.22 13:16

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  • Garmin 510 rear cover 교체


    가민 510 뒤판 교체 작업 마운트 부분이 부러져서 알리에서 뒤판구입후 교체작업 실시 준비물 : 🌟 렌치 5번, 플라스틱 주걱이나 칼에 테이프 감아서 준비(각 모듈 분리용), 납땜기나 전기테이프 및 니퍼 1. 🌟 렌치로 뒤판 6개 나사를 풀기 2. 옆 틈을 살살 벌려 보면 상판 액정과 보드, 뒷판 배터리의 세부분으로 됨 3. 보드와 상판 액정연결부분을 칼이나 주걱으로 분리(보드에 연결된 부분을 판과 수직으로 분리하시면 됩니다.) 4. 뒷판과 보드는 3개의 나사는 동일하게 🌟 렌치로 풀수 있습니다. 이 나사는 매우 약하므로 분해 및 조립시 주의하셔야 합니다. 나사 하나는 잘 안보일수도 있는데 전면부 하단에 구리판 왼쪽 뒤편에 있으니 구리판을 살살 당겨서 일부만 벗겨서 분리하시면 됩니다. 5. 뒷판과 보드 부분 연결된 부분도 보드쪽 연결부분을 보드편평한 방향에서 수직으로 당기면 빠집니다. 6. 납땜기가 있으면 기존가민의 납땜 부분을 녹여서 붙이시면 되고 없다면 배터리부분에서 나온 기존의 스피커 선과(사진상 회색 갈색) 새로운 뒤판의 스피커선을 연결하시고 절연테이프로 마무리하시고 분해의 역순으로 조립하시면 됩니다. 주의 사항 : 조립시 전원이 자동으로 켜지지만 당황하지마시고 진행하시면 되며, 연결부 케이블들은 짧으니 너무 당기시거나 하시면 안됩니다. 정상 동작 확인은 모두 연결후 디스플레이가 아무것도 안나와도 밝게 표시되면 됩니다. 그상태로 정상 조립확인후 뒷면 6개 나사를 조립하시고 껏다가 켜시면 정상적으로 화면이 나오고 켜지는걸 확인하실수 있을겁니다. #가민510 #수리 #뒷판교체 #DIY

    $appler . 2019.04.19 10:02

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  • Self-execution


    I ride my bike to and from work when the weather is nice. I used to be close when I lived in Seoul, but now I have some streets. It's hard. I should have worked out hard last winter. I didn't. I'll try my best from now. Season on #

    $appler . 2019.04.17 11:20

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  • It's mid-April and it's springtime.


    The tree I couldn't plant because I was cold. Plant joppog, cherry blossom, etc. My puppies are going to walk back and forth, and I'm going to let them go. #Twilight # Spring is cold # Landscape

    $appler . 2019.04.16 12:21

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  • [8 months] Her sister-in-law's honeybees.


    Su-min got a car as soon as she got home.

    $appler . 2019.04.11 14:53

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  • [8 months] First car ride


    It was my first time riding a car when I went to my hometown, so I liked it so much.

    $appler . 2019.04.08 09:31

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  • one ́s home after one ́s absence


    My younger brother moved and my parents moved, so I hosted a housewarming party at once. the weekend of being so full and eating and drinking Ulsan is already losing its cherry blossom... The weather is nice.

    $appler . 2019.04.08 09:25

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  • the current state of the weekend


    1. A friend in the beginning (a friend in the elementary school) and a follow-up to the school. 2. Daechu Birthday 3. Child care benefits 4. Coastal view and diameter ᅮᅮ #Nobody knows #Twilight #

    $appler . 2019.04.01 09:24

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  • Attend a Lunch Seminar


    As if Korea likes the word "fourth industrial revolution." I was just thinking about server automation, but they even offered me a macro that could solve the user's workload. I'm a little surprised at that, and I'd like to try it out and see how we can fix errors and exceptions. But the downside is that there's a part where the macro needs to be stretched or left intact. I wish the server had something to do with automation. I'm sure they're still developing it. I think there are a lot of companies in Korea that have macro technology. #Runchime #Groupware #rpa

    $appler . 2019.03.28 09:30

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  • a round of neighborhood


    I was taking a walk with a jujube and walnut, and I saw that the stream was well-maintained. Three years ago when I decided to move here, there was a lot of water, but I was wondering if there was a lot of development since then. Or maybe because of the drought, the floor looked ugly, but now that I've cleaned up the floor and removed the reed, I've got a lot. There is not much water yet, but I hope it will be an environment where many people can spend the summer coolly. # Power Life #Water Village #Yangpyeong

    $appler . 2019.03.25 16:40

    5 thanks . 3,720.4515 PUB

  • a strong meal


    a strong meal + terra beer It's quite plain to judge the taste of beer, isn I can't eat too much, but it reminds me of it. I don't know how the price range is formed, but if it comes at a reasonable price, it's okay to buy it and eat it. It's better that you don't mince. #Done food #Nature #Mamyeonbap #

    $appler . 2019.03.22 12:21

    4 thanks . 3,425.4635 PUB

  • Jinro Terra Brewery to Be Released Tomorrow


    I got a pack of 2 cans from someone I know. I see information about the introduction on the internet. I don't know if you're here for Philite or anything. I'm going to have a light drink after work in the evening. Haha #I'll take a sip #Terra #Game no #Jinro

    $appler . 2019.03.20 12:03

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  • 케터 창고 짓기


    주말 창고 지었더니 온몸이 아프다 ㅎㅎ 지으실분은 2명 이상 지으시는걸 추천 드려요. 아래는 하면서 조금 고생한 부분 창고짓기 팁 1. 상부 지지대 설치시 십자 드라이버볼트가 안쪽이 맞다. 조립시 편리하다고 바깥에 볼트 설치하면 나중에 고생합니다. 2. 지붕 마무리할때 사다리가 없다면 지붕타는게 답입니다. 지붕오를땐 벽체 세운쪽에서 조심조심 올라가서 마무리 하세요. 3. 지붕 판 올릴때 하단에 4개 볼트 먼저 조립하라고 나오는데 생각보다 지붕이 빡빡해서 조금만 체결했다가 지지대 봉이랑 맞춘다음에 다시 체결하세요. 4. 바닥 벽은 혼자해도되나 지붕은 두명이서 하세요. 진짜 스트레스 받습니다. #노가다 #전원라이프 #코스트코창고 #케터창고

    $appler . 2019.03.18 15:03

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  • I haven't had dinner in a while.


    Since I moved out, I've been under a lot of pressure to get a drink, but I'm at a party! I forgot to eat and I couldn't eat. # Dining

    $appler . 2019.03.15 11:24

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  • The air is fresh today!


    Good luck today too #From work #Misemandi

    $appler . 2019.03.13 11:05

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  • a man's path


    I like what's good for me, and I don't know how to fight. Sometimes I think he just made too much compromises and didn't say what I said. You can't suddenly recover your self-esteem that's almost lost. It's because you're young. When you grow up, the more you cook the rice, the more you bow I wonder who the personality formed now is for. It won't change easily. I want to change that way so that I can live a life for myself. #A man's path

    $appler . 2019.03.12 10:32

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  • Fine dust today.


    I feel much better than yesterday. But you have to wear a mask. It was a bad day

    $appler . 2019.03.07 09:10

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  • the holiday weekend.


    I invited my old friends' family home and had a good time. One friend was unable to reach out for a reason. I hope you will give me some good news soon. A friend whose children are already grown up and a friend who is still single. I got caught in the middle of that. I had a good time after a long time. There will be a lot of good things going on this year. Let's cheer up. #Dapsari # Visit high school friends #Something seed on a visit to your family #Meandae Chuhohoddu-style #Rozmari

    $appler . 2019.03.04 21:32

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  • After work, I sell ramen. Kibunpa...


    I thought there was a lot of soil smell and stuff like this, but there's a lot of parchment. It's delicious. I had to fix it to the stem, but I didn't do it. If it's a little bigger, I'd lower my head. I'd cut everything I've raised so far, and since spring is coming, I'd have to plant it outside. But it's okay to grow them and eat them a little bit. # To eat #Kiitake #

    $appler . 2019.02.28 15:43

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  • Korea and Japan on the weekend


    New black box installation. Daechu walnut walking and bathing.ᅲ.ᅲ) #Power house life #Angong Han-hwang

    $appler . 2019.02.25 11:24

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  • plant status


    The lemon that I planted in early January sprouted and posted it on January 24th. Is it a month old? I usually tag a date, but it's my first time. Lemon seems to be stagnant for a while, but the stem is turning red, and it's trying to be stronger. And now she's gonna braid her hair in braids and grow a storm. I think avocado is a failure, but let's hang on until it gets warmer. I cleaned the blue avocado well because I didn't adjust the humidity. I used to dilute the disinfectant and give it to you when I water it, but I am wondering if I should try to watch it. When I was young, I thought it was tomato that gave me a national school assignment. It's fun to be so big now. In spring, we plant it outside and try it more professionally. #Dream of Drood

    $appler . 2019.02.13 09:44

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  • Google Home


    불러도 대답없는 Siri를 뒤로 하고.. 그래도 다시 설정해줫떠니 SIri도 잘나옴 둘의 차이는 음성 인식의 차이보단 구글은 명령을 빠뜨리지 않고 인식하는 반면 Siri는 조금 굼뜬 느낌 Siri 부르고 동작 대기 상태 확인하고 명령해야 하는 부분이 불편하다. 잠긴 화면에서 호출이라 조금 느릴수도 있다곤 하지만 내 성격하고는 안맞는 느낌? ㅎㅎ 암튼 구글 홈은 매우 만족하며 이전에 산 크롬캐스트와 좀 더 완벽 호환하려면 망구성 부터 다시 해야하긴 하지만 일단은 구입 성공적 음악 틀어주고 날씨 얘기해주고 자러갈때 등 꺼주는것만 해도 매우 편하게 사용중이다. #googlehome #okgoogle #heygoogle

    $appler . 2019.02.12 14:05

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  • Chromast3 Diameter...


    I'm supposed to tie the house up in separate floors. # I should've put another LAN on it. ᅲ.ᅲ I didn't think of a requirement. #chromecast3

    $appler . 2019.01.29 16:38

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  • Let's be a Druid...


    #Druid # Apprentice I really don't have any luck, so I thought I'd do something, so I started to have a chance.

    $appler . 2019.01.24 09:04

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