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    I'm happy.

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  • Adopting Bitcoin (BTC), Britain's largest travel management company

    Crypto Currency

    Corporate Traveller, Britain's largest travel management company, has adopted Bitcoin (BTC) for payment. Corporate Traveler, a professional small business travel company, worked with BitPay, a global blockchain payment provider, to provide customers with the opportunity to pay for their business trips using Bitcoin. BitPay makes it easy for Corporate Traveler's customers to make payments using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. This payment will be deposited into a corporate traveler's bank account within two working days. According to the travel management company, BitPay deducts 1% to make the transaction perfect, while the customer pays the bill in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, so there is no risk or price change. BitPay is a block chain payer with distant tentacles. October 2018 says the company handles $1 billion worth of B2B customers and merchants worldwide. Andy Hegley, the British Director of Corporate Traveler, who spoke about the development: : "Bitcoin is not currently the way to pay alcohol among travel management companies, so we are pleased to announce this partnership and expedite decryption payments." The reason why we need to start accepting Bitcoin is because customers are increasingly demanding to book their business trips using cryptocurrents. "We are pleased that Corporate Traveler provides customers with the ability to pay in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash," said Sony Singh, chief commercial officer at BitPay. Blockchain payments provide a strong example for users of travel, and now customers can use Bitcoin for company travel reservations. We've seen significant growth from airlines and travel agencies using the large block chain market. " Several companies have begun to feel the need to adopt Bitcoin. Today we announced that Bitcoin Superstore has come up with a way for Cryptocurgency enthusiasts to purchase products using passwords from more than 200,000 online stores, including Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and other prominent stores around the world. There is no doubt about the cryptographic space in which digital asset holders can easily purchase products online using their favorite digital currency.

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    amazinng capturing

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    fantasic scene for photographer

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    a stunning and wonderful picture

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    funny moments with celebrity

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  • As Cardano rises, Hoskinson begins to dislike Bitcoin.


    Investors have laughed, while others in the project have been socked by the stunning rise of Cardano (ADA) over the past few days. As Cardano (ADA) increased, Hoskinson immediately began criticizing Bitcoin (BTC). When the projects in the Cryptocrity market were in the top 10, the founder immediately started entering Bitcoin. We've seen more than CEO Ripple. When Ripple (XRP) replaced Ethereum (ETH), his comments criticizing the company's BTC CEO on a number of issues were subject to a lot of news. Brad Garlighouse's voice didn't come out this time. This time we see a mistake like Hoskinson and we laugh. Charles Hoskinson interviewed Cardano about his success. Cardano's success in competing against Bitcoin and Ethereum is unique in this respect, based on three areas: The Bitcoin Center for Extremes thought the cryptocurrency coins were permanent until 2013 when the market reached $1 billion. But the main problem is that Bitcoin is visually impaired and deaf. You can't do much with it! This statement is not an open source, but a CEO of Car Dano, not a mine. Projects without mining are unlikely to be declared bonds. And even if the bonds are not issued, non-mineral cryptocurrency coins monopolize some large whales. So by buying passwords, we make other people rich. So the project is an open source and everyone has to be able to participate in production. It is clear that the market has damaged Hoskinson in recent weeks due to increased currency. This statement did not contribute, but it was dangerous.

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  • Digital Asset Partners and Cloud Software giant VMware

    Crypto Currency

    News Digital Asset, which created the DAML Smart Contract programming language, has partnered with VMware, a major cloud computing company announced on April 11. According to the press release, Digital Asset will incorporate Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) into VMware's block chain platform. "The development will be a combination of comprehensive human range and support," said Michael Michael DiPetrillo, senior director of Block Chain. "DAML has proven to be one of the few smart contract languages to model a truly complex work flow of scale." VMware was first founded in 1998 and recorded nearly $9 billion in revenue last year. The company is known primarily for its hyper visors, hardware, software, or firmware, running virtual machines. In addition to other products, VMware offers desktop software, cloud management software, and server software. Yesterday, Digital Asset announced a partnership with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association to develop new tools to support the use of smart contracts for derivatives trading. Digital Asset said its DAML programming language will allow automation of derivative product transaction management through the use of DAML. Digital Asset Open Source DAML Earlier this month, the language was created in 2016 and optimized for use as a personal execution. Starting April 4, source code for DAML languages will be available free of charge under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

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  • The new Coinbase card allows you to shop in Kryptocoll Castle.


    U.S. exchange Coinbase launched the Coinbase Card, a Visa debit card that instantly converts Cryptocurrents into fiat when it pays for either the store or online. According to the official blog post, British customers "can send passwords as easily as money in a bank." It is the first debit card to be directly linked to major cryptocurrency exchanges in Britain and the EU. Visa debit cards are issued by PaySafe Financial Services and can be managed using the Coinbase Card app, where customers can choose encrypted wallets to use as their spending money. Coinbase UK CEO Zeeshhan Feroz said, "Because the encryption ecosystem is much larger than the investment side, there are real benefits to actually store encryption and interact with it." The Coinbase card allows you to use the Cryptocurgency you have in Coinbase. Customers can use their cards in millions of locations around the world with all merchants on the Visa network. Payment can be made through contactless, chip and PIN, as well as ATM cash withdrawal. This card is driven by the customer's Coinbase account encryption balance and supports the cryptographic already available in Coinbase. So whether you spend Bitcoin, Litecoin, or XRP, your choice is yours. Currently, we plan to "support other European companies in the coming month," but the cards are only available to UK customers. They are exempt from £4.95 for the first 1,000 people on the waiting list. Transaction fees in the UK will be raised to 2.49 percent and those in the EU to 2.69 percent. However, using plastic cards other than the EU may increase rates by 5.49%. Customers can now download iOS and Android apps and link to their accounts. Once connected, Coinbase's balance will be available through virtual cards and contactless cards will be mailed. Last month, 21CRYPTOS reported that Visa was looking to recruit a technical product manager from Visa Fintech in Palo Alto's office. Employees will work closely with the Visa Research team to develop new products that can deliver value to fintech and Visa. They are expected to have an "important functional knowledge" of the cryptographic industry as well as know who the key players are.

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  • Gibraltar Stock Exchange Disclosure List of Block Chain-Based Securities


    Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) put up a block chain-based stock list on GSX Global Market, a place to be listed for practical.The company announced on April 9. Currently, GSX has begun registering a number of new products known as digital, smart or token-fired securities such as corporate bonds, convertible bonds, securities return assets, derivative commodity securities, open funds and closed-type funds. GSX plans to secure more liquidity and promote the democratization of the capital market by implementing DLT (Dedger) technology. Unlike GSX Main Market, GSX Global Market provides lighter reporting systems and open frame work than it allows the shipper to reduce scheduling and recording costs. GSX Global Market, a recognized stock exchange regulated by the European Economic Area (EEA), does not require stock issuers on the market to deduct taxes on coupons based on British law, such as press releases. The new list will be provided in accordance with the partnership of token exchange products incorporated by GSX Group Hashtacs and STO Global -X subsidiaries on April 5.The project is an asset token fire and transaction, settlement and settlement increase digital securities through exchanges with stocks and other quality financial institutions.

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    dassshhiinnnggg style

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  • South Korean authorities consider revising existing password regulations

    Crypto Currency

    South Korean officials are considering revising the regulatory framework on digital currency, a local media outlet, on April 4. A government official reported at a Seoul Deconomy meeting that Crypto monetary policy should be reassessed to promote growth and maturity in the Crypto currency market. An official explained that it is important to create a place where industries, financial institutions and government-related agencies can communicate and jointly develop related guidelines. Song Hee-kyung, vice chairman of the 4th National Assembly Industry Promotion Association There are many problems because the government is trying to misunderstand virtual currency and meet the actual currency standards. There is the same problem as keeping it in a box without being silenced while waiting for regulatory approval," he said. Chung Byung-kuk, chairman of the 4th National Industrial Committee, emphasized that the government should take a cautious and technologically conservative approach, but Rep. South Korea banned the provision of initial coins in September last year, claiming that fund-raising practices through issuing decryption tokens are similar to "betting." In January this year, the Financial Services Commission said it will continue to ban companies that use foreign jurisdiction but still raise funds from South Korean citizens. In early March, the Korean Public Prosecutor's Office formed a special investigation team to combat fraud and crimes involving cryptocracies. The Minister of Terrorism is in charge of investigating fraud, illegal money laundering and other illegal activities in the areas of fintech and cryptocrity under the permission of the Ministry of Justice in Korea.

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  • IOTA Pricing Forecast: Long-Term (MIOTA) Values Forecast - April 7

    Crypto Currency

    The long-term outlook is on the rise. Traders can check the optimistic inversion candlesticks pattern and then consider buying them when brought in. IOT / USD Long-Term Trends - Strict Supply Zone: $0.6000, $0.7000, $0.8000 Demand area: $0.1000 $0.0800, $0.0600 IATA is on the rise in long-term prospects. Bulls gradually took control of the market, losing $0.3118 in the context of the downward trend. MIOTAUSD rose to $0.3337 in supply area on April 1. The total breakout occurred in the upper supply area of the range on April 2. Strong firm pressure fell to $0.4019 in the supply sector after the coin first rose to $0.4013 and fell to $0.3359 over the weekend. The state had a starting price of $0.3479 and MIOTAUSD has already risen to $0.3727 in the supply area. The two EMA and higher price and probability-red oscillators point to 58%. This means increasing the upward momentum in the long run.

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  • lunch time


    with reltive

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    me and my uncle

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  • Google, the highest total query since November for Bitcoin


    Google, the highest total query since November for Bitcoin The world's largest encryption technology, Bitcoin, was traded back to more than $5,000, a sharp increase from 19 weeks ago, the data showed. Google Trend data showed that the price of cryptography jumped nearly 20 percent in an hour on April 2 to $4961. CoinDesk's price data showed the highest price since Nov. 19 at $4961. While Google Trends does not provide an exact number of searches, it is clear that the world's "bit coin" search volume has reached 90 percent of the November 20 search volume as shown below. Indeed, "Beat Coin" flew in the sky on Tuesday as investors, merchants and media were all looking for reasons for the surge in the price of Bitcoin. Interestingly, most of the searches come from countries with the least likelihood of their sources. According to Google's data, search volumes increased the most on April 2 to 3, followed by St. Helena, the Netherlands, South Africa, Nigeria and Austria. The United States, Canada and Britain did not hack the top 10 people in most "bitcoin" searches, ranking 11, 12, and 17, respectively. While the importance of spikes in bitcoin searches may seem trivial in face value, studies show that decryption prices and search interests are linked. Key findings show that the period of low search volume tends to be greater than the price increase consistent with Bitcoin's famous or infamous wild market cycle.

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    i m going to cinema and watch movie

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    i m going to other city with cazn how i m looking

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  • Spain Issue 1.5K Cryptographic Tax Warning?

    Crypto Currency

    Spain's Finance Ministry issued a warning that about 1.9 million citizens would have to pay taxes on their cryptocurrency-t transactions. The Treasury Department has warned Rioja2 that money should be declared for Cryptocracy-related transactions with private companies, banks and private brokers. The Treasury Department has issued the following warning to individuals who were found to have handled cryptocurencies in the last fiscal year: "Based on data available to the tax authorities, we used Cryptocracies to conduct the transaction. We would like to remind you that the profits generated from such operations constitute income equivalent to the IRPF. According to media outlets, a total of 14,700 people, including 470 Muslims, sent out a "password alert" by the Treasury this week. IRPF tax rebates for this year's FY2018 must be returned by June of this year. In Colombia, Congress President Mauricio Toro, if passed, drafted a bill that would impose restrictions on the country's emerging cryptocurrency exchange transactions. In 2019, the encryption business is growing rapidly in Colombia, and record-breaking encryption transactions are taking place across Latin America. Colombian financial authorities, however, may not have been aware of the incident. The main contents of the draft are as follows: The creation of a "database" that exchanges "under the jurisdiction" of the chamber of commerce. The Chamber of Commerce "monitors and verifies" the exchange of databases and the "qualification of qualifications." The exchange shall operate a security system approved by the Information Technology and Communications Department. Exchanges must meet money laundering prevention and KYC (Know-your-Customer) standards. The operator is not interested in storing its krypto cards on its platform. Exchanges do not move customer funds without user consent. Toro said the bill will go through a consultation period until April 8, after which it is expected to be submitted to parliament.

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  • Court of Canada, drug dealers need to break $1.4 million in Bitcoin


    The Toronto judge ruled that a 30-year-old drug dealer should forfeit 281.41 bit coru rye used in illegal activities on the dark Web. Superior court judge Jane Kelly ordered Matthew Pan to hand over the 281.41 bit coins to the Justice Department, according to a report by Toronto Star. The fund goes to Toronto. The judge pleaded guilty in December last year, claiming that he was importing guns and carrying cocaine and other drugs for human trafficking, which is believed to have been lured to a darkened Web site by prosecutors.

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  • cute family


    so beautiful

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  • The new iPhone-based password store boasts bank-level security


    Established in 2018 by engineers working at banks such as BNT Mellon, RBS and Barclays, Trustology has launched an iPhone-controlled cryptocurrency archive that it says is safe enough for financial institutions, CoinDesk said. The first version of Trust Bolt, released today, is available for download from the Apple UK app store. Only Ether is currently supported, but Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens operating on the Ethereum block chain will be added soon. Trustology raised $8 million last year, focusing on ConsenSys and Two Sigma Ventures, venture capital branches of two technology-focused hedge funds, Two Sigma Investments. On the surface, the trust bolts may be mistaken for other password-oriented purses, but then feature the Hardware Security Module (HMS) managed by Trustology, along with the verification process distributed to individuals in the security data center. Alex Batlin, founder and CEO of Trustology, told CoinDesk: "It's easy to use mobile phones, but what we're actually talking about is a trust bolt account. When you mention a phone, people think it's a phone app. But it's like saying my bank account is a mobile bank app. It looks like a simple application, but the real power lies in the service behind it. " Batlin explained that it is not a typical refrigerated storage solution that can take up to 48 hours for users to acquire assets. When you use the Trust Vault, it takes several seconds for the user to set everything up.

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  • A New Dimension for XRP Payment in Coinbase

    Crypto Currency

    Coinbase has updated the list of transactions starting to pay for XRP. The service tool for XRP payment is under the International X hostmet title. This service, which is sent to the company's website, has not been fully announced. This service is defined as an international service for hizmet remittance and will be provided to USDC. This service allows the user to send and translate passwords into local currency at the borders of all countries that support Coinbase. At first glance, this block chain looks like a money transfer, but the company doesn't have the same thing. Coinbase International Transactions are completely free and the company sends encryption records through its own books, not through chain records. For example, bank remittance and transfer data to XRP and USDC are as follows: Bank remittances take 1 to 2 business days, while XRP remittances take 3 to 5 seconds (via chain) and USDC remittances are 12 to 17 seconds. Maximum shipping amount is unlimited for banks only. Under $0.01 of the XRP and USDC Coinbase and Chain is free and a bank remittance fee of $30. This cryptographic product seems to be completely logical for the first item, but Larry Cermak, an analyst and author of The Block, is evaluating the situation in more detail. According to him, this product has no meaning. Perhaps ask why the Coinbase does not add Bitcoin, Ethereum, or similar decryption capabilities. The XRP speed is not a specific answer to this problem. Because 10 minutes or 10 seconds is not important. The main effect is the addition of Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin has a wider network and infrastructure, especially real money. Coinbase offers free transfer services from one Coinbase user to another, but this service is currently limited to XRP and USDC only. This is a very interesting situation, and all password collection can disable internal transmission through Coinbase. Why is there only international remittance limited to XRP and USDC?

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