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  • Little moment


    That awkward moment when you are playing hide and seek and really wish you had chosen a better spot.

    $aboutzky . 2019.08.08 17:32

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  • Hagia Sophia


    Hagia Sophia is the former Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, later an Ottoman imperial mosque and now a museum (Ayasofya Müzesi) in Istanbul, Turkey. Built in AD 537 at the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was famous in particular for its massive dome. It was the world's largest building and an engineering marvel of its time. It is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and is said to have "changed the history of architecture".

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.24 14:43

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  • My favorite burger


    Always and forever my ❤️. I was most excited when I saw this around n I knew I cant miss trying it ! got to have this fulfilling meal :) . Having heard about this chain yet never knew I would need customise the burger with the veggies and pickles etc. first time customising my burger ! Kept the tomatoes out 😜. Threw in some bacon , relish , jalapeños, cheese and few sauces I saw on the menu. Bacon was CRISPy.. which made it a bit tough for me to bite into .. but I’ loved it overall .

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.20 18:29

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  • Smoke House Deli Steak


    Smoke House deli is what looks like an all day and year long Sunday brunch. Their food presentations are so classy and simplistic that it you feel like trying out everything on the menu for the sheer curiosity what n how each of those dishes are gonna look like . I have always been a fan of SHD ever since my 1st visit . Love the ambience , the music and oh yes the gorgeous looking tasting food 😍. I look forward to a Sunday where I can sip in their sangrias and eat this yummy tenderloin steak !

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.17 18:15

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  • Today i catch beautiful fish


    I don't know the name for this fish

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.15 18:33

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  • Milkshake "frozen bottle"


    Generally I’m not a fan towards milkshakes but “frozen bottle” has given so many fancy options towards the milkshakes that it’s no more just ordinary ! They have unique mouthwatering variety of milkshakes that I’m pretty sure they converted me as a fan ! I tried their Belgium chocolate shake n wow it was so yummy 🤤! This came in a 500ml size bottle ( best part being reusable glass bottle 😍!! ) cost -₹265/-. It can b stored in fridge n had later on as well!

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.14 21:35

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  • Manga > British Museum


    If you are a fan of manga, you will love the manga exhibition on at The British Museum. It is the largest collection of manga under one roof outside of Japan . What's your favourite manga or anime series? We are big fans of Attack on Titan and there's a big surprise at the museum for all the fans 👏 . A good day out for anyone who enjoys this Japanese art form. . 📍 Russell Square, Central London

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.14 03:10

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  • Mr. Pink


    Introducing “Mr. Pink”, one of the craft cocktails at unionkitchentap It’s a refreshing blend of Ilegal Joven Mescal, lychee, poppy and lemon. Check the menu in the 2nd photo and see if you get the themes associated with the cocktails.

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.13 10:45

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  • Medallion beef steak


    Medallion beef steak tenderloin from Old Lighthouse Bistro. A view that’s very close to my heart . I have been to many restaurants in and around fort kochi but I have never come across a restaurant with as gorgeous view as this lil cafe bistro . I love the fact that it’s never over crowded so you get the enjoy the ambience and the gorgeous view !! Oh how I wish I could capture the wind and sound of the waves and the beautiful view u get right from the restaurant !! The best fed meal is always with the best company !

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.12 13:57

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  • Old memories


    • I treasure sweet old memories As time goes swiftly by. A few bring smiles of happiness And some tears to the eye. They all are precious in their way, Reopening doors of old That have been shut these many years-- What pictures they unfold! These dear old, sweet old memories All play their special part In bringing joy and opening up The latch strings of the heart• William Old Memories~ Carice Williams

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.11 14:03

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  • One of my favourite desserts place in Cochin


    One of my favourite desserts place in Cochin .. they have THE best range of desserts !! To over come a blah lunch, my friends n I Came with the mind to order 2 and ended ordering 4🙄.. how can u not .... just see the variety and flavours 👀

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.10 14:34

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  • Different than the usual biriyani


    Zaatar in Kochi has numerous platter that gives a sumptuous meal ! This particular dish is dish for 2 or even 3 People ! Grilled Chicken on a bed of rice and veggies! Really nice favouring and diff than the usual Biriyani 😉.

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.09 17:08

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  • A beautiful private pool


    A private pool villa experience from Coconut Lagoon CGH earth ! A total pampering experience with a private pool is one for the books. Kerala is known as Gods Own country for a reason! Yes we overcame the floods and is as gorgeous as ever before ! You can take ur choice of view front is our very own backwaters , backside of the villa overlooks a small calm field and yes lets not forget this pool

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.08 16:23

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  • Small place in Swiggy


    Ever had a pork biriyani? ! When I heard itself I was quite amused. A small tiny place done up quite funky way serves a famous pork biriyani. I for one not a pork person but it was worth a try ! Ppl who love pork will really enjoy this ! Their started pork touching is quite tasty ! I would recommend for takeaway. As it’s not air conditioned It is available on Swiggy !! While I was waiting there for food . There were so many ppl coming to buy the pork biriyani/ and have it there itself . One gentleman has a parcel of 20 boxes !! So this is worth a try !

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.07 20:08

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  • Mangosteen 😁


    My most favourite fruit ! Mangosteen. The sheer sight of this fruit makes my jump up with joy..😬If you have not tried this fruit, you most definitely should ! This is a very seasonal fruit available only for few months in a year . This has so much health benefits as well so tasty ! The outer shell is tough so u need to break it by squeezing the fruit from either side using ur palms. And inside you will find this white pulpy fruit.. at times u will find a one seed in it. So careful watch out for that. But pls do try this fruit if you haven’t yet!

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.07 13:32

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  • Where we begin?


    we can start and end at the same time and place.

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.06 21:32

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  • Take from plane


    Hoover dam

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.05 20:59

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  • Beautifull sunset


    I take this photo with my phone

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.03 10:18

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  • I feel hear of nature sound


    can’t help but stare upon the horizon while listening to the sound of the rushing water from the river behind me, nature at its best.

    $aboutzky . 2019.07.01 17:24

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  • Journey


    Despite being destroyed by the fire, you can still see some of the original facade, overlaying the bricks.

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.30 14:32

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  • Memory


    Nothing like visiting childhood memories and still being in awe of this amazing ride.

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.28 19:21

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  • sunrise


    When the scattered meets symmetry!

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.27 18:33

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  • Sunset diner


    Nothing is better than having Tuna Wrap and chilling at the beach with stunning sunset.

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.26 19:45

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  • Quotes day


    Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving towards your goals !

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.25 20:41

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  • is one of five historic mountain railways


    The toy train in Matheran is one of five historic mountain railways currently operating in India which is a century old.

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.24 18:48

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  • Cryptomedia


    My Applications For EOS Connection "Cryptomedia"

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.23 03:55

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  • Going to ride again


    Shoot some photo

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.22 14:30

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  • Golden hour


    Thd best look of mountain

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.18 18:35

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